My first question is what non-Kroxa discard cards you're running. If it's just 4 Thoughtseize, there might be room for Squee. If you're mixing in Inquisition of Kozilek and/Liliana of the Veil, things change a lot. Kroxa really shines alongside other discard, where he meaningfully restricts the opponent's card quality in the early game and inflicts huge damage later. If you're running some discard and supplementing with countermagic, that effect is going to be greatly lessened. TBH, I think it's probably still Kroxa because Kroxa does something for 2 Mana and Squee requires 3. They both Escape for 4, and while Kroxa's escape is harder to cast, it can also win the game just by resolving against an opponent and low life with an empty hand. The color requirement doesn't bother me much since GDS is actively seeking to fetch for untapped shocklands. You're typically running the absolute bare minimum number of lands in GDS, and having something that costs 3 up front is likely to cause more issues than something that costs CD now and CCDD later. Kroxa is also better if you draw 2 than Squee is in the same scenario.


the list i'm running is very similar to the lists that are in the latest challenges. 3 vs 2 mana for the "front" half is meaningful, but for the extra many with squee you get an aggressive presence that builds a wider board state. if that comes after a ragavan/birb/squee? That could be pretty significant amounts of damage.


3 vs 2 mana is way more meaningful than you think it is. GDS as a deck is built around overall efficiency for every mana you spend, and as such runs a very low land count. That's why you very rarely see anything in the deck with 3+cmc, other than the occasional k-command. Kroxa's floor is higher than squee's floor in shadow because Kroxa fits perfectly into the gameplan: It's a low cmc card that impacts your opponent's resources, while giving you grinding potential later on. Squee only gives you that grind potential, and the front side costing 3 means you're going to miss out on playing him a lot of the time, because you generally aim for 2 lands 5 spells in your opening hand. The deckthinning from fetches (you generally run 10-11) means you're significantly less likely to draw the third land for Squee's front half, which is another downside of it. That one mana means a lot in a deck that only runs 5-7 lands that actually tap for mana


I prefer Kroxa in GDS but that's because I'm running an older list with 3x Dress Down maindeck, Kroxa is considerably better when it can be a 2 mana 6/6 after you exhausted your opponents removal. But I would be interested in running a singleton Squee as the 4th copy of Kroxa that can be cast without relying on Dress Down or having BBRR.


A couple people mentioned the bbrr escape requirement and I think this may be the best selling point for me in gds


I like Squee, other than Kroxa he is good on the front as well. The two cards are too different to really say one is clearly better but it feels like people are sleeping a bit on Squee and he is at least a viable alternative to Kroxa


Kroxa is going to be better in the creature based grindy games where they'll have trouble answering it, but honestly I'm not sure those games really exist anymore outside of Yawgmoth. Kroxa isn't much of a problem for Omnath decks to answer and it's too slow for a lot of the rest of the format. I think Squee gives you better damage output in most scenarios and the matchups where Kroxa would shine by either dodging non exile based removal or wearing your opponent down by forcing chump blocks every turn just don't really come up often enough to look past the improvements Squee gives you in having haste, leaving a token behind if it's removed and sticking around when it's cast for it's non escape cost.


Back half of Kroxa is stronger than Squee, Front half of Squee is better than Kroxa. Ravblemaster with haste for 3 outclasses non targeted discard for 2


I like squee better in saga lists because the red is easier to consistently hit than rrbb


I find Squee to be better in more aggressive lists. As said, it's stronger on the front, weaker on the back. I do like it a fair amount as it feels like a real card in the deck on the front end, so it makes it feel like you can run more good discard. That said, Kroxa is a house.


Okay, so I wanna preface by saying that I've not tested squee a ton, but I do have literally thousands of hours in RBx decks to make up for that. Imo, in GDS you definitely want Kroxa - hand casting him's rough, but he can be discarded to shredder to reduce that and is a much better finisher late game in my experience. Similarly for RB scam/midrange, especially if you're running tourach main, which I've found pretty nice success with on the back of white having the best removal and a non-zero number of the best creatures, at least against resource deprivation strats that are common among RBx decks, you're gonna want Kroxa. However, if you're running a deck where red or black don't each make up a significant portion of your manabase, or something like Jund saga, where you're running lands that won't tap for a color you'll need for kroxa, this is where Squee shines, as his ease to cast is exemplified in these decks, so him being much easier to deal with isn't as crippling


Just gorgeous.


Which squee? I wouldn't want to play Squee the Immortal unless I had nothing else to do and it's hard to get yourself to that point in modern.


Sorry, I assumed people would know it was the new squee. The other is not modern playable imo. https://deckbox.org/mtg/Squee%2C%20Dubious%20Monarch?printing=67581&lang=us