Not sure if the NFL would like him as a S or CB, but did you look at [Tony Adams?](https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/stats/Tony-Adams-DB-Illinois) He gave Jahan Dotson problems at CB and he's a freak.


Yeah he tested as a CB and made it on that list. He didn't necessarily jump off the page for me but he does have a nice profile. Touch bit short, and a better showing on the bench would have definitely helped him. Regardless, he has tools to offset his faults so - I like that. Definitely a weapon to counter speedy guys like Dotson.


I love Tycen as a round 4-5 steal. I'm impressed with his game tape.


Same! No doubt a guy I'll be Googling during off season work outs and what not to follow up on how he's doing.


A few guys that jumped out to me that I’m curious about if anyone is familiar with them are: **Tariq Carpenter** – Definitely appears to be a guy who could work out in the box and contribute on special teams. His shuttle & 3-cone cause concern for a nickelback type role where he’d have to cover guys in the slot but, IMO there’s a lot to like as a role player in the right system. **Charles Turner-Cox** – Seems like a guy you could see taken late due to his physical profile, assuming interviews go well etc. If you find him on your team understand you’ve got a big physical dude who prides himself on his tackling abilities… looking at his answers in an interview I’d say, one who is driven to succeed – which is exactly what you want from an athletically average prospect. **Nazeeh Johnson** – Is he just too small? I can’t find much Googling him so curious if anyone is familiar with this guy and what you think about him as a prospect. **Kolby Harvell-Peel** – I have a draft crush on this guy … why am I the only one?! **Isaiah Pola-Mao** – Seems like a guy going under the radar, no? I think I see why, injuries. Should we be keeping our eyes on this guy as a dark horse at the next level?


Pola-Mao is Polamalu's nephew. In you didn't know.


I did not, very interesting.