I can't imagine being the clown that has to man that booth


Either a Intern or got caught dating the Director's daughter


Here’s your coffee Mr. B.






I blew up Malaysia


ATF is at our gun shows locally here, mostly to give out ffl packets for prospective dealers. i almost always see some yoohoo chatting them up about "what about this atf letter" etc lol.


Should be giving out stamps.... but wait... we really shouldn't need any stamps to begin with.


Idk, I mean talk about an easy assignment. You know almost no one is going to seriously talk to you.


Oh, I think they will get called out for paper form 4 taking forever.


No one is going to *talk*. They're just going to shout slurs at them.


This is the way


This is the way


No one even looks in their direction. Like it do isn't even exist😂 it's funny to watch.


Some poor intern that just wants political experience to get into law school or something is going to get bullied hard


Idk man if I was trying to get into law school that would get me a free ride to shot show


Right?! Abandon their booth and walk around shot like they've abandoned the bill of rights and waltz around making laws and shooting dogs


Reminds me of a career expo at a university I went to. The IRS had a booth and you could tell absolutely nobody was interested in that as a career.


I can’t either but he needs to be trolled to tears…and filmed while it happens


I'd come up to him with a gun that has a fleshlight brace and a tac-sac up front and ask him to demonstrate "compliant use" of the weapon.


“Yes but what *angle* does it become a vertical scrotum, officer? And if my pubis is not a shoulder, can you put that in writing for me?”


Give the poor kid a hug, I’m sure they realize how ridiculous this is and they’re embarrassed for the ATF but they have college debt to pay off 😂


no he needs to be humiliated mercilessly until he understands that it is immoral that he is part of the AFT and subsequently quits


On the flip side, he may be trying to change things internally. It's easier to fix an organization from the inside then it is to do it from the outside.


No let's just condone bullying instead


I approve of both the above comments.


It's far easier to destroy an organization from the inside as well. Too bad none of them care to make it happen


>It's easier to fix an organization from the inside then it is to do it from the outside. That's a whole lot of BS from what I've seen. It's WAY easier to leave, go somewhere that pays better, then give tell all interviews about the last place, go before Congress giving a witness statement explaining you left due to gross inefficiencies, incompetence, etc. It'll burn bridges but it'll get results.


Probably industry operations…. Not SA’s. Still, I’d be hiding in the mens room… taco Tuesday, fuck the booth it’ll be fine


Except for the time that their signage got slapped with Molon Labe stickers. Explain how that happened to the supervisor when there's four guys supposed to be standing the booth.


There's usually three or four clowns manning that booth.


Wonder why organizers allow them to be there and scope out potential new shit to ban. Hopefully they’re at least tucked off in a corner with an escort.


They're gonna be there regardless. At least now they're publicly making themselves available for discussion/ridicule in one easy to spot location.


I’m sure they will be elsewhere in street clothes as well


For sure. A buddy and I were once at a show in PA looking at a Tapco'd out SKS with a poly banana mag a vendor was hawking. Some old guy in a flannel came up behind us, asked the dealer "So that thing still legal after you pulled parts off and swapped on other pieces? I heard something about a 922r compliance or something like that." Dealer says "Oh, totally. She's good to go.", shrugs, smiles. Guy flips his wallet out and open, bam: ATF agent ID. "I see. I'd like to talk to you about that one for a minute if you don't mind." Dealer looked exactly like you'd just shot a dog in front of him. Don't know what the result of that ended up being but I'd imagine it wasn't great for the poor dude.


If I were there, I would ask other people to come around until there's a crowd surrounding the vendor and the agent....not saying anything, just all eyes on the agent, staying with the agent and watching him until he leaves the premises. He is obvious in attempting to accomplish an unconstitutional task. I'm not advising violence, but making it clearly known to that agent, and any agent of the government that violating the constitution isn't something to be affiliated with and isn't appreciated.


The only correct answer is "Actually officer I do mind, and I envoke my right to remain silent"


And stand right there with the crowd all watching, all eyes on agent, saying nothing. The agent either leaves or arrests you without warrant to escort you somewhere else. Gets tossed out of court. This is the way.


Yeah good luck proving the sks isn't 922r compliant (unless you're a dumbass and talk to him and openly admit it which is what he wants). And I'm not a lawyer but saying a gun is legal doesn't sound like enough probable cause


They actually do send some high ranking officials to the show.


Talk about awkward!!


I’m guessing the only visitors to that booth are a bunch of fudd gun shop owners…




Put iron sights back on them, that would be a start. What is the point of a fudd gun if I’m just gonna put some Vortex scope on it?


Jesus Christ, this. Why’s it so hard to slap on usgi irons, or even a fucking leaf sight on a $400 rifle, I’d gladly pay the extra $100 to be able to have irons.


30.06 like the Ohio Ordinance HCAR???


hey now 30.06 won two world wars!


Tu Whirled Whores!


“Yes daddy, more regulations please daddy”


I'd visit it just to berate the agents.


Might fuck around and tar and feather some BATFE boys


Honestly I would just like to talk to the guys manning it and attempt to have a discussion.


Reasonable conversation? We don’t do that around here


Question number 1: What will be your defense at the Nuremberg Trials?


Seems reasonable enough to me!


You can't reason with those who are not human. The only way to "discuss" things is to put them out of their misery (in Minecraft)


If you genuinely believe that shame on you. My grandfather was a great man and worked in the ATF for 35yrs before he retired. Jobs don't define a person's entire character.


That’s not a bad idea. I wish I was going to shot just for that reason now.


Walk past quickly and whisper 'oh fuck not my dog, not me too' just loud enough for them to hear.


Take pictures of them so they can’t go undercover.


Can you make a regulation that makes my legacy machine gun more expensive and hard to get please? My asset is starting to depreciate.


On the contrary, I have many questions...


“Where’s my stamp?” “Have you seen my stamp?” “Can you give me a status of my Form1/4?”


I would love to ask that every time I walked by. "Is it ready yet??", "Is my stamp close?", "How about now?", "Still not ready?", "Is it ready yet?", "Will you please check real quick?" Etc etc.


as a person waiting on two stamps, THIS


Waiting on 3 and 100% would do this every 5min.


I have 7 pending. Oldest is on day 306.


Dude, I thought I was a glutton for punishment at 3 but 7!!! I will let you wear your crown! You earned it, dude!


Yeah, you win lol. You get to the the first to interrogate them on where the stamps are at.


I have three Form 4s I am waiting on too.


If every single person who is waiting on a can sent an email every single day to their state reps to ask the ATF for an update, how long until our state reps were so fed up with emails that they legislate to remove silencers from the NFA?


Could you imagine if they set up a booth, where you fill out your forms and file, they run your check on the spot, and get near instant approval?


Stop. I can only get so erect.


\*sits down with laptop\* Ok buster lets speed this process up!!


what's with the giant face? is that big brother, watching everyone?


That's supposed to be a homage to Elliot Ness. Guess they'll keep trying to pimp his image out rather than actually do anything noteworthy for the public good in 80 goddamn years.


Hot take: Elliot Ness was a chud that enforced unconstitutional law (Volstead Act) and investigated a criminal that made himself rich in an environment the Federal Government created themselves. Ness is also infamous in Cleveland for burning homeless camps. Of course the ATF idolizes him…


Ness also died drunk without a pot to piss in. He was obsessed with his career to the point it destroyed every other part of his life. A model American.


This man is spitting Truth Bombs!!! \^\^\^\^\^


Didn't he also end up taking bribes in the end too?


I didn’t know ness was related to ATF. I figured it was a cleveland link since GLBC named a beer after him.


Be careful walking past there if you have a service dog.


Everyone who attends needs to take a stuffed animal (dog) and, when walking past that booth, dramatically throw themselves on the toy, screaming loudly, "Please don't shoot my dog!!!" Then, we need a montage of that scene playing out hundreds of times, with cuts to the ATF agent smiling interspersed throughout. I bet people would get behind abolishing the ATF if we all pulled that off. Edit: Shit. Now my dog really is going to get shot, isn't he?


Or drop off an industrial sized container of lube and ask them kindly to make use of it while they are busy f***ing the rest of us.


I was the 223rd upvote. Feels good man.


Doing my part to bring it up to 556.


I brought it up to 9mm for the reloader out there.




Someone please go take a shit in the booth


Someone just needs to buy a case of shoelaces. Now go to the table and tell them you want to anonymously surrender unregistered machine guns. Dump all the shoelaces on the table.


Better idea. Get a bunch of blocks of steel. Tell them that you want to surrender these unfinished machine guns. Throw the blocks at them as hard as you can (in Minecraft)


Show them a video of you in Minecraft spamming Q with a bunch of iron blocks at a zombie named “ATF agent”


🅱️ased Of course, afterwards you have to demonstrate what happened in the video :)


“Alright Mr. Fed Boi—I can call you Fed Boi, right? Good. Mr. Fed Boi as you can see in the video I threw several cubic meter blocks of iron at a zombie with the name “ATF agent,” referring to you of course. Now Mr. Fed Boi if that were to occur in real life under the constraints of modern human physiology it might go something like this: *hucks a piece of shrapnel as hard possible at Mr. Fed Boi* Now Mr. Fed Boi this is clearly a satirical statement of my negative opinion of your agency, your honor I rest my case.”


Ngl I laughed way harder at this than I should've. It was like a bizarre mix of Ben Shapiro and ~~domestic terrorism~~ justice God damn where a free award when you need one


That is really funny!!! I would pay big bucks to see a video of that!!!


Deep behind enemy lines.


They are going for the biggest meme of 2022


How has noone taped an ATF guy meme peaking up behind the booth backdrop!?


We’re out to lunch - be back in 6-9 months…


Someone needs to seriously put this sign up on their little table every time they’re not looking.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ booth at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is open and ready. If you are attending the exhibition in Las Vegas, swing by booth 46723 to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how you can stop spanking your monkey, you degenerate scum.


I honestly would not be surprised if a church did that. The Mormons put legit advertisements in the playbill for the “The Book of Mormon” which if you’re not familiar, is a musical made by the the creators of South Park making fun of Mormons.


I could see that being a case of being totally clueless as to the nature of the play beforehand. Some idiot probably just saw the title and assumed it would be a religious play or something.


A quick search shows that the XXX Church was at an expo handing out addiction literature, so it's not TOO far from reality. Their sign said "Jesus loves porn stars."


The long game is use your firearms knowledge on your resume to get a job in the tech branch and then just rule everything as a Title I firearm. Coordinate with manufacturers to then flood the market with your "Title I" firearms. it would be months to years before the rest of the organization found out you just ruled fuckin 10" shotguns as title 1, every muzzle device just a compensator, and Wish Giggleswitches as Title 1. The Horse would be out of the barn, got old and died in the woods before they found out what you did lol.


You should do it! Be the change you want to see in the world.


Yeah, but as evidenced by this post, everyone would hate you regardless.


This is like having a vegan booth setup at a livestock auction. Or an Amish booth at CES.


As Mark Serbu says, they are the worst "Industry partner" you could ever ask for.


I’d like to think he’s been a pain in their side for a long time. From the Super Shorty all the way to a (relatively) affordable .50BMG.


I hope nobody takes a steaming dump on the floor of that booth and drops a 3-D printed DIAS in the poo poo so the ATF reps have to dig through it to retrieve their prize 😬


The would add 2 extra charges of having shoelace M/G's


That would be tragic. Definitely nobody do that…


Just walk up behind whoever is working the booth, and as they’re talking with someone start peeing on their leg to assert dominance


Print this picture and ask for an autograph: https://southparkstudios.mtvnimages.com/uri/mgid:arc:content:shared.southpark.gsa.de:0fcdc72c-2ad5-4d93-8fe6-986b6553571b?quality=0.7


[How about this one?](https://i1.wp.com/unprecedentedmediocrity.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/dave-chipman.png?fit=1200%2C628&ssl=1)


That's FBI


[you sure?](https://images.app.goo.gl/v9uv1ZyjAFixbrP68)


Not 100% sure, but PolitiFact actually seems to have done a pretty good job tracking information down instead of just going "he said it's not him, so it's obviously not him." (like Snopes did) That image was filed with other HRT photos. The fax to order Chipman to Waco came on the same date that photo was taken, and it seems unlikely that he could have gotten from Virginia to Waco and taken that photo that fast. He still sucks, but I don't think it's actually him. (also, the guy posing with dead kids is more physically fit than I believe Chipman has ever been)


No wonder why my stamps are taking so long. They can’t even show up to an event they sign up for.


And those are the agents that are in plain sight. Lots of covert agents roaming gun shows these days


There's a company in instagram offering $200 for the funniest video of hazing the ATF booth lmao should be great 😂


What’s the page


Fuck the atf. Bully that fuck to tears.


Agents maning this booth are either rookies, on probation or lost at Ro Sham Bo.


**SHOT Show Announcer:** *“Please refrain from taking any service animals near booth 42455. We can no longer ensure you or your service animal’s safety. Thank you.”*


It's like that episode of the X-Files when the guy from the FTC is there and they keep calling him out for being a narc


I love the giant “big brother” face watching over everyone.


somehow apropos


I zoomed in to figure out what the hell that’s supposed to be. They are celebrating the amazing job that they did 90 years ago as the bureau of prohibition. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Untouchables_(law_enforcement) So just to repeat, the last thing they did that was worth advertising on a giant poster in 2022 was fight gangsters 90 years ago. Ironically, the end of the gangster era wasn’t due to the amazing policing of the brave ATF officers, but by repeal of the law that they were enforcing. Probably a lesson in there somewhere.


the same bureau of prohibition that intentionally poisoned American citizens? Quote: "The federal government had required companies to denature industrial alcohol to make it undrinkable as early as 1906, but during Prohibition it ordered them to add quinine, methyl alcohol and other toxic chemicals as a further deterrent."


Yeah, those guys. What a legacy.


Just get together with a bunch of friends, wear matching black suits with sunglasses, and get radios with visible earpieces. Then just quietly stand around / walk around the booth.


RIP everyone's dogs


“wHeRe StAmP?!?!?” Every 30 seconds 😂


For those of you there, be sure to cough extra hard as you’re walking by.


Someone should cosplay like that ATF cartoon meme and just stand around by that booth.


Best one yet


someone should show up to that booth in a guy fawkes mask then post it on reddit


More than the mask. Full costume


Did shot show invite them?


They are there every year. in 2020 or so, people were putting "unkind" stickers all over their banners. One year Dugan Ashley walked by their booth with 2 arm braces taped to his shoulders. This was the year the BATFE said you couldn't do that anymore


I hope Dugan is doing better




I presume they would show up anyways, since alphabet agencies think they’re above the law...


Same day tax stamps issued here!


Friends close and enemies closer


So... A public restroom booth?


Damn who chose the 1984 Big Brother poster lol 😂😂😂


Celebrating 50 years of shitty behavior…..


Let us all line up around the block to each sit down ask for status updates on our NFA items.


This honestly seems like a punishment from impractical jokers.


Do they show up to beer conventions or demolition expos or cigar shows? Between this and the stupid video. Jeez.


I hope people go there to express outrage over the wait times. I gave these clowns $600 bucks of my hard earned money and they are slow walking these approvals. In any other scenario, they would be out of business.


Whoever is sitting at that booth needs to get back in the office and approve my shit.


It’s like the State Police booth at your local supercar meetup.


Capabilities and programs include shooting dogs, creating criminals by constantly changing policy wording, and labeling home built weapons as "ghost guns". Come on in to learn more.


Take some rotten tomatoes to throw at them.


You misspelled bricks


Is there a dunking booth?


I wonder how many times he/she will be asked “where’s my fucking tax stamp?”


Someone should order pizza online to the booth and include in the order notes for the delivery guy to draw a bunch of dogs on the box


Do they have free K9 targets?


Someone go ask them how long eform 4s are going to take. Wanna know if I should buy one now or wait a few months to see how it goes.🤣


[Defense Distributed and Rare Breed Triggers probably.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_nIv1PWxJhQ)


Unfortunately, it will take generations of people infiltrating the ATF (and eating shit for it) to change the institution from the inside. Because regardless of what we want, we all know they (and the NFA) aren't getting abolished any time soon. A man can dream though.


They should put them next to the Rare Breed Triggers booth


That big brother backdrop of their booth is the most honest shit any government has ever done.


OMG! All you people there need to find a Mexican or Indian buffet and just crop dust them non-stop.


>unique Anyone can be fat, wear poorly fitting tactical clothes, and shoot dogs.


So this way we can shake your hand while we fuck you over!


Love to tell them about ligma


Hello there perpetrators!


I’d go up and start asking about Glock “airsoft” selector switches, ask if they have any drill bits I can borrow, how the US traded weapons for cocaine from Central America… I’d be removed within minutes.


Unique program #1- [in]humane dog euthanization. Capability #1- I got nothing. Just more dog killing.


Hope its some pro-gun guy that just happened to get a job at a federal agency and is there to do Q&A and help NFA virgins file their first tax stamps.


Lol, not even a little bit aware.


ATF releasing their own line of suppressors. Stay tooned.


Should we bring our dogs?


Anyone going to SHOT show: eat all the chili and beans and chipotle you can and just do walk by’s of the ATF stand every chance you get.


“Capabilities”. Yeah. “Let us show you how many times and in how many different ways we can fuck you and make it hurt.


When I started reading this, I was hoping it was going to say you could have your form 4 reviewed at the show and walk home with your new purchase. What an optimistic dumbass I am…


Noobs. They misspelled AFT.


Wow they couldnt even resist putting a big brother picture as their backdrop


Am I the only one who wants to go there dressed as the stereo typical atf guy and give bad advice and hand out flyers for dog safety


lower left of middle wall... >"The team work of The Untouchables and Eliot Ness lives on at the ATF" Holy shit, that's REALLY what they think about themselves, huh?


Like DOT having a booth at SEMA


That's awesome. Are they there every year? I can't think of a better oppourtunity to welcome the ATF into the gun community. There should be a line of people like us waiting to find out more and to talk to an agent or two. It could really help us by giving us the ability to address concerns with how they operate, NFA wait times and how they arrive at some of their odd rulings. By welcoming the ATF into the community we could make real progress towards a better future and allow them to see themselves from our viewpoint. Could make a huge difference in securing our rights going into the future. Wish I was there.


I wouldn’t doubt some of their employees hate the things they have to enforce but I don’t think the higher ups care about what we have to say.


That's why this is so great. How many of us have actually talked to an ATF agent in person? I'm guessing almost zero. ATF is part of law enforcement. I have a background in law enforcement. The vast majority of people with those career paths are pro-gun. Bitching on the internet does literally nothing. Writing letters does almost as little. Actually speaking to someone can have a huge impact not only on the person but they might end up bringing that message back to work and influencing their peers. Shit talking the ATF constantly only hurts 2A rights advocates. Getting them to feel welcome and experiencing people's beliefs first hand can help a lot. If we treat them like shit constantly, do you think they are going to look at gun owners as good people? No. Instead they will think we are all Rambo-wannabe assholes and eventually become apathetic to the cause and not think twice about shooting your dog. Familiarity breeds compassion and understanding. That's what we need. I would wager a lot of agents see it just as a job and are avid shooters themselves. If we are dicks to them all the time, pretty soon the only people left in the ATF are going to be the people who hate guns and want to strip away the rest of our rights.


Genuinely feel bad for whoever is at this booth. Working trade show booths sucks, especially when people come give you shit like you made the policies. Might not even be ATF employees but contract trade show booth staff. We used a lot of contractors when I worked booths in info sec.


Unless they were abducted and made to work against their will with or for the ATF, I give zero fucks about them getting their feelings hurt when working that booth.


Agreed. The second you sign the contract with them, you completely deserve to be publicly tarred and feathered