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He's happy for Ukrainians to suffer from daily acts of terrorism. Point out the flaws in his logic, and if he doesn't change cut him out ASAP.


i see, ill oppose him later tonight and update on this


Sounds a bit like a sociopath if I'm honest


There are doubtless people in the corridors of power in the Western World who think just like this, but it is realpolitik at its most cynical.


That’s an awful reason, like several others said -a lot of innocent Ukrainian civilians and brave Soldiers are dying. Also the Russians -I know a lot in this subreddit may not like this, but they’re not orcs or zombies -they’re people too. Celebrating their deaths is about as fucked up as celebrating the death of any innocent Ukrainian. It’s their government -and Putin in particular who should be blamed, not them. Maybe the Russian people and Soldiers are guilty of ignorance -or cowardice for not opposing this -but that’s human nature. This war shouldn’t have happened, and it’s blame lies in the hands of an evil man who thought he could replace the legitimate government with a puppet, while the world stood by.


Well from the stand point of fascism and mass delusion, being a phenomenon that is not the first time this happened, it could mean that it very well could happen again somewhere else where people think they’re somehow immune. So in that sense you could wish for vatniks of any opposing ideology to die en masse at any time in history this happens, but indeed they’re just regular people who would be doing something else if their state wasn’t fascist. I would suggest an alternative to the OP’s friends strategy and that is to support Russian revolutionary movements , the kind which you can check out at r/FreedomOfRussia Rather than killing off entire temporary vatnik populations of countries by force when they have a fascist dictator who implemented policies to create vatniks, the more effective way to benefit all humanity for all time is to support those anti-vatniks who are radical and are willing to risk it all for the idea of freedom and being free from tyranny. If we do support the rebels and the anarchists and for the conservative ones, the conservative anarchists, the skills and the bonds that are made will do good for the world in the aftermath when the people who were willing to risk it all become in touch with their supporters who support their quest. There are multiple reasons why this is useful and a good course of action, I may write a lengthy article on this in the future.