on [www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com](https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/mock-drafts/2022) he puts trophies next to the names of guys who have been the most accurate mock drafters in years past.


Jesus those ads


Do you want some mock drafts with your ads?


Noticing a theme of what guys with the trophy mock the Jags vs what guys who dont mock us


Guess here... they are the ones with guys going to the Jags that you wish would not have? Wide receivers?!


barstool having drake london at #2 good lord


Hoping they are only accurate with like the first 10 or so lol


Nice site...just browsed..lots of good stuff. ...still looking for the tags of the guys that have been most accurate in the past


They're the trophies next to the mockers names. It has the website then beneath that it says "by: name" and then it will have a picture of a trophy next to that if they're one of the most accurate


Charlie Campbell on Walterfootball.com is really good. The website however sucks. Way too many ads


The website is awful. For anyone wanting to remember what the interwebs was like in the 90's check out that site.


Makes Craigslist look modern


Lol. I often go to the site and quickly leave. The thing is, they really do have a lot of good, free, and unique (hard to find even) content - but it's such a shit show to use. Sometimes I open it in another tab and look elsewhere first. If I can't find what I want quick enough. I settle.


much better than a shitty site with bloated UI and animations that take forever to load. I actually like it considering I got adblock


Campbell’s mock drafts and sources are the only reason why I visit the site.


It’s such a shame Charlie is stuck with Walter. Not only is his website terrible, but he’s also a douche who has the most nonsensical takes ever. He makes Skip Bayless look good and I’m not even exaggerating.


Nonsensical? That's just the kind of thing I'd expect from you sheeple. Open your eyes and see the truth about MATT MILLEN'S ANAL KIELBASA FETISH IN EVERY POST!!!


but for 7.99 a month you can remove all the ads! /s


I've been going there so long I remember a time when the adds were minimal and not intrusive.


Or you can get an ad blocker lol not paying for that crap. Desktop version isn't full of ads


I like following Charlie’s mocks, and ultimately all that matters is his final one, but the most recent top-10 is *wild.* Sauce at 3, Stingley at 4, Thibs at 7, Karlaftis at 8(!!), Icky 9(!!!!). Not saying it can’t happen, but I’d be pretty shocked if two corners go top-5 or that Karlaftis goes top-10.


Josh Norris from Underdog Network got 16 out of 32 picks in 1st round right last year. Might be a good start.


That's actually quite impressive. Even if trades were not allowed it would be impressive.


One of the more impressive things in my opinion was predicting the Bears go QB. He had Mac and Fields’ landing spots flipped, but without trades so he realistically could have traded up and ended up getting the team and pick right


"lions pick malik willis at 1.02" god no, dont take that mock


His entire mock this year is ass. The dude got lucky last year.


Tony Pauline has the best info from sources. He does a weekly show with Trey Wingo. He is very plugged in.


https://www.thehuddlereport.com/mock.scores.shtml This site gives you some pretty good scoring over the last several years. Brendan Donahue has been consistently accurate, but hasn't ever had the best score.


Bob McGinn


While he doesn't do the mocks recently, Mike Mayock used to be very good at getting the 1st round as accurate as any i've seen.


Dane Brugler and Lance Zierlein are pretty connected.


tony pauline, rob staton (seahawks focused though) are good for draft


I won some money last year in a contest copying Rob Staton's mock draft with just Trey Lance switched to the 49ers cause I had a gut feeling they were going with him. Shout out to Rob, he a real one.


Peter Schrager and other guys that have access to inside information from Teams.


Couldn't this be the exact opposite? Schrager just says whatever his sources tell him, which is probably all smoke.


It could be and it could not be. One pick that stands out from last year was Zaven Collins to the Cardinals. Looking through his final mock. He has a lot of positions right even if the picks were different. It might be less that what player and more of what position.


As opposed to the other guys, who ignore everything their sources tell them?


Or mock based on team needs and their evaluations


I personally really like Brett Kollmanns analysis over on youtube. He's not really doing Mock drafts on there, but I think he gives some really good insights on players, which could help you asses them better. ​ [https://www.youtube.com/c/BrettKollmann/videos](https://www.youtube.com/c/BrettKollmann/videos)


Walterfootball has really bad scouting but really good listening to insiders and knowing where guys are gonna go. Also Peter Schraeger or however you spell it from GMF is great for accuracy


My answer is anyone other than Chad Forbes.


These guys all do like 20 versions of the draft so which do you base it on?


probably the most recent one?


Josh Norris and Ben Allbright both kill it year in and year out