I think Saturday night fever is a top 5 selling album of alltime-so you are not alone in your love.


I think my favorite song by them as I've gotta get a message to you. Something about a song about a guy about to be executed but in the form of a sort of soft rock ballad that just kind of is awesome. Holiday also has a lot of sadness in the vocals that's what I've separated from just being a sort of another love song.


I look back at that run of hits in the mid to late 70's very fondly. Big fan of the Saturday Night Fever album.


I recently got into them due to seeing some old concert of theirs on PBS. I always liked everything I knew of theirs but never delved in until seeing this concert. Funny enough…. Alone was the song during the concert that really hooked me. Robin’s vocals in the chorus are beyond phenomenal, IMO: https://youtu.be/DwbsXYLYaj4




Have you heard Robin’s Christmas album? That’s been my JAM lately. 😍😍


That’s the song that did me in as well. My dad always played their 60’s music driving 4 hours each way to northern mn growing up in the 90s I like it a lot but didn’t think too much but started hearing alone play at my work about 6-7 years ago and deep dove in and fell in love with the music, the story, and the brothers.


It’s just extraordinary, I’m STILL finding new tracks! If you haven’t already, you’ve gotta listen to “Road to Alaska”. Robin does a really killer blues/classic rock voice and Mo’s bass playing honestly surpasses that of Paul McCartney’s. 😊