Mosin men! This is the bullet that I finally got out. Please tell me that isn't rust. And if so how do I fix this?

Mosin men! This is the bullet that I finally got out. Please tell me that isn't rust. And if so how do I fix this?


Just scrub your chamber good with a wire brush and some solvent. If it’s really rough, wrap some steel wool around it. If it’s REALLY rough, put the rod on a drill and go at it. Get that chamber shiny clean.


Yep, a 20g shotgun brush on a short rod is the perfect size to clean the chamber. usually just slap on the brush and have at it.


Same here. I recommend this method, regardless of how bad you think it is. This is just too easy and effective to not do.


This honestly saved my Mosin from the sticky bolt syndrome. It just works


That's not a big deal, just soak the chamber and bore in gun oil and then brush away the little rust that might have formed.


Yesser that’s rust. A wire brush solvent and elbow grease will get it out though. Or a power drill if you wanna save time.


Do you have a set of go/no-go gauges? Or could you post a pic against a background that isn’t patterned? It looks like there’s some bulging on the shoulder to me and I’m curious if the cartridge is not seating fully, allowing the shoulder to expand and wedge itself in the chamber.


Could boil the whole gun, will look bad at first but the rust can be brushed away with a tooth brush


That’s not a bullet


Please don't be like that man, I have had a very stressful day with this.


The man is right. As with most mechanical things there is terminology that goes with. This terminology is educational in nature. You should have a basic knowledge of a firearm before touching it. I read your post, you obviously don’t. Your ignorance makes all educated gun owner pause. People who are ignorant of the system have accidents, some of them fatal, this casts a shadow on guns and gun owners. Educate yourself, it’s not expensive or sell the gun to someone who knows what they are doing. That Redditor was trying to gently point out your ignorance, for the right reasons. You should apologize. I would bet money at one point you looked down the barrel.


I feel as though you are correct, I do apologize to the man who corrected me. Yesterday was a rough day for me and I assumed he was being a smart ass. However you my friend need to understand something.i didn't have a father who was willing to teach me all this shit as a kid. I have spent the past year and a half dedicating all my time to my military rifles, my soon to be wife while working 50 hours a week. Terminology this Terminology that, cant we men just have a little fun? Enjoy a hobby? I have put countless rounds in my mosin and love it to pieces. I am young still and have plenty to learn and so I come here for help since I don't have a dad who is willing to help me. I have respected everyone here the best I see possible. Oh and the sell the gun part? Why don't you pull your head out of your ass bud are you seriously going off so on a rant about a bullet vs case terminology? You know what, I will apologize to you. I am sorry that your so goddamn miserable that you feel the need to correct that shit in the scale that you did. What next? will you have a stroke if I call a magazine a clip? Excuse me for coming somewhere I trusted to be kind and welcoming. And sincerely, fuck you


If you hadn’t been rude I wouldn’t have said shit. It’s bad enough to ignorantly use a firearm but you had to be rude to someone trying to help you.


Thanks, I had no clue wtf OP was talking about, but you're comment helped fix my confusion. Your right it's not a bullet. I can sleep easy now. /s


Check to make sure there isn't a case neck stuck in there. I had a t56 that was a bitch to cycle and feed despite cleaning. It left circumferential grooves on cases that look like yours. I thought it was a rough chamber. I brought it to a buddy and he was going to ream the chamber and hone it. Case neck and shoulder popped out.