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Workers being killed in their workplace break my heart. Just think about that person saying “see you later honey” to a loved one and this happens later. Heartbreaking.


My cousin died in a coal crusher. Working on the belt to the crusher (belt broke and he was patching it) and some guy just walked up, took his lock out tag out off, and turn the conveyer and crusher on. He went feet first. All I could remember seeing was his hard hat and a red blob spill out on top of the coal pile. It kills me thinking about it. I had to scoop him up with a shovel and put him in a body bag (keep in mind, I only found 70-75? Pounds of him, he weight 210.) Workplace never paid his last surviving family member his paycheck, nothing, no money. Workplaces in hard labour could care less how you die or if you die. You are a replaceable asset. Sickening to hear, heartbreaking to realize.


Damn…. That’s so rough it’s hard to even process. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Especially with the company not taking any responsibility for the death.


Welcome to coal country.


I was considering the coal mines, like a job to get to get out of fast food jobs... Since you worked on the coal mines do you think the job is worth it?


I'm also aware of the dangers, and possibly tragedy... Like such as what happened to your Cousin, I'm sorry for your loss man.




wtf? no compensation at all? horrible company!


That sounds like the shittiest loto system I’ve ever heard of rip your cousin though that’s a shitty way to go sorry for your loss!


yeah that really is fucked up our LOTO system is everyone has their own locks and we have the keys to our locks you cant remove another person's lock nor can you even use another person's lock and for each person in the LOTO area there better be that many locks or its automatic termination


Same in my work! All power/air/hydraulic lines are closed and locked, those keys are locked in the loto cabinet and all workers on that machine, wether they’re contractors or company employees use their own lock on the cabinet no one has access to anyone else’s keys or may remove anyone else’s lock, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way, I hate having anyone who isn’t familiar with my machine anywhere near it a stupid mistake or lapse of judgment can have massive repercussions.


Can’t believe YOU had to do the cleaning work. I’m so sorry.


Wait, you had to clean him up? Wasn't there an investigation and such? Jesus that's so rough. Sorry


I don't know where you live but it sounds like a place that doesn't have wrongful death lawsuits. Most of the companies in my country are petrified of being sued for millions by the surviving family, so they are hardcore about safety and liability. There are some that use drug testing as a way to reduce culpability for workers compensation claims but most make sure to reduce any chance of a lawsuit. The publicity from them alone can sink a company by ruining its reputation.


This is why we need more unionized workplaces, and counties need to push hard for OSHA equivalent (or better) protection


I will say, MSHA has gotten a lot better from what I’ve seen. They won’t even allow you past the gates without your mine saftey licenses. Used to family’s would come and watch all the coal trucks and what not. I’m glad it’s gotten better but I know it’s written in the blood of accidents.


The mining industry in Ontario, Canada is what drove us to getting an Occupational Health & Safety Act. Check out the 1974 Elliot Lake Wildcat Strike if you're interested. IIRC immigrant miners were dying if cancer at an alarming rate. Unionized miners with Bette working conditions weren't getting nearly as sick. This led to a huge uproar and strike that eventually pushed to us getting proper health and safety rights for workers. The whole story is a really tragic but good read.


I’ll look in to it. We have strikes very rarely but about every decade in Eastern KY. We had some miners go on strike for not getting paid back in early 2020, they blocked a train from leaving and the company of course blamed them for themselves not getting paid. There are numerous stories, numerous strikes to the point of which I wouldn’t know which strike I could lead you to. Bloody Harlan is the most notable. I’m glad we are getting the appropriate rights to safety and health, but what has It took for us to finally get it? It’s frustrating. Thanks much.


Shouldnt that guy be charged for murder or at the very least manslaughter?


And how avoidable it was makes it hurt even more.


It makes me so sad because when they die from machinery they are smouldered into chunks of meat... with no body, no face to recover. Must be so hard for the family because all they want is to give the victim one last hug before the burial but they are completely gone.


As glad as the family likely is there's a video as well, I imagine it'd be the hardest thing in the world to see.


My grandpa almost died when he was younger, he worked at a saw mill and somehow a leather belt to one of the machines got loose and slapped him so hard he lost hearing and eye sight in his right side he also lost most of his teeth so that’s nice


I have a story I’ve been wanting to tell maybe no one will see this or care but I used to work at a truss company and I specifically worked on floor trusses, there was this final roller that the would make sure all the plates were on the truss and would also send out the truss out a 3x3 window to outside, well one day I was making sure the small truss we made did not fall in between this machine that would stack the trusses so I went to go look out the window and the other table had sent out a truss without letting anyone know and it pinned me against the frame of the window, it was crushing my hip, and there was this lever you had to push on the machine and it would stop the machine, I pushed it and it didn’t turn off, I had to yell to get the guy outside to notice me, if he had been doing his other duties idk what would’ve happened, I was 18 and 22 I could’ve sued


here’s an [expansive write up](https://www.reddit.com/r/eyeblech/comments/jxx3v3/russian_man_spinning_and_shredded_in_work/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) by our friend u/hermantheshocker which includes a longer video, aftermath photos, and background information about lathes


That post has 666 comments, and I’m not sure what to think of that.


I fixed it, hopefully the devil is writhing in pain as we speak


Ah I forgot about this post.


The poor guy who tried to hurry to safe the guy who is already torn apart.


In the full video you can just see the “what the fuck” and “oh my god” in his body language, holding his head in his hands, just pacing around.


He was trapped there for about 8 seconds before it really pulled him all the way in. That must have been terrifying.


His poor coworker ... I cannot even begin to imagine.


It’s still amazing from a physics standpoint to me that this was possible, happened, and the damage it caused. With the speed he spun you’d expect it to scramble his organs but it kinda squeezed everything out like human toothpaste. I hope his end was swift and he was unconscious as soon as he was sucked in because the thought of being alive and spinning that fast while your organs spew out is unpleasant to say the least.


You’re envisioning something a lot more cartoonish than reality, which is that he was being spun against the corner of the bench, after his body was crushed and bent around the lathe, it was essentially scrapped apart by that corner. Like a really really blunt cheese grater. I’m getting nauseous trying to describe it so i think I’ll stop


Holy fuck. That dude experience an unplanned rapid disassembly.


Idk why there aren’t portable kill switches that these guys could wear on the wrist or torso. May not release them but could stop it from blenderizing them


On some newer lathes, like one we have in the machine shop I work in, they come with a small handheld device with a button on it that needs to be pressed in for the machine to run. If the button is ever released the machine will stop, in an attempt to prevent accidents like this happening.


Deadman's switch


This is true also obviously they need more training. My instructor drilled on us: no jewelry, no loose shirts, no long sleeves, no gloves, no long hair, keep your foot on the pedal brake at the bottom. Lathes scare the shit out of me.


Yes, but it would be very expensive for 1 machine


holy shit he got mutilated


"The" Russian lathe video. Implies we've all seen it and let's be honest, there's a good chance of that.


I was thinking “what happened he just fell” and next thing you know, he’s a Ferris wheel going way to fast while be battered to a paste. Great start for my dive down NSFL. God that was brutal


I truly hope he died instantly and didn’t feel all that initial pain 😭😞


As soon as he started going mach jesus round the thing the poor man would of been gone instantly. I hate workplace accidents the most as i work in these environments.


"Mach Jesus" is my new favorite term


I remember first watching that when I worked for a firm that sold lathes and did modifications and programming on the floor before ship out. I was admin, but frequently had to pass through the floor and also did the receiving and occasionally organised the initial set-up with people from another firm in the same building if my engineering colleagues were out when new machines came in. Let's just say I steered even clearer of the running machines after that.


His Colleague wont Be Able To Save Him From Getting fucked


this a song title?


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classic video


“Hey man you should take the new lathe we got for a spin it’s pretty dope” “I DIDN’T MEAN THAT TYPE OF SPIN”


Fucking painted the walls red.. I feel bad for the co-worker holy shit


Y'all think he's dead?


I think he'll be fine.




Basically a large tool used primarily for shaping wood and metal. They spin very fast and are very dangerous in environments like this with no protection. This lathe seems to be pretty simple with the main idea of rotating the object your working on and using a stationary tool to shape it and remove parts you don't want. Don't wear loose clothes around them, or jewellery and don't have long hair.


it might help to see one in action: [video](https://youtu.be/gYUVN6iHof0?t=41) \- a baseball bat carved out on a small lathe [video](https://youtu.be/jqYrh1I5niE?t=54) \- industrial lathe [video](https://youtu.be/NcgYgH0H9WY?t=382) \- monster industrial lathe \-the danger comes from an exposed object spinning at speed, often with an operator [working near](https://youtu.be/FLvxNAc38EE?t=109) that spinning object


Industrial slushie maker from the looks of this video. Tastes like cherry 🍒 😋


You need help


Im in good company then.


God the first time I saw this about half a year the song spin right round baby right round I just thought to myself that ima go to hell, lol.


It's not playing fir my? Reddit app samsung


Damn he got some nice distance on the blood and meat chunks


Aren't there also photos showing the aftermath?


Op linked the op in a comment


damn i hope he’s ok


I see some other lathe accident but this take the cake of being the most gruesome


Some immature workers mock safety personnel and safety rules, but what they don’t get is that being safe is being responsible, being safe is being a grown up. They should be embraced and followed with care and caution. Being a safe worker shows others you care about them as well as it shows your family that you love them enough to take a little extra time to do things right so you can be there for them. videos like this display the importance of that.


Yep. Not sure if you are American, but we have a thing here called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). I worked in numerous industries where dudes would mock it. America is far from perfect, but I thank god to live in a country where they at the very least attempt to give a fuck about your safety at work.


I work on a lathe similar to this one and that guy made many mistakes, shouldn't even be near that




Imagine the co-worker who saw the man breaking into pieces. He was once a man is now completely vanished.


The adventures of kebab man!


Yeah. Not funny


Cool, I was just about to lose my appetite. Thanks for letting me enjoy my lasagne again, OP!


ah my first gore video


Omg this is forever burnt into my brain.


Did he survive?!


Can someone explain what a lathe is and how it spun his body like that??


They spin a bar a chunk of wood and can sand and shave down the material as it spins.


Never gets any easier to watch.


Paired for life those shoes.. .


That’s crazy


They really need to come up with an emergency stop button within reach of the operator. From what I've seen, someone else has to push the button because of where it's located. Most times I've seen lathe accidents, there is a moment before it starts spinning the person like crazy.


Omgggg so brutal 😭😭


They need to give his colleague some therapy for that shit


This one hurts because it was 1, entirely on accident, and 2, having to break the news to the family.


Why the hell *you spin me right round right round* playing in my head...




I cant even start to think about how horrifying it would be to see your coworker go out like that




Duude he literally slung into pieces


THE Russian lathe video.






One less to shoot.


unorganized workplace. Look at all that stuff around the equipment.


This is so sad....when he first gets sucked in it looks like he's holding on for dear life and then just let's go to the impending doom that awaits....RIP


I've worked with Lathes just like this one for years, it's tragic. But I can't help but feel it was completely avoidable with some common sense.


I had to cry my self to sleep


Workplace accidents are nuts, i was being line boss in between stages fracing and nine energy was unscrewing the nightcap and the crane dropped maybe 18in it clipped the hands head, killing him instantly while i looked up. Guy was my friend and it fucked me up bad running the lift to get him down and doing jackshit due to shock. We lost another guy from my company when he was retiring in less than 2 months. Always look out for eachother, complacency killed my 2 friends.


Ah, so that's what it looked like... I only saw the photos of the aftermath on r/CrimeScenePhotos, and I must say: I should've stuck to my original idea of not watching the video if I ever came across it. That was horrifying. Also, with all of these deaths I've seen relating to horizontal things spinning, I think I've developed a bit of a fear. This was the only truly graphic one though, the rest had some kind of element that prevented me from seeing anything as horrible as this.


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I dunno why but I cackled when I saw this


Man I hope no one in this guy's family have seen this video


Alexa, Play "Around The World" By Daft Punk


Both shoes came off, i think he died


Wow holy shit


Is he ok?


I read he survived. God is good.


Holly shit that was intense




LLLL cope imagine