Second thoughts about kuololit silver bubble band! Help!

Second thoughts about kuololit silver bubble band! Help!


I have a couple of kuololit silver rings including the bubble and they are holding up well after a few months :)


I have bands from both aeaw and Kuololit- I've worn them almost daily for all of this year, and they still look amazing! Plating on mine has worn off a bit tho.


Hey guys! I purchased 2 bubble bands from kuololit and 2 bands from AEAW in sterling silver yesterday, and now I’m having second thoughts. Should I have ordered them in gold? Can y’all please give me pros and cons of silver vs gold jewelry? For those of you that have silver bubble bands from kuololit (or a band from AEAW in silver), how have you found the quality to be? Ie does it tarnish quickly, hold up well, etc? Thanks in advance!


i've ordered it in silver from both companies, and so far they've held up well! to stones falling out, no tarnishing! i've had them a few months


Ι have a 5 stone from AEAW, the bubble from kuololit, a solitaire from GIGAJEWE and one from KALALA - all in silver. The only one I've found tarnishes is the KALALA one, and it's the one I got most recently 🤷🏻‍♀️ I've had the bubble + five stone for well over 6 months (maybe closer to 10?) And all I've done is give them a wipe with a silver polishing cloth (included w my bubble band) a few times to get them nice and shiny. I haven't found either aeaw or kuololit tarnish for me!


Did you get the bubble band rose or yellow gold plated? I saw a BST post where someone's yellow gold plated SS bubble band had worn down on the bottom half after..I want to say 6 months (post since deleted, I saw it at 2am at night). If that concerns you, maybe get white gold plated or go up to 10k :)


I got a white gold plated one! ❤️