Grew up in TN and definitely had free lunch for a while. Is this not a common thing?


I live in a upper class neighborhood in SC and the whole school district has free lunch. But growing up, I went to mostly schools in lower class neighborhoods and we had to pay for lunch. It not only varies from state to state and district to district. EDIT: I also want to add, even if a student decided to do all virtual they could come up to the school and a staff member would bring them a bagged lunch to their car.


Some districts offer free lunch to all but many you have to sign up for a federal program if you want free lunch (and all of the red tape behind it). Personally I don't have kids but I am totally ok with free luch for all kids.


I have a kid and can afford to feed them just about anything. I’d happily pay extra in taxes if it meant not a single child went hungry and got quality food. Kids shouldn’t starve. Full stop.


Very Red, rural state here. I remember my mom being able to get reduced price school lunches, but not the milk. So, you'd go through the line and they'd actually not give me a carton of milk. The school secretary though, sent some papers home with me so I could get free breakfasts at school (I had never had those before at all). OMG, I loved them, especially the biscuits and gravy. My dad was a massive alcoholic and my mom worked multiple jobs. People forget that kids can't just put themselves into another life and they aren't to blame for their parents' choices or actions. Thanks for being a good person who understands this.


Human decency and empathy and compassion costs me nothing and and is my most valuable asset. I hope to pass that on to my son. I want him to know, specifically, “don’t look into another persons bowl to see if you have as much as them, look into their bowl to make sure they have enough.”


Beautifully said. Your son is a lucky guy and I'm sure you're raising him to be a good man, an asset to the world.


That’s the plan, don’t get me wrong, I have my shortcomings. We all do. More often than not I’ve said and done some terrible thing, hell I’m card carrying member of WSB. I’ll continue cleaning my self up and being a better person and teach my son to be better than me. I have a half brother with a son, I one time asked him “don’t you want your son to be better than you?” His response, “my son will never be better than me at anything.” #failed We all just gotta be a little bit better, a little bit more thoughtful and we can make the world a better place.


What is WSB? And yes, getting better bit by bit is what counts. I went through a very dark period of life and it was a dog and a cat that brought me out of it as a better person---I had something outside of myself that I didn't like being a drunken asshole to. Bad period, but did me some good.


I live in a state where, pre-covid, if you didn't have money in your lunch account you got nothing. From the time I learned this, I started trying to donate to my local schools for kids who needed something to eat. I don't care. Put it in petty cash and use it for whoever needs lunch. Always denied. Once funding from covid hit, there was an underground email begging parents who usually send lunch to let their kids get" free" lunch because that would prove enough need to subsidize funding for all the kids who actually need lunch, and their parents don't provide. Yes, applications for free and reduced lunches are available. But there are still too many kids who need and their parents, foe whatever reason, don't apply. At the end of the day, we are asking kids to behave, to learn, and asking them to do this on an empty tank is unethical. They have zero control over what their parents do, but they still gotta eat. /endrant


All the bat shit crazy things our tax dollars go to and they want to die on the “free school lunch” hill. The buck stops at cold green beans and a burrito in a bag.


But would would Jesus do? Oh, right - he'd tell you to go fuck yourself and die right after you pop out of your mother's vagina. But they'll make sure you do pop out, even if we have to get our Supreme Court stuffed with Christian Sharia Judges and sex offenders. Some of them are one and the same., mind. And spend billions of tax payers dollars on that shit.


It should be for ALL kids. You have no idea how much humiliation some of the kids (self included) suffered for eating a "welfare lunch" - which not only was distinctly different from the usual fare... but you had to give a coupon that basically said "i am on welfare". This is our fucked up system, folks. Honestly, as someone who paid more taxes than Elon Fucking Musk - FUCK THIS SYSTEM.


I’m in my 40s and I still remember the shame of being seen with “lunch tickets.” It’s not the kids fault. We need to do away with this.


Free everything for kids. Even in my super-libertarian, anti-welfare days, I always, always believed kids should want for nothing when it comes to necessities. No child asked to be born, and legally they can’t provide for themselves. Sure, it would be dope if everyone’s parents were able to provide for them, but that isn’t the case. Punishing children for their parents’ socioeconomic status is fucked, and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. If someone wants to fight against welfare for adults, I disagree with the view point, but i can at least acknowledge it’s a difference of opinions. There is no “opinion” when it comes to providing for children. They need to be taken care of if we want any hope for a decent future. Free lunches, free meals, free healthcare, free clothes, and free education. Maybe once kids start to have a level playing field, then we can debate the merits of welfare for adults, but not before that. Sorry, rant over. Incredibly passionate about this one.


Grew up in a very middle class part of Ohio. Our school paid for lunch from 1st grade through senior year. And it wasn't cheap either. That always surprised me.


Where I live you have to be low income to get free food. But since the pandemic started they made lunch free for everyone


The idea of "low income" is stuck in the 1980s. I know families where both parents work full time jobs, in some cases additional part time jobs, to pay basic bills, and still don't qualify. We have to collectively get out of the mindset that poor=lazy. But even if the parents are slovenly bastards, I don't think their children deserve to starve while also trying to learn.


I understand why it’s like this. But it’s just so backwards that it disgusts me.


I paid 40 cents for lunch in TN and my parents didn't even have hot water. Free lunch was a thing and I was always horrified when I saw a kid get it because I couldn't imagine how poor their parents must be. In retrospect, my parents probably made an error when registering.


In my school no one could tell you got free or reduced lunch unless they were really paying attention. You had an account and in the years my family didn’t qualify for free lunch my mom would send me with a $20 check to add to my account every so often but most days I didn’t physically pay. ETA: this was a very conservative area of NC in the 90s.


Back before you had things like “accounts” and cards school, it was much different. Everyone knew who got reduced lunch in my school. It was a whole separate, premade lunch tray, wrapped in cellophane. They didn’t get the same food as the rest of us.


That’s sooooo fucked up




I had free lunch my whole time in elementary school. In 2nd grade, they made us wear clothespins on our shirt hems to tell us apart from the kids who paid.


I live in MA and used to be a "lunch lady" in 2013. If kids didn't have money to pay for lunch, they didn't get lunch - period. I was fired for personally paying for kids' lunches. EDIT: Thanks everyone for the kind words


Thank you for being a decent human being. I’m sorry you lost your job for it.


We should be “kissing your feet and kissing your mole.” But seriously, you are an excellent person and made a big lasting impact on kids who really need it.


Thank you for being compassionate with your community. Sorry it went that way


You are a hero. Thank you for your sacrifice, ma'am.


This is terrible. At my school district down in SJ the lunch lady’s would literally give free lunch to struggling students(ones that weren’t already on free lunch program) and the district knew they were doing it but it didn’t matter to them as the food is already paid for out of the budget. Sounds like whatever directors you had in MA had a terrible sense of discretion and need to be reevaluated or retrained. I hope you reached out to a lawyer when you were fired as it is your right to use your money as you see fit


When I grew up, I had to pay for lunches, so therefore I did not eat lunch. I just became used to being hungry all the time during school hours. My family was poor as hell, we couldn’t afford to buy school lunches or make lunches for three kids. So no lunch it was.


Nope. Most places it’s only free if your family qualifies by being poor.


The majority of American students qualify and receive free or reduced lunch.


Wow looked it up and you’re right. https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d17/tables/dt17_204.10.asp Looks like it jumped up a ton after 2000, likely due to changes in requirements to cover more kids. Wonder what specifically.


Went to school in a rural area, then moved to a poor urban area. If you qualified for food stamps your lunch was either free or really low cost (I think like .35 cents). If you didn't it was between $1.00 and $1.25. You could of course just bring your own...lunch box flexing was a big thing in elementary school. Breakfast was "free" and included cereal, milk, and a piece of fruit.


These are the same morons that want 14 year olds to fill in for the "lack of workers".


Pro life but not pro child.


They'll probably get it eventually too :(


While simultaneously complaining about "illegals" taking their jobs.


Let's just say: if you believe that there might be circumstances in which the sentence "children shouldn't get lunch" is anything other than evil, you are a shitty person\* ​ \*medical reasons exempted; if your child is going to have anaesthesia, your child shouldn't get lunch.


Imagine thinking that school age children should not be given lunch, paid or not, and feeling so strongly about it you feel compelled to put it on Twitter. Absolutely mind blowing. Evil is a spot on description. I’m rambling here but I just can’t believe it. How insanely entitled does someone have to be to look at someone else’s child and say: “not my fault your parents can’t pay kid, guess your going hungry. I pay for my kids so fuck you.”


It's so sad how people can take such a wicked view. Kids are in no control over what their parents do so to think someone would be happier letting a child go hungry than give them a free meal. I sincerely wish the absolute worst on the person who said this.


Sadly this is the true modern America. "It doesn't affect me, so fuck you" and your kids apparently


If only the “it doesn’t affect me” attitude could also be applied to gay marriage and abortion


Of course, when it's an abortion we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! But once the child THEY wanted is alive, fuck 'em!


Easiest age group to champion for. They can’t ask for anything or complain, then when they’re actually born; Fuck em if the parents can’t afford them.


"He's got his, and I've got mine.....meet the decline" -NOFX


Judging by its crime and homocide rate and literacy rate compared to other western countries it does affect modern Americans.


But that's the point. The goal is brutal neo-fuedalism. Literacy is only necessary as long as it serves Master. Homicide thins the ranks of those who might resist. Eventually, all crime will carry a death sentence.


That would be true if the US didn't have fancy for profit prisons that we need to fill.


Look at the rate of recidivism in the US, and how COVID has done in prisons. It's only not a death sentence in the same way that asbestos won't kill you.


The same people are pro-birth. These people are not pro-life as they couldn't care less about the children after they are born. And what really infuriates me is that these people also hide behind Christianity thinking they are morally just. Fucking sickening.


Taken further is there any circumstance where the sentence "X person shouldn't get lunch" is anything other than evil?


Children shouldn't get lunch if its poisoned?


They should still get lunch, just from somewhere else


This happened one time to my sister when they made a mistake on her account balance for lunch when she was eight and wouldn’t feed her. They gave finally her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and nothing else, she couldn’t eat it. Lunch lady said “aww too bad your mom didn’t help you” She still talks about it to this day. It was messed up.


The fuck? Why would an adult be mean to a child in distress? And why would an adult who was capable of such behaviour work in a place with children? ​ Without question I have met a fair amount of shitty adults when I was a child, however, making fun of a hungry eight-year-old - that's a dad's job! (Seriously, that lunch lady should have lost her job right then and there)


Ehh, in my school in math my teacher used to call me retarded and said I won't get anywhere so she stopped trying to teach me. I could no longer get my questions answered. Due to that I failed and dropped out. It isn't new.


My third grade teacher apparently thought I was a gangster cuz I transferred into the class from a gang neighborhood. It's especially funny because street cred slides off of me like water off a raincoat. My second grade teacher also spend the whole year just putting me down for autistic/adhd quirks that hadnt yet been diagnosed. Ended up in in-school suspension multiple times in both grades. People can be really terrible to little kids.


Nothing would stop me from publically berating that women. I would take time off work for this sole purpose.


Same here. At least her friend gave her some snacks from her lunch. But a banana and a couple of crackers is not lunch. That school was abusive.


I wasn’t a perfect, or even really a *good* kid. But if I ever saw someone without lunch, and knew for a fact it was because they couldn’t pay, I’d try to give them something, or go back in line and get something for them. I was just too socially awkward to do it consistently.


"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953


If your child is going to have anaesthesia, they should have a *different* lunch. Free school meals are a thing is almost every other developed country. EDIT: I’m an idiot and mixed up anaesthesia with anaphylaxis.


[If your child is going to have anaesthesia, your child shouldn't get lunch.](https://www.uclahealth.org/anes/fasting-guidelines)


I’m an idiot and mixed up anaesthesia with anaphylaxis.


Things you really don't want to hear your dentist say


"Instead of gas, today we're using wasps."








I laughed out loud at this, thanks


Now take a deep breath, you might feel a little tingling


Don't be so hard on yourself


Yeah, be hard on me


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If your child is going to have anesthesia then they probably wouldn’t be in school. Elective surgeries are almost always a report to the hospital at the crack of dawn type thing and don’t eat after dinner the night before. If it’s emergency surgery they also wouldn’t be at school


In Australia our children must pay for their own lunches. But atleast we have healthcare. If only we could combine the 2 but that's obviously impossible 🙄




By God if they want lunches and healthcare they better work. Even better, you want healthcare? Become a doctor and do it *yourself* kid! big /s


Yeah. I still remember that $5 sausage roll i dropped in mud. But atleast my insulin is cheap.


Wait, are school lunch boxes not a thing anymore? (I am Australian but my kid is only 1). Edit: but the virtually free healthcare from the moment he was born was pretty sweet.


Our kids school doesn’t have a tuckshop. They all take lunches. On a Friday you can let order subway for them though


These are English words, but still oddly confusing. Also, wtf is a tuckshop?


not sure what developed country's your referring too but that is definitely not a thing in Australia we do have a program for if you forget your lunch where you can get one free sandwich (at least that's how it was when I went to school and that wasn't that long ago) but if you abuse it (aka never bring lunch) they will cut you off


There was a time up until recently where some places in Australia were even several steps ahead. Providing not only lunch , but also breakfast. Then pushing the envelope even further, any carer bringing the child to school also gets either breakfast or a lunch bag to take home. It was a local Council inititive that self generating funds like any normal business.


I’m a teacher in a support unit in Australia and we provide a free breakfast for the majority of our students everyday. It is offered to all but not everyone eats. We get the day old bread from the local bakers delight for free and buy the vegemite, butter and fruit from our faculty funds. Children can’t learn on an empty stomach and it takes away any shame around parents choosing not to or not having the means to provide food. We also will provide lunch if necessary.


I remember when I was in high school (South Carolina, early 2000s) they actually started providing free breakfast to all students. I think we still paid for lunch but breakfast was nice. I remember our teachers would keep the extra stuff that didn’t get eaten and give it to snacky kids throughout the day. The reasoning they gave was “hungry kids are distracted and cause problems and get worse grades,” so I think our board just really believed in kids having access to food pretty much whenever they were hungry.


My kids school (NH) started free lunches during COVID and remote learning- a parent pointed out that there are kids in the community where school lunches are the only healthy meal these kids were getting each day. So the school started delivering lunches to every kid and it was opt-OUT, meaning everyone got it unless they specifically requested not to, so there was no shame in accepting them. When school started again in fall of 20 they just blanket free breakfast and lunches. It clearly can be done.


In my school in suburban Melbourne, there was a club called the breakfast club were people who came to school a little early could get some toast and a spread of their choice. Though i never touched the Vegemite.


Zombie children shouldn't get lunch.


Are they going into invasive surgery? Why are we giving children anesthetics?


Because operating on them without it would be rather cruel...


The empathy gap that exists in this country is something I just cannot wrap my head around. The same people marching down the street or standing in front of PP berating women for taking their reproductive rights into their own hands (as they should) are the same people saying kids shouldn’t be able to eat lunch for free. Wonder why these same people aren’t up in arms about the constant subsidies handed out to fossil fuel?


Idk who the fuck Micheal is, but fuck Micheal


Michael probably thinks that if they cut free school lunches, the savings will trickle down to him. Motherfucker gonna get something else trickling on him.


Michael is so concerned with holding parents responsible for taking care of their own children that he's forgetting that hungry children make poor students, and poor students become less productive adults.


Michael probably has some opinions on those students & adults as well, without ever making the connection.


Michael is probably in witness protection


Darkviper viewer I'm guessing?




At first I read , whiteness, instead of, witness lol


He reminds me of that George Carlin bit about how conservative Christians only give a shit about the unborn. After you're born, fuck you. No free day care, medicine, etc "If you're pre-born, you're fine, if you're pre k, you're fucked"


But poor students also become angry, ignorant Republicans, so maybe that's what he's going for


These kids need to pull themselves up by their boot straps.


I love that you spelled the name wrong as an extra "fuck you" even if it wasn't intentional.


Totally unintentional. I need to stop redditing without my glasses


If you think children should pay for their school meals you're a cunt. It's free in prison.


American schools are a lot like prison. They're horrible.


Less likely to be shot in a prison though tbf.


damn.. why are prisons winning the competition right now?


Maybe we should start sending kids to prison instead of school


I thought you Americans had a system for that too.


Really? We prob do. If you aren’t rich you’re fucked in this country


Its called a youth detention center.


Been there … done that…. My mom started dating some crazy alcoholic when I was 15 and kicked me out…. So I was living in my car and ended up shoplifting some baby wipes and food from a grocery store and got caught and got a crazy juvenile PO … instead of helping me find somewhere to live (even a group home at that point … smh… I was driving a super old Oldsmobile on the verge of breaking down on a LEARNERS PERMIT) she violated me for smoking weed or missing school (because I was working) and sent me to JDC and I shit you not … my cell mates were in there for crazy crimes … one burnt down a trailer house and the other one stabbed someone at school. America … get them incarcerated early so they get No FrEe LuNcHeS (except in for profit prisons …)


prisons are profitable


Prisons are run for profit. Schools aren't. A prison sees its population as a cheap labor force. If they feed them, they can work them harder and make more profit. To the chagrin of the American businessman, you can't force kids to work in a sweatshop in the US, so why expend the extra money to feed them? Nobody makes any money that way. Maybe we should allow corporate sponsorship for schools. Nike gets two hours a day of child labor in exchange for meals. "*Report card day, Johnny. You've done really well in spelling, but it says here you missed quota lacing shoes for the company. We're going to hold you back a year until you develop a real work ethic...*"


Now you’re thinking like a capitalist!


God that quote made me angry. I'd say irrationally angry, but i feel like that's a pretty rational response to that.


Actually, “due to Covid labor constraints”, some cities in the us are now “allowing” children to work as young as age 14. But only, I believe, until 11 or 12 pm. They have some standards, after all.


In West Virginia, a state lawmaker stood in the state capital and argued that students on the state's reduced/free lunch program should be forced to do janitorial and landscaping working for the school even if it meant they miss class. The reason being that according to him, students may not learn the Quadratic Equation but they'll learn a "more important lesson" and that's there's "no such thing as a free lunch." [Yes, that happened.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/she-the-people/wp/2013/04/24/west-virginia-lawmaker-wants-kids-to-work-for-free-lunch/) Not long ago, in the state of Wisconsin turned down Federal money intended fo fund their reduced/free lunches for schools. The reason for this was they felt, in all seriousness, that the children on these programs would get "spoiled" by not having to pay for lunch. [Again, that happened.](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2021/08/28/waukesha-students-there-really-no-such-thing-free-lunch/5622614001/) This is from the party that claims to be "pro-life" and screeches about protecting children. I've truly never met a more evil people than right-wing conservative Christians.




We're talking about a group of people who sincerely believes that if a single mom of 2 who receives a big-'ol whopping $214.62 in food stamps per month that she didn't have to scrub floors until her hands hurt to earn is just sitting around on the couch watching soaps all day while complaining that she deserves more. The same people who lamented about the government just giving people for one time only $1400 to help ease the burden of the pandemic will be be turned into lazy sloths and never work again and who now lament that people don't want to work grueling, thankless jobs at slave wages. Their morals and ethics are completely outta whack.


The part that keeps getting lost on them is that it is OUR money. Our money should go foremost to directly helping us. It is ridiculous that our money is funding salaries for public officials who make more than us. Any person who earns less than the lowest paid US representative should be waived from paying taxes, period.


My new favorite people are my uncles of the world who think the current labor issues are tied to people “staying home with their free $1400” like rent isn’t a thing and you can somehow live on $1400 over six months in 2021 America.


What's stupid is that the stim check was from taxpayer money. The money that the public gives the government to help the public, being used to help the public is "not right" for these people. Do they think taxes are so that govt admins can pay for a yacht?


You're asking a question based on logic. That doesn't work on conservatives.


that's what I'm sayyyinnn. I got free meals for the first 16ish yrs of my life. do they think the kids that get lunches pay with their own money? like wtf


It’s not like they want the latest model iPhone. All they want is food. A basic need. We give homeless people three meals a day for free. We give SNAP (food stamps) stipends to people who can’t afford food, but we can’t spare a meal for a child who is doing the right thing by being in school? He is in the place that is literally supposed to offer the path to a more financially secure future. All it teaches them is that the world is a cold place and no one cares.


Plus, the only reason there's no such thing as a free lunch for children is if we choose not to pay for one. That's not teaching children an objective life lesson separate from our own personal choices, that's just being an asshole.


The only folks getting free lunch date the hypocritical capitalists expensing it to the their company.




"I can't do this to my grandchildren." - Non-existent Senator refusing to eat Free lunch for the sake of the debt it will cause


The strangest thing, is that what he is saying doesn’t even make sense, even without the obvious. They are paying for it, in taxes.


Holy shit. One of the board members who voted against this in Wisconsin is the Vice President of research for the behavioral health center I go to for treatment. —— Kelly Piacsek, who was interrupted by applause as she spoke, said it wasn't "about food anymore," but about national influences on local school boards. She likened the debate to those about structural racism and COVID precautions. "This is how we got CRT and filthy books and vaccine and mask mandates, all this stuff," she said, referring to critical race theory. [Article](https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/education/2021/08/30/waukesha-school-board-reverses-decision-cut-universal-free-meals/5659409001/) —— Yeahhh… no. I’m looking for a new provider & behavioral health center today. If that’s who they feel is a good candidate to help lead their research team, I’m out. I’m happy some members admitted they voted without understanding the impact of the decision and it was eventually reversed but Kelly doubled down with the above quote & is now crying about being victimized/doxxed.


> I've truly never met a more evil people than right-wing conservative Christians I am sure that the God I was fed in my yout will not let them into Heaven. Thankfully I have seen the light and realized that the Universe is just random chaos and we are just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. There is no plan.


Its getting to the point where I hope God and Heaven and Hell and etc are real, not because I want to go to Heaven, but just to at least know that these repugnant pieces of shit will get what they deserve at some point in their afterlife.


Finally a case for religion that I can get behind.


> I am sure that the God I was fed in my yout will not let them into Heaven. Unless the "heaven" in question is Valhalla.. Vikings, while not as bad as conservatives were pretty bad Mofos all the same.


Talk to any restaurant server about the holier than thou groups that go out to eat after church.


This is why I hate republicans in a nutshell.


Stop calling these people Christians. The founder of Christianity left specific instructions that that his people are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the homeless. Please do not perpetuate their fraud.


fyi, those aren't the "christians" like we are in europe. US "christians" are a joke from the devil himself


In Australia you can buy a lunch order but usually the parents/caregivers give the kid their lunch to take to school. No cafeteria here in public schools (that im aware of anyway lol) PS My fave canteen buy was the cobbers 3 for 5c back in the day 🤘


We had an unspoken system of helping out anyone who didn't have food anyway. The only questions we asked were about allergies.


Nothing like turning up to the tuck shop at lunch time with a gold coin. I’ve not felt euphoria like that since. Half a Zooper Dooper? Nah mate, I’ve got Sunny-Boy money!


Are you Willy Wonka?


Willy Wonka has got *NOTHING* on a well stocked tuck shop.


Could you please translate this into American? I am genuinely curious.


Same, it sounds like an alternate universe when just reading it.


I’m from America but we lived in Brisbane for about 4 years in the mid-late ‘90’s. Year 5-9 for me. So a couple years in primary and couple in secondary. We had a tuck shop at my school, in the morning you went and exchanged money for tokens, like a dollar coin got you a blue token for a sausage roll, and a two dollar coin got you a green triangle you exchange for a meat pie. Or you could bring your lunch. But we didn’t spend lunch sitting in a cafeteria, it was usually more like a recess period, and we also got a shorter break later in the day for afternoon tea. In America even if you bring your lunch you have to eat it in the cafeteria and there’s a very unique smell, kinda like industrial pizza, Salisbury steak and bleach mixed with a hint of cookie, it’s gross. Aussie school lunch > American school lunch.


It really, really depends on where the school is here mate. Most tuck shops down south I assume are like that, but in the NT in a few remote communities, meals are provided. It's needed in many more places though.


Any child who is deprived has their food provided for them in U.K. schools. It's a good system. My school also provides toast and cereal free to every child each morning


There are definitely politicians that want to stop that.


Margaret Thatcher was against letting poor kids drink milk


"Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher”


"Ding dong the bitch is dead" 2013


That being #1 in the charts when she died was actually quite funny


Then so was the Labour minister who started the cuts


Every single tory that has ever been is against that. They just don't always voice it, that's all.


So there are free lunch programs here too, as long as the family qualifies. If the kid just forgets the money, you can usually start a tab. However, regardless of the circumstances (whether it’s not qualifying for free lunch or running up too big of a tab) how is the proper solution EVER “hey, make sure that child over there doesn’t get any food!”


Almost half of American school children get free or reduced cost lunch. It's not unique to the UK. The quality is the problem. Cost savings has largely resulted in offering processed crap or fast food. The program is run by the department of agriculture, so the idea is to help farmers more than to help kids. And not by drowning them in fresh fruit and veg.


It works exactly in the same in the US.


I do hate the UK sometimes but I’m happy our government somewhat care for us and we have our rights. Just read somewhere in America if you’re in a police cell without being convicted you still get charged for it, simple stupid shit like that. Does make me greatful.


They especially care when 23 year old footballers show them up to be selfish cunts.


My vote is for Rashford as our next PM. World Cups games would be bank holidays..no one would be hungry and as long as he doesn't make supporting Utd mandatory,we'll be good


Hey! That’s Dr. Marcus Rashford MBE to you


Lol, the government don't care. They literally only changed this, this year because a footballer was making them look bad (Rashford)




Not the rest. Only Sweden and Finland has free school lunch in the nordics. It’s really not a common thing at all, only other countries who provide free lunch to every student is Estonia and India.


Imagine saying you don't think kids should eat out loud.


Imagine being mad about feeding children. 😬


Imagine feeling justified by taking food from children!


But I am stronger and they can't stop me


No, wait. He’s got a point.


survival of the fittest


and the very same people are probably ‘pro-life’ no doubt


If they don't pay.... Dafaq do you think school fees are? Exposure?


The clapping thing is one of the worst, annoying trends in making a point I’ve ever seen.


True, but doing it ironically as you call out a dumbass who did it first has a certain catharsis factor. "No, Karen you aren't the only one with an emoji tab on their phone's keyboard, now STFU."


Not 👏 Everyone 👏 can 👏 afford 👏 lunches


The most embarrassing thing was when you didn’t realize you were out of money in your account so they took back your hot lunch, threw it away and gave you a half frozen uncrustable for lunch. The shame of being poor started real damn young. I have money now, and wouldn’t struggle if I had kids, but I remember going hungry and the embarrassment and never want another kid to go through that.


Fuck that's terrible


I know. They’d rather take the food away from the child to THROW the food in the GARBAGE then to allow a child to eat it. How disgusting is that. Those people should be in prison.


That's on purpose as they view poverty as a moral failing of the poor individual, not a societal issue.


>they view poverty as a moral failing of the poor individual But wtf is a child supposed to do about that!?


Ah, yes. Let’s punish an innocent child for everything that their parents do. Like seriously some people cannot afford water and food and we will argue that they shouldn’t have lunch in school bcuz they don’t have money. Crazy to think others would rather starve someone to death than help them.


They are kids all they understand are they are hungry. They spend our tax dollars on ridiculous stuff all the time. Have a few less multimillion dollar government buildings statues and paintings that no one cares about and feed the kids.




Because they don't eat properly in school...


They had to mow the school's lawn instead of going to class


Micheal is a piece of shit


Micheal really be out here saying let’s not feed the children


When you’re so indoctrinated and reliant on capitalism that the idea of children eating without paying is ridiculous.


All of junior high and high school I received two meals a day, plus a snack, since the school day was from 7:15-17:00 every day. Families who could not afford meals or were on academic scholarships had their food partially or completely subsidized by the local government. It may surprise you to know that I did NOT grow up in the U.S.


7-17 school day?! Jesus fucking Christ, how did you make that. I currently have school 8-16:10 and I already feel like I either don't have any free time or don't sleep enough. I don't know when you went to high school or where, but I'm truly sorry if this is still how it is over there...