Lol you really think Iranians lost faith in Islam because of how Arab countries censured their government and not because of how their own government treated them?


Maybe because they're Shia deviants? Maybe because they killed and displaced millions of Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon in the last 10 years alone? But no of course not, they must be on the right path because of muh STEM.


don't forget funding the rebels in Yemen who initiated the civil war there


And keeping Iraq down through their puppet regime. In Syria, they're buying up land in bulk through proxy buyers. We'll find out in a few years how much of Syria they have bought. Could be a situation like Palestine.


millions of Sunnis? Some of you need to lay off that anti Shia hatred. the US murdered 1 million Iraqis and displaced 26 million arabs with the help of Arab dictators


So stating the crimes of the Iranian Regime, and your deviance, is hatred? So you admit to these crimes, but it doesn't matter because the US did worse? Who controls the dictators in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon at this point in time? Who is constantly parading themselves as a military threat to Muslims in the Gulf region?


We hate the US just as much as we the Iraninan regime.


I dont understand why people never adress this elephant in the room...


Thank you***


what does STEM have to do with anything?


What an old trope. In what way do the Gulf Arabs and other dictators across the world behave in an 'Islamic' fashion? Iranians are loosing faith in their government because their government fails to meet their economic potential. A lot were nominal Muslims anyway, so are just simping hard for the West, kind of as a middle finger to their government, others because that's just human nature...it's a lot easier to mimic than innovate on the cultural front. So it's a bit strange to come to a board dedicated to Islam, to brow beati us for folks who could give a darn about it.


You mean Malaysia is not good in STEM in the Muslim world?


They’re Muslim brothers are too busy being butt buddies with Israel and making excuses of why shilling for Israel murdering Palestinians every day is actually a good thing. How often do you see people on here criticize Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, etc for being allies with Israel? When comes to these countries shilling for Israel they cope and say we’re not allowed to criticize the rulers yet they don’t held that same standard when it comes to Iran.


lol silly dude


Terrible take. Rather the blame is upon their own government and the fact that Shiaism is not very convincing.


I am seeing some Nawasibs here ! Naasbis are the new Arab Zionist we all know




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Not to mention the government identifies themselves kinda like the representatives of Allah on earth naudhubillah. And they also have failed terribly in what they do. Their revolution was successful but their governance is such a failure. Also there are problems with Shi'a creed itself.


Iran is a tyrannical extremist tilt version of a-shia state. There losing the Deen because the people in charge are tyrants and use the DEEN to push things to harshly and they need to understand how dawah works. Hijab is mandatory in Saudi to. But never heard of anyone of being killed for it. Like the harshest Muslim country that’s not extreme is Saudi and it’s not that bad. However Iran is way way worse. The other issue is enforcing hijab onto non Muslim. You can’t compel people into Islamic rules. You can say they need to be modest but hijab? Like during the time of the old khalifas they had Christians who drank alchohol. The Christians had different set of rules then the Muslims and the Jews and so on. Each group of people had laws that reflected their beliefs. But Iran crushes all of that. Toss in theres shia in Saudi. And they’re not treated 1/100 as badly as the Sunnis in iran. There’s Christians in Oman morroco UAE so on and there not treated badly either. Now I’m not saying the gulf countries are good. But they have Islamic precedent to tone down the rules on non Muslims and not make the people hate Islam. And they should tone down remember this ayads ? >>Had you been rough, hard-hearted, they would surely have scattered away from you. So pardon them, and pray for their forgiveness, and take counsel from them in matters of importance. SURAH AL-IMRAN AYAT 159 Like there’s an understanding that rulers need to enforce laws but they can’t push their people to hard. Some things are a matter of dawah.