There’s only 54 new ones on broker.


These are in stock online at a dozen places for around $620.


If you have an FFL with a good transfer price and will pin mags, familyfirearms.com has them for $563 Have them email you a quote to get that price


Please don’t buy MOS, pay /u/wage92 to mill it. He’ll even do the front serrations for like $25


Can you explain why please


No I didn’t care about the cost. Its an overpriced system that sucks. It’s the fact that, the plates they include, suck. They just suck, every single person I know goes and buys aftermarket plates, and they’re $60 at a minimum. And then your optic STILL sits higher than a direct mill.. Plus buying the non milled, version, and having Wager mill it, is CHEAPER than the MOS, and then you can even decide if you want your iron sights placed forward of the optic, which you can’t ever do with mos. MOS Sucks, the holes suck, the threading sucks, the plates suck, the entire thing sucks. I’ve owned 15+ glocks in the last 20 years, and the only one I ever genuinely hated was the MOS one. I regretted it almost immediately. I have never loved a glock more with an optic, than a direct milled I was SO excited for an MOS Glock, until I realized what a piece of shit they are, and how I had to go buy a $60 plate to even get it to work 85% of the way to a direct mill.


Thank you so much. Know where to look for a Gen5 g17 then?


Honestly, they’re in stock all over online - but finding one that’ll ship with 10rd magazines, or not paying a fortune for a transfer fee I don’t know. I moved from NJ :(


I'm moving from Nj in a few years after I finish college, go to trade school, and save up $. Looking at Wyoming. I got a few friends there and even though its a Constitutional carry state, if you go and get your CCW license there, you dont need to pay for a nics check with any other long gun you buy in the state (idk about handguns)


I’m in Virginia, our only gun laws don’t even make sense. Like you can’t open carry a rifle with more than 20 rounds without a CWP. CWP is shall issue within 45 days. There’s a bill going through with a lot of support to make CWPs free of charge actually


Thats awesome about the shall issue! Isnt it true though that VA is becoming more and more blue though?


We literally just went full red last week. Governor, Lt governor and attorney general are all red. Lt governor is a black female who’s campaign photo was her with an AR. On the Saturday of the governors inauguration he stripped 100% of Covid vaccines requirements, mask mandates and rules effective immediately. Edit: our Lt governor as shown https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/11/winsome-sears-1.jpg?quality=90&strip=all


That's the coolest thing I have heard all month!!!


$560 at my store in AC. Jdf


if you don’t mind having “don’t tread on me” on the slide, SHTF tactical has one online




Looks like a good deal.


Shooters in Little Egg Harbor shows some in stock on their website.


How much are you looking to spend? If you are going to customize it, I can recommend a shop in PA that sells it with RMR installed with cool customization (which you will eventually do)


Doesnt it need to be transferred at an Nj ffl if I buy in Pa btw? Prob gonna get the new holosun SCS so I can use standard height irons w/ it... and it jist looks sexy asf. Rn, just looking to get the gun with a weapon light. So probably 800 max for the gun and light together


Yes, it should be shipped to an NJ FFL. For $800 you might have to buy the gun & light. With Holsun , the cutting for RMR & probably enhanced iron sights, slide cuts, cerakote, stippling etc it will get close to 1400


Holosun's SCS mounts directly into the MOS cut which allows for standard height irons. Might honestly just do that to keep a lower profile plus until the SCS comes out, it gives me a shit ton of time to get fast and accurate with the handgun


Build a g17


Buy a 17 and have it milled. Cheaper and easier to find.


How much do people charge for front serrations? Thats the main reason why I want it


Pretty much all new gen 5s have front slide serrations and the deletion of a half moon cut. I’d also look at a direct mill or use better plates like cphws(unsure of the exact name). Vulcan does really good work from what I hear as well. The mos plates have had some issues with breaking and the footprint is a lot higher than a direct.




Have you thought about maybe getting a GSSF membership and reaching out to a dealer for blue stock?


Whats a GSSF membership?


http://gssfonline.com With membership you get a card to purchase I believe 1 handgun from blue stock as if you were LE.