Richardson over Young/Stroud then Hyatt over Downs :/ why do you hate us


Talk about going boom or bust with your top 2 picks, haha.


Well I am a falcon fan. But the alternative here is I love y’all and want what’s best for y’all :)


And you still had them picking Carter?


Yes lol


I mean the Richardson pick is one that either gets Fitterer fired in two years or tenure. With the way the Draft fell I'd be more disappointed about not taking Johnston in the second round.


No chance in hell Bears pass on Tyree Wilson Just based on what Poles has down in the past I think he might trade down again if Tyree Wilson is off the board irl


Agree, Kancey is fine but he's a huge reach at 9 if Paris Johnson and Tyree Wilson are on the board


Is he really that much of a reach? Both Paris Johnson and Tyree Wilson are kind of raw whereas Kancey is much more polished. And it's not even like Kancey is a bad athlete either. He's smaller but has explosive speed, power, and agility. He also seems to be a good fit in Eberflus' system.


Johnson is raw? He's started over 20 games at guard and tackle at OSU. He's got some technique issues to work out, but what college OT doesn't?


Eberflus has talked about needing length on the DL a lot since the combine. Kancey isn't much of a fit at all.


That's fair, I didn't know Eberflus emphasized measurables. I was just thinking from a schematic standpoint.


I mean I have kancey ranked well above Tyree haha - so I don’t view it as a reach but I’m also the guy that made this so what do I know


Seriously. If the bears have their pick of all the OT in the draft or all that edge talent, no way they’re overdrafting Kancey that far.


I don’t view it as an overdraft. Kancey is 11th on my board


I'm actually hoping we take him at 7, if he's there. Elite edge rushers are harder to obtain than elite corners, and Chandler Jones' contract allows us to cut him after this season. Tyree opposite of Crosby would be a nightmare if Tyree pans out in the NFL. Then we could cut Jones, and trade for the next star CB that inevitably wants a move.


I’d rather have kancey than any edge rusher not named will Anderson. Flus’ defenses run through an elite 3-tech and kancey gets upfield and disrupts plays more than anything I’ve seen out of Wilson. Wilson is too raw and loses too often for me to get excited. I still think they end up taking Broderick Jones or Paris


Why would you draft a tackle and a backup with a premium pick for the Eagles? Especially considering the plethora of needs on defense after losing so many players in FA as well as Lane being under contract for multiple years?


Literally my first thought, we either go Dline or CB. Honestly any defensive starter.


This is what OP would do, not a predictive mock so I'm curious as to there thought process...getting Van Ness and Johnson would be sweet however


Van Ness is my dream, he reminds me of JJ Watt, can play inside or outside but he has a high motor. Want him real bad.


Strong possibility at 10, I think it'll be him or Nolan Smith if Carter isn't there


We would trade back in that situation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go OLine early.


I think we'd draft Tyree Wilson if that were how the draft fell


Drafting a replacement for Johnson is totally a howie move. We’ve seen him do it before. The de would be a rotational player for year 1, I don’t think that would be a problem with him being a starter along with sweat year 2. The plethora of needs has dwindled a bit for this immediate year. Safety help would be great. Eagles don’t value line backers. Dline needs depth.


I really like this for the eagles actually. Johnson can train as the top backup tackle until Lane retires. If you don’t think the team would do that then you haven’t paid attention to the last decade of eagles drafts. Van Ness can start as a rotational guy and build his role which seems like a good fit for him.


I've been an Eagles fan since the early 90s...please take many seats. Drafting a backup at a premium pick is a horrible use of a 1st round contract and premium pick, Lane could easily play for 2+ more years after this one. Every player we've drafted in the 1st in the last 5 years has been expected to start or contribute immediately and for good reason. We go for depth in day 2, maybe you should pay attention instead of feeding into false narratives. Eagles have too many immediate needs, especially on defense to make this selection. No chance Van Ness is there at 30 but would love to have him. Johnson in the second is also nice.


Was Dillard expected to start over JP? Am I crazy?


He was the first tackle off the board and before he tore his bicep(?) he was, at the least, expected to compete for the job. Peters was getting hurt a lot and was on the last year of his deal, I believe it's been awhile. Somewhat of a difference situation but I see your point


He tore his bicep in 2020. He was drafted in 2019 and expected to sit and learn for the year


Okay, so last 4 years. Obviously drafting a 1st round backup tackle did not work out for us last time


That doesn’t change anything. Howie believe in building in the trenches. We can both agree we wouldnt take oline at 10 but be prepared that it could happen.


I'm fully prepared, but this draft is what OP would do hence Levis going in the second round and multiple guys the Eagles should draft before Paris Johnson so I was asking them why


I only see 14/15 as the two I take before looking at oline at 10 with how this draft fell. I feel Howie taking an oline men in the first is a lock but I also expect a trade out of 10 for mid round picks.


Paris Johnson can play right guard immediately btw - I say as much in my blurb.


This would be the dream for the Colts


It would be, but there isnt a shot in hell Richardson is actually going number 1.


You sure about that?


Absolutely. Richardson isnt going 1. All his hype is media driven due to his combine. There wasnt a single team that wasnt completely aware of how absurdly athletic he was and yet he wasnt anyones 1 until after the combine. He is a bad QB that needs a massive amount of development. Those types of guys do not go number 1. Not to mention that both Young and especially Stroud are much better fits for Reich's scheme.


Yeah I tend to agree, especially after Willis last year. My only hesitation is that a lot of reporting had the Panthers zeroing in on him before the trade. Usually it’s pretty easy to dismiss a report, or even a few, but I’ve learned to kind of trust that…sort of building drumbeat of rumors. And Richardson to the Panthers has that feel to me. If I were putting money on it he wouldn’t be my pick but I wouldn’t be shocked either. Honestly I kind of get the vibe that they’re not 100% sold on anyone but they wanted to go into free agency and the draft knowing they were in the driver’s seat.


I don’t agree. I don’t think he’s a bad QB. And I thought that before the combine. We’ll see I guess.


I don’t know if I’d say he’s a “bad QB”, but I don’t know how you can watch some of his film and overlook all those throws he missed, many of them being layups. He has a lot of work to do.


I think just like the QBs last year, he's going to drop.


And I don’t know how you can watch his film and overlook that he’s closer than you’re crediting him for and does a lot of things very well with the upside of being a top tier QB. It’s perspective and opinion.


I’d be willing to bet money that if you watched every throw for all the top guys last year, Richardson would have by far the most “misses”. It’s not difficult to find video of him missing easy 5 yard outs. I’m not disagreeing that he has upside, he certainly does. He could be the best QB from this draft if he reaches his potential, his physical tools are that good. I’d argue he has more work to do to reach his potential than any other top QB in this draft though. Obviously you disagree, and that’s fine.


Depends on how you’re defining “last year”. Assuming you mean just the 2022 college season. I’m not disputing he has more misses than Levis stroud or young. Although levis has many to his credit too. Levis is also 3 years older and a multi year starter. Richardson is only going to be 21 this season, was a one year starter and does a lot of things well already with elite athleticism and arm strength to boot. He needs coaching with his lower body mechanics for sure. His upper body mechanics aren’t perfect but they’re not terrible. He already throws with anticipation and maneuvers the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield and other smaller things that not every QB does well. So you stick this top tier athlete in Carolina with a coach who has played QB and a seasoned veteran who is a smart QB more than anything and let them teach the kid. With the upside he has, if they’re patient this year, that’s the perfect spot for him to reach his potential. Is he a better QB right this second than young or stroud? No. But I’d bet on him winning a Super Bowl before either of them.


I agree, there are certainly some things to like, which is why he’s in the first round discussion to begin with. I also agree that he has some issues mechanically that will need to be corrected if he’s going to be elite. Reich is as good a coach as he could get, but does Reich want to hitch his wagon to Richardson? Who knows, I could see them going for a more “sure thing” at 1OA because they gave up a ton of capital to get the chance to pick there. Regardless, enjoyed the mock.




You’re the expert there


I don't hate Wright at 17, but the logic doesn't make a lot of sense. Chuks isn't going to compete for LT at this point. We just added Seumalo at guard, and Herbig as a depth piece at guard. Daniels has been great for us, so taking a guy we might have to slide inside doesn't make much sense. If we take Wright at 17, it's because they think he can compete with Moore and develop into a starting LT.


Anthony Richardson with no viable receiving corps and no future first round picks is the polar opposite of an effective rebuild. His mechanics and accuracy are absolutely atrocious. I know Reich has a good reputation for developing QBs, but man Richardson has a long way to go, him failing is the kind of thing that will lead to entire front offices being fired. I’ve been wrong about lots of things before, but a team betting their future on a guy with such huge bust potential just doesn’t seem realistic to me. Yeah there’s a chance that he winds up better than Young and Stroud but if one are any of those three will flame out badly it’s absolutely Richardson. If the Panthers naturally had the first overall pick maybe, but that’s an enormous risk for multiple firsts. I’d bet that Stroud or Young are the first pick, it’s a much safer route without sacrificing much upside.


>I know Reich has a good reputation for developing QBs, but man Richardson has a long way to go, him failing is the kind of thing that will lead to entire front offices being fired. No matter what qb they draft, if it flops they're cleaning house. I'd actually argue Richardson buys them the most time because of the low expectations coming into the league.


I find it super unlikely they trade up to 1 just to draft Richardson when it's most likely the could find him at 3 with the Cardinals and probably without giving up DJ Moore if they had done so. Especially with Dane Brugler saying AR didn't interview as well as other people in the media said he did which is what most NFL front offices value the most out of the combine (along with access to their medicals) compared to the workout portion. Also I don't totally trust anyone who calls any sort of issue "easily fixable" (There was so much of this with Malik Willis truthers last year). It most likely means they drank too much Kool Aid on that prospect. It's the NFL even the most easily fixable things can easily unfix themselves when a 300 lb lineman is coming for your head plus the complex coverages you have to read. Especially one with inconsistencies such as AR who plenty of Florida fans have said he tends to spiral when things don't go his way.


Malik willis was a rookie last yr lol give him time to develop. People want these rookies to come in and be impact players when you're supposed to develop them


I never said anything was “easily fixable”. That doesn’t mean his issues aren’t fixable though. I wasn’t going to bat for Willis like this last year and there’s big differences between Willis and Richardson as a prospect. A lot of Florida fans watched him live and expected wins and became disappointed. A lot never went back to understand why things didn’t go right. Richardson does alot right. People just don’t want to acknowledge it if they haven’t watched him deeper. And a lot of those who have watched him deeper, don’t want to say they think he’s good exactly for the reason on what’s happening on this thread: there’s a large portion of people stuck on calling him bad who want to insult anyone who does think he’s good.


You’re sleeping on our receivers


I actually like the Gonzalez pick a lot given that Anderson is off the board at 5. Pete and John are seemingly allergic to drafting a corner early, but man would him and Woolen be a fun duo for a very long time. I like Ojulari at 20 as well. I feel like he has a lot of upside and wouldn't necessarily need to start right away, but could definitely be a contributer still. I would take JMS over Washington with our first 2nd round pick personally. I know we just picked up Evan Brown who was an above average center for the Lions, but he's also on a one year deal and I feel like he's a draft hedge in case they can't get the center they really want. I don't mind To'oto'o, but would maybe prefer Henley out of WSU there, granted I'm not sure if the 2nd round would be too early for him.


Carter was a heavy thought for me at 5, but after Malik McDowell I felt that there may be some hesitancy to invest in Carter right now. I went with Darnell just because I felt his value was far above that slot, Fant has a contract coming up, and dissly is always hurt. Darnell could be a dangerous option for them underneath and up the seam with some top tier blocking to help their run game.


Agree on Carter. I still think he has potential to be a good player, but between the conditioning issues and off the field issues, I have a hard time justifying him at 5. I definitely like Washington and your reasoning for us taking him makes sense as well. I just think we have slightly bigger needs than TE to be taking on that early. That being said, I do also know he's the best blocker in this class and that does make him pretty valuable.


I would much prefer mazi Smith than Washington. NT is a huge need and TE is not


Yeah I don’t like this mock at all for Seattle, To'o To'o isn’t worth a second rounder. He also didn’t address Seattle’s interior line, and I don’t know about Ojulari at 20.


The Seahawks’ super power is developing late round picks into good CBs. I think spending a top 5 pick on one would be a waste.


Maybe, but how we aren't traditionally picking high enough to grab a (potentially) elite corner and they have been somewhat vocal this year about not reaching on a position of need. I think its unlikely, but at the same time, never say never. I will say, definitely still stings that we traded out from spots in 2017 and 2018 where we could've had Tre White and Jaire respectively.


I don't think there is a chance in hell PC/JS take Gonzalez at 5.


Interesting to see Bresee drop to 59 in this mock. Also, Levis at 39 is certainly a take. I'd be interested to see if he goes lower than the consensus mock draft community expects, almost mirroring last year's drop at QB from everyone's mocks.


I fully expect Levis to go top 10 if not top 5 IRL. I just would not personally bet on him if I was a GM. Bresee is sitting at 49 on my personal board. I wasn’t a fan of a lot of what I saw when I watched him. I do think with good coaching he could still be the guy everyone thought he could be. But, right now, he’s too far away


I don't like Levis at all but if we got him in the second round I'd be fuckin hyped!!


Patriots going edge is alright. I’d rather take an OT if Jaxon is gone.


I don’t think y’all should even be considering JSN anymore tbh. Juju and him make each other redundant


It’d be more luxury if both Jones and Skoronski are off the board by 14, provided Jaxon isn’t gone either. Our D line is getting pretty old (Guy, Judon, Wise) so I definitely like the edge pick more thinking about it.


Awful pats mock we do not need edge or to overdraft a gadget guy.


Thanks for reading


I realize this sub has an irrational hatred for Levis but sliding to 39? Come on, let's be at least a little bit realistic here. If Kenny Pickett is a first rounder, Levis sure as hell is too.


This is all based on my own values and I have levis at 55 on my board. I didn’t think Pickett, or any QB last year, should have been a first rounder. So if I’m drafting as if I’m the gm of each team, and I have levis ranked 55th, I’m not going to put him in the first. I wouldn’t stake my job on him. Sorry it’s not realistic to you, but it’s just how I value him.


Tbf I think Levis has a slide on draft day. I think the gap between Richardson and Levis is more sizable than people realize. I think he ends up going first round but I'm more confident in him being picked in the teens than I am of him in the top 10.


\*\***This is what I would do as GM of each team**\*\* ​ \*\***THIS IS NOT PREDICTIVE**\*\*


thankfully you are not the Lions GM


PTSD from the last three 1st round tight ends we took


yep lol


Yeah I would be shocked if we did this.


Or am I


I’m so glad you aren’t the panthers gm


You say that now


I can see Campbell as the pick here,especially with Sanders going right before. Love Charbonnet but I think the Bills would go OL,WR,DT or EDGE before they go RB.


I like the Campbell pick as well and I agree with you with the 2nd round pick. Charbonnet is unlikely especially if Antonio Johnson is there. We desperately need Safety depth and one who can potentially replace Hyde after next year.


I know his pro day was mid and everything else, but Jalen Carter at 8 would be insane and I really hope so


LMAO at Tom Brady's picture.


Anybody who drafts Anthony Richardson #1 will regret the F out of that.


If Carolina traded away all of that for a project QB, I will leave my fandom behind.


No way Richardson goes first. No way!!!!


The Bears currently don't have a RT , passing on Paris at 9 feels like a mistake . Could be forced to start Freeland way before he's ready


Freeland is a very experienced player. 4 year starter playing at both tackle spots. I think he can play sooner than later.


Just cuz he’s experienced doesn’t mean he’s refined at all. His technique for all his physical gifts is pretty terrible.


As a steelers fan I prefer Brents over Forbes, other than that I like the mock


If the first 16 picks fall this way, I’d prefer Addison or trade back.


I really don’t see the Lions passing on Carter to take a CB. If Richardson is gone, I think it’s a pretty easy decision.


I just don’t see the Chiefs going CB early. They already have 3 rookies and L’Jarius Sneed in the room who have all been good-great. They also generally undervalue the position and churn out great play from minimal investment so it would be a weird direction for them to go.


It’s a what I would do mock. I think an addition who could be a potential upgrade would be beneficial still and there wasn’t really a receiver I felt fit what they needed that was worth the pick. I considered edge but felt like there would be a decent enough one to pick next round


Then I'd go DT or TE over a CB. CB is probably our deepest group.


I’ve generally been down on Anton Harrison to the Bucs, cuz it’s hard to justify taking the 5th best tackle over some of these top edge and DB prospects. That said, getting him in round 2 feels like a total steal. Bijan is a luxury pick for a team with a lot of needs, so practically speaking I’d rather have Murphy or Van Ness in the 1st. That said, drafting Bijan would be fun, and we ain’t winning much next year anyway!


Bijan feels like a luxury all around but someone is going to take him. Mocking with him is a lose lose. Either he falls too far or a fan base is annoyed he’s taken too early for them. I do think he can be good for y’all in the sense that it gives Trask (or baker) a run game to lean on. If trask is any good, then he has a bit less pressure immediately with bijan helping move the sticks. If the QBs fail, then whoever the guy is next year, Caleb or maye or whoever, immediately has a good run game to lean on as well.


I can kind of understand your rationale here but it feels lazy to say the Bucs take him at 19. The Bucs have more urgent needs for impact players earlier in the draft - LT, S, Edge. White is already promising as an RB1 and it’s not as pressing as other needs atm. Just from my POV though.


I can assure you this isn’t laziness. It’s a pick I didn’t hesitate to make and I think is a good pick given the value of the player and the pick slot.


That's great for the Saints, though the top need for WR is a big bodied guy, Downs would be excellent 👍👍.


The alternative I guess is QJ but downs plays bigger than him anyways hahaha


Smith and Bresee at 55/59 seem like big falls


I really hate how this falls for us, but I think Darnell Wright is gonna be a really good lineman. I just gotta pray that Okorafor can be a good left tackle for the whole year.


Yeah this is basically the worst case scenario for the Steelers in terms of what happens before their pick. If it were to actually work out like this, I think I’d rather take Branch or try to trade down and grab one of the LBs.


Or even Addison or trade back. This is definitely a worst case scenario for us.


Musgrave is Oregon State, not Iowa State. That aside, slam dunk picks for the Packers.


Yep that’s a mistake on me


Don’t know what you see in To'o To'o to take him to Seattle in the second round, don’t mind the first round but the second round you lost me. What big board are you using for your mock? Seattle needs help on the interior.


I’m using my own board Seattle just signed Jarran Reed. I don’t view Bresee as a nose tackle so taking him is redundant with Reed there. Their next pick is the pick where interior D line would come into play.


You didn’t take any players on the interior though? I really don’t like this draft for Seattle, you should read up on this teams scheme and draft needs. Signing Reed doesn’t mean Seattle shouldn’t take someone like a Mazi Smith or Keeanu Benton in round two to beef up the d-line. At least you didn’t take Tyree Wilson at 5 like everyone else. Also we need a WR3 more than a 4th tight end.


Because there isn’t a third round to my mock to take that player.


So you think someone like a To'o To'o is worth taking in round two over other prospects that are filling bigger needs and are better prospects? Soon as you took a corner at 5 to Seattle I knew you don’t follow the Seahawks closely.


Who says there were better prospects available to take over him? This is all based on my own board and values and rankings. And this is what I would do if I was running each team. But thanks for reading


I would have a fucking seizure if we took a tight end over Bijan Robinson


Y’all just signed Montgomery. I think it’s safe to say you’re not taking Bijan.


Not gonna lie, I keep forgetting that. In any case, first round tight end isn't gonna be popular lol. Thanks for the mock though.


Yeah it’s def not popular with lions fans 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess it’s what I signed up for when I posted


If the Pats took Nolan smith, they’d have a killer pass rush with smith, judon and uche. But I think they have more pressing needs. They need to get younger at T, a CB1 and a weapon on offense - preferably Zay or bijan. T is a bigger need, but CB might be a position they could double dip with in the 2nd and 3rd. Lot of good CB options. Unless your favorite CB isn’t a available at 14. Lot of similarly skilled guys in the second and third. That’d be huge if they got Forbes in the second.


R2 Zack Kuntz sheeesh


I think Will Anderson is a "no doubt" pick for the Cardinals. I do think of Kelee Ringo is there in the 2nd we'd take him because the Cardinals NEED to draft ex-Saguaro Sabrecats. But also because corner is a massive need.


Zero chance the Lions take a first round TE


Bears would never at 9


That will never happen. If it does I’ll eat my own shorts.


Hot take saying I won’t have a mock that’s 100% accurate!


Blake Freeland is a poor scheme fit for the Bears, IMO.


I disagree. To my knowledge Getsy utilizes zone concepts. I have freeland pegged as a zone tackle.


You been watching too many pundits talk about football


What a stupid comment


I really don’t get the Richardson love. He had a very mediocre college career and now people are weighing him as not only a first round pick but a #1 pick.


CBs aren't going 3 of top 7.


Branch being more of a strong safety is a stretch for the chargers since we’ve got Derwin in that role. We need more of a rangey free safety


Lol that first pick is crazy wrong


As a Colts fan, please let the Panthers mess up and take Levis or Richardson and leave us either Stroud or Young


How does the consensus QB1 fall to QB3


Because he’s not my QB1


But AR15 is? I think you’re right about him being a perfect fit for Carolina and Young isn’t the same archetype that Reich likes to coach but he’s QB2 at the very least


Yes, AR is my QB1. I’m pretty high on him.


Never mock again 💀💀💀💀


You lost me towards the end but it honestly looks pretty good until 25


Please let Carolina draft Richardson. Please!


Why list Mayer at 18 when you acknowledge Detroit won’t do it? Absolutely no way Detroit drafts another 1st round TE any time soon


Because this isn’t a predictive mock and I would take Mayer there


Levis ain’t falling to the 2bd


Nice mock. I think it’s possible that Gonzo even goes 4th to the Colts but not in this situation where Young falls to them. I have Murphy going much higher, his first step just fucks shit up for opposing OL’s. That isn’t going away anytime soon, just have to bring him along in the rest of the game. Kind of reminds me of JPP. Fits in any scheme.


I do like Murphy a bit more than the value here/where he’s slotted on my actual board. That first step is good like you said. And he’s strong. I just wish his move set was a bit more developed right now.


Nice draft. I see the Commanders picking up Levis at 16 if no one takes him. Just seems too far to fall


First off, I like the boldness of taking Kancey at #9 for the mock drafter's sake. It shows me you understand that if the Bears remove Carter for character concerns, it means that Kancey will likely be significantly higher on their board compared to other teams (plus Eberflus has said a few times already that 3-tech is the "engine" of his defense. That said, as much as I love Kancey -- I would be disappointed if the Bears passed on Tyree Wilson who doesn't belong outside the top-10, in my opinion.


No way we go safety. Dumb.


This might be the worst mock I have ever seen.


I actually agree on the Richardson pick. Going up to 1 is a swing to the fences, so take a swing *but* taking Stroud over Young is silly. Young is far and away the best day one starter in the draft and saying that Stroud has a better floor is simply untrue. I like Stroud a lot, he's the second best starter in the draft (and clearly so) but shows a few more issues than Bryce Young does, whose only concern is durability, rather than anything on field.* *Pocket presence, reading coverages and Stroud being often unwilling to throw to guys who are "NFL 6 to name a few of them. Bryce Young is more mobile, has better pocket presence and throws better over the middle *despite* his size as a result of his better understanding of coverages and offensive concepts.


Might be my favorite mock I've seen so far. Typically I like to wait til April before taking mocks seriously but a lot of this stuff makes sense. Gutekunst missing out on Nolan Smith though, he's not a fan of this mock.


I do not see tyree Wilson falling down that far.


I just don’t value him higher right now


Not sure why, great combine and great measurables and he had decent production. Only issue would maybe be his age you’d like to see him produce more at that age but he has a ton of versatility.


He’s athletic and big but I don’t like what I see on the field. There’s a lot of technique to be taught still and at his age I don’t exactly find that appealing. He’s my EDGE3 and in the 20s on my board. I just don’t see it on tape to grade/value him higher


if the lions draft a TE in the 1st for the 4th time in 15 years, i will burn down ford field (or at least post angry comments on the line)


Dream draft for the jets if we somehow manage to get Rodgers with different picks




Lol not sure this one is worthy of the bow


I know folks are down on QJ right now, but I can't imagine he'll slip this far. He is exactly the type of player where he has the measureables and a coach looks at him and says "I can fix him."


He’ll probably go higher irl. But I have no interest in him until the late 30s probably


Hook this up to my veins


I appreciate the original thinking on this one. Constant content make it seem like there is some overall consensus on these guys, but there’s so much unpredictability in the process (both on the team and prospect side)


Thank you 🙏🏻


I noticed you mocked Avila to us rather than Torrence. Out of curiosity, do you view Avila as the better prospect of the two or is this more of a scheme fit thing?


I view Avila as a better prospect right now


I would be super disappointed if the Bengals took a TE in RD1 and a RB in RD2. They still need a RT and the FO prefers a blocking TE over a pass catcher. RD2 is too high for a RB in this class and they desperately need a RB that can block on 3rd down. And I'm super high on both guys you mocked, I hope they stay out of the AFCN.


With all the corners we have signed in FA plus Okudah and Jerry Jacobs still rostered, I don't see us taking Witherspoon honestly


Jalen Carter to falcons plzzzzzz


Amazing draft! Awesome layout & commentary.


I would love this draft for the titans! I hope you’re right!


I think that the Houston Texans are going for Bryce Young. Everything else seems super accurate.


I think Chargers would rather take one of those WR that go immediately after words. Like the TE pick in the rd 2 though.


This isn't the worst-case scenario, especially since it seems there is no option to trade down for us. But man our defense is so bad and KJ Osborn is pretty good. We dropped $7m on Josh Oliver, so it seems we're not going to be going three wide as much. Keeping in mind the 2022 Vikings defense was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen, we need to bolster our defense, our interior offensive line, or trade the fuck out. Picking a middle of the pack wideout won't help us much.


Lol @ the creepy Tom photo for the dolphins’ forfeited pick


Lol if the board actually falls this way and the raiders can nab Levis in the 2nd that would be lit. Though ideally they actually move up a little to take him late 1st to secure that 5th year option


Wright, Banks or Jones over Smith. OT and CB are still big holes. I'd take LaPorta or Harrison over Scott.


Straight trash


Good fit for the Bills. I don't know why people are neglecting the Bills drafting a MLB so much. I've seen extensive mocks where the Bills don't even address MLB through the first 3 rounds. Campbell just looks like a Buffalo Bill. He is a plus pass cover guy now, but I don't know how much of that has to do with playing in a run oriented conference and how that would carry over to the NFL, but I'd give preference to a pass coverage MLB


If Raiders take Porter over Carter after the poor free agency they’ve had, Raiders fans are likely to riot.


Washington taking Banks is a updoot from me


Don't think any Seahawks fans looked past the first slide


Thanks for reading!


Skoronski and John Michael Smitz for the Jets would be amazing




I explained why I still went CB




Y not


Liking skoronski to jets


would throw up if dallas picked sanders. would take anyone in those next picks 28-64 over him


Seems like a Raiders fan. Choosing a top tier CB in the top 10 and expecting Will Levis to slip to them at 39


I’m definitely not a raiders fan haha


Luke Musgrave went to Oregon State (not Iowa State). Thanks for your contribution to the sub, I love reading through these and gauging who I should root for my team to draft in the early rounds.


Thanks Yep typo that’s on me