(MEME) Does Kyle ever become more... likable or tolerable? because so far i hate this little turd (no spoilers please)

(MEME) Does Kyle ever become more... likable or tolerable? because so far i hate this little turd (no spoilers please)


The game doesn't do him any favors by briefly letting us hang out with the awesome Bro Reverto and then taking him away and sticking us with Kyle.


The game doesnt do him much of a favor by being a direct downgrade to any buddy you encounter. Like yeah, his attacks are good for part breaking, but his ruthless fighting style just makes it all a pain, as suddenly, you need to play the healer not only for your Monstie, but for an insecure edgy teen as well.


Only time where he's really useful is elder zone 7, where he's basically required to succeed. To avoid more spoilers than necessary that's all I'll say


Is he? I mean yeah, sounds plausible, but Reverto worked out just fine for me


If you were able to handle >!basarios!< In ez 7 without Kyle, I'm very impressed. Reverto literally does 2 damage per hit thanks to the mechanic in that section


Dang I was hoping I could stick to Alwin through the whole thing.


Alwin might be ok, since what you really need for the first monster in that section is pierce, but he'll do less damage than Kyle since legiana won't do anything, and Kyle has a water bow and water weapons are good for the 3rd fight in zone 7 (which isn't as hard but still rough)


Thanks for the heads up Eheheh


How? Literally every other partner is useless in zone 7 Edit: Every other partner *besisdes Kyle* becusse apparently that wasn't clear.


Zone 7 is a weapon specific and water elemental damage specific dmg zone and any other weapons or attack types does literally like 2 dmg per attack due to the game mechanic. To defeat the first monster you need hammer before breaking part and then bow after breaking part and kyle happens to run Mitsuzune water bow, so he is only useful at there. Even reverto will deal only 2 dmg per hit because he uses Great sword.


Yeah...thats what I meant. Everyone but Kyle is useless in that zone.


Guess I just had luck. I know, there isnt really an RNG in it, but even tho Reverto didn't do much damage, I handled it just fine, probably because the enemy was just a dumb shiz, at least for me. Well thats until whatever came after the first enemy at stage 7, there I evenrually had to change. But to be fair, I prolly only did it, cause I just completely real the enemy as well, due to me failing like 50 times. But yeah, it is possible, just not worth it. I didn't even understand that I wasn't supposed to do it like that, Im just that dense. Edit: now that I think about it, it was probsbly because I just happened to get a strong crit every 2nd turn and also because my kinship-meter was full all the time so I could perform kinship attacks pretty often. I know it sounds like a fat cap, but thats like, the only time this sorta thing happened to me in the entire game.


The crits make sense, but don't kinship skills also do next to no damage? Or do you mean actual monstie skills? Cause I know Mizu can do damage against Glavenous's tail in that zone.


Kyle, please stop Charging when the Monster is targeting you.


It's a flex that us ordinary riders wont understand.


Other people: *flex their wealth and materialistic belongings* The Chad Kyle: *flexes his superiority on every single oppenent by always going offensive and ruining your playstyle, as you need to carry him as a HEALER even tho ur the PROTAGONIST just because he is too incompetent to slurp a potion (his future hunter teammates will most definitely love him)* Truly too incomprehensible for us normie riders. (Btw never play like Kyle, people will literally go ballistic if u do this in co-op missions, be more like the GIGA CHAD Cheval, who always puts his and his partners well being as his priortiy and heals u at every Single opportunity)


or the ultra chad reverto who actually attacks consistently instead of charging every other turn and has the health and general beef to get away with never taking his meds


Reverto is just too much of a bro. I actually got stuff done when he was with me. I prefer Cheval tho, because I still have nostalgia from the first game (I know, Reverto was there too, but he was mostly the cool funny character and not much of a plot device)


I mean yeah Reverto didn't do much in the first game outside of stop you being mummified by a Nerscylla and then serenade you about how zen he is over a steak dinner, at least in the second he regularly fights alongside you.


Thats why I love MHST2, they took Revertos boss ass personality and added him fighting alongside the player, which just makes the perfect combo.


Reverto master race rider!


Or the pro waifu Kaina who's used more Ancient potions on me than I can ever buy.


Kayna got me down horrendously. Ajulia too, but sadly, she didn't have that much mandatory screentime (#moreajuliascreentime) Or Im just hallucinating because I just bashed through Loloska


Naah Ajulia (or Avinia) had more screen time than Reverto and Lillia. Unfortunately for me too, I wasn't a big fan of Loloska and mowed through the Loloska quests (Royal Zinogre fight was good though). But Kayna was the most helpful battlebuddy to me or maybe just because she is the highest level battlebuddy I have.


Yeah, thought so. But hey, at least she made a good comeback, I mean she looks absolutely amazing. Cheval too, my boi really grew up to be a man


Yeah and he got rid of his bitchyness that he had in the first game (maybe it got transferred to Kyle). I really like him now. Except he got a cheat flying Rathian.


Yeah, I also think Kyle somehow inherited young Chevals bitchyness. Cause he even said himself, that Kyle reminded him of when he was younger and used to hate Monsters. And yeah Rathie is kind of a broken Rathian, but hey, if we get to have cool DLC monsters then Cheval might as well get one too.


But I want my Dreadqueen to Fly.


It makes me wonder if he's programmed to be that way - each companion can add a different "difficulty" to battles. He's hard mode. As a character though, he seems like a pretty well-written, if not stereotypical, teenager - moody, prideful, and emotionally immature.


Kyle, as a character, is a little odd to me. His primary motivation is to revenge his injured father and make him proud, but Ratha didn't blast his dad, Guardian Ratha did. >!He doesn't seem to care for the mission because he's supposed to capture Ratha, but just tries to kill it when he has the chance. This isn't helped by the fact we never learn much about his father.!< >!He also seems easily fooled and confused by matters outside of immediate Hunter knowledge. Which I can't tell if that's because he's young, didn't care enough to notice, or if he relies too much on Tsukino to handle that.!<


his father lying when he injured. we all know he carted and went back to drinking beer and feasting. being injured is just a cover up


The story itself is a bit rough, yeah, but the characters themselves are well done. You may very well be right that he seems..extra dumb at times..but it might still be intentional.


My biggest gripe so far is that he basically is the reason why Riders often don’t trust Hunters. You trespass on an island in an event to try and get each side to understand each other, attack a wizened and powerful Rathalos that was partnered to the past leader of these people and then play the victim? My second is that there are now 3 canon Rathas, but thats something that’s been repeated over and over again.


A lot of that is just due to the actual story being terribly written and full of contrivances. It being a MH game and all. But some of it is definitely him being a willful, immature baby man. Tsukino obviously is more keen to what his best interests should be, even if he takes a while to catch up to her level.


My biggest problem with this story is that it feels like the cast (and the writers) just sorta *forgot* this isn't a generic JRPG, it's a Monster Hunter game and some of those classic JRPG tropes just don't mesh that well with it. Also, Red spent most of his life hunting for clues and he ***never bothered to write his findings down!?*** Not even a back-up plan should something happen to him!?


Huh, I never thought about that.


Yeah the actual story of stories 2 was really disappointing. Especially considering it’s predecessor had an actually good story. A lot of the plot point in 2 felt like rehashes of points in 1 that are less effective this time.


He's zuko but crappy


>!He kinda wound up with Cheval's problem in the 1st game and was blinded by his hatred for monsters and wound up getting manipulated in the process.!< >!It was also nice to see Cheval as a mature adult now because he was more hardcore in his blind hatred of monsters and did some worse stuff than than Kyle!<


Idk how far you are in the story but he does become more tolerable, slightly...Get used to him though.


I like my angry tsundere bro, but not his awful playstile


I hate how it you want Tsukino with you you're forced to bring Kyle. He has a tiny bit of character progression throughout the game but he's still super full of himself and standoffish, really not a fan of him.


I honestly really like him. Maybe that's just me lol


i had no problem with him either. But i bet if kyle was female or something they all be saying how they love them lol.


LMAO That is very true.


I hate how downvote angry ppl get when you say you dont like said female cause how they look and the whole loli thing and pedo thing ppl seem to not understand should be illigial.


Oh, same. "But she's fictional!" Yeah bro that doesn't change shit lmao


*also she op gt get her*. Ya that still allowing pedo advertisment is illigial in usa. Maybe Japan or elsewhere it ok but like truly im sick of it. Also where are all the fat woman. All i see are skinny. Sad.


Ah well, at least there's improvement on that end lol




Oh God, you're so right lol


Of course i am. I seen so many people obsessed over character in game no matter how horrible just cause female. It sickens me. I just want to enjoy a good game with storyline. Not have it ruined by devs obsession over females. (Thankfully Capcom not that).


Change to Kylie and the game would be more popular for sure


truly sad. Funny thing is people who dont play games (pc or console or mobile) have no idea this is what happening.


Same but I also love Navirou, I'm fond of the annoying little turds types in games


No, his name is always Kyle no matter what you do.


it's like the writers knew


I mean, he gets better but not enough for me


He's gonna be a bit more *tsundere.*


I find his reason for hating ratha so very stupid. So ur telling me your pissed cause ur dad almost died while HUNTING a wyvern? Oh wow i cant believe hunting a GIANT WYVERN could’ve been risky and GOD forbid it hurt your dad while he was trying to kill it. It’s almost like that could happen in EVERY HUNT DUMBASS!


When the credits roll.


He's a male tsundere. Kinda redeemable near the very end of the story, but they just made him so unlikeable


Why does everyone hate one of the only 2 good companions in this game lmao


Man, I love Kyle. He starts off annoying, but he does grow out of it. I bet everyone would love him if he were a girl. He's literally a tsundere.


He's a kid, y'all need help lol


Even after the story he still sucks as a person


Used Pep talk, Kyle: "You're not getting a thanks from me" next turn. Used Cheer, Kyle: "Thanks". Me: Shut the hell up


He's refreshingly rude and abrasive, imo. Everyone else is just fine to be dragged along with smiles and giggles, being supportive of every decision you make, but Kyle kind of breaks that formula by being the antithesis of your past partners, and I can applause that. His AI is rubbish, tho ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ


Just a big tsundere throughout


I liked him by the end but that might just be because I’m a girl that likes the mean guy that warms up to you by the end trope. I will agree he’s literally the worst buddy tho


He does kind of as a character. But as a buddy he’s still ehh. He has a precious smile tho.


Character wise, he definitely does improve!


Simply put no


No, he's still a cunt


Idk but my Kyle actually played decently. So I don’t dislike him particularly


My Kyles ai is actually kinda decent. He hardly ever messes up head to heads and frequently uses other move types, not just power. And yeah he redeems himself. As the story progresses most of his remarks change from being meant to be rude and just into he’s not used to being complimented and being called nice things lol so he gets all defensive. I definitely think his character development was suitable.


Stockholm syndrome sets in, but no.


He's very young and has had a ton of pressure put on him his entire life. Even though he's naturally skilled, he feels like he can never let his guard down or stop working for even a day. Contrast him with Reverto, someone who is good at what he does, but probably isn't the best hunter in the world, but that's okay because he doesn't have to be, and nobody expects him to be the second coming. Kyle isn't intolerable on purpose, he's just busy.


Its like everyone forgot how Cheval was in the 1st game. He held a grudge against monsters because of what happened to him (not gonna spoil it). It makes since that Kyle hates Rathalos the most in particular since his dad was nearly killed by one and as a young person he isn't always going to be rational >!hence the moment he was gonna plant an arrow in ratha's head from pure hatred despite the fact he was suppose to capture him!<


I'm getting a lot of mixed messages in this comment section lol


Yes he does, and he becomes more important to the story too, basically another main character.


My favorite side char, he's epic


Well his a main character (Being a battle buddy)


Personally he grew on me because I'm a sucker for his type of character, and I'm getting great enjoyment out of my boyfriend hating the fuck out of him, but he doesn't get....better is honestly the wrong word. He gets character development and that's all I'll say about it.


aww i love Kyle XD


same X3


Sort of? He is still a dick… but a nicer dick.


I think he's funny, being all tsundere like that I wanted to slug his face so bad in the beginning, wary but interested in the middle, really liked him near the end, then settled to being neutral after the ending scenes.. I like his character but the storytelling is just really terrible overall


I don't like the snarky comments after each fight. Even my monsties get offended. Lol


Honestly I like Kyle. Maybe I just feel bad for what happened to him.


tsundere is a yes for me


Why do so many ppl hate kyle? I likes his evolution as a character and think he was pretty usefull in some fights.


Objectively yes, despite what some of the other replies insist. He loses his standoffish personality and finally realises that he shouldn't blame an unborn Rathalos for his father's near-fatal injuries.


also he's willing to thank you for healing him.


I mean he does grow on me a little. I don't hate him as much now as I did when I first met him.


He becomes slightly less hateful, but still unlikable. I was really annoyed that he was there for particular story points.


why all the hate? I dont see it.


I never liked Kyle, even later on in the story. Luckily, he doesn't stay with you for too terribly wrong.


Is the "wrong" you correcting yourself or just a mistyped "long"? Because Kyle has the longest amount of mandatory time spent with a buddy in the game.


Was meant to be "long". I dunno, it seemed to me like he came and went pretty quick. That could be a misperception, though. Maybe I just blocked the majority of his time in the story out of my memory.


He first shows up in >!Pomore Gardens!< which, although a bit shorter than other sections, is made up for in terms of time by >!investigating the three pits and then Oltura.!<


True. I blew through all of those pretty quickly, so it seemed like a short time to me.


Kinda? He gets way more tolerable post game but he does get a little salty if you talk to him and refuse to take him with you. However until the post game he still retains that annoying as fuck tsundere personality.


He fought Lagiacrus and Miztsune, he's automatically cool


Yes, at least I think so.


I hated this little turd at the beginning too, but last night I just finished the story and I felt a bit sorry for him and grew to like him. But he’s still a bit of a brat.


It appears I'm the only one who actually found Kyle pretty useful, like he may occasionally act stupid but in that one part near the end with the 2v2 rider battles he was absolutely a genius, I'm not sure he did anything that *wasn't* an arc shot which ended in those fights taking like five turns, it was pretty funny watching the enemy team have no idea what to do with the constant damage


As a buddy, I hated him. As a character, he’s pretty much a huge, arrogant jackass for most of the story and *somewhat* improves down the line. But not enough for me to prefer him to best bro Reverto, or just running solo so I can chill with my monsties. Personally I just fly solo, aside from Ena, who I always take with me because she’s a precious bean who must be protected.


He will be insufferable until the end, but he does occasionally use Ancient Potions, so I tolerate him


Emphasis on "occasionally"


Other buddies do that too, it's a level thing.


Are you sure? I don't think I've ever seen Reverto use an item.


Yeah. reverto doesn't heal at all, only eats some meat sometimes. He's just too much of a chad.


I've had Reverto heal me AFEW times, but usually we have a mutual respect thing and both doing our part to kill the monster as fast as possible


I've had Reverto heal the most out of any partner


Yea he gets better, I love him now and if it wasn't for reverto's damage I would be using him as my battle buddy


I will always mention this whenever this topic comes up: this asshole never said sorry for capturing Ratha and trying to kill him. It doesnt matter if his actions redeemed him or whatever, you need to physically ask for forgiveness if you try to kill someone's animal. And even then good luck on getting forgiven lol. I certainly didnt bring him with me to the post-game. Asshole.


This is pretty much my opinion as well. He pretty much commits the worst sin, doesn't even seem sorry about it, and now I gotta fight alongside him? If you F'ed up, or got tricked or whatever, you'd better be sincerely apologetic about it, and then let's talk. Even later he's all I'm going to keep a close eye on you in case Ratha acts up etc. The arrogance of the booger just grates me. If I'm the MC, I'm going out of my way to make sure my monstie's breath rays accidentally go a little too far to the right on 'accident'.


Kyle makes the final boss fight harder than it has to be


I remember first seeing him and immediately thinking "alright this guy has either committed war crimes or says slurs"


There is some character development and eventually i just got use to him being like that


Give him time he'll still be a little turd but yes more tolerable he's crucial in the end no spoils


Eventually he becomes okay.


He sort of gets better? But he stays an emotional, little ankle biting idiot who can't make good decisions.




telling you if he becomes more likeable or tolerable would be a spoiler.


telling thee if 't be true he becomes moo likeable 'r tolerable would beest a spoiler *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Completely mate, I started to hate him then I just saw his development and it became my favorite character until the end


If you get used to his tsundere antics later in game he’s tolerable


This angry tsundere grew on me I’ll admit Sits here with the mental image of a certain piece of fanart that has a triple piggyback ride of Kyle, Ena, and the Rider. Look at them go, unstoppable.


Oh so it’s not just me who wants to wring his neck


He acts more of a tsundere to me, he’s just pretty hard headed


Didn't like him to start. Didn't like him when the story was over. Still don't like him.


I didn't like him either at first, but trust me, if you give him some time, you might grow attached to him, just like me! Edit: Either way, just endure him, because if hes around, Tsukinos around, and she is just a straight up upgrade to Navirou (no offense to Nav-boi, I love him, but Tsukinos sass is just.. I dont even have words, it's just that good). And u might call me crazy but she got best girl award from me and I am not ashamed, cause I found her to be both ultra supportive and extremely funny.


Tsukino's Japanese VA also voices world's greatest anime girls Megumin and Emilia so i wish we could just replace Navi with her full time, personally


Damn I knew she sounded familiar. No wonder that as a weeb, her voice instantly sounded sympathetic to me. Sheesh, talk about positive surprises.


He ge better. Leave him alone people.


I like kyle


This is a weird thread, I’ve read other threads that think he gets a lot better. I’m not far enough to know yet (just got to the felyne shelter area), but I’m intrigued. I really like his character design, shame his character is currently a dick.


Yeah you'll get to see his development at that point. Reddit is just bad at liking characters that start off as annoying.


He will become more likable as you progress but in general he’s not my favorite npc character that helps you tho I love his palico tsukino


No. He goes from straight up asshole to tsundere asshole.


I hate him. When you have to heal his ass and he says he has it. Fuck you. Little bitch hahah


No, FUCK Kyle


Kinda I guess




Nope, I skipped through the Reverto part as fast as possible.




He's great wym


hes useful in postgame lmao but thats about it


Only a little


Kyle is annoying and immature, but not nearly as bad as Navirou. I'd much rather have Kyle than him.


I didn't like him even up until the end, but Navirou was 10x worse in my opinion, I can't stand that creature


At least he's better than Alwin. Alwin is just a less tanky Kyle that will cost you an extra ancient potion.


No I prefer chival or reverto


I thought I was gonna like him until he costed me 4 losses on the final boss


Just Reverto back after the story


As a character he becomes more likeable! But... as an actual battle buddy, he's kind of a pain in the ass :T His playstyle isn't very good. I wish they gave him a gunlance or something instead of a bow.


I guess so? Don't like how the game basically jams him down your throat - though I also didn't like to be saddled with yet another Rathalos that is "hard to control" and "Everyone kinda hates" To me, he's eventually tolerable - if I had to choose between hanging out with Kyle or Navirou, and burning it with flames wasn't the third option.. I guess.. no Navirou is junk (Moreso in this game somehow) but I'd still hang out with him over Kyle who is just a liability (outside of one area post-game)


He gave me Gary Oak vibes except not liking him feels totally justified. - also yes. Yes eventually he does redeem himself


Kyle makes the game so unbearable, they literally need to remove him from the game


No lol


Well yes, But actually no… 🤔 My spoiler free probably kinda busiest opinion lol. 🙂


yes, you meet him again near the end of the game, and he's finally able to not be an asshole


Meh 😑


Short answer yes


It's 50/50. Some people come around to him by the end of the game, others don't. I'm in the camp of "fuck Kyle" myself.