[[Saw it coming]]


You foretell or pay the 3?


The real question


For a bit when foretell was seeing historic play, I always had to decide if my opponent had the wrath or a counterspells. Tough decision


[Saw it coming](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/8/7/877a1bb9-5eae-453a-bec0-a9de20ea6815.jpg?1631047574) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Saw%20it%20coming) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/khm/76/saw-it-coming?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/877a1bb9-5eae-453a-bec0-a9de20ea6815?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


off topic but the rebalance on cards for arena has to be the dumbest shit ever.


I don't have the mental bandwidth for dozens of cards with the same name and art but slightly different effects.


Mood. I uninstalled Arena the day they made it offical.


I uninstalled after digital only cards


Same - that was the line for me


Switched to MTGO the day alchemy came out and couldn’t be happier.


I have not. I enjoy the limited play, Standard and Historic Brawl most of the time. I just decided to not participate in any Alchemy format ever. Sucks that I have to stay away from Historic Bo3, which I found to be enjoyable. But it is just irritating and confusing to have cards change every couple of weeks and in addition it is an obvious drain on wildcards because of constantly changing power levels and no refunds anymore because cards technically stay legal.


That's fair too. The only draw for me was Historic, and when they committed to fucking that format up I checked out. If I wanted to play a "digital card game" I'd go pick up Runeterra again.


Same here. Can’t justify grinding for a deck just for it to be invalidated by some change and then not getting any of the wild cards back. So I just stopped playing. Actually ended up going to LOR. Pretty fun honestly, and the economy is great. Been playing for about 2 months and already have about 5 good playable decks and enough resources to craft any other deck I want (just waiting for the new cards in February before I commit). Games are a lot more fun when you don’t feel like you’re “falling behind” for missing a days worth of win exp or gold


If they were gonna rebalance 3feri, couldnt they have tried what it was supposed to be (static being the plus, and plus being the static)


Is it confirmed that's, "what it was supposed to be?" or is that just what people think it *should* have been.


Personally i think it's a much cooler design that way. It's easier to interact with but it also makes sense. Though I dont dislike PWs as a concept, I think WotC are *reaaaaaally* bad at executing designs well most of the time.


Sure but T3feri actually seems almost okay at 4 mana and with your opponents *cannot cast spells during your turn* instead of *only at sorcery speed*. Edit: Tefouri? Idk.




It's for digital only formats imo they should go as hard in the paint as possible. I see no reason they can't rebalance cards like any other digital card game for their digital game.


Because Magic is, and should always be, a paper tcg first first and foremost.


They should be able to do whatever they want with their digital only formats. Historic and alchemy will never be played in paper so why operate under the rules of a paper format?


Yeah alchemy do whatever. Sounds like most people don't like it but whatever they want. Historic was supposed to be as close as we could get to an "eternal" format in mtga and they kinda just shot it in the head.


That was something the players put on it. If you read the literal announcement of historic then you wouldn't be saying this Quote "Historic is a non-rotating format where cards from throughout Magic's history can live together. **The differentiator for Historic, however, is that as a digital-first format, it lets us try new things and grow the format in unique ways.**" It was planned and marketed to be like this whatever you decided about it has no bearing on anything.


The root of the problem is the shitty economy and wotc doing everything they can to deny players wild cards. First it was the historic 'suspended list', now it's alchemy. People are losing access to cards they spent money on and aren't being reimbursed. I don't think there would be as many complaints about alchemy if the economy was less predatory.


The economy is doo doo ass cheeks but that doesn't mean the balance team should treat it like a paper format


I have moved to MTGO because I can no longer tolerate how stupid arena is


I refuse to play historic or alchemy and deal with a hard cringe when I play cube (and avoid alchemy or rebalanced cards). Total dealbreaker for me.


THANK GOD people are shitting on this somewhere- all the other subs are praising this stuff en masse.


what subs are you reading lmao it’s been a constant negativity parade on alchemy from the moment it’s been introduced, in my experience


This is so annoying, not because I wanted anything banned but because they continue to refuse to give us a glimpse of how they feel about modern. ​ We were promised a "state of the format" article nearly 5 years ago.


I agree. I didn’t think they would ban anything, but would have loved a quick paragraph or two about what they were watching and how they felt about the format. I feel like they used to do this, or am I remembering incorrectly?


They did this in one ban announcement years ago, saying Ancient Stirrings, Mox Opal, and Faithless Looting were all on their watchlist. You see the results of that


I don't know that it really helps anything for them to say "there's more Lurrus than we'd like to see in Modern but we don't think it's time for a ban yet." Players will complain just as much or more that X card is on the watch list than if they say nothing.


Something like "We feel that the format is very balanced and promotes interactive gameplay. No changes need to be made at this time" Or something to that effect to start to reassure the modern population that they don't need to expect a ban every time anymore would be nice. I think we have all been so used to bans that it's expected, would be nice to not have that expectation


I think the lack of any comment points to exactly what you wanted. No news is good news


Last time i remember that happening was during the tweaking time of Pioneer, but that's understandable since the whole point of that period was to troubleshoot the format


That was from a time when WotC gave at least half a shit about competitive constructed formats.


I think this says the way they feel about modern is that it’s fine. Different decks rise up and fall down the tier list from week to week, there are 6-8 decks of varying strategies that people can safely buy into knowing that they won’t ever be fully pushed out and nothing is truly obnoxious to play against (maybe belcher but I think it’s fine)


Yeah but a few minutes to type up a paragraph or two saying that would have been nice. Theres a lot of buying anxiety and general animosity over banlist discussions for this reason, it would be cool for the community to know what they think.


That’s fair, I just assumed that most people who play older formats agree that if nothing is on fire, it’s better to be left alone by WotC. Commander seems like a nightmare with how much the format gets fiddled with and how many new cards get injected in every set. Maybe it’s not the correct state of mind but I’d prefer Wizards to leave us alone atm.


Well im not really commenting on what they should do banlist wise, I just wanted to hear them talk about the format from a banlist perspective. Obviously there are concerns, some people were legit excited for potential bans. To hear them say, "companions are fine time to live with it" would put a stop to a lot of the speculation everytime a BR update draws near.


Yeah I understand that sentiment…I don’t think they would realistically do that because if they say “companions are fine, live with it” and then something comes out in the future to make companions not okay, everyone would be upset that wizards went back in their word. It’s more realistic and safer for them to say nothing.


I know they think it's fine, that's the default for not banning anything. But that's the bare minimum. Respectfully, everything else is how \*you\* feel, which is very valid, but not informed by the aggregate which is something only they have access to. We've had 2 MH2s and 10 sets since the last "state of the format" and I do think we should get at least a paragraph about why there are no bans or unbans - what is the criteria for unbans currently? How much complaining is enough to ban something in modern (the threshold seems to be very high in standard). ​ I do think there are questions that are both hard to gauge and are worth answering within 1 paragraph.


Modern is now an excuse to print MH sets and turn players into pay pigs


How is that different from any other format?


WotC previously had some trouble monetizing Modern when cards went through Standard. Modern players only needed to buy singles here and there. Now you'd best spend a mortgage payment on Modern Horizons when it drops if you want to keep up.


That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Whenever a new archetype was created (as MH2 did with elementals, reanimator and the ragavan agro/midrange decks), you had to buy fully into it (except for lands). The added cost of the new MH/MH2 chase cards is largely offset by the huge drop in fetch land prices. Decks like Burn, most (non-elemental) tribal decks, Amulet Titan, etc still cling to t1 status with almost no additional cost.


They did mention it. Aaron Forsythe (@mtgaaron) Tweeted: The data and sentiment around Modern all pointed to leaving it alone. There are definitely “best cards” but nothing worth addressing. That’s a good thing! #WOTCstaff https://twitter.com/mtgaaron/status/1486023388590084103?s=20


[maybe next time buddy](https://youtu.be/b5kr02TQPPY)


As much as I love Jitte (it was in the deck I developed that put me and a friend in the Top 16 of a ProTour a long time ago), I think it is a card that does too many things. Especially in creature matchups or against burn decks it is taking over the game really quick. And it gives that power to any deck. Merfolk could get access to removal and lifegain even as a mono blue deck. Maybe the power level of modern has increased so much that Jitte is too slow and cumbersome. But whenever it is good, it is just taking over the game.


I don't think jitte has a home in hammer time decks Which is exactly why I want it unbanned asap


No. W&6 and Lava Dart already invalidate most X/1s. Jitte makes it so whoever is on the play in creature matchups just wins.


“No changes.” This is what I wanted to see :))) The guy who finished Grixis Deaths Shadow on Sunday can breathe again!


Definitely liked seeing this. My local area has a 3k coming up for modern and if there were any changes it would absolutely destroy my plan (finished RB aggro last night), but I felt like modern is in a fine point unless they wanted to break the format so that it was back to the 4-5c piles it was last year before mh2


>The guy who finished Grixis Deaths Shadow on Sunday can breathe again! lol


Ya dude I just ordered all my shit for that deck last week, minus Ragavans which I had


UNBAN TWIN and AAARG COMPANIONS crowds in shambles


As much as I loved Twin and miss it, the format is in a good place.




Unbanning Twin would be obnoxious with t3f


"T3F would be good against twin, and twin wouldn't want to play it because it isn't an instant. They don't want to tap out on turn three and delay the combo" The 90% of Reddit wanting an unbanned twin who have never once played or versed the deck and think it's a combo deck.


Are there people who unironically think Twin is a real combo deck? I literally didn’t play Magic when Twin was legal, it isn’t rocket science to look at the old deck lists.


To be fair, I played when twin was legal, and there were iterations that were pure combo. The version that won the first modern pt I believe had 6 exarch/pestermite and some number of kiki-jiki. Even in the era of RUG tempo-twin with goyf that would routinely board out the combo, people would still play "all in twin". Most of the time the tip-top versions at the top of the format were light on combo pieces, but a lot of that was exploiting the fact that other people *were* playing the full on combo version. It compounded the problem of playing vs twin - not only do you have to respect the combo at all times, Thalia-ing yourself in the face of the tempo beating you're receiving, but you don't know *how much* you have to respect it until well into the side board games. Are they playing 6 creatures/4 twin? 3 creatures/3 twin? Who knows!


Every once in a while I find one. More often it's people arguing that t3feri isn't worth playing on turn three somehow.


T3F would make the deck intolerable Frankly T3F is a horrific magic card and is one of the reasons I barely play anymore. On top of control getting a free 8th card and freecast removal/counters. Modern is a joke to me at this point.


It would be obnoxious with FoN and Ragavan. Picture the murktide deck except with a game winning combo on turn 4 that they can protect with a free counterspell And before anyone comments on timing restrictions, you flash in exarch on your opponents end step targeting their untapped land, your opponent has to respond to the tap trigger which forces them to act within the timing window for FoN.


we do not need twin or pod in modern


Pod is fine, a lot of artifact removal exist in the format that did not before. If someone can swing at me for 10 flying infect turn 3, Pod is not going to be a problem.


No sir


Hell yeah, we just get to keep vibing. You love to see it. Hopefully we can settle into Modern now without the constant threat of massive shakeups or bans happening. The meta is starting to solidify into a steady churning ecosystem. While I understand people don't like looking at Lurrus as often as they do, you have to realize how small a complaint that is when compared to some of the spots Modern has been in (Tibalt's Trickery, anyone?).


>without the constant threat of massive shakeups Modern Horizons is the worst offender of this ever


I agree. The past several years have seen MH1, Eldraine bans, Uro ban, MH2, and the addition of Companions. That's a lot of shakeup. I think we're all ready for Modern to settle back into some semblance of stability.


Which imo, is good. The meta being shaken up every couple years is fine and healthy for the game, and a lot better than what we've had the past couple years of every standard set blowing up modern. I'd rather a new MH set every two years be the thing that shifts modern instead of one busted ass standard card warping the format out of nowhere (Oko, Uro, Omnath, Field, and of course the biggest offender, Tibalt's Trickery)


Every time you “shake up” modern you just wiped about 300$ Minimum out of every players pocket, plus the cost of their now defunct decks. Do it enough times and you’ll make people like me resent the format. I was huge into Modern from like 2014-2020. Built like 5 decks that were all viable. Then MH came out and suddenly I needed like 1k worth of cards to keep them up to date and some were completely invalidated. MH2 rinse and repeat. Im done. I no longer wish to play. I still do some but with only 1 deck and very rarely


I apologize if I come off as rude here, but why do people pretend that without horizons sets, modern would never change? Arclight phoenix was printed not long before MH1 and dominated the meta nearly as hard as anything from the first MH set even after MH1's release, in fact the only thing that was more dominant was Hogaak. Sure, we get mythics with high price tags, which sucks. The cost of building a deck largely hasn't changed, and the biggest differences are largely offset by the fact that the largest money sink in modern, fetch lands (specifically enemy, looking at prices pre-mh2), are now half the price. I hate that people are priced out of modern, and if given a button that makes every magic card a penny I'd press it in a heartbeat. Also, what 5 decks are now completely not viable post mh2?


Because when cards come through standard, they are more appropriately powered and reasonably priced Lets see I had scapeshift/Titanshift, Grixis DS, UR storm, Jund, Jund Living End, and a few more fringe decks that weren’t very good. None of which are seriously playable or require extensive upgrades to be playable I ended up keeping Living End updated to the Temer version which was way more expensive than it should be based on just 1 set being released. If they pull this shit again I probably won’t. I think they should bring back Modern Masters and just include Horizons set cards in it. Hell Wotc used to advertise Modern as a format where you couldplay your favorite standard cards even longer. Now you can’t even type that with a straight face because of all the MH scam sets they make to milk the playerbase.


I think they need to bring back masters sets and reprint more.


Could not agree more. Modern Masters was the best idea they ever had. Modern Horizons for me is the worst


I mean, I'm not gonna say it doesn't suck to have to upgrade decks (I also had a GDS list I had to spend a fair bit to upgrade), but I also can recognize that it's cheaper to outright buy a current GDS list than it was pre-MH1. I agree that we need more reprint sets, and I think the fact that in 3 years no MH1 original has been meaningfully reprinted is a huge issue that will hopefully be resolved with DXM2, but overall I think horizons sets are a net good for the format, even if there are some negatives


I am happy with the state of Modern and I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the ban announcement. I am looking forward to a more settled format... At least settled until the Lord of the Rings set drops. Then you better get your Gandalfs, Frodos, and Gollums if you want to be competitive Edit Grammar.


hahaha, "without shake-up"? that's one optimistic tke if I've ever seen one. The format will rotate all over again next year with mh3


Disagree. Companions going would be great for the format.


I just dislike Lurrus so much. He is so boring to see everyone playing him. I have to play him otherwise I literally play a significantly sub par version of all of my decks.


Thank Klothys, Modern continues to be awesome


I'm right there with ya bud.


Nooooooooo! See you again at the next B&R


No changes to modern as expected I think. While several cards are annoying / maybe long term worrying the current meta seems OK. Kinda wished they had unbanned some toys (Glimpse, maaaaybe GGT) but as it were seems ok. I'm particularly confused about the standard bans. By their words, they banned cards out of a "balanced" environment, ahead of a new set to... "introduce churn" into the top of the metagame? What? Is that something the general standard playerbase wants, because that sounds an awful lot like a super-minority of whales complaining rather than the median player lol. Can someone who knows more about standard chime in?


>They banned cards out of a "balanced" environment I play Standard on Arena quite a lot. The environment was in theory balanced, but in a very bad way. The balance was a very powerful control deck with a combo finish and two monocolour aggro decks which attempted to go under it, with no real competitive midrange options. Now the control deck loses its combo finish and needs some other way to close the game (should be possible), aggro decks lose the best manland which will slow them down a bit, looks like a fighting chance for many interesting midrange cards which had no place to shine.


Was divide by zero really that much of an issue? Epiphany I’m surprised it wasn’t banned earlier, but divide never really seemed like an issue to me, sure it’s versatile but overall kinda meh. Admittedly haven’t really played standard in a bit but just doesn’t seem like too much of an issue. Same with faceless haven, that was one of the last cards I was worried about playing against aggro, plus I did have it in some midrange or control decks that now lose a threat Edit: Thanks to everyone who’s giving some explanation! Divide is still starting to make sense to me, haven makes sense but still think they could’ve don’t something different if they wanted to hit both decks (like going after a card from each one that was actually a problem). But it does make sense. In any case, the fact that they are making these changes a couple weeks before neon to promote experimentation does not leave me confident in the sets power level/how interesting it will be.


I think control decks will very much revolve around \[\[Lier, Disciple of the Drowned\]\] and his card advantage. Lier is balanced around counterspells being turned off, Divide by Zero let you cheat on this. Faceless Haven hits both white and green, no other card does. Also midrange and control are much better suited to use the monocolor manlands from AFR set, while the one most suitable for aggro is red, so neither green nor white will have it.


Divide by Zero made playing midrange decks miserable. Especially with Lier later in the game. They don't have to answer your medium mana value spells on the stack or the board but instead can do it both. They get access to a toolbox from their SB through the learn mechanic. And with Lier it still works since it just bounces from the stack or the board and doesn't counter. It was not horrenduous but still pretty awful to play against as midrange. Faceless Haven was a "free" threat for alredy pretty efficient and strong Aggro decks. You could answer all their threats, which already was not that easy given the quality and efficiency of the monoW and monoG cards, yet still get the final few points of damage pushed through by the land. It also wasn't horrenduous but awful to play against.


They hinted at it being a problem with Lier as they talked about it's changes in the arena rebalanced format.


From my experience, I think the combination of it's synergy with Lier as effectively a counterspell from the bin, plus learn really pushed it over the edge. Environmental sciences if you need a land drop, a black removal spell, or a win con in mascot exhibition. I've never felt bad casting it.


I agree on the weird balance of the format. I am fortunate to be able to build almost any current standard deck, so I tried out most of them. I enjoyed playing Esper midrange in that format but it still felt awful facing the nut draws of Epiphany decks and monoW and monoG aggro. Normal draws were pretty much beatable but the decks are just a cut above the rest of the format. And against the Divide by Zero & Lier decks it also could just feel so awful to sit around with 4+ mana value cards and get them bounced while it gets around the restriction of their own Lier. Epiphany should have been banned earlier in my opinion. Haven and Divide are strong and frustrating but mostly okay except how these cards in tandem pushed out most other strategies that did not use at least one of those cards.


"Create some churn" is sort of an odd way to word it because it makes it sound like change for the sake of change only. But Standard definitely needed these bans. Epiphany in particular had too much inevitability and made any sort of slow midrange pretty bad. The disruption available in the format simply can't compete with the card advantage available to the Epiphany decks. You're stuck trying to get there with Duress and \[\[Go Blank\]\], while they have Expressive Iteration and Memory Deluge..lol.


> Is that something the general standard playerbase wants I mean it seems pretty easy to just ask the three people still playing standard if you’re curious 🤷‍♂️


When you look at Standard as an almost entirely online format, it makes sense. The biggest draw that Standard has is *change.* Rotation means that decks and metagames change far faster than in nonrotating formats. So if you actively like Standard, that change is something you highly prioritize. And since the format is mostly online, a ban requires you to refresh your Cardhoarder rental or craft some new cards with the wildcards you just refunded, not spend $300 on a new deck.




❌ unbanned top ✅ Cowards


Surprised to hear nothing about Lurrus. I would have thought to hear that they are at least monitoring that he is in an absurd amount of the top tier decks. It would be nice to play with some cards outside of the Lurrus Bauble shell.


They rarely say things about formats not touched. Tbh I think lurris is just one of those messed up cards that WotC is gonna just let be until it actually really breaks something. Imo banning lurris just really kills midrange in the format. It’s not like if lurris is banned boomer jund just comes back to fill in its position in the meta. Honestly even though lurris is annoying repetitive and consistent, it’s the only think keeping midrange afloat in the meta.


Good points here. If lurrus is banned, are we just left with Murktide, 4c pile and saga piles? I don't want to see another interactive deck taken off the board.


Rhinos, Living End, shadow (but it’ll need to change some stuff), uw/jeski control, and if you want to consider it interactive burn. Interaction isn’t a problem if lurris is banned, just midrange strats disappearing. Everything is so tempo / control oriented right now.


"It would be nice to play with some cards outside of the Lurrus Bauble shell." Really? There is only one Tier 1 deck playing Lurrus and Bauble, GDS. You can nitpick and throw Jund Saga in there (I'd say its Tier 2), but that's really it.


Rakdos rock plays it too.


I'm gonna grab some baubles for burn now


Then play with other cards? I see lurrus maybe a quarter of my matches which is a lot but it's not the same deck every time (though usually hammer or shadow) Modern is very open right now and you can prey on lurrus decks with cards like chalice


just to add to your statement, Lurrus is honestly very easy to get rid of, yes its removal bait but once its out it barely gets back into the game. i don't see why people haven't figured out how to play around it, it dies to shock! can easily be removed by prismatic ending and 3 color decks. unholy heat hits it even without delirium, lightning bolt and so many more removal spells can take care of it. on another note yes Lurrus is prevalent in. many decks, but it to utilize it it basically needs 2 turns and a sideboard slot, plus the deck limitation. To really utilize lurrus you have so many conditions to actually play him as a companion. he isnt the reason why the low curve decks are dominating , theyre just really good. ive been swinging hammer around for quite awhile and actually removed lurrus. i barely get to utilize him even in control matches.


It's often effectively a 3-for-1 in the black midrange decks, it swings close games against anything that does't or can't play lurrus. I think lurrus is a very different card between hammer and shadow/br, and 'dies to removal' is still an awful argument, especially for a card that can generate value even if it is killed. I don't think that it should be banned at this point, but you're underplaying it's power by quite a bit.


As much as I play it, I was ready to be done with Lurrus. I guess 3 CMC permanents in aggressive decks stay banned.


I thought that too but sam pardee opened my eyes. If you ban lurrus, people will just play the cards you can cast for cheap, but are actually expensive, like the pitch elementals and murktide. By banning lurrus you remove this choice. For example, right now there is grixis midrange and izzet murktide, banning lurrus just makes the grixis midrange deck into izzet murktide or something similar.


Very happy to see no changes. I see a ton of variety in leagues and am having a blast in this format as is


I had the opposite. I knew what I was playing in 4/5 of my matches in leagues because of companions. It was not very diverse for me at least.


Okay. You fire up a league and your opponent reveals Lurrus. What does that even tell you? It could be one of dozens of decks that play Lurrus. Yorion is more of a tell but even then it can be multiple decks. I feel like when my opponent doesn't reveal a companion that it's more telling of their strategy lol.


Of like to see you list those decks TBH.


Half a dozen is more correct, at least if you want to talk decks that aren't spicy one-offs. Hammer, Burn, GDS, Jund, Mill and Scales all run Lurrus. Yorion and Kaheera have fewer decks, because their usefulness is more limited, but there are at least a couple of decks that run each of them. I see the argument for banning Lurrus (or the entire mechanic) because it's too good, but I disagree that it homogenizes the format.


It could also be an affordability thing. I belive you can get hammer on the lowest rental amount. If you look at challenge’s there are less companions at the top tables.


Companions will haunt us for another year. Very disappointed that they do not even mention Modern, what their thoughts are, etc.


Best the format's ever been, can't say I'm sorry even for no companion changes


Agreed. Bans should only happen in eternal formats when the meta game is broken. And especially now, when modern is as good as it’s ever been.


I don't understand how Wizards keeps missing the most problematic card of all... ^[[Sneaky ^Homunculus]]


Fuck yeah! I was worried about Lurrus or Bauble, not to say that won’t be coming eventually, but Modern is absolutely great right now and it looks like they know that too!


Damn, not even an explanation about why no changes. Sucks to be Modern, I guess.


This is why I'm surprised - Modern is fine for the most part, but you'd think that would at least mention something about it. Find you a company that looks at you the way Wizards looks at Historic, I guess lol.


Looks at pauper. that B&R was incredible.


Or at least say "Everything is great!" if that's how they feel!


Exactly! Instead, we just get to feel forgotten. Let's hope Modern doesn't go the way of Extended.


I for one welcome our new faerie overlords


Modern? You mean, that old format before Historic? We don't do that no more.


Do you need an explanation? I mean modern is as good as ever right now


Need? Nah, but it'd be nice, ya know? I'm a big proponent that more WoTC communication is a good thing.


Explanation:. MH2 is still for sale.


yeah, no hints as to whether or not something is on the watch-list


To say nothing is to say something. We know they care about modern, so to me this suggests they think the format is all good


I just wish they would've gave us some information about the format, if the format really is healthy, I'd love if they showed us this


are the challenge results not enough evidence for you? different decks in the top 8 almost every time, the winning deck changing constantly, it all seems great to me.


Wow, they didn't listen to the angry mob wanting bans for the sake of bans. I'm kind of surprised


I'm pleasantly surprised.


Honestly it was the best case scenario, banning lurrus would utterly disrupt the meta as the aggro-midrange decks would be thrown off balance due to the ban. Companions aren’t an issue despite how often they’re brought up. Neither really is any cards from MH2. Nothing is broken unlike Summer-Winter 2019 during FIRE design with WAR, Eldraine, MH1, and the likes.


Between Hogaak Summer and the pure degeneracy that was Arcum's Astrolabe, MH2 seems almost fair by comparison


Because MH2 is fair. The cards are strong/busted, but in a very fair way.


Aggro midrange would definitely survive, but it may take a bit to find new lists. Though at worst there would still be obosh decks.


Which is mostly why I said it would be thrown off balance. Especially for Jund and RB, where the most relevant creatures that stick on the board are 2 drops (Goyf, Tourach/Kroxa), where Obosh would mean switching the deck around or going companion-less


I was scared WotC was gonna mess it up and ban something. WotC did good!


Thank christ almighty


This is for the best, the format is in a good place right now, unless you have a pet peeve for companions. Additionally, if anyone ever wants to ask themselves if a ban is going to happen in modern, you can probably correctly guess by asking what change, if any, would make it more profitable for wotc. For now, MH2 packs are selling, and leagues are firing at full force. Those are the two monetary metrics wotc has for modern right now, and they are both positive, so no change. The next ban to happen will be a pushed modern horizons card (mh3 and forward), any card from a deck which gets randomly pushed by a standard printing (prioritizing banning cards which are not actively being sold), or lurrus and/or bauble. Said ban will occur when the combination of slower sales to whatever set contains the problem cards and slower league entries means that the inherent instability caused by the ban is financially outweighed by those two factors.




I wish this sub would ban low quality ban talk already. Pretty sick of people who don’t actually play this format at a high enough level to understand how healthy the meta game is screeching regurgitated cold takes on how to “fix” an amazing format.


Truth. People in this sub feel compelled to advocate for a ban every time, regardless of how great the meta is. And yeah, often when you engage with these folks, they quickly reveal they aren’t very knowledgeable about the meta. Thankfully it seems WotC knows what they’re doing and doesn’t fall prey to the sway of the internet mob.


It's just large scale copium. Demanding bans is easier for a lot of people than admitting their tier 3 deck from 2019 is no longer good enough to compete.


Ffs just ban Lurrus already


Was hoping for a preordain unban


Why have preordain when you can have consider + DRC!


Flair checks out


I expected to see something, but I’m pleasantly surprised with this outcome.




Thank God


Your credit card interacts with the website when your buy the chase MH2 mythics. Very healthy and interactive format! No changes.


Thank god for 90 dollar one drop beaters. Wotc was like, hmmm now that goyf isnt 200 a pop why don't we make another prohibitively expensive card that wont see a reprint for years...


Thank God. We have some OP cards right now for sure, but they all do a good job keeping each other in check, which is the prefect place to be in my eyes.




Saga of the Monke Cat continues...


Lame Was hoping for an unban


But what unban would help the format? Some will probably not break the format but what’s the point if it won’t help it


So you can...play those cards? What do you mean "not help the format"? Is there a predefined list of decks you're allowed to play


Getting sick of seeing Lurrus/Bauble every 9/10 matches.


Ill be honest, i dont see that many companions. Im tired of playing hammer 3 out of 5 times in modern. A hammer piece should have got the axe.


How can you not see companions that often but play against hammer, a Lurrus deck, 60% of the time. Do your opponents forget to reveal it or smt 😂


That's been me before lmao. Mtgo strikes again


Whether you agree or disagree on No Changes, the fact that they couldn't be bothered to mention Modern's existence either way should make you furious. No excuse to not at least toss out a "hey, here's how we feel about Modern's state atm". The only way this makes sense to me IMO is if Modern is getting a separate article within the next month.


Them saying nothing is them saying they think everything is fine. That’s how they operate, and how they’ve always operated. They’ll say something if they have anything on their radar, but by them saying nothing, we can infer that they don’t have anything on their radar. They think the format is good and doesn’t need to be touched (which should be the norm).


> "The only way this makes sense...." I'm with you, that would be an acceptable scenario. But I bet against it, even at 10 to 1.




WOTC is really trying to convince everyone that their erata to companions worked (even tho Lurrus decks make up like 38% of modern decks at high level competition).


Eh, bauble feels problematic still but I don’t think it’s super worth a ban. I feel like modern is very precariously in a good place rn, and if one thing shifts it all comes down


Really disappointing (in modern and legacy). The fact that they think lurrus or monkey isn't even worth a mention in modern is so disheartening. What a joke.


time to sell all modern and swap to legacy


They actually erratad Lurrus to have super hexproof cuz this is like the 3rd time the mommy cat nightmare hybrid has skipped a ban.




Does this mean Modern is gonna be like Legacy where Legacy has a handful of cards that define it (Brainstorm, Force, Wasteland, Dark Ritual, Cradle, etc) Modern is just gonna have the same thing (Bauble, W6, Saga, Lurrus, T3feri, etc)? I know everyone is talking about the format being healthy but sometimes it feels like every deck is running at least two of these


I understand your concern, and simultaneously I want to point out that every format has cards that define it. Doesn't mean competitive diversity has gone by the wayside, though. At one time cards like LotV, splinter twin, tarmogoyf, and thoughtseize defined modern. At another time it was Phoenix, another time oko, and so on. I think it's more useful to measure the format on two scales: competitive diversity, and player fun. The former is objectively high right now; the latter I personally feel is high as well.


Every good deck is always running some number of "best cards" because they're the best cards. Every red deck is always gonna play some number of Bolt. Every black deck is gonna play either thoughtseize or IoK. Competitive decks have always shared some number of cards and differ in their strategy on how to either best abuse or beat those cards in opposing decks. That's what happens when you have a format with a huge card pool




Well it looks like I’m still taking a hiatus from modern


What changes were you wanting?


God damn I wish we could also have that fixed Teferi.


Alchemy can keep it's altered cards


Boo. ​ Modern remains "red only" trash.


There's a lot of competitive non red decks though? I guess I don't get what you mean


Goodbye to any chance of Aether vial decks being playable in modern. The past few modern horizons killed every deck I loved, coco Knightfall, spirits, humans, valuetown, merfolk. Very disappointed but not surprised at all. Absolutly fuck MH and rotating modern.


Damn, was hoping for a bauble ban


I would say ban Lurrus not bauble.


Instead of banning Lurrus (or the companion mechanic) WotC decided to keep all +3 mana value cards on the banlist.


Cowards and also fuck Lurrus


well, another year of 50%+ Sideboard pets.


oh great Ragavan gets banned in legacy but not in modern?


It’s was significantly more oppressive in legacy, for various different reasons, so yes.