Does Stories 2 have a more challenging combat system?

Does Stories 2 have a more challenging combat system?


I just beat the game and I'd say the game really picks up steam about halfway in, where monsters will kill you if they look at you funny. The core system itself will always remain the same, rock paper scissors, but the moves the enemy has that doesn't fit into those categories are the moves that make every battle dynamic. If you like Monster Hunter and turn based strategy games, you won't be disappointed.


Stories 1 was pretty challenging in the later half of the game since monster patterns were much more varied, and there were a lot of double/triple monster battles,plus it was just you and your monstie (no battle buddies). Stories 2 makes monsters have a set pattern that changes depending on if the monster is raged,buffed,etc. Overall Stories 2 is far easier, but its way more polished than Stories 1 and feels far more rewarding. If you just want difficulty go back to 1, if you want a satisfying experience with way more playstyles and monsties, play 2.


The monsters' attack patterns were simplified in order to make everything else more complicated, if that makes sense.


I would say that you dropped MHS1 too early. But I do prefer MHS2.