The 'show locked camos' option is welcome.


Saw that too. Was so glad; navigating through camos is a pain.


We need an option to create a ‘favorites’ tab and add up to 10/12 camos.


Yeah. But i want even more a save attachments option for each gun.


Oh, like we used to have in the previous game?


Exactly :)


It's kinda a moot option once you have all the camos unlocked through. We should be able to "favorite" camos and have them come first


imagine if the camo UI wasn't garbage so we wouldn't need this lol


#[**Full list here, as opposed to OP's partial screenshots.**](https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2022/11/modern-warfare-ii-season-01-patch-notes-and-warzone-2-0-launch)   #**Global** **General** * Improvements made to help better navigate Camos: Added controller bumper navigation to jump between categories / Added a toggle option to show/hide locked Camos * Increased audio notification for when The Jailer enters the Gulag   **Attachments** * Armor Piercing Ammunition: Removed damage multiplier against armored opponents   **Bug Fixes** * Fixed collision issues with various elements across the game that allowed players to exploit/peek/shoot through them. * Fixed an issue with audio occlusion and directional audio. * Audio occlusion/directional audio has returned to normal levels after an issue with Season 01 launch. * Fixed an issue causing some unlocks in the Gunsmith to not track Weapon progression. * Fixed an issue causing Overkill to allow players to equip the same Weapon as both a Primary and a Secondary. * Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct number of Battle Pass Tokens from appearing on the Battle Pass Menu. * Fixed an issue causing the Season Countdown Timer on the Battle Pass Menu to not indicate the correct amount of time remaining. * Fixed various incorrect texts in the in-game interface. * Fixed various issues resulting in incorrect controller input while navigating menus. * Fixed an issue that caused players looking down to appear erratic to others. * Fixed an issue that prevented some players from launching the game due to GPU compatibility. * Fixed an issue that was causing Focused Mode to crash the client while the Display Mode was set to Windowed. * Fixed an issue on PlayStation that caused the PlayStation Store icon to remain stuck on screen after experiencing a network error. * Fixed an issue causing progression for the “Dragon in Downtown” Calling Card to not track. * Fixed an issue causing the incorrect Operator icon to appear while navigating to select a custom skin for Kleo. * Fixed an issue causing players to get kicked back to the main menu when navigating to select the PDSW 528 Armory while customizing a Loadout. * Fixed an issue causing an incorrect progression requirement to appear in the Prestige menu. * Fixed various audio related issues causing players to hear notifications at times when they should not. * Fixed an issue causing Platinum Camo unlock requirements to display incorrectly after having unlocked it. * Fixed various issues causing the camera to shake while spectating another player. * Fixed an issue causing Operator model hands to appear invisible while ledge hanging. * Fixed an issue causing the incorrect Weapon to appear in the player Showcase.   #**Warzone 2.0** **Gameplay** * Buy Station inventory has been slightly adjusted: Removed Counter UAV / Removed Tactical Camera * Visual upgrade to Contract activation phone in Battle Royale.   **Bug Fixes** * Fixed an issue preventing some Players from hearing others via Proximity Chat. * Fixed an issue preventing Stickers earned via DMZ Extractions from appearing on Weapons. * Fixed an issue on PlayStation that caused Players to not see Sony profile usernames. * Fixed an issue causing parachute deployment to crash the game. * Fixed an issue causing Players to lose all control of mouse movement if interacting with a container with Mixed Backpack behavior. Battle Royale * Fixed an issue that caused Players eliminated in the Gulag to either spectate the enemy team or spectate from underneath the playable area. * Fixed an issue that caused Players eliminated in the Gulag to not appear in the Buy Station for squad members to buy back. * Fixed an issue causing Players to skip the downed state and immediately perish despite having an assimilated squad member still alive. * Fixed an issue preventing Players from jumping out of the plane during Infil. * Fixed an issue causing the After Action Report from appearing correctly after a match. DMZ * Fixed an issue that was causing Players to get kicked out of the Backpack interface if looting an eliminated Player opponent that disconnected during the interaction. * Fixed an issue preventing Players from equipping Lethal and Tactical equipment. * Fixed an issue that caused Players to encounter the “Failed to Connect to Datacenters” error while extracting. * Fixed an issue that caused lobby-wide microphone input during matchmaking. * Fixed an issue allowing Players to keep Armor Plate Carrier upgrades between matches despite having been eliminated. * Fixed an issue causing Players to lose their Backpack upgrade when extracting after having been revived. * Fixed an issue causing Players to incorrectly extract their insured Weapon as a contraband Weapon.


“Armor Piercing Rounds no longer do more damage against player armor” Then what’s the point of the fucking ammo in the first place????


I think you can buy anti-armour rounds as a field upgrade


Is the fix about the attachment or the field upgrade? If it’s about the attachment, whatever, it makes sense for balance. Field upgrade is a different story.


the field upgrade is called "anti-armour", the ammo attachment is called "armour piercing"


Attachment I'm pretty sure


They specified player armor so it should still work against AI opponents


They didn’t though. They said opponents when in other notes they’d say Players/Operators.


Shooting through walls and hitting vics harder


Keeping my own comments separate, the bumper scrolling for camos is a really nice QoL improvement, especially since the solid colour camos are way over near the end. Removing bonus damage against armoured opponents makes sense for players, but I'd have definitely preferred that stay for AIs, they're annoying enough as it is. They fixed a bunch of the unobtainable attachments! The M14's wood stock, the P220's black wood grips, etc. They added a new level after weapon tuning for them. :D They finally fixed scrolling through weapon tree unlocks on console, it was broken after S1 and impossible to look through any single-gun weapon platforms. They also fixed the weird have-to-go-to-a-different-gun-first issue that'd been in since launch. They did indeed fix Kleo's operator icon... but it's sort of a moot point when she's the **only** operator to not have an alternate skin as of S1. :( A lot of other nice QoL/bug fixes too, those are always the best kinds of patches.


Does anyone know how armour piercing rounds work now? It's not clear if they have any effect c.f. normal ammunition against armoured opponents. E.g. they removed some kind of damage multiplier vs opponents but they could still be more effective at cracking armour itself? If they have no effect against opponents and all they do now is more vehicle damage that's essentially useless and an absolute over-nerf.


Yea, afaik it only boosts the damage multiplier against vehicles and killstreaks.


If it adds penetration, does it go through walls like FMJ did or no?


From the video I saw XclusiveAce do, yes it adds one level of penetration to the gun it is used on. That video was pre-patch, however, so I don't know if that has changed.


Happy Cake Day!


> Fixed an issue that was causing Players to get kicked out of the Backpack interface if looting an eliminated Player opponent that disconnected during the interaction Is that only if you're already looting, or does that mean that the backpacks are staying after disconnect now? It's very annoying that if you kill someone and they leave, their backpacks will just disappear and you can't get most of their loot (including dog tags for one of the missions!)


>* Fixed an issue causing some unlocks in the Gunsmith to not track Weapon progression. Unfortunately this doesn't fix the issue where battle rifle headshots are not counting toward progress of anything. There's the one Prestige level 1 calling card for it that is still impossible to obtain to the best of my knowledge. I also rolled 3 headshot kills with battle rifles as a daily challenge and it cannot be completed.


>Fixed an issue causing Players to lose all control of mouse movement if interacting with a container with Mixed Backpack behavior. Thank the lord


The Puget Lakes are lovely this time of year


Can’t log in right now because of this error wtf


Haaha what an error name. r/programmerhumor


Still no fix for only being able to see WZ load outs when in regular MP, in a party and not the leader?


Absolute worst glitch in the game for me


How is this not fixed. There have been three updates, pre season 1 (made Xbox users download 40/50GB for a 900MB patch), with S1, and now this. Fucking MP is already broken before they released Warzone, what will be it's state down the line in 8 to 12 months?


Imagine if WZ players had a bug where their loadouts in buy stations would get swapped with the MP loadouts. IW would make this their #1 priority to fix.


Which is crazy to me. I wish they would separate the clients for MP and WZ. I like how easy it is to switch, but I don’t play WZ more than once a week. Might alleviate some bugs.


This... at this point you really can get the feeling its intentional.


So annoying to have to ask the party leader to back out so you can update some classes.


That’s the biggest bug for me. also pissed off how there’s all these cod 4 and mw2 maps in WZ2, I stumbled across Showdown in my first WZ game, why not put them in 6v6!


I think they will release them for multiplayer eventually. Hopefully sooner than later. I want to play highrise again!


It's so annoying honestly makes me want to get off the game at times


Still no saving of custom blue prints :( Looks like this was more of a hot fix patch.


Curious to know why this wasn't implemented in the game at launch, I'm convinced this has to do with how fucked up the UI is... god that UI is trash.


The UI is perfect for a mobile platform though. I guess it shows where the priorities are


The lead UI designer was previously at Hulu so that explains the iPad style ui


Nah, COD:Mobile’s UI is wayyy better than this dogshit MW2 UI.


The actual gameplay and graphics is so fucking good, but then they skipped over the most basic fundamental shit that any single QA tester would be like uh...what?


UI was made by Hulu people I believe they said, so it makes sense why it’s such a mess now idk why they can’t give us simple menus like back in the day halo2 old school mw2 it was so much easier now everything is placed in individual text boxes or some shit literally everything on the screen is inside of a box


Half the game was missing at launch and still is. 3 years and 3000 devs...


Stats and challenge calling cards/emblems were completely missing for what, 3 weeks? Stats still barely works, the UI is godawful pushing warzone and DMZ. None of the game modes are explained at all before you click on them, like the spec ops missions or invasion. Gun balance is nonexistent


Challenges, one of the few things they got right, keep glitching between WZ and MP if you are in a party. Still.


It was not in MW19 or Cold War at launch either. I believe it took at least a month or two before it was added in both games. Don't know about Vanguard, never played it.


I honestly think they were running out of dev time before moving into a polish phase so it was either cut or not included yet because they didn’t have time to get it in properly. The game was likely rushed which is why we are missing so many things. It’s also possible a lot of things were intentionally cut to later add them as “content” since they have to keep us fed for 2 years. It would be bullshit if this were the case, but would it really surprise anyone?


trying to get to an attachment with a controller, and it skips the one i want 100% of the time and goes to tuning. It really is pure shit. Also trying to navigate the tracking weapon levels is a shit show.


This annoys me so so so much


Something that I miss SO MUCH.


Basilisk seems to have 30 levels now up from 29?


Yeah, there were a couple changes made today that probably didn't make it into the notes in time - Basilisk got a new ammo type, 9mm AUG got four, M14 and RAAL got their missing stocks, and maybe some other stuff I haven't noticed.


EBR-14 and SO-14 got one new level each too, same for MCPR-300 and Vaznev-9k Edit: Also they fixed the bugged missions on DMZ it looks like.


Whats the Basilisk new ammo type?


Heat seeking .50 cal


That sounds insane


Its armor penetration rounds not heat seeking




🦧where raptor scope


*Update Requires Restart*


Error: Puget Lake


Update Requires Update


You update, you get update.


Does this address any PC crashing?


I have crashed twice in two games back to back after so take from that what you wish.


Nope, this update just made it even worse lol


This, used to crash once in the beginning and play hours. Now crashing every game..


Nope, they even acknowledged that its happening yet, absolute garbage.


Wait, I'm confused by your wording. Have they said that they know about the crashes and are planning a fix?


He's missing a word. There has been no acknowledgement of the crashing issue at all. Don't expect a fix soon if ever.


Got booted out of multiplayer , now I can’t log back on. Stuck on fetching account data from platform.


Same on ps5


Ps5 as well. Son is on Xbox series x he’s golden.


on ps5 and played matches just keep retrying


I just got through the same issue and am in now after getting an update requires restart. I think we all just overwhelmed it at the same time.


Got that message. Still stuck on fetching account data.


Release it at prime time EST … smart


same, ps5


Same [Reason: PUGET - LAKES]


Restart the game and it will work


Wish that were the case. However I’ve restarted the game multiple times and even restarted the PS5. No luck on my end. Hope for better luck for everyone else.




Haha they really can’t make any fixes without breaking something else


Same ps5


Restarted my PS5 and managed to get in.


I'm trying that now


When they gonna fix all the split screen issues lol


Sad to say, but probably not for a while, I'm surprised its even a feature!


You’re probably right. The day they get rid of split screen is probably the day I find a different FPS to play :/


There are so many


Yep the amount of bugs they released this game with is pretty insane


and yet STILL NOTHING on the bug involving not being able to edit your custom loadouts when in a party on Xbox...


This is so infuriating. If I’m the party leader, then all of the other members are stuck in the WZ 2 screen and can only edit WZ weapons loadouts. So if you are not the leader of your party then you can only edit your loadouts if you a) back out, or b) edit during the match itself. I fucking hate it


My friends on PC are like dude what? Then I was promoted to party leader, bc you have to round Robin the leader to get past “connecting…” while searching for a game, and then they all saw it too. Also Xbox party leader can’t promote pc player to leader, only other Xbox players


Same issue on PS5




We added a small fix” Breaks entire game**


Yep my XBox One X update has essentially bricked the game. It is stuck on “Finishing things up…” Edit: it has been resolved


I had to kill my Xbox by holding power button and then turn back on, but it works now. Had me worried though.


No mention of fixes to the constant crashing on PC....


There's a GPU quality setting that helped me crash now 1 in 10 games from having it every other game. It was called like memory scale, default is 85, lower it to 80 or even 75, I had it a 90 on launch because I thought more powaaa, but learned quickly the game has a memory leak problem, hope this helps


I followed Crimsix’s settings guide and it greatly improved my game’s performance and visual fidelity https://youtu.be/Iem3_PXE2rY


A video memory leak is pretty wild lol, signed a developer who does a heap of GPU work these days.


Oh my FUCKING GOD I WASNT THE ONLY ONE THINKING THIS GAME HAD A MEMORY LEAK. My FPS is so wildly inconsistent on the same maps. I had 3 shoothouse games do this CONSECUTIVELY: Game 1: Average 265 FPS Game 2: Average 233 FPS Game 3: Average 195 FPS Its a good thing I run a 3090 or I’d be screwed. Game definitely has a memory/performance leak.


There's a way to check your logs after a crash that I'm not remembering exactly how to do. Every time for me, some of the events listed in the crash report have to do with a memory leak. Found it: Check the disk the games downloaded to > Users > (your name) > AppData > Local > Activision > Call of Duty > Crash\_Reports > (find whichever one) > dxdiag\_oncrash.txt > Scroll to bottom and it'll list the events. Typically, mine have to do with Steam, a memory leak Windows is detecting and not liking, and hardware issues. Which I'm positive are all 100% functional so curious as to how the fuck this game is triggering faults in my PC hardware... Something on the Windows and maybe Steam side of things are really not liking how the game is interacting with them. Maybe anti-cheat related?


Going to try this. Very helpful, thanks.


There’s a memory leak? I haven’t experienced this, but maybe it’s because I’m on a higher end system? I’m going to have a look at this later today after work. My game rarely crashes. I left the GPU memory scale at 85, but I’m on a 3090. If there’s a memory leak, I would expect it to manifest on all systems despite their respective performance levels.


Yup, I'm actually crashing MORE now thanks to this update. How the FUCK do I get a refund


Contact your bank. Lol. You will get banned from using Steam for 30 days though.


I was hoping this was going to fix this issue? Clearly not.


It's literally just a slap in the face at this point.


Try turning off 'Parallax Effects' in the Interface menu. That instantly fixed all the crashes for me. Not a single crash all week.


nice, just crashed at exfil of DMZ.


Even worse I completed legion and white lotus missions up till tier 2 is supposed to unlock black mous tier 1 missions I still 3 days later have nothing it's absolutely ridiculous this game launched. I have NOTHING to do in the DMZ.


Same happened to me yesterday. 5m before Heli with 6 killstreaks in the he bag...


Anybody else have an issue with their FPS dropping to like 6 for 10-15 seconds at a time at random?? So fucking annoying. Usually at stable 60+ FPS easily, no idea what's causing this....


My friend on the Series X constantly complains about some sort of micro lag. I finally experienced it after this update. It wild how this is in a triple a game. It’s not my ping, it’s not my connection. They’re all solid sitting around 30-50ms at all times. But now randomly it just lags ever so slightly. At first I thought he was just using lag as an excuse. But nope. I finally see what he’s experiencing.


I was at a stable 110 fps with all settings on high but now it’s at 80 fps. Idk what happened but losing 30 fps isn’t good. Idk if they just keep breaking things on pc or what. At least I don’t crash in the menus anymore but geez the game is unstable


I've been getting this recently, and it seems like it's getting worse with each game update. At this point it makes the game unenjoyable.


Is this why I got kicked out of cod. I keep getting the piglet lakes error code


I wonder how they come up with some of these error code names.


Lucky... I'm only getting Eeyore Oceans errors.


so still no xp token timer ....


It’s not in the game by design.


They don't want you to know that 40% of your token is spent staring at the awful UI.


this is my fear


Yeah, the fact that it's "real world time" is completely anti-player lol


How many studios were involved with making this again?


small indie company


I, for one, enjoy patronizing small indie companies. Small indie studios like DICE, Infinity Ward, Blizzard,and Rito Games. Real small garage setups where you never know what you’re going to get. It’s nice to have games with weird quirks like no scoreboards and cringe “heroes”, releasing the same game twice but with a worse monetization model, or missing game modes after hyping it to have such a huge staff.


Woah, when worlds collide. See you on FAS


Lol yoooo


They still haven't fixed the settings wiping on PS5 according to my squadmate...


That must not be widespread. I haven’t had an issue with any settings getting wiped.


this happens to me, every time i restart the game on ps5 my sensitivity gets reset and motion blur turned back on


I get my setting wiped everytime I load into dmz. My tactical controller layout gets reset to default


This new update killed my cat, burned my house down, sent me into unemployment and bankruptcy, and caused my wife to leave me. Getting really tired of this broken ass game


My condolences.


Just got kicked out of my WZ match because of this but cool cool cool


Earned BP tokens are disappearing after each match.


Going to try those audio fixes, I haven't been able to hear footsteps since launch. Edit: it did improve things for me, not elephant footsteps as people say but I do hear better, specially up close


What? Play with headphones. Sounds like a bunch of horses stomping around


I am, Astro A40, tried everything and still can't, I'm Plat 1 on siege sound whoring all the time but I can't in this game, tried every preset, turned down non essential sounds, nothing. Only two in two matches I was able to hear similar to how It was in the beta and it was day and night but the rest of the time footsteps are like at 5%




I don' t know if it's a windows thing, but I could only hear footsteps if I was looking directly at the source. Same thing applied to cars and boats, etc.


You are playing with surround sound enabled without actually having surround sound hardware; the sounds you can't hear are being sent to speakers that aren't there.


OP's issue is probably that but the directionality, occlusion and proximity have been really off for me and many. I play with home theater 5.1 setup and headphones and in both, after switching the game's audio to the proper mix I always have issues with it. The most important one in my case is proximity. Many times I only hear an enemy when they are 3 meters away or closer no matter how long they have been sprinting towards me. Makes it really hard to be aware of your back in tier 1 and any mode really. I'm curious about the fix in the notes, will check that out later when I can play.


Seconded! Most definitely. Makes a big difference to set your audio type to the correct config.


Any idea how to fix that? I have Arctis 5 and 7.1 Surround off, but it still persists :/


What audio preset are you rocking? I use Bass Boost and footsteps come through crystal clear. On Windows 10 as well.


On the game, I'm using Headphones. And on Windows 11, I've got no enhancements on. I'll switch on Bass Boost and see if anything changes


I don’t understand how this can differ so much from user to user, I’m playing with headphones, tried all the different settings for audio and I can’t hear anything. My friend can be above me and I won’t hear him, enemy right behind me in my house? Nothing. It’s incredible.


Works for some people others barely it seems


Broke the battlepass, I'm no longer earning battlepass tokens to advance through my battlepass....good job Activision...


Restarted and went into Battle pass off of the front end(before selecting what game you want to play) and both tokens were there


Worked for me, thanks.


Same. Earned 2. Showing zero


Still crashing...




How about we fix the fucking crashing issue? Two times in 45 minutes just now. Had no crashes yesterday, which was fucking amazing. You think I like redoing point blank kills with the mk2?




Haven’t checked… but I bet it’s 7,542 TB on Xbox


3.55 GB or so for Xbox. Mine is stuck finishing update....


anyone having issues getting battlepass tokens? I unlock them then have 0 to spend


Still crashing. Their game is uninstalled


Why do they do these freaking updates at their peak hours? There’s issues like these damn puget lakes error codes probably a quarter of the time. Just do the updates at freaking noon ET or something. Edit: Lol right after I posted my bitching I got in i’m just gonna shut up now.


In Europe it’s midnight (2 am.)


Only Americans play COD so.


every time u get a battle pass token it just disappears as soon as you open the battle pass tab now lol


I've lost 4 since the update


Ground War won't load level. Solo WZ disconnected from server 10 minutes in. Awesome work guys, take the rest of the week off until after Thanksgiving!


so I take it that ghost is working exactly as intended? I struggle to believe that suppressors do absolutely nothing. anyone know if Activision or IW has commented on the fact ghost doesn't hide you even when shooting with a suppressor?


Yet no fix to the anticheat


Great update fellas. Now for the next update: fix. the. crashing. There’s no reason my PC with no overclocks should be crashing intermittently, with no actual explanation as to WHY. At least give us feedback on this before asking us to pay for a battle pass on top of your $70 price tag.


My game startet crashing after this update :-(


They 100% launched this game too early


Still no fucking crash fixes


Not even an acknowledgment that its happening even, I can barely play 2 games in a row, I keep having to restart campaign missions cause it will just crash at checkpoints.


Hopefully footsteps work now?


Did they fix the issue of the game crashing every other round?


What’s the size for this update on steam? (Full game)




Battlepass is broken I keep unlocking 0 tokens🤣 this game is such a mess


When are they going to fix the audio. About had it with the almost mute lobbies and still not hearing a 4 stack run up on my ass


Well, they did fix completed gold and platinums not counting, alright.But they did not fix being unable to do polyatomic on remaining weapons after I got Orion, lmao (in my case it's m13, mpx and victus) Small indie company


When I finish a game in multiplayer or warzone the final killcam and scoreboard won’t show. It’s like the game stutters and there is a weird background noise like it’s rendering the graphics or something idk how to explain it properly. I’m on PS5 any tips how to fix it??


\>Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct number of Battle Pass Tokens from appearing on the Battle Pass Menu. Not for me lol. I have to get two tokens in order to have 1 to spend.


Funny how the Warzone patch notes are already ten times as long as the MWII patch notes


Still stuttering on an RTX 3090


# 999 Latency spikes! When~?


Now they just need to fix that dolphin diving dancing bullshit the sweats do and introduce movement penalties to people who run around with a shield on their back.


Bro I’m sick of crashing and losing battle pass tokens. I get a token, immediately go to BP to get something and the token is magically gone. What the hell


This update is driving me nuts. Prior to it, performance and FPS has been good overall and staying consistent. But after it went live, FPS dropped well below 130 in MP, and WZ was worse staying between 100 - 112. Anyone else having these issues? Specs: Asus Tuff OC 4080, 5900x, 32 gb Ram 3200mhz