Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida - just feels like that's his range


Kaiir Elam for me too. Just never saw a realistic situation where he was not pick 30 or 31 at the latest.


Same for me honestly. I'm hoping he's our pick at 27. I'm not buying the "fall out of the 1st round" nonsense


I’d love for him to be there for the Jets at either 35 or 38 but not sure if I see it happening unfortunately. I honestly think he’s CB3 in this class


He’s about as strong of a CB4 for me as you can possibly get but I do have Gardner, McDuffie and Stingley ahead.


Is Booth Jr #5?


I actually think Booth would do better at Safety in a Cover 2 scheme. If I were to view him strictly as a CB though? He would have to be in the right system. I like him on the Texans and the Bills would be good for him because he can be CB2 not CB1. I don’t like him as a CB1. Maybe CB8 is where he would fall for me? I have him at 2.57 to the Bills and it hasn’t changed in any of my mocks but he could go higher, that’s only my opinion and I’m sure an NFL franchise is going to see more in him. 1. Gardner. 2. McDuffie. 3. Stingley. 4. Elam. 5. Gordon. (Safety 3 if he converts.) 6. MJ Emerson. and now I’m at 7 where you have guys like Tariq Woolen and Joshua Williams who have ridiculous ceilings along with Zyon McCollum to consider over Booth. I think even then, at 7, I would probably go with Marcus Jones over those 3 if everything else on my team were built up and I don’t have many weaknesses. I don’t mind keeping him as a Nickel but I’m also considering him as a Slot WR instead so there’s an asterisk by that. Doesn’t really matter he’s the best Return Specialist prospect we’ve had since Cordarelle Patterson and he can play Safety as well. Again though, we are not talking about a luxury pick where a team has everything else for the most part. The other player to consider is Roger McCreary who I like but size concerns have him slipping to the 4th Round for me. (Arms are super damn short.) All things considered, I think I would feel comfortable with Booth as my CB7.


He’s got length, speed, height, production, played against tougher competition, high character. I think he’s going to be one of the CB’s the Giants are going to target if they pass up on Gardner/Stingley or manage to trade back into the 20’s from 7 I think he would be one of their top targets. A trade up from the 2nd Round also works too. There’s too many positives for him not to be a 1st round pick. Highest I have him is to the Eagles at 18.


I'm worried he goes 21 to New England or 23 to Arizona. I might bet on Kyler Gordon to be 25-32 before I'd bet on Elam.


First guy that came to my mind. Elam seems like such a Belichick pick. Bill *loves* taking Florida Gators, he’s a DB and he’s a *slight* reach at 21 overall. I prefer Booth as a pats fan, but I wouldn’t be mad with Elam either


He’s long and shut down some of the best WRs… I really hope BB takes him or booth.


The Patriots have literally only drafted 3 Florida Gators in the past ten drafts.


Way to conveniently stop at 10 years lmfao. Bill literally drafted three Gators *in the same draft* in 2010 (Spikes, Cunningham and Hernandez). Gators since Bill took over the New England job: Tony George, Gus Scott, Jeremy Mincey, Chad Jackson, Jermaine Cunningham, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes, Jeff Demps, Jon Halapio, Dominique Easley, JC Jackson and Duke Dawson That’s 12 players from the same school. Guarantee Bill has had more Gators than any other NFL franchise during that same span lol. Statistically, there’s a 48% (12 players divided by 25 seasons) chance Belichick drafts a Gator lmao


“conveniently” I could’ve said 11 years, then it would’ve been “convenient”. 10 years is a proper timeframe. He doesn’t *love* drafting Gators anymore evidently.


Lewis Cine


Yup. He's been mocked late first / early second for a while now. I agree he should go first.


Stop. Unless it’s at 32




Heh just the wrong team but oh well




ngl I'd be happy with that pick at 18


I agree I think he could be a beast, he’s a freaky athlete and flys around the field


By god, that's Tyler Smith's music.


Cowboys like him alot too


Exactly what I’m thinking


What's great about this draft is that there are like 20 "late first round locks". Christian Watson, Dotson, Moore, Pickens, Linderbaum, Tyler Smith, Ojabo, Mafe, Ebiketie, Drake Jackson, Andrew Booth, Kaiir Elam, Kyler Gordon, Lewis Cine, Quay Watson, Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson, Devonte Wyatt, Nakobe Dean, Dax Hill, Jalen Pitre They can't all possibly go late first, which makes me happy we get to pick twice in the early 2nd 😀


Kaiir Elam, George Karlaftis, and Daxton Hill. I also feel like the Bengals really love Logan Hall, but it depends on who's there when they pick.


I've been randomly seeing a bunch of mock drafts today with Wyatt falling to 31 and the Bengals taking him. Hadn't heard a single rumor about it before now. Based on "insider" mocks, the Bengals are going to go after Karlaftis or Wyatt if they fall; if they don't, they'll go after a CB. The one thing I don't think they do (at least, they *better not*) is draft a TE in the first. I remember making fun of whoever drafted John Ross during his meteoric rise and being devastated when the Bengals did. If they take McBride 31, it has all the makings of something similar.


McBride wouldn’t be terrible imo, just a mismanagement of resources


The mismanagement of resources would be terrible. John Ross in the second doesn't kill you if he busts (altho it sucks); John Ross in the *first* when you can't afford to miss with that pick kills you. By picking him they passed up Patrick Mahomes (who they weren't taking because Marvin was too loyal), Marshon Lattimore, Marlon Humphrey, Jonathan Allen, T.J. Watt, Malik Hooker, and Derek Barnett. You don't draft a guy like McBride in the first when there are 5-8 TEs with draft grades ranging from rounds 2-4 *and* he's not a generational-type dude. He might not even be the best TE prospect in this draft! As an aside, I don't want them taking a TE until the 3rd at the earliest. This class is insanely deep, and if there's a run on TEs in the second it means that a talented player is going to fall to their pick. If they need to move up in the 3rd to get their guy, that's fine, but I just don't see a reason to draft one before that (Drew Sample may have scarred me though).


The John Ross example doesn't make sense though. #9 and #31 are vastly different situations. We sucked when we picked #9 and absolutely needed a starter. This year our de facto GM has said that they are currently comfortable with the starters on the team and that we need more depth. McBride would be the future at TE with Hurst on a 1-yr and Sample a non-threat on the field. We are one injury at TE from playing practice squad players major snaps. The same is true of CB, which is why a corner would be nice at #31. Are the corners at #31 better value than TE at #31? Absolutely. Value's likely better at EDGE and IOL depending on who's there. If your gripe is simply first-round TE is automatically terrible, just take solace in the fact #31 is essentially a second rounder in a weak draft like this one and if we're taking him there the Bengals DO think he's the best TE in the draft.


You're ignoring that there is a ton of TE depth in the draft and that McBride has basically the same prospect grade as at least one other TE (and is honestly close to 3-4 of them). If McBride were the literal only NFL-caliber TE in this draft I could absolutely see an argument for taking him 31; I still wouldn't love it, but I'd be alright with it. My gripe is that treating pick 31 as "basically a second" is extremely dumb when it means you're passing up on guys like Gordon, Elam, Linderbaum, Booth, Karlaftis, Cine, and Hall. You don't decide that you're going to throw away your chance at a great player at an important position because "they're like the 5th best player at their position in the draft". Getting depth doesn't mean that you should suddenly massively reach for a position while ignoring talent. Doing that is how you make sure that you're picking early in the next few years. Remember when the Bengals drafted Ogbuehi and Fisher back to back because they wanted depth at the position while ignoring their flaws and lack of talent? *Everyone* knew they were bad picks at the time. Same with Jackson Carman and Drew Sample; the Bengals drafted them at least a round higher (honestly, Sample was projected to be a sixth -- just a terrible decision) than they were expected to go.


plz Dax fall to 32 🥺


As long as we get one of my favorite 7 prospects, you good


People mocking McBride to y’all at 31 is gnarly


Don't get me wrong, I love McBride but that's a 63 pick. I want Elam, Logan Hall, George Karlaftis, Tyler Linderbaum and I would take Kyler Gordon or Booth or even Travis Jones They need CB, DT (3 tech), TE, and one more interior Olineman


All really good picks right there! Feel like Karlaftis is INSANE value that late.


Word is the Bengals love Karloftis and Devonte Wyatt, who I would rather pass on in the first


Christian Watson. I think demand for receivers bumps him into the first.


I like Watson a ton, but man is he a huge gamble if you’re gonna pick him that high. You’re right though, I can totally see someone trading back into the bottom of the first to grab him. Edit: Lol, this sub is hilariously passive aggressive with downvotes.


I was huge on him until I saw his drop %. Very few times that shit gets fixed.


below Burks and Pickens? Dotson and moore too?


On some team's boards probably. Personally, I think Burks is comically underrated by all the draft gurus. I have no doubt he'll be gone before our pick at 32 which makes me sad. I think the same can be said to a certain extent about Dotson and Moore as well. It comes down to if teams think they're good fits in their offenses honestly. I can't speak for Pickens, but I know there's unconfirmed rumors of red flags about his personality.


I think Burks is WR3 and has potentially the highest ceiling of all the receivers.


I tend to agree. His size, strength, general athleticism, and speed is a potential nightmare for opposing defenses. To me, I see him as a slightly taller Anquan Boldin with more straight line speed. When you consider his level of competition too, it blows my mind that a lot of people consider him as not 1st round worthy.


I don't think Dotson and Pickens make it to the 2nd. I have 7 receivers going in the 1st.


Watson is my WR1 lol. I hope he doesn’t fall out of the first.


Arnold Ebiketie. I just can't believe a dude with that tape and those measurables isn't a first round pick.


Yeah I see him going to the Cowboys round 1.


He could go earlier than you think. I can only wish that the GIANTS draft Arnold Ebiketie and Malik Willis (Different Strokes - only old fools would know )




Shhh I want him at 43


Perrion Winfrey. League’s going to like him more than media.


The most slept on D lineman because he didn’t play at a school named Georgia.


Boye Mafe. Reckon a lot of edge rushers will go quick and teams will still want to fill that need late in the first. Also I can see Quay Walker slotting in too.


Quay Walker, expect I’m placing him at 21 to the Pats so I suppose mid-first, though I don’t think he gets past the Titans, Packers, or maybe the Bucs idk


I like walker but I'd like to trade down first before picking him


Jahan Dotson


Kenyon Green for me.


Daxton Hill


Two picks you see *a lot* are the Bucs grabbing Lewis Cine at 1.27 and the Chiefs grabbing Boye Mafe with one of their picks at 1.29 and 1.30.


Tyler Smith


Kyler Gordon


Kair Elam Lewis Cine Desmond Ridder


David Ojabo in the 28-31 range. Packers and Bengals both have two solid or better starters at EDGE so can afford to give him a medical redshirt year, Chiefs can't but his upside is too damn high for him to fall further.


Seems likes the Packers sub hates the idea, but I wouldn't hate Ojabo at 28. I would just trust that Gutey has good medical info because an Achilles isn't a great injury for a player that relies on speed




I don't see it. Has zero media hype at all.




There is at least some correlation. Him having zero mention in the first and then going in the first is abnormal.




I’m talking more mock drafts. Also Simms is quite literally the only one.


So he'd be the perfect Packers pick at 28


Personally I think it's a bit high for Pierce but I'd love it for him to go in the first


Love it. I've seen him in the 4th in the media but his tape says 2nd round to me. Could easily see late 1st if the WR class falls right and the team picking wants a boundary receiver.


Ridder to the Lions - feels like the guy they'd like if they go QB there.


Lions fans would be very unhappy


They'll cheer up about 10 minutes into day 2 of the draft though lol If it works out, they'll be super happy next year and will have $ for a FA or 3. The team really doesn't have a lot of holes. If it doesn't work out, the team still shouldn't have a lot of holes so, aim to get "your" guy in that draft. Maybe Ridder can fetch you some draft capital in a few years.


Not if lions get him 2nd 3rx


I’d be fine with Ridder at 32 TBH


Interesting, I would not. I have a hard time drafting a QB anywhere but #2 because if they thought there was a QB worth drafting then that's where they should pick him


Doesn’t necessarily mean that, it just means that player is going to be an immediate starter floor to “game changer” ceiling from day one. Some quality QBs have came from developing later picks in the draft. Dax Prescott is a perfect modern example. And I’ll scream it from the rooftops that we are literally one of - if not the - best teams in the situation to develop a rookie QB.


Some, but that is clearly the exception rather than the rule


I don’t understand where these myths about QB’s come from. Just because a team doesn’t rate their QB as the highest possible doesn’t mean that they don’t value them. They have them falling just like any other player. -2011: Bengals drafted AJ Green in the first followed by Andy Dalton in the 2nd. -2014: Raiders drafted Khalil Mack in the first, Derek Carr in the 2nd. -2018: Ravens traded back then **traded up** for Hayden Hurst (still the most unpredictable draft pick ever imo) followed by trading up again to 32 for Lamar Jackson. If you see that a guy has high upside and he fits your team but he needs to be developed there is no harm in drafting him outside of your highest pick. It’s important not to overdraft a QB but saying we have to draft a QB at 2 otherwise they are not worth drafting is inaccurate.


It's not really a myth, it's an opinion. Your chance of hitting on a QB are low in the first place, and much lower as the draft goes on. And for a team like Detroit that has holes everywhere, the hit rate on a quality defensive player is much higher than on a QB outside of the top 10


George Pickens


Jahan Dotson


im gonna say it….Logan Hall


daxton hill seems like a 25-32 guy… the type of guy I could see BB trading back for. Dax has speed, versatility(can play both CB and safety) and did very well against very good competition.


Matt Corral


Christian Watson I think gets reached on by packers or chiefs who both have two firsts


The film on Sam Howell says it should be him


Yeah, a lot of people are overlooking how much surrounding talent he lost last year.


Jameson Williams. IMO, Who's going to draft a 185 lbs. body-catching "speed" guy with a knee injury with an early first round pick? Not me... I'd rather have Wilson or Olave well before Jameson Williams. He'll make it to one of the KC Chefs picks


No chance Williams lasts that long. I think k most would rather have Eilson, but he's much better than Olave imo.


Kyle Hamilton


Nah. This ain't it.


Trey McBride


Lewis Cine George Pickins Josh Paschal


I’m confident Jalen Pitre will be a sleeper pick at the end of the first


Jaquan Brisker / Quay Walker. I think the Saints love both of these guys and are willing to reach on one of them.


Elam, Cine, Dax. I think this run on interior OL that everyone has mocked could be a run of CB/S/Edge instead. And somehow Tyler Smith will leap frog everyone and go 19.


I just want the lions to take lewis Cine with the 32nd, and Hutch with the 2nd. No QBs, no WRs. Just dawgs


Andrew Booth Jr going 31 to the Bengals who desperately need secondary help and I think Sauce, Stingley, Mcduffie off the board by then book it


Cine from UGA


Christian Watson


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Lewis Cine at 32 lol