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They look like they're sharing a joke.


“So I said to the guy, throw me a bone here”


*Can laugh track plays*


It was absolutely humerus


He is like "Ah, look at them worried about money and stuff".


So does the fourth. They just look so jolly. Kind of nice to have a happy looking corpse.


Looks like Danny Devito.


"I'm gonna get real weird with it" - Frank


Looks like tall Warwick Davis


"The gang does Halloween"


looks like a prop from haunted mansion at disneyland


I wish this sub didn't have rule 1...


was crying when i saw that first pic (sad tears… obviously….)


Do the mods hold true to their word about banning people? If so, it seems like half the people commenting on this post are gonna get banned..😬


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Has a Danny Devito vibe


None of them will complain that's for sure.


Okay so can someone provide the backstory?


Along with a rapidly growing population, Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Last year, the crime-ravaged capital of Guatemala City averaged 40 reported homicides a week, according to the United States State Department. As a result, the capital’s two largest public cemeteries are so cramped for space that relatives must rent tombs for their deceased. If they fall behind on payments, cemetery workers “evict” the dead and move the remains to mass graves. The rental process isn't new, but now more and more of the city’s dead are being taken to several mass graves on the outskirts of the main cemetery, where the air reeks of a neighboring garbage dump and the wings of vultures beat in the sky. The practice of grave rentals and evictions speaks to many of the challenges facing this beleaguered country: violence, the rift between rich and poor, and unemployment are but a few. The shadow of a 36-year civil war that left more than 200,000 dead still hangs over the impoverished nation. A 1996 peace accord provided little respite before street gangs, and more recently Mexican drug cartels moved in. [Source](https://www.csmonitor.com/layout/set/amphtml/World/Americas/2012/1128/Death-evictions-Guatemala-s-violence-takes-an-unusual-toll) [Here](https://www.csmonitor.com/layout/set/amphtml/World/Americas/2012/1128/Death-evictions-Guatemala-s-violence-takes-an-unusual-toll) is the article it looks like many of the pictures are from


40 homicides a week in a population of less than 17 million people is astounding, fuckin hell.


that's 40 homicides a week in the capital. which has about a million people.


The national average is 20 per day.


Wow thank you for that info!


"where the air reeks of a neighboring garbage dump and the wings of vultures beat in the sky." Do you write poetry \u\hyena-heretic? You should.




“Hey grab that bag of bones! The family paid up!” *looks at Mt. Bone Bag for the bag of bones in question*


"Capitalism" a history


Supply and demand. Thats how the world works.


And the winner for contributing the most amount of nothing towards a discussion goes to. . .




souja boy


I saw the first pic a while ago, and I saw someone say it looked like Danny DeVito, and now I can't un-see it


I came here to say he looks like Danny DeVito.


It also looks like the alive guy in the pic a little


I've always thought the first one looks like Rudy Giuliani with the [massive toothy grin](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e0/Rudy_Giuliani_%2849279859833%29_%28cropped%29.jpg/1280px-Rudy_Giuliani_%2849279859833%29_%28cropped%29.jpg).


Was going to ask if anyone else saw Frank, okay, glad it’s not just me…


Why does everybody, even the corpse, look like they're just having a jolly fucking time in the first image


because they’re all sharing an inside joke duh


Guy: "What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?... Spare ribs." Skeleton: "Heh, good one dude."


This is really sad. They're so pressed for cemetery space that families have to rent crypts, and if they fall behind on payments, the corpses are exhumed and reburied in mass graves.


This happens in Germany. Graves are rented, not owned. Typically families will rent out family plots for 2-4 people and they are rented for around 30 years before the "lease" can be renewed or ended. The idea is that after this time period, there should be no body left and the grave is emptied, ready to be reused by someone else. This is normal here because there is a finite space to put the dead and also (as much as we don't want to admit it) within a couple of generations the individuals are forgotten about anyway. My German husband on the other hand, thinks it's super weird that married couples are buried on top of each other "like bunk beds" (his words) in the UK. Just shows you how much the culture we grow up in molds our ideas of what is and isn't acceptable to do with the dead. He also thinks it's a waste of space to have forever graves because eventually there'll be no room.


is cremation not a big thing there?


I don't know how popular it is, but the law is very strict and cremated remains must also be buried in the cemetery. Absolutely insane! We should be able to keep our loved one's ashes at home if we want.


wow, really? thats kinda nuts how the ashes have to be interred. where i am (San Francisco, CA), we can obviously keep our loved ones ashes. but most if not all mortuaries/funeral homes ive spoken to people about wont "split" the ashes for you, so people end up doing it themselves (morbid i know. my mom had to split both my grandparents between herself and her 4 sisters). and spreading ashes is a whole other problem.


They wouldn't split the ashes? I'm in the Midwest, both of my parents were cremated within the last 10 years. The funeral homes we went through were just like "bring in whatever urns you want... If you decide in 10 years you want to buy more urns and have us separate the ashes for you again just bring everything in, no charge." That is bizarre to me because it's just... Not a big deal.


Yep, that’s what my mom told me. no fuckin idea why, maybe it’s just a couple places (most people/families I know pretty much go to two mortuaries and cemeteries in Colma, CA). But I agree it’s stupid


Maybe state laws or something. I just didn't know that was a thing.


I had to split my stepfather’s ashes so my mother and stepsisters could share him. It was very upsetting. No one warns you how heavy the ashes are or what they’ll look like… thank goodness for dissociation


They really are surprisingly heavy! A friend of mine has her dad's ashes, and the box was soooo heavy. She was moving, so there was lot of moving him from one place to another. We got curious and put the box on a scale to see how much it weighed. If I remember correctly, the ashes + the box weighed around 35lbs. He was a pretty small man too. My cat's ashes on the other hand, aren't heavy at all. Kind of makes me go 🤔 at whether what I received was actually (all of) their ashes.


I remember some guy on YouTube that was in very fancy dress discussing if you get all of your loved ones ashes. He is/was a mortician or something similar and I remember him saying there is absolutely no way to get 100% of the ashes out, and no way to 100% guarantee you don’t get someone else’s ashes mixed in. It’s like a cremation potluck!


This is an awesome r/writingprompts


to be fair - my cat weighs about 10 lbs. a small man is probably at least 130 lbs - if we assume the ashes were about a quarter the bodyweight then 2.5 lbs seems like a safe ballpark and I can't imagine that would feel like much


Cremated remains weigh 5 or 6 lbs, tops. The box itself probably made most the weight


It *was* a very thick, solid box, so I wouldn't be surprised.


Last summer we took a trip to San Francisco/Oakland to bring my mother in law to her final resting place at Mountain View. We got to walk around the mortuary, it was extremely fascinating to see the different areas, and types of crypts.


Mountain View is nice. if youre ever here again, take a few hours to drive to Colma, CA. its like 20 minutes driving just south of SF. more dead people than living, and a fair amount of famous people. provided youre courteous and quiet, youre allowed to walk around and find said famous graves, and look around. its neat. i love doing that in old cemeteries up in the mountains (Tuolumne County) where my family cabin is. graves going as far back or older than the gold rush. lots of "stereotypical" headstones with stuff like "shot in the back" or "died of cholera" etc.


Someone I know shipped the body to Netherlands for cremation where they picked up the ashes and drove it back into Germany so they could spread the ashes in their garden.


That is genuinely good to know.


So what happens if you just don't turn the body over to the state? I feel like that's what you're saying, the government straight up charging you if someone you know dies. Can they literally track down and fine family members if they refuse to bury the body/ashes?


well, if someone just disappears, that would probably send up a red flag or two with someone. neighbors, family not in the know, friends not in the know, govt (pensions or assistance etc). then, if youre found out theyre gonna ask wtf happened to them. possible murder investigation, fraud investigation etc. even if you do everything else legally, the govts gonna want to know where they went as proof of their death. then yea, theyll fine you, maybe even criminally charge you for i dont know, improper handling of a corpse or something? just a thought. i guess you could take someone who you *know* is going to die, set them up in another country temporarily and go by said countries process, then take the ashes home with you. i doubt the local govt would be able to force your hand in that situation.


The other guy has pretty much answered the question. In some regions you can take the ashes home, but it involves a lot of paperwork and it's only in a couple of regions. I genuinely hope that changes though. Also in Germany, the body is often kept at home before the funeral. I remember when my husband's grandfather died, he was in his bed for many hours as the family grieved. The doctor came to write the death certificate, then the minister came and he was taken by the undertaker the next day. There is no rush, no emergency, for a body to be removed. So the time BEFORE the funeral is the most important time to be with the body.


Damn. My late FIL's wish was for him to be cremated and added to paint to professionally repaint his three best guitars for my husband, son, and FIL. I can't imagine being told what we can do with a loved one.


Same in Poland. Awful, stupid law and I hope they change it.


Cremation used to be a big thing back in the early 1940's.


ah, good one






>in the US you can walk around graveyards and see headstones that are 100-200 years old. you can easily find them in german graveyards as well, mostly in family plots that have been in use for several generations, or on smaller cemetaries in the countryside.


Same in the UK too. A grave is forever. I love walking around historic graveyards. Interestingly though, forever graves seem to be a relatively new thing (within the last 300 years unless you're aristocracy) because it was common for cemeteries, especially within cities, to be reused. One of my favourite graveyards in Edinburgh (Greyfreier's) has several hundred marked graves and looks very organised, but in reality it is a massive mass grave with hundreds and thousands of people laying there, with only the rich having marked graves.


It's the same way in Australia. The laws here allow for you to either buy your grave in perpetuity, or to lease it for periods between 25 years and 99 years. At least for the shorter leases, they can be renewed if the surviving relatives are interested in that. I don't know what happens with the 99 year leases, though--whether they just dig up the grave and give it to someone else, or if they track down your living relatives who've never heard of you and tell them to pay up. The thing here is that getting buried in a cemetery is becoming increasingly expensive. Even though Australia is the same size as the contiguous United States and has a much lower population, most people tend to live pretty close to the coast, so what cemeteries there are tend to get crowded fast. People generally aren't interested in having their bodies dragged out to the desert and buried there, essentially. The other thing here is that sometimes local governments will just bulldoze old graves to make room for new ones. Sometimes they just have to if it's an older cemetery and people keep dying. This tends to rub people the wrong way when it happens because people tend to see their grave as a sacred thing, but most of the time when it happens, they're getting rid of older graves that belonged to people who nobody remembers anymore. Nobody was visiting them except a few morbid people who like visiting the graves of their dead ancestors for whatever reason.


I didn't know AUS was the same size as the continental US. That's so wild to me. I'm also one of those people that visits graves of my family members whom I didn't know because my tribe believes nobody is truly dead until there is no one left to remember them by. I visited the graves of my great-grandparents the last time I was home despite them dying in the 1970s, 30 years before I was born. I never knew them but our traditions still press me to honor them


I’m Australian and all my family are cremated and scattered to the four winds. Never considered burial and I also think it’s weird for ashes to be buried. Sprinkle them and essentially turn back to earth. No space at all needed. I do find it fascinating how different countries deal with their dead.


Hence why I will be shot out of cannon into shark infested waters covered in chum. Gramps went out with a bang they will say.


At that point why have a grave at all?


> The idea is that after this time period, there should be no body left and the grave is emptied in the USA, nearly every body is embalmed and put in a sealed casket so they will never deteriorate. im not getting buried, im getting cremated, and then hopefully having my bone dust thrown into a dirt pile somewhere.


My body is getting donated. Medical student practice, left to rot in a field for forensic study, blown up by the army for testing, I'm not bothered. Not as if I'll be aware of anything anyways.


I think you under sold it. Embalmed, placed in a rot resistant sealed casket, and placed in a concrete vault all to yourself. Unless you're poor...[i.e. Eastern Cemetery ](https://friendsofeasterncemetery.com/history/)


Christ, I wonder what they look like now. Edit: I didn't mean I wonder what Christ looks like now


Just like the day they died, if they were embalmed. The bodies put in the ground in the usa will likely never rot unless they are poor. I would want no embalming and a simple pine casket so i rot away in a number of years and my grave site can be reuses by family. The cemetary wont allow that.


Thanks for the comment, I literally had no context whatsoever!


Shit... even in death rent is too high


Our country is not pressed for space yet you still have to pay yearly rent or they just bury someone else over you.


In my opinion, this story is the absolute epitome of this sub Reddit.


This is so cursed. This is how hauntings happen. May as well just require cremation.


Oh.. oh nooooo…. That is just horrible


Damn capitalism! Fucks you over whilst your alive and dead!


I was worried this was the reason and it's disgusting. A place that disrespects its dead is a shameful place.


People: they can’t evict me if I’m dead Government: wanna bet?


Somebody's goin to hell for this shit! Makes me wonder how many are buried in people's backyards?


Why do the people in the pics still look a bit “fat” even though they’re mummified?


I think it's the clothes. They seem to have kept their shape


That would explain it! (I hate saying this but) Is it the dried juices that keep it sturdy? Or something funeral services put on it? Thx


The first dudes skull looks wide as fuck to me and thats why


Fat can be preserved during natural mummification, look up "soap mummies". Not only that but some of these bodies look bundled up in layers of clothing


I know i shouldn't say this but the first one made me chuckle a bit. When zoomed out, he just looks like a short, fat man hunching a bit with a big cheesy grin.


I think this post perfectly represents the title of this sub “morbid reality” Also the dude smiling in the first picture really throws me off because at first it looked like the dead body was also smiling..like they had just both laughed at a joke the dude and the dead guy. Creepy.


The workers are smiling in every photo, didn't expect that.


They say people who work in the business of death tend to also be some of the funniest people you'll meet because you need a sense of humor to avoid being overcome with how depressing the job is.


Makes sense. The work doesn't look fun at all.


Post Mortem evictions? Post Mortem evictions.


This is common in many parts of the world. After a set amount of time, the bones are taken from the crypt and placed in an ossuary. It’s often done for space reasons.


Better than Post Mortem Erections


No one will give a hand with that problem.


Just imagine hearing a knock on the door and looking through the peep hole and seeing that first one. Creepy. Just creepy.


Inflation is so bad even the dead can’t afford to stay dead.


I’m sorry, evicted??


Yeah, they're replacing the old low income crypts for new high rise crypts with a whole foods at the bottom


That explains it thank you


the old corpses ARE the whole foods


dey tuuuk r graeeevs


Imagine you fucking die and still have to pay god damn rent.


They even charging u rent after death


Crypt Eviction. Best band name ever.


I love how they are just having the best time.


The fact that they were literally evicted from their “resting place” is dumbfounding At least first homie looks thrilled to be out again


Dang. Rent so bad even the dead are getting evicted.


Why does the dude in the first pic look just like the dead guy (smile)?


The foot degloving in the last picture is nasty. It looks like it would just slide off if they moved her


Forbidden sock


theyre just sticking that one dude in a bag :-(


Danny DeVito has really let himself go


These photos are incredible. This is top morbid content.


Some cultures are quite comfortable around death. It's refreshing.


I find it so insane your hair just stays there forever


For most of these, I like to imagine that there’s some really respectful story behind the process, and the workers smiles are out of some “dia de los muertos” type belief, but the one where their just jamming the poor corpse in a bag is pretty frickin heart wrenching.


Burial after death is now a subscription service...? Fuck this world is shit.


Damn land lords won’t let up even if your dead.


Well the first one seems happy about the situation


Damn the dark souls exibit looking amazing this year!


they are moving them with such ease and smile on their face like they are some furniture or goods and not 'dead human skeletons'


I can only hope I’m that happy when the time comes…beautiful in a way. But why pay to be buried there if you’re inevitably going to be kicked out?


The way they're handling these people is a bit shocking.


So wait, they’re exhuming bodies because they couldn’t pay their rent WTF?!?! Is that what is happening???


Yea the families didn’t pay the rent, so the corpses had to be exhumed. Not really that weird honestly. Can’t just keep building crypts forever unless you want living people to be displaced by mausoleums and graves. Space is limited and the dead don’t complain.


…. Yea, I guess you’re right, maybe we should be fertilizing deserts with our dead


First guy's just the life of the party Even the guy exhuming him looks happy to see him


the man looks awfully happy to be around dead peoples dead corpse


That’s another reason why I wish to be cremated and buried at Point Nemo.


Its all fun and games until you hear something in the back say: "hmpf, these younglings don't respect their elders anymore"


WOW! How/why does a corpse get evicted?


You guys seen that documentary of people in Manila slums living in cemetaries just like this? Children playing on piles of unburied skeletons and bones. I mean what a sad state of affairs. If we could have a glimpse into what our lives would be like when we're born and choose to opt out... wouldn't that be nice.


The first guy is oddly cute. Like a little old man just waiting for the bus. I hope he can rest in peace soon


Burial in general is dumb.


I wonder if they smell


I'd say that's up to if they were embalmed enough and how long they were in the crypt. The clothes might carry a smell. I imagine very musty .


afaik burials happen within 24 hours of passing in Guatemala. I can’t speak for the entire country but from the few I’ve had connection to, they were super rapid.


Makes sense. Honestly probably more ego friendly to not have those chemicals around


As ridiculous as it is for dead bodies to be evicted from a crypt, to be honest it seems equally ridiculous that anyone cares what happens to their bodies or those of their loved ones after they're dead. Shit's weird. Without a hint of sarcasm, honestly, when I'm dead, just throw me in the trash.


How about we just burn you to ashes and save your neighbors from the horrible smell.




And here I thought that was the Pallbearer


How are they standing?


First body looks like happy Danny DeVito.


I guess at some point, all of earth could be a graveyard. Need to find a way to recycle people. I like the idea of being planted beneath a tree. Or maybe cremated and turned into coffee mug.


I’m going to hell for laughing at the first pic


I’ve never expected to see an adorable corpse, not to mention two. They are just little, happy guys!


Any back story on these individuals?


Damn rent increases


In a really twisted but wholesome way, they all look like they’re laughing at some sort of inside joke… kind of spooky.


First pic is the face of: “I had an uncle who once… ”. That’s him!


The first guy looks so damn happy to be above ground again.


That first picture the corpse literally looks like it’s got a shit eating grin on its face and for some reason I just keep picturing Danny Davito. Edit:Spelling


That first one! He's like "come on Jack! Full rent by friday..I got ppl owe money..."


🎶 Hello Bloodborne my old friend 🎶


First guy looks like he’s having a good time


They shouldn’t have done this. Let the dead rest. This is why I’m getting cremated.


I fully agree, but based on the comments, this is bound to happen eventually. You must rent the tomb for your dead family member, how long could you afford to make payments? What if they suddenly became sick or had a child, how much extra money for the rental of a tomb do these people have? And eventually, they too will pass. So do their children now continue to pay the rent on their grandmothers tomb and now mothers? Or do they just lapse on the payment and let the government move the remains? It's an odd situation all around here. I also think cremation would solve a lot of these issues, but I wonder if there is a religious reason they choose not to.


It sucks but makes sense, the funeral and burial are for the living not the dead, and at some point the living are gone too, no need for bodies no one knows to be taking up space. It’s crazy to think that someone should own a space on this planet for the rest of time. We should all be cremated or something where we aren’t taking up so much space.


Mfs not even wearing masks


This is how the zombie plague starts.


Could I offer you an egg in this trying time?


The first guy sees his future self.


The amount of, ahem… shrinkage…, makes me wonder if we’ve underestimated the height of ancient peoples


Stunning pictures


Let’s remember the rules people


Wtf, does rent continue after death or something?


That last one still appears to have an eyeball. I'm glad I'm going to be cremated or turned into dirt (the fast way) or something. I know I won't exist anymore, but I sure as shit don't want to look like this.


I’ve told my family to cremate me in the most economical way possible. If anything I wanna be a tree pod I’m 25


Nothing fucking matters.


First one looks like a happy kind man


Why they getting evicted ?


I want my cake, Bedelia!


The worker in the white shirt smiling inexplicably. ???


Man that\`s creepy! It\`s like he\`s smiling!


So yuck, all the clothes turn that ugly brown because of the decaying flesh. I've stumbled across dead animals, nothing but a pile of scattered bones stripped clean, that seem to have a more dignified resting place than this. Human folly.