What's the angriest you ever got playing Mortal Kombat?


Here’s the long and short of it: fought a Sheeva in Kombat League, they abused and spammed the stomp, after doing that in both rounds they had the gall to mercy me. I gave them a fatal blow back, hit them at the Finish Her screen, and they left the game.




I wish I had the foresight to record the whole thing. I was only able to get the ending part of the fatal blow, the outro and them leaving the game because the amount of time my Xbox is set to record game clips is very short.


Sheeva stompers were top of my list too, took a bit to get the hang of punishing it, up until then it was single handedly the most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered.


Worst part was I had little to no practice in how to dodge her stomps; I didn’t have the DLC (still don’t) so I couldn’t really practice unless I played Towers or happened upon a Sheeva online.


I had the same issue, only after encountering Sheevas nearly every other KL match was I able to develop a strategy.


Shao Kahn in mk9, I remember I threw my controller out the window and it landed on my neighbor’s pool, he came at the house and though we were cursing them


When pokes lowprofile my mid in MK11. God, many gameplay aspects of MK11 pissed me off so much.


Agreed MK11 is rage inducing compared to 9 and x


Erron black 😡


Playing against the cpu in MK1 and 2 on sega genesis. I threw the controller at my own face.


>I threw the controller at my own face. LOL, how does that even happen?


Most likely Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection on Xbox 360. There was an achievement for beating all 3 games…I sounded like mother fkn MRGSTAR321 while playing MK2. Ironically MK2 is my favorite MK game but god damn does it piss me off.


I've never been able to beat MK2. Every other game (except 11, haven't played it yet), I've managed to do it, but for the life of me, even when playing on the easiest difficulty, I just couldn't beat 2. Heck, I beat every other MK game up to Armageddon with every single character, but 2, I can't do it.


The first time I played Deadly Alliance, I kept losing to Moloch and that made me so mad that I threw my controller at a wall and broke it.


The wall or the controller?


The controller


Mk11 PC (early version) where AI were literally unbeatable.


Tie between the first shao khan fight in MK9 and heated games of MKX with my friends


Must have been during the Mortal Kombat Trilogy days. Trying to climb that ladder, at some point the AI basically becomes clairvoyant.


That would be 10 year old me fighting against Shao Kahn in the story. Bro made me smash my controller and take a break from the story for a month


Shao MK9 Most of MK11. I just straight up don't like that game.


Probably against a Kung Jin.


Sheeva stompers MK 11 Kombat League, one of the most frustrating. Been playing since MK (1992) in and out of arcades and the Sheeva stompers put any other bad mk experience to shame 😂


I mean they’re easy now. Just forward forward or back back, then combo them.


Kombat League grind to get to demi-god.


I was fighting my younger brother in x, he used the ninjutsu variant of scorpion, he kept spamming that damn forward back punch, I was trying out new characters so I picked up ferra/torr, he won, obviously, he was spamming and I was trying a character I wasn't familiar with, plus I was going a bit easy on him, like a good older brother, he beat me, and he started saying he was better then me, even though I had beaten him 7 times before that, I got mad so I played as my main, inferno scorpion, he picked ninjutsu scorpion, he beat me again, after that I pissed cause he was talking shit and he backed it up ONCE, now whenever I beat him, in any game, he always says he's going easy on me, and I'm nice enough to let him


Honestly I generally get angrier at the story than the experience of playing.


I mercied someone twice, died both times, and got fatalaty twice by the same person.


I don't get angry while playing videogames. It's just a game. If I lose the opponent was either better than me or I made the wrong moves. Simple as that.


Playing against Sub in MK11 is just too much for me. It got to the point where he was far too popular that I stopped playing the game because I couldn't take playing that cheap ass mfer 1 more time.


I was in an online tournament fighting a guy using Joker. He beat me senseless, couldn't land a single hit. He then proceeds to send me a message saying "You suck and should give up the game." That was the angriest I ever got. I'm sure people have other and much worse stuff, but that one really got to me.


Shang Tsung fight challenge in the in MKD's konquest mode. He's constantly healing and you're constantly bleeding out. And btw the AI is FACKED


Same thing in every game. Getting to the finial boss for the first time, getting stomped, yelling FUCK THIS and/or THIS IS BULLSHIT, and rage quitting, only to jump right back in and find a way to cheese the boss so I can pretend I'm hot shit