Paper form 4 bois are just skeleton apes


Ooga booga. *Angry Skeleton ape noises* *Angry 500+ day noises*


Wait. 500???………. I hope you’re joking.


They lose a lot of paper form for us, they're working from home


Hahaha nope man. I hope my most recent form one knocks those two loose so I can be done


At 273 days on a Nomad with no end in sight


The Statue of Liberty is kaput


Had a recent approval at 152. Another can now at 153.


Same. The can I bought second got approved before my first. The one pending on 2/16 was approved 7/19 with no word yet on my can pending since 2/14. Makes no damn sense....


323 days on a paper trust. Worst part is I could efile and it would probably come back before or right around the same time as my paper one would with current wait times


I thought the same thing back in March and now I am at 400 days


I had two approvals yesterday, 405 days. I have 5 more paper forms at 346 days and started 2 more eforms yesterday. My last 5 eforms submitted in January were approved between 77 and 125 days.


It’s a struggle. Average wait was like 280 when I decided to buy it. Now I get upset seeing people approved with submission dates after mine lol


It was going good till like November when March 2021 approvals took till April of 2022 and now everyone’s more than a year out.


Was there just a surge in purchases in March 2021? I haven’t really looked into it but curious what happened. There was an issue with Feb/March efile approvals too if I remember correctly?


I personally think the ATF just cut back on paper forms come December as e forms started coming in and now the time is jut multiplying exponentially.


Something needs to be done. You could die before you get your can approval. Thank God you have a trust in place


151 approved yesterday.


Median is 153 with most being between 143-165 days. Give or take a day or two. However the wait is growing almost every day,... I'm at 146 (2/24), I fully expect that when I get to 153 days wait will be 160, when I get to 160 wait will be 168, when I get to 168 wait will be 175 and I'll finally get approved around 180. If I have my can by beginning of September I'll be surprised


im at 145, and im starting to have hope that it comes in the next couple weeks.


I have bought mine 4/5. Estimated time would be late September but honestly I’m in the same boat i won’t see it till the end of the year optimistically


Over 400 days here


that’s real pain. hopefully you don’t hit the big five zero zero


Hope not, because I have been literally waiting longer because I filed earlier. . . LOL


Heck …. I already wait 3+ weeks when SS send silencer to my local dealer 🤮


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130ish days, figure about next month on my Bday I should get the call.


I effed up. Bought a lightly used suppressor Osprey 45 for 400 online from a gun shop in Kansas. Then when I let my ffl NFA dealer know he told me they have to form4 the suppressor to him so he can form 4 it to me. Bruh you’ll have so many eform suppressors by the time I get this Osprey in lmao


That's not right. An FFL to FFL should be a form 3 with a median wait of 7-10 days.


That’s the the thing. It was lightly used and apparently on consignment. Friend of the owners or the owner’s own. They didn’t mention it in the listing. But that’s something I failed to clarify


That's some BS. I would have demanded my money back. If I can't have a dealer form 3 it to my range FFL so I can use it while I'm jail I don't want it.


Thanks man, I appreciate you getting angry on my behalf. But what’s done is done and I’ll wait. I’ll get it eventually lol. Let my story serve as a warning for anyone else to who find suppressors for cheap prices.


I efiled today... RIP


Only going to get worse w/ the Senate confirming an ATF director. They’re going to slow walk everything even more. Be prepared to start contacting your representatives right away. Overwhelming them w/ complaints is the only “solution” that we currently have.


Don't really see how that would matter, they've had acting directors for the better part of two decades anyhow. Not like those guys were pro-gun lmao. They're just speed running inefficiency at this point


149 days certified


\~85 days for me now.


152 so far. 2/18 I kinda expect another 152 before I get it, if that even happens


2/14 got mine today!


That's great, enjoy the silence! Maybe someday we can be rid of this Mafia and won't suffer through this nonsense ever again. For curiosity's sake, what can did you get?


03/19/22 and I see no end in sight growing desperate 😭 might get another can and get that process going again I guess.


First one certified on 3/7. I did just that, and then I did it again. Waiting on 3


403 paper🤦🏻‍♂️


Nearly hit 400 days. I got the magical phone call today.


I'm at 99 days and just got my email back from the ATF stating they haven't sent my paperwork to the FBI yet.


Still waiting here, 395 days for 1 , 368 days for another, and 230 days on my Dec 2nd efile.


At 154 on one currently, the other is at 90, but hoping for a batch approval.


I’m at 4 months on a Form 5 so I can start my Form 4.


Oof, I'm in this meme.


Been a month and I haven't even certified yet. Might die before I get to use my shusher. :(


Lmfao this is me every morning


You made this on Microsoft Paint 🎨 ❓