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Check out Quiver Quant. You can see when the House and Senate make trades, and cross-reference that with their committee assignments on GovTrack and industries they received donations from on OpenSecrets. Short answer: yeah it sure seems like it.


You’re a legend for thinking to string those sources together, thank you I’m going to be watching this like a hawk


You are so very welcome! I do a fairly significant amount of work in policy and advocacy, so I spend too much time in those sites. I need to figure out how to look at individual trades legislators make, I think it's possible in Quiver but I've only been using the "general stock portfolio performance" graph by person and stock.


Gotcha, I’ll let you know if I make headway myself


I doubt it was ever meant to be an impartial system. The guys running the show today are just taking protocol from before and running with it. Problem is, it was always an obfuscated system designed to do the opposite of what you would think it to do based on first glance and now its starting to show on paper people are seeing this and are getting pissed. Have you seen the keyboard warriors on r/superstonk ? someone actually took the time to type all that shit out, whether to take them seriously or not is up to you. It's always been a racist, corrupt association of politicians, rich business interests, financial firms & retail traders getting lucky or screwed depending on the day.


Look up Nancy pelosi lol


Is this a real question?


Based german broker removed sell button and ledt buy button in there


As far as I’m concerned for the moment GME and AMC were a fluke. The reality is that the people in control of the market have all the tools at their disposal to adapt to what happened to be ready the next time hair happens. The trouble with the retail traders is that we are all disjointed individuals. We have the power to disseminate hordes of information but at the same time we can get caught up in our own conspiracy theories and go down the wrong track. Shills can lead us to the slaughter. To be able to ply this game retail traders have to put up their own hard earned money. Your life savings. We don’t get bailouts. It’s the highest stakes game I know of. Until we can repeat the same performance again and hit them where it hurts I’m not seeing activist investors having the upper hand.


Tesla and Overstock have entered the chat.


This is so wrong, I had to comment to dispel the misinformation presented here by this user. Or maybe you're a paid shill, but who the fuck knows or who gives a fuck. Clearly, you haven't done your research, now get out of my sight.


Why the anger? I can assure you I’m not a shill. I had a substantial position in GME which I liquidated on Jan 28 to my dismay. I pop in and out of the GME and AMC subs from time to time. One thing that surprises me is how the community was focused on HODLing and so little of the attention was put on litigating against the Jan 28 culprits. We’re supposed to wait to get a $50 check in the mail 5 years from now from a class action? Look at my post history you’ll see I hardly ever comment on it. But I’ve seen a lot of good information but also misconceptions. Per my original post the task of the retail investor to fight the big boys is a colossal one.


Wtf???? You think I am going to read all of that? Fuck on out of here already!


True. Not cooperating is the reason we will fail, and anyone who thinks the big dogs are following all the rules is quite mistaken.


Of course it is rigged. Everything is rigged. The point is to figure out how to profit from it by learning the rules and the ways to bypass said rules. No one actually follows the rules for longer than it takes to learn how to circumvent them legally. That is why it has rules. You have to play the game and lose, so that others can win, and in the process you learn how you can win by making others lose, and then they learn and...


It’s funny I look at peoples comments an laugh your more retard than I am have a good day moon bets warriors


Some of the stocks are rigged by the whales and owners.