I love Barkov. Rotates on first and second line, he’s one of the few players I feel works for hybrid style. Wanna play fast, transition game? Great he’s got 99 speed acceleration. Wanna play slow? He’s got a 6’3 214lb build with 99 balance and 99 puck control. Great card. Over a ppg for me d2 13-17win champs.


I can't get him going. He's been a solid 3C for me but I can't justify moving him up. I wish I could though because in real life he's obviously awesome


First line center for me even before I got him to TOTS. Excellent facoffs. Big center, with speed. I run no abilities on him, he doesn't need it. Very fluid, great release. Obviously this is all relative to how skilled you are. I am not very good, but decent, and I would highly recommend him.


Perfect I’m not very good either just ok lol I’ve had to grind pretty hard and spend a few bucks to get my squad


You won't be disappointed with Barkov. He's not explosive, but he is solid, and very smooth. I dropped a few bucks too, but haven't pulled anyone who is on my team. Got a few 90+ players which I used for collectibles to build MSPs. Next year I will be FTP, not worth it to spend money when you can get decent pulls on rerolls


1C for me but he's not as impactful as he was for me last year. Something with the physics but he seems to get knocked off the puck easily and sometimes just absolutely demolished by low level base cards.


3C for me, but he just got a speed upgrade again so he should be maxed on speed. He holds on to the puck amazingly well so if you use big rig on any other players it would be worth throwing on him. No contest is a must, I use that on him and like 3 other players to use up my extra AP. It makes a difference. I’ve also noticed if I get a breakaway with him in the slot he can clap a shot in pretty consistently. All around great card and I’m so glad I picked him in a TOTS choice pack over Anderson LOL


he’s unreal, i use gold born leader and silver quick draw on him