Tool has a no phones policy. They commonly do allow them on the very last song though and announce to the crowd if they can pull them out.


Bob Dylan too. They make it perfectly clear.


Lane 8 as well but he isn't as big.


King Crimson too.


this never happened!


I got told to put my phone away by security at zappa plays zappa when I decided to snapchat a friend in a weak moment. I was like oh shit, thats awesome, no problem.


id love to see zappa plays zappa! god i was born too late to see Frank! his music is so fantastic!


Story time! I saw them on the 2nd tour with Ray White at Toad’s Place in Richmond Va. My much more social friend yelled “can we meet you?” at Scheila Gonzalez when she was still onstage. Surprisingly, she emerged from a side door and told us to just hang out there for a few minutes and she’d be back. SO! There we were at Toad’s Place after literally all the audience had left chilling and talking with Scheila for like 90 minutes. Jamie Kime chilled with us for a little while too. Met Dweezil, met Joe Travers. Pete Griffin mooned us through window. Literally one of the best shows and experiences of my entire fucking life. They opened with Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy.


Been waiting two years to see him at Printworks!


I was gonna join my friend on what I think was the second rescheduling.... then it cancelled again. Feel for you guy, you'll see him soon!


Saw him at Red Rocks in Colorado last year and it was amazing to see ~7,000 people all together like that and not a phone in sight.


Whew don’t think there’s much worth recording at a current day Dylan concert.


I’ve been to multiple Dylan shows over the past 20 years; only thing you could record would be his ass facing the crowd while he plays the piano…


He’s still performing? He was nigh unintelligible when I saw him in like ‘05


He made a deal with God that he won’t stop touring until he dies. Only thing I can think of.


I saw him in ‘98. He was diabolical, and unintelligible then.


'87 - apparently drunk, and unintelligible.


Oh so there is one thing worth recording


Eh, I've seen Bobby six times since 04. Half of them were awesome and half were awful. The guy is 80 years old, I think it's okay for him to go 50/50 on sounding good. He's earned it. And tbh, venue played a major part.


Went to a Dylan Concert in 2019. I was 21. Saw a guy in the front row filming, even though it was pretty clear you weren't allowed to do so. He got pulled aside by security and was like gone for maybe half of the concert.


Saw A Perfect Circle when they released Eat the Elephant Towards the end of the show people were dying to record something I guess so they could post it on social media that they were there. Saw atleast 40 people get kicked out of the show by security for pulling their phones out. Very next song Maynard said, if you all would like, you may take your phone out this will be our last song. Of course he was in the back with no lights on him. Great show though.


Such a fucking Maynard thing to do.


I saw APC when they were touring a couple years ago and yeah, he was in the back, backwards most of the show. Just saw Tool 2 weeks ago and he was forward/dancing/made a lot of jokes. It was nice, seems like he enjoys performing again.


Aw man, when they came through my city recently he was definitely hiding in the dark, it was so funny to see the rest of the band fully lit with this disembodied voice emanating from... I'm still not sure where. But hey, I get it. Nobody's going to catch grief from me for how they choose to do their own performance, and I was so happy to get to go to such an amazing show!


Damn, I’m thankful we caught him on a good day then. But you’re right, both shows were fuckin amazing, spooky ghost Maynard or not.


Saw them on that tour in London and they do not fuck around! We had unreserved balcony seating so got there super early to bag a good spot. Barely anyone up there yet, lights are still up, first band not on yet. I text my friends who went to the bar first to say which section we’re sat in and a furious security guard comes up to me and threatens to kick me out for using my phone. I got him to calm down but it was pretty intense for a minute.


Just saw them in Phoenix. So strict with their no phone policy. They make it very clear; no warnings and no refunds. It’s a great way to see a show.


EVERY ARTIST *should* do this. If we are PAYING for a ticket to see a show, that is what we are there to do. We are NOT there to record the show, they hire professional videographers for that. No one is gonna give a fuck if you post 30 videos to your Facebook *McKayla!*


Seeing Tool tomorrow and I'm excited about the no phones thing


Saw them last Friday, there were even signs on the handrails saying no phones, and a loudspeaker announcement before it started.


I saw them tonight. It was great show. They played a lot of classics. My friend and I were wondering about how the stadium workers would handle it. At one point a guy on a video call during the opener refused to turn off his phone. Nothing happened.


A video call? Fuck that guy.


Imagine paying $150+ to sit on a video call in a loud place


It’s great! Maynard stipulates it for all 3 bands he’s in. Before Puscifer shows Major Douché has a video announcing the no phones policy.


Bjork too. After a Dublin gig I was at, one guy argued with a guy two rows in front for using his phone. Nearly came to blows! I agree btw, it's really annoying. Gigs pre-smartphone era were much better in general, in my experience anyway.


Went to a Tool show last night. It was really nice to not see a thousand little phone lights all over the place. It actually really detracts from Tool’s lights/laser show. Of course just befor the last song, “You May now pull out your stupid fucking phones and record. Dipshits.” I did not record. Just took a couple stills. And then sat back to enjoy Invincible.


I thought it actually looked pretty cool during invincible with all the phones multiplying the light show. But glad it was only one song. Hell, my friend got yelled at by security for texting 15 minutes or so before the lights even went down.


It was pretty cool, but I am also glad it was just one song.


I just saw them recently in SLC, and yep, they're serious about the no phone thing until the final song. I saw a couple of people get kicked out for filming, too. I believe Maynard's words were something like, "All right, you can pull your stupid phones out now if you want" lol.


And when people didn't turn of their flashes, he said something like "Turn your fucking lights off...that's a bunch of amateur shit"


I actually have seen him call out someone up front with their flashlight.on while recording. It was pretty funny. And for everyone out there, if the subject is.more than about six feet away, flashes do nothing.


I was at the SLC show and wish the people filming around me would’ve gotten kicked out or at least told to put it away. Funny thing happened though, it was a drunk woman filming several songs in the seat directly in front of the friend I went with, and after a while the person seated directly behind my friend reached past us to tap her vigorously on shoulder/yell at her to stop. She had a slow reaction time and she turned around and started berating my friend, thinking he was the one who did it. Her husband was just watching us all and dying laughing the whole time she screamed.


Having seen Tool live I cannot fucking imagine a person who could see them and hold out a phone, even for a couple minutes. I was hypnotized the whole time. Maybe it was the secondhand reefer but still


The secondhand reefer had me in splits aha


Last Jack White concert I went to was no phones too.


Dave Chapelle too


This is a thing for comedians in general since they are often testing out material and may use that material in a special.


They did this as Perfect Circle too and it was annoying af. You cant stop a stadium of thousands of people so instead you get them bitching about it every other song and attendants walking around blasting bright lights at people. It really sucks when some asshole is doing it next to you so you get to see a bright light instead of the show. It's stupid that people think anyone is ever going to watch their shitty shaky videos with the audio blown out. Just watch the damn show!


I saw Tool last week (in Houston) and there was absolutely no enforcement of this rule. They made a huge deal about it and everywhere I looked I could see at least a dozen phones out.


Jack White too! You have to put your phone in a locked pouch at his shows that will only unlock in designated areas. Easily one of the best shows i’ve been to.


Fuck. That explains why I have no memory of having seen this show.


I just saw Tool a couple weeks back. Although they had their "no phones" policy, everybody had them out the entire show. Nobody did a thing.


I did too, and anyone with their phone out got a flashlight in their face within a minute. I think it depends a lot on venue and even who is working a particular section.


Ive only attend Japanese concerts and that's the default because of their strict no recording policies. We got light sticks though so it's still lit. Arguably more lit. It's an experience


Damn, that is lit.


Oops. Went to Japan and they had a little digital concert for that famous anime character and I was not in the crowd but off to the side on some stairs (incidentally, I did not go there on purpose as I didn’t care about the little concert) and I pulled my phone out to start recording. Wasn’t 15 seconds before someone stopped me. Glad I didn’t get thrown out or in more serious trouble.


Just go to a concert of a smaller act, the difference is huge.


If you pay double the price of your ticket, maybe you could be front row. Saw the Black Keys like that. Dude next to me caught a drumstick. No way we were gonna be buried in our phones.


Or you can do what I did and buy GA, then wait 4 hours in line to see radiohead with your brother and become friends with some middle age dude on the line. Was so worth it because they must’ve been only 15 feet away, and there were only a few people in front of us


Being in the front at a radiohead concert is something else. (I was on the floor though and the people around me sucked. But goddamn the music was good and I was probably like 3 feet away from Jonny Greenwood)


Saw them a few years ago here in Montréal, with the pixies as an opener. Fantastic time.


I could see companies doing this to capitalize on idiots who would rather pay double for no phones instead of paying extra to be closer to the bands. "No phones half. Pay extra to be on the side of the concert where phone usage is restricted."


Problem isn't phones, people who take a pic and then put it away are fine. Problem is the twits who film whole songs like it isn't going to look and sound like dogshit.


also dont realize that 20k people are doing the same thing and someone else will post it on youtube and you can enjoy the concert AND get your shitty video


“What’s important isn’t going to the concert, it’s _telling_ other people I went!”


I never understood why people film entire songs/sets on their phone. Why not enjoy the set while you are there in person? I guess it's just to post of social media now...


I can't stand it when friends or coworkers come up to me on Monday, "omg I went to a concert check it out!" And they proceed to play me a garbled mess of bullshit that sounds like someone put an EDM record in a garbage disposal, and looks like a blurry video of a stage if I can make out what it is through the shaking. Seriously, nobody cares. I like music and concerts, and I'm super happy for your experience, but there's a reason I'm not regularly watching other people's footage of concerts.


“What was your favourite song?” “Uhhhhh…. I don’t really know their stuff, and I was too busy taking selfies and TikTok videos to be honest”


To me, the important part isn't sharing the video, it's having the video to look back on for myself in 20 years. My dad recorded a lot on video of us growing up, looking back on these videos 25+ years later and I'm really happy he did. I upload them to social media only so I don't lose the video. I don't really use social media for the social aspect, more as a personal backup of photos and videos. I don't really have people added on my social media and only really use Instagram for my own stuff. I don't browse through Instagram feeds or have hardly any followers. I just want a place to document the concerts I attend for my own memories down the road so I can relive the moment in some way later.


Social media today. People don't even just enjoy breakfast.


Free scrambled eggs at the AmericInn! You know you want my life! WINNING


Went to a small ice cream place/farm. Really cute place, decent ice cream. They had a screen porch you could sit in while you ate as well as a couple patio pieces outside My wife, daughter and I grabbed our ice cream and sat in the screen porch looking out A guy/girl pair sits at one of the patio tables, and the woman immediately pulls her phone out, takes multiple attempts at scooping the “perfect amount of ice cream onto her spoon, places it in front of her lips just so, then sticks her other arm out with her phone in selfie mode She does this maybe ten times, inspecting the result, not satisfied, try again, different amount of ice cream on the spoon, different placement of the spoon in relation to her face, different angle, different background… Never once eats any of the ice cream She gets frustrated and hands her phone to her male friend or partner who by this point had long ago finished his ice cream, and has him attempt multiple shots, this time with her holding the cup of ice cream as well. She’s not satisfied with his attempts either, he’s visibly annoyed. She takes 3-4 more attempts before finally smiling in a way I can only assume meant,”got it!”. Then she throws her cup of ice cream away. I was so stupefied by the whole thing I couldn’t stop watching.


Meh. I recorded a video of a band’s lead singer climbing and hanging upside down from the scaffolding while he sang, and I haven’t been able to find a video of that shit anywhere but my IG account lol.


Once you start down the path of “being annoyed that someone else is isn’t enjoying something properly” Then forever will it dominate your destiny. Unless (like me) you decide to stop being annoyed by it. It used to vex me too, but then I realised I was wasting negative emotional energy on something that can have no bearing on how I can enjoy it. It doesn’t matter.* *unless they are holding up a wholloping great big iPad to film and blocking someone else’s view!


I appreciate your sentiment, and wanted to share my perspective. I think people can say “yeah that’s super rude/annoying” but not let it negatively affect them. I’ve spent a lot of effort trying to be a positive/happy person and I almost always am, but if the same annoying thing happens to me and my SO, I would react with a “damn that sucks” or “that person was super rude” and move on, while my SO would be angry or upset and generally just let it affect his mood. So maybe there’s a happy medium where we can still call out assholes, but also not let it affect us much.


Unless you are in the front row it is annoying, no matter how hard you try to ignore.


>*unless they are holding up a wholloping great big iPad to film and blocking someone else’s view! they aren't blocking it, just offering a different perspective into the great unknown


Modern phones actually record high volume sound with damn good accuracy. None of that blown out audio bullshit from older phones. I'll record a couple snippets of a couple songs usually for social media. Not that anyone else cares about the video, but I like to be able to go back and watch it to sort of relive the moment because otherwise the memory fades very quickly and I won't remember it very well or at all. I still listen to the majority of the concert with my phone in my pocket though.


My mother in law got us expensive like 3rd row tickets to Gary Allen for Christmas and the people in the second and first rows stood with their phones up the entire concert. I was pissed.


Tbh I filmed a few songs on my iphone 12 mini last year and I am just amazed by the quality. I have absolutely no photography experience, just point and shoot, in the night, at the stage, and the video is so crisp and the audio is great. I've been to ~30-40 concerts of the band I filmed...


Was the band Phish?






Saw the Raconteurs when our phones had to be locked in neoprene sleeves. It is without a doubt one of the best live concert experiences I've ever had


When I saw Jack White there was a no photos/phones policy and I didn't know. I had a camera in my bag that I wasn't even allowed to take in. I had to hide it in a bush and hope it was there afterwards in downtown Pittsburgh. The concert was outside and it rained and it was still an amazing show. As a short person, it's so freaking nice to not have to look through a sea of phones.


I saw him with the Raconteurs and they had that policy but they had bags for phones that blocked the signals and had a lock similar to the security tags on clothes at a store. They put your phone in it at the entrance then opened them and took the bag when you left. There was a corralled off area in the lobby where if you needed to use your phone you could go there and they'd open it and then lock it again when you left.


That was brave! I don't mind locking it away during the gig, but just not being able to bring it with you isn't the best way to do it - you might need that for public transport, getting back to your hotel, digital train tickets etc...


I had to do what I had to do haha. Luckily for some reason I had some kind of plastic bag that I wrapped it in to protect/hide it. And I worded that first comment weird but they allowed phones in as long as they weren't out during the show. They pulled people from the crowd that had phones out to take pictures and videos, not sure if they got a warning or kicked out or what though. They did make it very clear to not take pictures once you were getting checked in and inside, tbf.


I came here to post the same, it was a nice experience and felt like going to a concert back in the 2000s (or before). We first thought it was a venue policy, but at least the phone sleeves were included and the concept made sense afterwards. The venue actually had an additional "no bag" policy and charged 5€ for storage.


Oh I bet I'd love to see them live! Saw White Stripes for Icky Thump tour and loved it


Go to Berlin, they will actually kick you out of the venue for using your phone in most places.


Saw Jack White during a recent ‘no phones’ tour.. barely noticed any difference tbh and small shows like never have people with phones out so don’t really have any guff against ruining “the experience”.


Interesting, I thought it made a huge difference. Phones don't really piss me off and ruin the show (they do annoy me), but no phones really enhanced the experience.


I've only been to one no phones show (A Perfect Circle). The only difference I noticed was people getting in trouble for taking out their phones lol.


IMO, its really not as big of a deal as people make it out to be lol. its stupid to film at length for sure and i do laugh when i see people doing it, but really i don't get how its RUINING shows for people or artists. im not watching other people/what they are doing when im at a concert, im watching the band.


The only time I ever got to see a show at Red Rocks, was significantly tarnished thanks to someone on her phone. We had excellent seats, but ended up with a drunk girl in front of us who had to record video of EVERY song - including crowd videos that she recorded while she turned in a full circle with the light on the whole time (so right in our faces as she panned over our heads). She also took plenty of selfies, so we got the bright screen flash too, and had her and her friends crowding together in front of us and blocking our views. The couple next to us started getting frustrated at this same girl and her friends too. It’s bad when you bond with people about how shitty other people are being. It’s one thing to take a picture or a video. It’s another to be completely disruptive of everyone around you.


It can really depend on the sight lines of the venue, where you're standing or sitting and how tall you are. I'm average height and been to shows where people recording with phones didn't bother me at all and others where I was super annoyed because I was looking through a constant sea of phones between myself and the stage. Hard to watch the band when a phone is literally in the way.


It definately sucks when you can't see the band because there is a row of people with their phones above their head the entire time.


> im watching the band. Im mean, its annoying when there are several phones at eye level in your line of sight


How do you watch the band if there’s 10 glaringly bright phones between you and the band?


The only problem I had was these pouches we had to put our phones in were too big to fit in my pocket. Other than that I was totally fine with it.


I used to agree but I've changed my mind in recent years. It seems like every show I go to now, there ends up being a phone in my face.


I agree, but. . . the 15 second video I have on my phone of the opening of Thunderstruck from the last time ACDC toured is my go-to pick me up in times of need.


I have a whole album of various concerts I've been to but it's usually towards the end of during an especially awesome peak and only about 1 minute at the longest. I love to watch them. I'm still dancing while I record so it's a little shaky but the quality is great and its nice to look back on. That being said, some people do overdue it. Although it's never really annoyed me. Sometimes I'll watch someone's phone if I don't have a good view lol


I used to feel that very same way. But as I'm getting older I'm finding my memory isn't as sharp. I appreciate having instant access to photographs. For me personally, I try to take a few photos at the beginning of each bands set and then put it away to enjoy the rest.


I usually take a picture or two during shows but I can't stand when people sit there and record the whole thing. I used to be one of those people that recorded whole songs but then I realized I never went back to watch them.


It’s ironic that people record whole songs so that they can enjoy them later at home. Instead of enjoying it in the moment at the show, they think “oh this will be great to enjoy at home.”


I think most people rarely actually watch what they record. This is anecdotal of course but I've asked a few people about it and usually the answer is that they're just putting it in their insta/snap story or "Not really."


Outlier here. I revisit the chester memorial concert with Linkin Park often even though there's a quality version on YouTube


Sadly I think most of them just do it to post to Instagram or their shitty YouTube page with 200 subscribers. I sometimes will record one song maximum at a show to place the experience down on tape and to re-watch later and get some of that nostalgia dopamine. I don’t hold the phone above my head and don’t obscure anyone’s view but I still feel like lame when I do it. Then I see guys with phones in the air as high as they can for literally half the show and that’s just the lamest.


Or you just do both


I’m right there with you. I love to have a picture.


Same. I never have the flash on and I definitely still enjoy the shows, but I like taking a pic or two or ten… i have ADHD, I forget things, but I want to have these memories, and I want to maybe share them with my kids one day……. “And this was your old man at a punk show!”


Same boat here. So despite being young my memory is AWFUL and I have to film a lot to remember things normally. So stuff like sneaky videos at concerts help so much and I watch them back often. As a side note, I definitely recommend doing a ‘1 second everyday’ project! For the last 8 years I’ve filmed a video for each day and there’s this app which chops it into 1.5 second clips and compiles it all together. It’s done a great deal to help me just remember past events. Ironically the issue is remembering to keep it up haha


I limit myself to two 10 second clips of two songs: enough to remember for those few seconds, but not enough time to annoy others and to just live in the moment


This is the way.


Yeah I have memory problems so I like to snap a few photos and maybe take a short video, because when I find the photosof it in 3 or so years I'll barely remember it and that will help me.


Lane 8!




That never happened though…


Nice label allusion.


Magical shows


More context on the "this never happened" concept that Lane 8 applies to his shows: https://www.reddit.com/r/EDM/comments/es4r30/lane_8_no_phones_during_his_tour/


It was magic


I saw Tom Waits a while back and it was ‘no phones’. Security was quickly on anyone that took theirs out. Was pretty great.


>I saw Tom Waits a while back... FUCK. One of the artists I've never seen that I want to so bad. https://youtu.be/2hSh3859ZzA


I was never a fan until I saw him do a few songs at a litquake event honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Instantly became a fan. I love how he improvised on the piano while telling stories and jokes. Imagine being so comfortable with the piano that you can pull out little melodies absentmindedly the way others use a fidget spinner.


I'm so jealous that sounds like an amazing show!


A few songs from the show ended up on his Glitter and Doom album.


So many regrets missing Tom Waits’ last tour… I think it was 2013ish??


In all the concerts I've been to in Japan, all phones are banned, and I feel it's far better as an experience than other concerts I've been to


Most nightclubs in Berlin and a few in London put stickers over your phone cameras when you enter. I love it


Yeah fabric London does that. It’s not a heavy deterrent since you could just peel it off but it’s enough to make you think before you do it.


You would have enjoyed a B.B. King concert I was at. The ushers asked nicely. Then they gave a warning. The third time you were out of the venue. It didn't take long for people to learn to keep their phones put away.


How else am I going to have 50+ low quality Snapchats that you click through for like 5 minutes of that EDM concert I went to, where I was rolling balls?


I second that man. But from experience I say that the less commercial is the artist you’re seeing the less phone are present. I attend to a lot of post metal and post rock concerts and the phones you see at every concert you could count them on one hand. Btw I’ll never understand how people can pay to witness live music when they will watch the show through the screen of their phones.


Tool have the no phone policy. They “let everyone” get them out for the last song. I really enjoyed not having the distraction of other peoples phones in my field of vision. I’m all for it. Let’s be honest, the audio quality on concert videos filmed on phones is usually shithouse.


TOOL concerts are epic, the no phones allowed really adds to the experience


I saw them for the first time a few years back. I don’t recall them implementing this policy yet. I probably shot a few videos and pictures of favorite song parts, but I try to make it a point to be present in the moment, no matter who is playing.


I think they started it for their FI tour. I went to one of their first shows when they started touring again and they had the policy in place.


Most stand-up comedy shows make you confiscate your devices before the show and give them back after. Sure it’s not music, but it makes for an exceptional atmosphere where everyone in the audience is engaged for a full hour.


Given LiveNation's margins, it's safe to say you're already paying for that and just not getting it. As for whether anyone disagrees with you: They probably won't be in this sub and if they are, they'll be downvoted to hell. That said, your opinion on this is actually *more* important as many of us whose concert experiences happened largely in the days when the smartest smartphone couldn't manage more than a 1.3 megapixel jpeg (or before, in my case) are going to fewer lately overall because of behavior like that, among others. Succeeding generations who have never known a phone-free experience consider a sea of LED screens a normal occurrence and therefore won't be inclined to stop. Security will only do so much and unless it's an artist known for making things difficult for people like that--Tool comes to mind of course--they won't bounce 3000 people for all having their phones out...hell, before pot was legal anywhere you could pass a joint to like 5 other people and not so much as get side-eye from security unless you were really stupid about it. Keep up the good fight. I'm retired. Between the LN/Ticketbastard monopoly, direct automated sales to scalping outfits, and entitled chucklefucks who need to justify their existence by proving to people that they went to a concert, it's increasingly not worth the effort.


About 98% of the people that do this end up going home and to never open them again unless stumbled upon by mistake in their gallery


I may just be weird but I just simply pay attention tot he band and not the phones?


I don't have a problem with people recording shows. If they get enjoyment out of it, power to them. I don't like it when it obstructs my view, but realistically that happens more often because I'm behind a tall person - it's just one of those things that you have to deal with in a crowd. If you don't want to deal with it, get there early and make your way to the front! Makes for a better show experience anyway :p


I like how the Grateful Dead used to have a section for people who wanted to record the concerts. If that is your thing, have at it. But stick to a spot where you aren't bothering others.


I've been to a ton of shows now where they make you keep your phone in this locked up case before they let you in


I saw the pretenders play a show in Las Vegas one night years ago and Chrissy Hines stopped to show mid performance and went ballistic over somebody taking pictures during her song


I’ve basically come to terms with it. It’s a different day and age, and a different form of enjoyment. I am in full agreement with you, no phone, living in the moment is a hundred times better. I went to a Florence and the Machine show where she specifically asked for no phones during a certain song. Most people put em away but there’s still some who couldn’t put em down.


Hey, me too! I thought that was a nice moment, as well. I bitterly regret not taking more pictures there in general, though. My memory is shit and I'd love to have more to connect it to, it was a really amazing experience.


King Crimson has that policy, photos after the end of the show only. Phenomenal performance!


I went to a lot of concerts before cellphones were a thing and I don't get why people want to ruin the experience for THEMSELVES just to have a completely crappy recording. I'll never understand it.


This photo always sums it up perfectly for me. https://metro-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/w820/s/metro.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ad_182690359.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&zoom=1&resize=480%2C244 The difference in generations


Ticketmaster’s ears just perked up Double you say?


I’m seeing Lane 8 in Orlando this month. He has a “no phone” policy.


Seen him a few times on the This Never Happened shows. It’s great but make sure you coordinate well if you’re with a group since it’s damn near impossible to re-find people once you lose them without a phone


They just taped up the camera at both shows i went to on his this never happened tour, phone was still usable to text friends


All I know is there is a special place in hell for people who snap chat entire concerts. I will instantly unfriend anyone who does that shit, no one wants to click through 30 something clips of butchered audio, screaming and shaking.


I don't get the big deal, OK so if five people around me are literally blocking my view the whole time that would be annoying but I'd just move. Going as far as a ban or a special "no phones" show would just be an annoyance as I may want to check my phone occasionally. I get more annoyed with people drinking and spilling beer everywhere but I'm not going to ban it. I feel like such a show would be full of really uptight people rather than anyone living in the moment. The kind of concert goer who tuts at everything, people dancing, people coming within three feet of them.


I think this is more your problem than theirs. Why are you thinking about someone else's experience and trying to optimize it for your enjoyment?


Yeah I feel like they're always going to find something to complain about, no one has phones? Ban people who dance too much or not enough, ban people who dress wrong or who go to the bar in the middle of the set... I worked in the music industry for a long time and nothing is clearer - people just love a reason to feel superior to the rest of humanity, only the music they like is 'real music' and only their exact way of living is 'correct' but if you let them get to you then you're just like they are lol




It's living in the moment,,, then and later. Vicariously. That's why we do it




And movies theaters also.


at least they dont allow cigarettes anymore


If cavemen had iPhones they woulda filmed everything.


I would pay extra to take a childless flight.


Just throw the child off the plane. Duh.


I'm 30 and went to my first concert to see one of my favorite bands. I have a bunch of pictures and video and I love being able to relive it. I know my memory is crap and my vision is really bad so I also like being able to go back and zoom in on stuff I never would have seen otherwise. To each their own.


You mean you object to having a sea of glowing screens blocking your view so they can make a crappy recoding they'll only use once to show off on social media?


Although i feel like concerts of some genres are not as infected with the sea of phones disease as others. So far my view was relatively clear at concert of more niche music genres like jazz and extreme metal.


When I go to a show, no matter how big or small, I take a total of three photos and that all. Can't stand the people who have it out the entire time. You're not going to re-watch the full show you just recorded. Only a couple of people record them to put on YouTube.


Just went to see Set it Off. The number of people that spent the entire time filming the show for snap hat infuriates me.


In the late 80's - early 90's there was some interesting differences in the concert-culture across Danmark: I lived in Århus (the 2nd largest city), and there all the cool kids wanted to be part of the concert experience, so everyone danced, had fun, and interacted with the bands. In København (our Capital) things were just the opposite - it was terminally uncool to raise your head (and even worse to dance...), so the whole audience tried to appear most jaded, kept gazing at their shoes, and tried not to acknowledge that a band was on stage. That has to be a big reason for the explosion of good rock hailing from Århus in the 80's - and the lack of same in København...


I went to a comedy show last week and the venue had us lock our phones in those bags during the show. It was really nice for everyone to be in the moment and enjoy the show. But also a big hassle to lock everyone's phones up before the show, then unlock them afterwards. And then some dipshit did not put their phone on silent and received at least 3 calls during the show. I guess they couldn't silence it because it was locked in a bag. They also stayed in their seat and just let it ring. Which ended up being a bigger distraction for the entire audience for a good 2-3 minutes total. I wish the comedian would have publicly shamed that person. I really wish fucking adults could just be trusted to be respectful and keep their silenced phones in their pockets for 1.5 hours out of their fucking lives.


My last concert since covid was Tenacious D, I was waiting for years to see them performing! One tall guys in front of me show up is phone and started recording the whole show. I yelled at him to put his phone in his a**, I was applauded I fucking miss live events


I still remember my first concert, you weren't allowed to bring your camera. They collected them in the entry and you could pick yours up after the show.


I'd pay extra for seats where the person in front of me wasn't allowed to stand up.


At least with phones your not in constant fear that someone behind lit your hair on fire


Saw Tommy Emmanuel a few years back and half the crowd had their phones up the entire time. There are endless videos of him on youtube, PBS concerts online, etc. What are these people going to do? Go home and watch the show on their phone after not paying attention to the the performance? Why even go.......


There's nothing wrong with recording 5 minutes of music out of 8 hours.


Go to local concerts at smaller venues. The phones are still there, but it isn't a sea of phones and people actually want to make friends at these things.


How about the dipshits that put their flash on to record when they are over 100 feet away from the stage. that light isn’t doing shit


I can recommend Lane 8's This Never Happened shows. The vibes are very good; I saw him once where phones were allowed, and I didn't see anyone taking pictures or videos. It was people just enjoying themselves. Everyone was kind and in good spirits. High fives, good jams, it was an awesome experience. :)


Jack white does this. I went to see him with some friends about 6 years ago in Toronto. This was a large outdoor venue and when you checked in at the gates, they took your phone and put it in an unopenable, plastics/canvas pouch. So you still have to carry it around, but couldn’t use it lol. I don’t remember it being that much more special tbh, but I guarantee I could see a lot better without several hundred phones being shot up every song. I imagine it would be much more worth it at a small intimate venue though.


Lane 8 did something similar at Bang Bang in San Diego a few years back. It was during his "This Never Happened" tour. Upon entry they would tape a cover over your phone's camera and everyone respected it and just enjoyed the set. It was pretty great.


When I'm at concerts I usually take my phone out to take a few pics here and there when the band is starting or coming out on stage or when they are nearly done performing. If they play a favorite song of mine then I'll snap a few pics during those songs or maybe take a short 5 sec video mostly to preserve the memory. I feel like that strikes a fair balance but yeah I hate it when people just straight up watch the concert through their phone.


Double the price? Then just pay for the front row tickets.


I remember going to see Cage the Elephant a few years back. My friends and I show up and find out the concert wasn't actually 21+ or 18+, it was 16+. Entire crowd was shithead kids trying to sneak drinks and filming literally every moment of the show. It was like everyone's first concert, people trying to crowd surf were getting dropped bc people were more focused on their phones than their surroundings, some kids tried to do a mosh pit that basically just turned into a big fight, it was sloppy as hell. At one point the singer even said something along the lines of "I usually like to crowd surf and stuff but everyone is on their phone, can you guys put them away so we can have some fun?" Basically nobody did, you could tell how disappointed the band was. One of the worst shows I've ever seen, tho completely not CTEs fault.


Its not about being at the concert and enjoying the music, its about showing others you are there trough social media.


I remember the first concert where enough people had cell phones that the singer said to "pull out your cell phones" instead of "lighters". They shut of the lights and I thought it was really pretty at the time. Little did I know it was a beautiful glimpse of something horrifying to come...


Then you'll like Japanese concerts, they are forbidden to use phones in concerts unless the artist tells the crowd to


I don’t mind people taking pictures during the show (Turn off your fucking flash though genius) but the assholes shooting video for the entire concert is annoying and should not be allowed.


Jack White has a no phone policy




I think it's okay for the sake of holding onto your memories. I have live video of Soundgarden which I will always hold onto as something very special since their singer committed suicide and he's not around anymore. You never know when these bands could go away, and just like holding onto pictures of your family I feel there's a good reason to take pictures and video. But, like do it in moderation. Don't have your phone up the whole entire time, I think that's inconsiderate.


People can already enjoy concerts the way they prefer. You just want everyone else to enjoy it your way so you can live out some weird "living in the moment fantasy" I've been to concerts in the 90s when there were no phones and there really wasn't much of a difference except instead of phones everyone had shitty wind up cameras and yoou had to wait a week just to find out all your pictures sucked. You wanna live in the moment? Go to the front of a Gojira concert. Where if you pull out your phone itll get knocked out of your hand and lost in a sea of people moshing. Now that's living the moment.