Why doesn't the monster attack line show sometimes?

Why doesn't the monster attack line show sometimes?


The line only appears for head-to-head encounters. If an enemy monster targets someone on your side but that target does target something else or uses an untargeted skill then the line wont show.


Oh no kidding? That makes more sense then, thanks for explaining it. Might have been explained earlier but you never really grasp the importance of it until you're fighting way stronger monsters.


Right but it's going to be pushing it.


yellow attacks won't show like and there are single target attacks like that (rock shooter is one of them). If the enemy is targeting your monstie, u can try choosing a tech/spd/power attack and just aim it at the monster. If its using a counterable hth move, it shud show a line. If it doesnt, its either not targeting ur monstie or about to use a move that isnt counterable or wont trigger hth, basically yellow move that isnt any of the three.


If your monstie is using a skill that targets all enemies it won't trigger either. Also both targets have to be targetting each other for the line to show.


I think you are talking about when the monster is enraged you could target it with a tech attack and then it uses a nutral attack someone else then a speed attack on you because when a monster is enraged it can make two moves a turn