What’s a good movie to get into cinema?

What’s a good movie to get into cinema?


Almost Famous American Beauty Babel Pulp Fiction Psycho


I agree with your list, the only thing is I haven't watched Babel or Almost Famous yet. But the rest are a sure bet for starters.


They are brilliant gems, I like them very dearly.


Tbh, just watch as many movies as you can and give movies that you aren’t sure you’ll like or not a try, it will help you learn about new genres/directors and you’ll probably find some stuff you’ll really like! I really like Agnès Varda, so Cléo from 5 to 7 and Le Bonheur are my recs for her.


Cleo from 5 to 7 is stunning.


Stalker, by Andrei Tarkovsky. Really, any of his movies, like Solaris or Nostolghia, but get to him sooner rather than later. Dive directly into the deep end of the medium.


Stalker is probably one of the least accessible movies for someone just getting into film to get into lol


exactly, this suggestion is clearly inappropriate


Man, I really need to check out Tarkovsky soon. I'm not familiar with Russian cinema.


I can immediately think of a few titles to mention (see below) but I think it’s worth considering a few things first. • I recognize where you’re coming from, because I’m the same way: I love giving people a new cinematic experience by sharing a spectacular film with them, and I love love love when people do that for me, too. But it turns out not everyone may be grateful for your efforts. My wife, for example, HATES when I try to show her a ‘good’ film— she feels it’s condescending and that I am criticizing her own tastes, or trying to ‘elevate her’ to my ‘level.’ That’s absolutely not my intention, but her feelings are 100% valid. Bottom line: make sure your friends are receptive to ‘getting into cinema’ this way, and that it’s not just your intention for them without their choice. • You’ve probably already considered this, but everyone’s tastes are different. Even among ‘great’ films, you probably won’t find one that universally gives everyone the same feeling of cinematic awe. Me, I really don’t like *The Godfather*, which is widely praised. And rightly so. But if you showed me that movie to say “This! This is what a film experience can be!” I don’t think I’d want to continue in that film pursuit much longer. With that being said, if the people around you are looking forward to your curated movie nights... and depending on their tastes, some of my favorite film experiences are: * *Amadeus* - A nearly perfect film, from the performances to the story to the design, editing, music, and of course the brilliant direction of Milos Forman. I’ve seen it maybe a dozen times in my life and I’m wowed wait h and every time by the cinematic achievement. * *The Apartment* - You can’t go wrong choosing almost any classic Billy Wilder film (*Sunset Boulevard*, *Some Like It Hot*, *Double Indemnity*) but this romantic comedy/drama has a soft spot for me. The dialogue crackles, the performances are charming, the direction is super tight, and there are moments in this movie that I’ve rarely seen matched elsewhere. (Small note: some tiny things in this movie may not have aged well, but in my opinion they can be chalked up to “It was charming in 1960, and we know better now”... but even those moments only make up, like, .005% of the film) * *Back to the Future* - Sure it’s a blockbuster, but it’s also one of the most perfect films ever made. Not a wasted frame, and thoroughly entertaining. Robert Zemeckis is in top form with his direction here. Best of luck with any and all suggestions you get here! I look forward to reading the discussions.


This is the best answer itt, OP.


My thoughts exactly.


The Godfather.


singin in the rain


Godfather Her Taxi driver Days of heaven Amelie Persona Talk to her Malena Baader meinhoff complex Bleu La strada Into the wild Dead poets society Tracks Motorcycle diaries Moonrise kingdom


An absolute yes to Persona. A little bit complex, but one of my all time favourites. The rest is very well too.


It Happened One Night (1934) Modern Times City Lights Brief Encounter (1946) A Clockwork Orange Amarcord Le Trou (1960) The Apartment (1960) I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Elevator to the Gallows Roma Ore 11 Steamboat Bill Jr.




Can you elaborate. Have you not seen any films aside from your standard summer blockbusters? Did you grow up watching some classics? Have you seen everything mainstream and want something more artistic-oriented?


Technically I wrote this post to recommend movies to other people that want to get into cinema; of course, if there's any classic movies you think everyone should see and I haven't, I’ll probably take your recommendations and watch them. But to answer your questions, I've seen both mainstream and arthouse flicks, and I'd like to see some more classics.


It's hard to be specific because when you start recommending classics, some will come across as super obvious, especially since there are a lot of younger people here who haven't grown up with movies pre-2000. But for you specifically, I suggest you just make a letterboxd account.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire


I recommend watching Sergio Leone, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, David Lean, Martin Scorsese. Lots of amazing films out there. My favorite movie decades are 1960s-1970s.


•Umbrellas of Cherbourg & Les Demoiselles de Rochefort •400 Blows •Une femme est une femme •8 1/2 or Dolce Vita •Paris, Texas •Persona or Seventh Seal •Barry Lyndon The movies that’ll be good introductions to cinema in different director categories. Could add many more to course.


Halloween (1978), The Strangers, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Stir Crazy, Friday, Boyz n the Hood, Ace Ventura, Animal House, Blade, The Warriors, New Jack City, Sicario, Training Day, Apocalypse Now, The Wild Bunch, Scarface (1983), The Dirty Dozen, The Matrix, Falling Down, Fight Club, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Platoon, Raging Bull, Money Train, Lord of War, 12 Angry Men (1957), The Jerk, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Creepshow, The Thing (1982), Candyman, Escape from New York, Hard Boiled, The Devil’s Rejects, You’re Next, Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Kill Bill, Taxi Driver, Back to the Future and Forrest Gump.


My Cousin Vinnie (1992)