Daily Discussion August 25, 2023

What do you want to discuss today?


Fuck Dave Gettleman.


I feel like it’s all coming together. This team is going to be real good


Still lacks depth so health is a concern But yes if everything goes well we will be dangerous this year


I’m gonna be cautiously optimistic about Simmons because he has a lot of flaws. But the one thing we’ve seen on tape from him is that he can play decent man coverage on Tight Ends, which has been a problem for us for as long as I can remember. He doesn’t have the instincts or feel in zone coverage, which is why he sucked at Safety. He’s a big freak athlete with range so he works better in man to man. His huge 6’4 frame makes him a better matchup against TE’s than most safeties anyway. He could be very useful in that aspect


Bro, that dude got TORCHED by Kelce. Like not even decent coverage and it was a perfect throw and catch. Like he legit got his ankles broke and then couldn’t recover and had to chase him down after falling behind by 12 yards. He’s complete ass in space. The only thing he can do well is cover HBs in the flat or blitz on 3rd and longs. He’s gonna be a dime LB/situational pass rusher. There’s a reason he went for a 7th rounder.


Would LOVE to see him match up against Waller in practice....


Is today our last practice?


Today probably just an indoor walkthrough before the game tomorrow. They’ll be off Sunday then start up again on Monday.


That was the lamest fanfest I've ever been to lol Mario movie was good tho


If Simmons is on the roster who is now out?


I'm assuming that this means either Oshane Ximines, Carter Coughlin, or one of the DBs like Darnay Holmes. Coughlin played really well in this preseason so far and has been a special teams captain but if we need the spot badly enough he's gone.


For the 90 there was already room. Last two weeks: Devery Hamilton, Troy Brown, and Rodarius Williams waived and then Isaiah Simmons trade, Julien Davenport signed, and Ray Wilborn claimed off waivers. So they're back at 90.


Cam brown or Carter coughlin


Possibly Ximines too. But he was battling those young guys and didn't do much in this preseason. Prefer Tomon Fox as the fourth OLB.


Best (reasonable) case scenario for Isaiah Simmons is likely to take a few weeks to learn the defensive playbook, and a while to develop chemistry with other defenders. Maybe a month or so in, we'll start to see him start to make an impact, while he maybe earns a role towards the back half of the year. Going into next year, (assuming he looks like a contributor) I'd imagine it would be cheap to bring him back. As of today, the market rate for him is the bare minimum in terms of draft capital, and his best case scenario is one season of good football, but I highly doubt he'll have a full season of tape since he simply won't have earned the playing time between now and week 1. Giants could get a cheap, low risk deal on Simmons going into next year as he signs himself up for a "prove it" deal


Has there been any talk about our starters playing vs the Jets on Saturday?


Raanan asked Daboll yesterday and Dabes said he’ll decide after todays practice


Any update on this? Or we just gotta wait til tomorrow and see who starts? Haha


With some of these hot takes lately, this sub is earning every vote as the dumbest fan base.


Just wait until the team struggles for one week and half the sub is saying we should fire Daboll and bench Danny.


Your comment proves it.


God forbid fans get excited right


You say upvoted posts saying the Giants have the LB group in the league, and Schoen is the best GM is excitement. Most would say it's sheer stupidity,


Literally everybody on that LB group post was disagreeing with the OP, what posts are you reading


Who cares man?


I do. It's hard to have legit football discussions with these constant galaxy brained takes.


Starfield early access 1 week from today 🥰


I just completed Fallout 4 for the first time the other day. Had to redo a pretty big chunk of the main quest four times because of various bugs that stopped me from proceeding the main quest that couldn't be fixed with console commands. I'm sure it'll be a fun game but dial back your excitement a bit and save often because it's going to be a buggy disaster at launch.


So far the overall feedback from reviewers is this is a substantially less buggy launched product than skyrim/fallout. But… yeah I’m with you. I’ll still be overly excited but with the expectation that there will need to be some patches worked in for a smooth game experience


Here's hoping they didn't do something utterly stupid like, oh, say, gut the main story and and completely rewrite its endings just so that you can have a postgame that makes sense but does so by not actually changing anything and thus defeat the purpose of gutting the story in the first place. Cough cough and various clearing throat sounds.


Want to play it but since I have a ps5 I can't lol. Not gonna trip since Baldurs Gate 3 comes out around the same time. Been hearing only good things about that game.


Didn’t BG3 come out already? Yeah I bought a Series x essentially just to play Starfield. Been playing Elden ring for the past month to pass the time


Yeah but I am waiting for it to release on PS5. Elden Ring is amazing! I played it nonstop when it came put to platinum it. Having that itch to go back lol. Since armor core (which looks amazing) and blasphemous 2 is out I got stuff to keep me busy. Plus the wife want me to play stardew valley with her lol.


I've been to the stars, and let me tell you, that's not something you want early access to. There are things out there. They treat us like prisoners. I was captive for what felt like months, maybe even years. There were things done to me that I will never forget.


Lol sorry but our fam base is Wayyyy too excited about Simmons. Let’s tamper expectations a little, lol


All I'm asking is for Giants to induct him into the ring of honor. I don't think that's too much to ask


Realistically he probably won’t do too much, but it’s the type of low risk/high reward move that the best ran teams in the league make. If he does nothing for us, oh well we lost a 7th rounder for him. If he actually becomes a decent contributor for us then he exceeds what we would probably get from a 7th rounder


I think we're all just excited because even as he was he's an upgrade on most our depth if not starters, and he has some special physical traits that aren't in line with how he's been used. The big thing is we got him for nothing and his contract is small with no risk, if it works out the man's a genius if he doesn't it was just a trade that didn't pan out as we hoped but didn't impact the future at all


I think the worst case really is that he's ends up just a Cam Brown / Carter Coughlin replacement/upgrade (both also on 1 year deals), one or both of which was pretty much guaranteed to make the 53. He would be able to jump on special teams and do what they do no problem, but the difference is he isn't useless on defense with upside and a chance for more with a fresh start in a change of scenery - for $1M and a 7th that'd still be a sound roster move in the end. My feeling is still Micah McFadden is the starter for week 1 at the second ILB spot.


Simmons must have elite special teams potential on a worst case basis. Lets say he has football mental limitations and can't handle NFL defenses. Then line him up as gunner on coverage units and let him fly down the field. Thats still worth a 7th round pick, heck Judge and Gettleman gave up a 6th for Keion Crossen.


Don’t wanna