I'm 22 and was wondering do I have to get a A1 license before I get can get an A2 license?

Most of the stuff I was seeing on Google was aimed at younger people so I came here. Im sorry if I'm asking a repetitive question.


nope, cbt - theory - find a school for a2


Goto gov website, it tells you exactly what you can get and how to.


If you're 22 it might be worth just waiting till you're 24. Do your CBT and ride on a 125 for 2 year unless you're desperate to avoid 125's


Here. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1056066/how-to-get-a-motorcycle-licence.pdf


You can complete your A1 or A2, the advantage of A1 license is that if you already have a CBT and a 125 bike you can just complete the license on the bike which you own, however downside is you will be restricted to 125. A2 gives you more power but also means a whole upgrade of bike etc so it depends on really what you need a bike for on a daily basis, personally I think A1 is just fine for everyday use around local area, the other thing is that if you do your A1 you can simply just do the test to upgrade later on rather than having to do the theory and lessons and stuff all over again, a little know fact is that you can also upgrade to das without theory again if you really wanted to after 24 years old.


Straight into A2! I just did this at 22


Did you ride 125cc before this