I'm on xbox so idk what I could do to help. But if you need help with controls for weapons. there is a couple of YouTube channels that helped me a lot (arreckz gaming helped me the most). But the biggest thing for me was realizing that your armor build depends on the skills in them than looks. they have event quest out on a non stop rotation in the gathering hub that can help with builds. Make sure you upgrade your armor, be amazed how many people dont realize that's a thing. sounds like your about to enter high rank so your about to get access to better armor sets.


Sadly MHW doesn't have crossplay, I would offer to help you out but I'm a PC player. Just keep playing and hunting monsters you're familiar or comfortable with which will help you learn the combat and overall mechanics of the game and also help you find the weapon for you. If you're stuck on anything go to YouTube. Arrekz Gaming does great in-depth guides on basically anything in the game. Hope this helps.


Maybe I could help you out sometime… Lmk if you ever wanna play together:]


You'll get the hang of it :) I was the same way but it took me longer to figure out cause the only advice I got was "git gud" & "don't get hit" lol What are the main things you're having trouble with? I play on playstation and I can gear down too if you want.


There's no crossplay, but I'm on playstation as well, and I can help out this weekend, barring a couple of appointments. Are you comfortable with voice chat? I find it easier to explain things and coordinate hunts that way, but if not I can plug in a keyboard and script some shoutouts.


Voice chat is preferable


What’s ur psn?


Psn is carnivorn, same as my name here. I am abt to head out the door but should be back in two hours, I sent this while killing time sorry :'D


(messaged you on playstation, in case u didn't see it / won't see it till later)