Domino Effect- The energy used in this chain reaction is the potential energy of the dominoes due to them being in a meta-stable state; when the first domino is toppled, the energy transferred by the fall is greater than the energy needed to knock over the following domino, and so on. [Domino Effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domino_effect)


I look forward to watching them topple over, one after another. Let the fall begin. I still think that the some (many?) of family knew RL was as dumb as a stump and wanted him in that job. He is so easy to blame for the "irregularities". Dad and Sis may have some dirt on their hands too; they may have hid it better. I hope there is an ongoing investigation into the bank.


I don't think he's dumb, just extremely arrogant. He knew what he was doing, and didn't think he'd get in trouble. He hid behind Dad & Sis to get his way past the board. I think they should also be held personally liable, as they enabled RL & constantly railroaded the bank's board with their back-room family deals.




Because it’s SC and the good old boys do as they want, always have and no one to stop them. Load up every local and state agency from dog catchers to judges with family members and friends to ensure they are untouchable.


Letting the criminal attorneys do the work for the civil team.


Vile that Hussell’s FAMILY owns a bank and he was so reckless. THEN, the FAMILY produces Youtube videos to contradict any corruptness on his part. 🙄