It’d be easier to list the good competitors whose personalities I DO like


Zach. Terrible person but enjoy his confessionals


And his extensive knowledge of Disney princesses.


And the way he treats Jenna


He is not that great of a competitor tho


The noises he made in that final when he was paired with Laurel will never leave me.


At one point he had the highest daily winning percentage of all time


Well he's made it to a final on half of the seasons he has been on. He is a major physical threat in eliminations and is great at dailies so that has to account for something. Plus there have been 17 male winners in the last 10 years and only 8 of them were new winners. He was one of them


are you watching the same show?


Ashley and Camila are crybabies and Kaycee is as exciting as watching paint dry. Can’t stand any of them




The Absence of a personality.


I’m watching her BB season rn and I keep forgetting she’s on the show. Homegirl is literally furniture






Same! Her constant crying and whining drove me crazy 😂


Yes! Emmy! Awful!! Great performer as in singing!


I agree with most of these. I think someone who gets looked over is Sarah. Yes she had some bad luck with partners and the Bananas thing but she wasn't nice. Remember how she treated Kaitlyn? Also her arrogance when she went up against Jonna and Jasmine. How she and Laural talked shit about Cara thinking she couldnt run a final and she is the one who ends up gasing out. I used to like her when I was younger but rewatching now she isn't the person I thought she was.


Frank S.


He was horrendous on Battle of the Seasons. I stopped watching because I just couldn’t listen anymore.


first person that comes to mind is jordan, absolute D-bag but a great competitor


I think Cara is somehow underrated, despite being one of the all time greats. I think her political game is super underrated. That being said, her personality took a steep nose dive during Dirty 30 and beyond.


Preach! We love the old Cara!


Old school, but can't stand Susie or Sarah


Susie always drove me so nuts because she wanted her persona to be “sweet” but she was so unnecessarily mean/rude to anyone she felt didn’t benefit her. (Edit: fixing a typo)


I agree. Something about Susie always bugged me, going back to her RR season.


Her and Johanna. Couldnt stomach either of them


I assume you mean Sarah Rice, which yes I totally agree regarding these two, they would probably be my picks for this question as well. What I think I've always hated about these two is how judgmental they both were. They like to play the feminist/"smart girl" card, yet they don't ever direct any of their shit talking towards the toxic men on the show during their seasons, but instead directed most of their energy over criticizing the other women for being "sluts" or "crazy". Further, they blindly followed whatever Kenny/Evan/Johnny B. told them to do and then would cry foul if/when they were cut or done dirty. Which okay, arguably that is good gameplay- but the only woman Susie ever supported in the game was herself (can't even give Sarah the credit a pure Kenny then Johnny lackey). Their post-show podcast and comments fail to right the wrongs for me. It's hard to not bring up the Tonya situation in my opinions of them, but like Sarah calling herself a trauma therapist, never distancing herself from Kenny, and repeatedly staying silent on the Tonya situation while Susie supported/pushed the "they were just taking pictures of a passed out girl whose clothes they took off with a toothbrush it wasnt anything more than that and its totally Tonya's fault for being such a crazy dumb slut" narrative has always been a really hard thing for me to reconcile. I can look past what people do in the heat of the competition or in hella edited drama/confessionals, because I realize being on the show is probably an intense mental experience that makes people crazy, but I hold them accountable for what they've said and their complete lack of empathy towards others following the show. Further, they both constantly whined about their situations when they both got more than their fair share of lucky breaks. Especially Sarah, she played on like 8 seasons that were partner-related and just whined about her partners instead of trying to manage them ever and act like a teammate.


I mean, *Paulie*, right?


I love 2/3 you listed lol. And honestly I found Camila entertaining outside of the racism. I’m going with Zach and Camila. The racism ruined her.




John. He's one of the biggest hypocrites on the entire show. "All is fair in love war and challenges" until you throw him in and he has a hissy fit. He's said Devins win against him wasn't a big deal since it wasn't anything physical. Yet on that special they had on him and CT a few years back, he took pride in himself in beating CT in a puzzle. I just dislike his whole frat boy demeanor in general. He's seem to mature the least out of the long term vets. CT and Wes have their moments, but they've come a long way from what they used to be. His whole Stchick just feels too forced for my liking. Cara Maria is another. She used to be so to root for, yet around WOTW era she started to become way too entitled and became a drag to see on TV.


Agree with all points. Johnny is one of the best competitors, but he's a hypocrite and his humor sophmoric


I think the logic with the Devin/CT stuff is JB is not great at puzzles and CT is. So Devin beat him at something he was weak at and he beat someone who is great at puzzles while being weak himself. Actually that's probably just my logic and he doesn't have any logic beyond talking shit lol


Yes that’s my biggest issue with him one rule for John another for everyone elsd


Bananas Evan Kenny Laurel Camila


Most ppl on this sub worship Laurel, but I feel the same as OP. Granted I think she has somewhat matured since her earlier seasons.


I’ve never liked Laurel. I agree that she is one of the best players ever but she’s a bully, she’s way too cocky, and I can’t stand her voice. She’s just a shitty person. Camila is an obvious one. This might be a random one but I’ve never liked Alton. Gauntlet 2 and Inferno 3 he just rubbed me the wrong way. Like one of the alpha males that thinks he’s better than everyone else. I’m glad he was seen as more of a diva on Battle of the Seasons. Zach is hilarious but he’s a major tool bag.


Kenny & Evan; even with the Tonya stuff aside, I was never a fan of theirs. They’re both way too misogynistic and conceited.


Camila, Jordan, Zach, Frank.


pretty much


Frank S. I could not stand him but he was a good athlete.


Lolo. Physically dominant. But couldn't play the strategy. Her intensity and drive to compete was too big for the Challenge. And her frustration made her outright unpleasant at times.


Gonna go with Evelyn. I don't recall her being too pleasant as a person (on TV) but she is **arguably** the best female player ever




Bananas, Laurel, and Tori


Totally agree on Laurel. She is not a good person and said a lot of nasty things etc. Im sure a lot of the people on the show have said or done bad things. The island was really bad for girls. The guys onbthat season were awful from what I remember especially Johnny and Kenny.


Camila is the answer


Camilla Laurel Zack


Jordan used to bother me a lot but I feel like he has matured. Young Laurel was mean but she doesn’t bother me anymore. Just rewatched battle of the seasons and Frank is a horrible person. At least that’s how they made him look, but I find it hard to believe they were able to make it “look” that way. Him and Zach were disgusting to Sam. Zach is also a terrible human, and admits it over and over but somehow these sweet women tolerate him (Ashley, Jonna, Jenna).


Zach because he’s a dick, and wes and jordan because I absolutely cannot stand cocky people (although jordan’s relationship with and support of nia on all stars made him seem a lot more humble and more human)


I used to hate Wes’s attitude. But after rewatching the last several seasons, I feel like he has gradually gotten less cocky but still plays it up for the cameras. And really, after seeing him almost grovel for Louise and Caspar on Champs Vs. Stars and again for an alliance on the main show, I have to say I prefer the arrogant version.


Wes & Jordan have a right to be cocky though. They’re Challenge legends.


I like Turbo but the fake tough guy shit annoys me. Same with Paulie. Tough guys don’t have to say much, just look at CT.


Is Turbo's fake though?Paulie had a chance to go against Kyle and chickened out but Turbo was ready to go in against Jordan but Jordan was being a pussy chicken. And it's been said Turbo fought a production guy/bodyguard so is it really fake?


It’s not but that’s just ridiculous behavior, especially the reason why the argument started. He’s getting upset that Jordan was doing “his” walk when it was the Conor McGregor walk who took it from Vince McMahon.


He wasn’t necessarily mad about the walk, just being mocked, his English isn’t that good but that’s pretty much what he meant


Just look at CT? Lol, he used to talk and start more shit than anybody. He mellowed out a lot over time, but I thought it was funny to use him as an example.


I think it’s a good comparison bc you can basically compare CT to himself. Loud, obnoxious, yelling CT didn’t win. Mellow(er) CT can’t stop winning.


My point was that real tough guys don’t have to say a lot. They’ll just smash your head, like CT.


Smash your head and eat it*


I didn't watch survivor, but wasn't Turbo one of the more quieter competitors?


Talking about on The Challenge.


So am I. Everyone on the cast was talking about how quiet he was. He only got tough when Hunter said he could kick his ass and with Jordan. And what gives off the impression that he's a fake tough guy, when he scares the crap out of almost everyone in the house who have actually met him? There's a big difference in how the cast acts torward Paulie, and how they act torward Turbo. Plus, CT was way worse than Turbo, he just learned that it screwed with his bank account over the years.


Turbo has a legit fighting background. People like leroy and even CT were on the record saying they were affraid of him.


Jordan and Bananas (Jordan came off really well on AS3 though)


Totally agree about Jordan. I wouldn’t be nervous to be in the same room as him now.


Hands down Cara Maria. I never understood why everyone used to pick on her, but oh man do I get it now. Every since she starting banging Paulie I find her absolutely unbearable. I can't stand Paulie either, altho I don't find him that impressive as a player. Hes good at dailies, but the way he talks, he thinks he's a Challenge God.. calm down little man you've been on THREE seasons.. youre barely outta the rookie stage and until you WIN a final.. BE HUMBLE. And last but not least.. Fessy. Usually the players with the giant egos are good for entertainment value, but not him. How are you gonna be a complete narcissist and still be BORING??!! Edited to add Turbo!! Freaking man-baby and his temper tantrums. Making threats while you're surrounded by security doesn't make you tough.. it makes you pathetic.


Jodi to me is one of the ultimate examples. Kaycee as well but she has been a bit better since her Nany showmance. Granted my biggest issues are when people give nothing. I would way rather dislike someone but have them be entertaining than have that be practically wallpaper


Johnny Bananas.


Turbo and Theo the Brit.


i kinda liked theo all around- he was good yet seemed humble about it and was fairly amusing too


Humble? Lol...you need to rewatch WOW


seen every season too many times-yea i know he's cocky but he doesn't come off as a douche about it- at least to me






I’m with you on Laurel! Back in the day, I stopped watching the challenge after the first Fresh Meat season. So I decided to dive back into the show recently and see more of the seasons after that one. I watched Fresh Meat 2 a couple of weeks ago, and I really liked Laurel on that. She was a good competitor, and mostly stayed out of the drama. But I’m on Cutthroat now, and she’s *so* extraordinarily mean to Big Easy. Like, I know there are a lot of negative things to say about him, but she was so cruel to him, and it was weird, because he hadn’t done or said anything in particular to set her off. And they weren’t even on the same team, so there’s not the excuse of she could feel like he was dragging her team down. So yeah, not a huge fan of hers anymore! (I was hoping maybe this would be out of character for her and she would get better after this, but it sounds like maybe not?)


Apparently Big Easy went in on her earlier in a really bad way, so that rant wasn't unprompted.


Oh, interesting! They didn’t show any of that, so it looked like it was totally out of left field. But whether or not Big Easy was rude to her previously, I’ve noticed a definite uptick in super-mean comments from Laurel on Cutthroat versus Fresh Meat 2. She seemed way more chill on FM2!






Zach, Jordan, Cara Maria, Paulie, bananas, bear, Theo For years this show had a bunch of horrible people arguing that the other person was worse than them


New Cara Maria. Here ego is so far up her ass now. Paulie seriously ruined her








but josh is neither a good competitor or a good personality- he's just a guy that other competitors like so he's stuck




Fessy and Rogan hands down. Dudes are beasts, but they downright annoy me whenever they actually talk.




Hunter. I had a soft spot for him on Invasion, but as the seasons went on I just found him to be so primitive and immature (espically on FR and WOTW), to the point where it was unbearable to follow his storyline.


Pretty much all of them honestly lol. I like Derrick, Leroy, Kendall, even Jonna is okay.. But most of them do not seem like great people.


leroy???- please explain that one


Idk? I just like him? Lol


oh i thought you were saying he doesn't seem like a good person - maybe you worded it wrong- he's a hard person not to like


Idk.. lol. I said “I like….” And named off the names lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️