People have been having problems with the Springfield version at around the 2k round mark. Look at garand thumb's review of it


And the blueing finish is not good. Maybe it was a problem since corrected. I heard the extractor started to cause trouble after 800 rounds. Surprised. Usually these YouTubers kiss the manufacturers asses like no tomorrow.


Good to know. Thank you.


Most of the issues seem to be initial QC issues, hopefully these are resolved after the first couple batches.


If you’re going to buy one, don’t buy the Springfield. Buy one of the original FN production hi power pistols. Gunbroker, you’ll find a decent amount of them. Some FN ones on there are Israeli military surplus and in good-very good condition. The WW2 occupation hi power pistols and the original GP35’s are not cheap. But for a shooter, FN surplus, Argentinian or FEG (Hungarian) versions are all very good. I’ve also seen Canadian production hi powers go for reasonable prices on gunbroker.


That's something you buy to collect and not shoot.


Not true. I have had WW2 German occupation hi power pistols that I shot a thousand or so rounds from. Granted, those and GP35 variants are collectible… and not exactly cheap ($2,000+). OP can go on gunbroker and find Israeli refurbished FN Hi Powers for $600-$700. A non military Browning hi power (commercial production model ) can be had for $800-$1200. For something more economical, a FEG (Hungarian clone of the hi power) would be a better bet. OP, there’s nothing wrong with buying a FN hi power as a shooter. As long as you don’t beat the shit out of it, that gun will hold its value. If you buy one, have a gunsmith remove the magazine disconnect… it makes a world of difference, and splurge on a trigger job. That’s a great pistol.


I have nice guns but if I cannot shoot them or actually use them they're a waste of money and space. Unless it's a really rare model millions were made and spare parts are around.


Shooter's use to have one in the rental case but it's been a while since I really looked in that case.


Love that place. I'll check it out.


Not from nj, but girsan makes some clones that you may be able to get.