My deck needs MH3,4,5 and 6


So what does your deck look like today? Fetches and shocks and 48 reserved slots?


60 reserved slots. Just in case the meta turns into Belcher vs Belcher or they print something that's similar to Belcher. You never know.


Like a 2 mana 1/1 with infect and hexproof, but maybe not even then.


Sounds good, printing it next set! I hope the Phyrexian type works for you! #wotcstaff


Hammer players salivating




Bro infect bogle? Big yikes from me dawg


Phyrexian crusader isn't too far off.


it's a 3drop in a 1drop world


But the vast majority of removal is red and white. There are only a few decks racing fast at the moment, so GB infect is likely a better bet than UG at the moment. Also, we were just coming out an elemental world, because paying mana is for chumps.


Golgari really is the way to go. Fatal Push isn't nearly as prevalent as it was before and nothing but it removes Phyrexian Crusader. I don't think Infect is in any worse shape than it was prior to MH2. I'd even argue that it's in a slightly better spot.


In theory the phyrexian type errata hurts the deck a lot because most version now scoop to [[plague engineer]], but nobody runs plague engineer in modern anyway


Plagueman requires decks to stop playing lurrus. Which they obviously cant


If Infect's your deck, you just need Force of Will, Invigorate and Beserk and you might have a chance!


I play BW tokens so I guess an act of God?


I’ve found that BW tokens can do well against the current meta since it has the ability to play discard spells, easily eliminate graveyards (kaya’s guile, kaya, RIP), destroy big creatures (damn, damnation, wrath, path), and then go wide (lingering souls, spectral procession, secure the wastes). The Kaya from Crimson as well as tainted and intrepid adversary from Midnight Hunt, and sunset revelry are all sweet possible additions to think about.


I'd like to recommend the meathook massacre decks fluffywolf tested lately.


Ancestral Army {W} Instant Create three 1/1 white Spirit Warrior tokens.


It's not exactly tokens but Aspiringspike's [BW Control](https://www.streamdecker.com/deck/g91dzXLs5) deck plays 4 lingering souls and has a tokens kind of vibe to it.


I also play BW tokens, what we need is lingering souls flipped: 1B make two tokens with flying, flashback 2W. New kaya is cute but is a bit too hard to set up. New Sorin is much better for the deck.


Enough money to buy 4 Ragavan...


Give me Dark Ritual please?


You get thought scour.. dark ritual that cantrips!


Dark Ritual into Liliana would be all I want to do in every single deck.


Dark ritual, cabal ritual, and tendrils. MAKE STORM GREAT AGAIN


Slivers, please print [[Hibernating Sliver]] and [[Crystalline Sliver]] into modern


I mainboard [[unsettled mariner]] but it's not enough.


I am also a sliver player, removal is definitely a problem but not the biggest because removal will always be around. What we need is something along the lines of risen reef for slivers, hell even dumbing it down some would be great. It is still possible to compete in the meta with what we have already though, top 8d a 72 player event this past weekend with slivers.


Mind hitting me up with a list?


https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/20-02-20-aggro-slivers/ Here is what I've been running since mh2 came out.


They should reprint these. They are very fair


Midrange needs some kind of “free spell punisher, That’s good on its own. New Lavinia’s text on a 3cmc creature with a better stat line. And since control decks will splash anything that has U or W in it, the only midrange cards that won’t get absorbed into control and make this subreddit shit its pants in anger are GB, RB, and RG, I’d prefer it has GB in it.


Honestly, I feel like most creature centric decks need a free spell hate card on a beat-stick. The ability to flicker-chain stuff like solitude is just too reliably back-breaking against decks that need to build up a creature board state and especially if they need to turn those creatures sideways.


3 mana baby Ruric Thar.


I could see a 3/4 body, for three mana, that pings for 3-4 when a non-creature spell is played. Kinda like Kambal without the life gain.


[[Scab-clan berserker]]


Honestly, something similar to [[Roiling Vortex]] on a body (maybe drop one of the abilities like the ping every turn) wouldn't be too unreasonable I think.


Hasn't burn ran it a few times? If burn is willing to roiling vortex, a midrange list should also, imo.


Midrange lists try to avoid cards that don’t affect the board/aren’t high quality at all points of the game. 5 damage means nothing to a (non-shadow) control deck when you’re playing a midrange deck because you’re not pressuring their life total like burn is. Also, this card is dead in the mid/late game, burn doesn’t care because they want to be sipping a mojito in the spectator area during the mid/late game.


Unban Golgari Grave-troll...again.


This is totally fair for the current power level


On one hand, maybe. On the other, I'm not so sure. It's another one of those "brew the deck as it would exist now and run a gauntlet" situations. GGT might be fine but it might also make the matchup super coinflip-y or reliant on Leylines.


But then you have it loom over the format for as long as it remains unbanned and as soon as GY becomes good, GGT is broken


I mean we can make the argument that the GY is so heavily taxed nowadays that the format can keep it in check. Heck, pre-MH2 decks already successfully raced stinkweed imp dredge without hate in the first place. I don't know if GGT upgrading thug is really that big of a deal. Now of course we have Endurance and Sanctifier, as well as Dauthi Voidwalker (which doesn't even see play anymore).


No format of any power level needs Dredge as a top deck.


What's your reasoning?


Or unban Dread Return... pls?


I think \[\[Cathartic Pyre\]\] put dredge on the map again. Otherworldly Gaze is underexplored as well.


Death and Taxes. I honestly have no clue. Wasteland and rishadan port I guess?


Unban Jitte.


Humans player. To be honest not sure, maybe a more evasive human?


I suppose they need an aether vial that's also a land so it doesn't get hit by Prismatic Ending.


I mean, yeah, but prismatic answers everything. Like, actual everything lmao. But tbh I feel like a list with 4 Chalice, 4 vial, 32 humans geared toward disrupting the main problem matchups is probably really strong in the meta. Off the top, unsettled mariner seems insane right now


Lightning Bolt also answered all their creatures, but it was still a very viable deck in a Bolt meta. I think a mana neutral 4-of in many main decks like Prismatic Ending to answer Vial AND all the creatures was a larger reason for its fall from grace.


Without its 12 one drops, you’re asking the humans deck to often take off turn 1 and then turn 2 to play chalice. Every draw without Vial would be unbelievably slow. The best draws with the deck involved vialing a Champion on turn 2. Maybe they can still play champion with 4 Caverns but that also seems very risky.


They can still run their 1 drops with chalice on 1... cavern of souls gets your 1 drops through your own chalice.


From the general humans list, what would you cut for unsettled mariner?


From the OG humans list, I think the black pirate is the easiest cut.


The unsettled mariner basically reads as you and permanents you control have ward 1 right?


I'd vouch for an Aethervial with 'Hexproof from sorceries'.


RiP on a body.


Sanctifier is real close, but another GY hate human could definitely come around.


See, I actually think humans is just fine. I'd obviously tech into some stuff that's good versus the thoughtseize + bolt piles we see everywhere these days, but the deck still has game against the top decks imo. Maindeck Chalice is probably the best way to go as so many decks are super soft to Chalice on 1, and with vial and cavern the humans player should be able to still deploy 1 drops just fine


Human version of [[Drogskol Captain]] maybe? Hexproof and making everyone slightly bigger.


we don't need more of the exact same tribal pay-offs with a different type-line to slot into X-flavored pet deck. we would benefit from unique effects tied to underplayed archetypes with existing infrastructure, like allies, wizards, hell, demons. you know? if you want to play humans or merfolk, play them. you can go 3-2 easily. but giving treefolk or humans or gods forbid, spirits a (nother) hexproof lord doesn't seem like the answer to me. your suggestion is just creature power-creep philosophy at its core


If the purpose of the support is to bring up an archetype to the current power level, then the power creep lies elsewhere. My idea is not power creep. The power creep came from something else.


way to slow down fury?


Straight humans isn't doing much but there are these primate lists that keep popping up, right?


Ban prismatic ending and free cards? Fellow humans player and as good as mh1 was for us (hogaak made the meta favorable) MH2 wrecked us


Whack Goblins here. Some more speedy one drops with some pump for Goblins would be nice.


\[\[Battle Cry Goblin\]\] already made 12 whack very relevant. Additionally I've seen Naya lists with Ragavan and Atarka's Command that seemed very powerful.


Didn't you just get monkey?


I have to pay rent every month


Just miss one month.


I play vengevine and I want putrid imp and basking rootwalla.


or to undo MH2, endurance and sanctifier en vec and dauthi voidwalker killed vine more than anything.


I’d love to play grishoalbrand again. Loved abusing the splice mechanic.


RIP Griseldaddy


While I maintain that scales is still a great deck, i could do with less free spells in the format. Solitude force of vigor, fury, its all really backbreaking to be constantly blown out when you think you have a window. I want a hardened scales that is indestructable and another creature that fits in perfectly, preferably something colorless with modular. A hangarback walker with modular would be awesome. A way to punish all the multicolor nonsense would also be great. With all this removal being available for free I would want to get more value from my creatures.


Force of Vigor being a 0-mana instant-speed 2:2 is nasty. Fury often being card advantage is worse. None of the spells in the Force/Evoke cycle should have provided card parity when cast for free.


The blame isn’t on free spells though. It’s on the insane combos that regularly get to play game-ending cards on turn 2 on the play, before any countermagic or hate pieces are relevant. Don’t forget that Unholy Heat was considered the best removal spell out of MH2 until Hammer Time made Solitude a mandatory card for interactive decks. Free *reactive* spells are rarely the problem in Modern.


I most definitely do blame free spells since they allow those combos to exist because the free spells are an answer. If I want to play with and against free spells, ill play legacy tyvm. Solitude as well as prismatic ending are cards that are way too good imo.


The only free spell that gets used by combo is [[Force of Negation]], and that’s the fault of [[Violent Outburst]] more than FoN itself. In every other case, the free spells are being used by fair decks to answer turn 2-3 combos like Belcher, Hammer, Titan, Tron etc. If you don’t want free spells in Modern, the first step is to ban so many decks’ ability to just outright win the game on turn 2. Until that point, free (or at least wildly efficient like Ending) spells are more or less mandatory to make Modern a playable format. If you ban every free spell, we don’t get the fantasy format where your aggro deck (Scales) is good again. We get a format where Hammer, Belcher, and Titan don’t bother running any interaction whatsoever and just turn 2 or turn 3 you every single game.


Wirewood symbiote would help but as long as Fury is a heavily played card Elves is in a rough spot. That said, at fnm level, elves is perfectly reasonable. I went 4-1 with it last time I played, only lost to mono red prowess with every burn spell known to man. The Kaldheim additions are really good.


Elves is fine at FNM level i can 3-1 with it consistently, online meta it doesn’t stand a chance. Fury, W&6, and value piles have just gatekept it from being good enough sadly. Wirewood + Elvish Visionary would do wonders giving it a consistent value engine, right now Collected Company is a 4 mana dice roll and Realmwalker is slightly too slow to make the elfball happen.


Do you have a list? Just curious where you sit with it. Do you like quirion ranger? I didn't find it that much more useful than just another 1 drop dork. Could be I just didn't have enough forests though


Quirion Ranger is staple 4 of easily. Card generates more mana than you think. Untapping Archdruid is really powerful as well. It also means flexibility with heritage druid, it’s one of the most explosive cards we have I’ve been working on two lists, the modern elves discord is fairly active if you’re keen. Here are my most recent versions for each: [collected company elves](https://www.moxfield.com/decks/YuPDE-HIE0iix2zAc-8y5w) [scrying elves](https://www.moxfield.com/decks/PfSLJHqzkUi0mNCMsZS6RQ)


Mmm the scry elves looks sweet. Would not have thought of Grist, though I had looked at trying out sylvan anthem. I'll check out the discord.


A second kithkin lord..... lol


A prismatic ending ban


Hammer thanks you for your naivety.


Hardened scales thanks you for playing hammer with no prismatic


Simian spirit guide. My ad nauseum didn’t deserve this :(


Pourin' one out for you, homie.


Ad Naus is doing fine rn. It wasn’t top tier when mana monkey was legal and it’s about in the same spot it was before.


From all the discussions I've had so far others tell me the deck is better now than it was with SSG/Lightning Storm.


Unban [[Faithless Looting]] so my [[Hollow One]] deck can be good again🥺


Unban faithless looting so I can just play rakdos skelementals/ball lightnings and not care because I'm doing dumb things


A gentleman of culture


made top 8 with that at a pptq lol current version: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/modern-thunder-balls/


Most fun deck I ever played but then the ban happened 😢


Unbanning Looting won't just bring Hollow One back, it'll make other decks better. It might even push Hollow One further out of the meta as people bring in more grave hate to beat the other new Looting decks


Unban faithless looting so I can have my griseldaddy back :(


I love dredge, please let me protect my graveyard.


Between endurance, sanctifier, voidwalker, saga for crypt, I don't even know if GGT would make dredge viable lol.


I know the amount of really good graveyard hate printed recently is nuts, I still think Dredge is the most fun deck I've ever played so I'll keep on dredging even if its not that competitive. But damn you would think they would print at least 1 or 2 ways to actually protect your graveyard lol. I know just the idea of that is incredibly powerful but it could also come with some large drawbacks idk im no game designer...


I would absolutely love [[Shepherd of Rot]] for Zombies


I want gift storm to be good again. Can't really unban a better cantrip (as UW would use it too, and that deck don't need the buff right now). ​ I feel like storm needs another version of aria of flame. 1-2 years ago, enchantments were hard to remove, now it seems that almost every deck has ways (even maindeck) to deal with them.


I thought Storm was down because Force of Negation, Chalice, Thalia, and graveyard hate are all absolutely miserable for the deck, and that all has little to do with MH2.


Storm player here. Turns out that too is correct.


Well, the mh2 meta is very hostile. -everyone is packing tons of removal for ragavan, hurts storm a lot too -GY hate for murktide and reanimator decks, hurts storm -meta decks playing FoN (rhinos, etc) - hate against tokens (saga, rhinos) work against empty the warrens too. Thats why I mentionned aria. I think storm needs a new alternate wincon, to be competitive again. Aria used to do a lot of work, but now everyone can remove it. Prismatic ending, t3feri, even black can remove enchantment now.


Everything being over-statted while incidentally hating our game plan out from multiple angles is the primary problem. The deck was fine fighting against Thalias and Chalices for years.


Meta is packed with creature removal as well as a lot of Flusterstorm and graveyard hate. Twiddle Storm is a much better variant of the deck because of that. Gifts Storm is only good when people are playing non-interactive decks which means the meta isn't really healthy. I don't want Gifts Storm to be good again.


Ragavan as a goblin


I play monke in 8whack and it’s one of the best cards in the deck. Goblin type wouldn’t really help that much.


Ugh. I need all of Jund to be good again. -plays big Tron-


Jund Saga still out here


I'd actually say that bans have more impact on obsolescence of decks than MH1/MH2. Faithless looting and SSG being the main ones I would point to. Maybe I also have a different threshold for what obsolete means? I wouldn't say that Prowess is obsolete, even if it fell from its top dog status after MH2. I guess by my definition, bans are pretty much the only thing that would cause a deck to become obsolete. Infect is different I guess; it's made mostly obsolete by hammer because it's a better deck in pretty much the same niche. Only Saga and Esper Sentinel are from MH2. Then there's the phyrexian creature type update that came with it.


I don't think phyrexian creature type update did much to the deck considering Plague Engineer stopped being used. I firmly believe that the Golgari version with Phyrexian Crusader is in a better spot than Infect was in general pre-MH2.


Birthing pod :c


Any good 1 drop U/W spirit. I was hopeful for VOW but the most relevant spirit is Cemetery Illuminator, which is quite good but doesn’t make the cut with how crowded the 3 drop slot is in this deck. Fingers crossed that Neon Dynasty brings some solid one cost kami(s?)


This right here. Fucking nonsense that they didn't print anything in either Innistrad set.


I need Crop Rotation and for WotC to ban Prismatic.


I think that a FREE protection spell, akin to the cards from the MH1 Force cycle, for white creatures. Like [[brave the elements]] but make it like [[shining shoal]] in that you can exile a white card to give your creatures protection (or hexproof) from a spell or permanent. Or even don’t have a pitch cost to it, just make cost 1-3 mana and have a clause that makes it free if opponent targets 1 or more of your creatures. I could see this as a white, green, or WG hybrid card. This would put decks like elves, humans, and soul sisters back on the menu. Prismatic ending, solitude, and fury just wreck those strategies and something this simple could help.


> protection spell > have a clause that makes it free if opponent targets 1 or more of your creatures. So when would you ever play mana for such a card? Protective cards in the vein you're suggesting are almost universally reactive - you'd never be paying mana up front, it'd just be a cost printed on the card for the sake of having a cost printed.


Cast it for Mana to become unblockable.


Green suns zenith unbanned. I just wanna play maverick like the cool people in legacy.


I think green sun is to strong in modern due to primeval titan. It being a way to get Titan, a ramp spell, dryad of the illusian Grove (probably spelled that wrong), a land, or hate cards sounds way to strong. It just seems way to flexible. Though I would absolutely play it if it was legal. I have been wondering if traverse the ovenwald is worth using now? Unholy heat is so strong, I could see them working together in a deck.


Deathrite shaman, but it only makes BG mana.


Or even a DRS that costs G but still has all the same abilities so only elves and BGx can have it


A ban of Prismatic Ending. I don't care if it's only sorcery speed (T3feri fixes that too). At X=1 it can get rid of most of modern's good stuff, which includes Aether Vial.


still love that the best white removal isn't playable in mono white


I still hate that


I like this opinion. I feel like Prismatic Ending and Unholy Heat were unnecessarily good removals in a format already filled with many.


I hated that card from the day it was spoiled. It rewards people for playing 4/5 color soup decks. Having so many good stuff piles in the meta is... boring


It too heavily punishes streamlined mechanically synergistic decks which tend to be 0-2 colours with few multicoloured cards and benefits goodstuff decks. The problem with this is that these cohesive decks cover a much broader range of playstyles. 3+ colour soup decks are almost entirely midrange grindfests with few if any overarching mechanics. The game is currently heavily skewed towards decks that only contain a very small part of the game.


This. Path-but-it-answers-everything was not a card that needed printing, imho


Unban Cloudpost you cowards


I’m not super sure I remember last time Elves was competitive


Best elves play I ever saw was watching my buddy at a GP, chorded for craterhoof during declare blockers to completely wipe out eldrazi during eldrazi winter at GP Detroit. It was insane, and the eldrazi player was screaming that elves were busted. The played that had 25 power on turn 3 the game before.


My favorite elf game was when my opponent destroyed my only land turn 2 and I didn't draw a single one the whole game. I had managed to build up a board from just a single llanowar and eventually chord into heritage druid and Ezuri for a win... with no lands still.


We keep getting Blink enablers and support cards, but what we need are payoffs! THRAGLET - 2G Beast Whenever Thraglet or another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, if it wasn't cast, gain 3 life and create a 2/2 boar. 3/2 *"Did I say two spears?"* ~~~~~ Depleted Wanderer - 1U Phyrexian Wizard Flash When Depleted Wanderer leaves the battlefield, if it was exiled or returned to its owner's hand, return target spell or permanent to its owners hand. 1/1 *"The developing machinery of his mind pales in comparison to his marvelous artificial body."* ~~~~~ SCAVENGER'S GARDEN - 1G Plant Ooze Whenever Scavenger's Garden or another creature enters the battlefield under your control, if it wasn't cast, exile target card from a graveyard. If it was a creature, gain 1 life and put a +1/+1 counter on that creature. 0/3 *"Years of cultivation, gone to waste."*


Give Phoenix player careful study


I dont know enough about the metagmae rightnow but i would love tangle whire to be reprinted to play it alongside bitterblossom.


In my testing with the deck, I’ve found that mardu pyromancer is just missing an enabler. [[haggle] and [[insolent neonate]] both aren’t instants or sorceries so they don’t really do anything to enable bedlam reveler. [[academic dispute]] needs a creature on board to target so that doesn’t work. Ideally I’d just want [[faithless looting]] unbanned, but if that’s too much [[mental note]] but red, looting without flashback, looting for 1 card with our without flashback, or even haggle without merchant of the vale would be a boon to the deck.


A 1-mana 3/3 with protection from Red, White, and Black.


Alot of decks need a 0mana wrath banned


UB stuff. PLEASE


UB faeries needs a 1/1 faerie with flash, Preferably with flying and surveil 1.


Hollow one needs some more consistent discard outlets #unbanlooting


Glimpse of Nature and Green Sun's Zenith unbans for Elves.


As a fellow Elves player I agree that Wirewood Symbiote would be a big player, but I think Birchlore Rangers be a bit better as it would make a GW combo version similar to Legacy Elves using Rite of Harmony more consistent without outright breaking the format.


[[Priest of Titania]] couldn’t hurt.


Eldrazi and Taxes. Vials get ended, so give me Eye of Ugin back please. No more SSG so no more turn 2 Smashers


Id like eye back as well but really consistent turn 2 tks is not something wizard wants in the meta again.


Don’t forget about free Mimics…


Trad. Grixis Shadow [[stubborn denial]] to lose the “non-creature” clause.


Obviously GDS is actually decent right now, but is a different deck. UR(x) murktide leans into the turbo angler style a bit, where you want to put a big threat down and protect it. Might be worth looking into.


God if lurrus and the red shit didn’t exist then we could have turbo angler with murktide. That would have been awesome.


Oh, I have, but the cost of Ragavan is just too prohibitive. I’ve gone back to Blue Moon for the time being.


I ended up picking Goyfs and moving to [4C](https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4219986#paper) instead. Cheaper than Ravagans, and feels closer to old-school Shadow instead of "Grixis Monkey splashing Shadow" like the newer builds. It's sees significant less play than the "new" GDS lists and is likely a weaker deck, but at least I'm enjoying it.


Yeah its a real problem that the elementals are creatures yet have non-creature like effects. How exactly are you meant to beat solitude with Shadow.


Even [[drown in the loch]] is unreliable because they’d need 5 in the yard. Counterspell has its own problems, and thoughtsieze does nothing against a late game draw.


Shadow is still fantastic though. Corey just won the SCG with it. Not sure why people think the deck can’t beat a 1 for 2 Plow. The deck just no longer plays only shadow and angler. I would love if Stubborn Denial became good again but it’s not necessary.


[[Dress Down]]


8-rack here, a good two mana discard spell and chains of Mephistopheles


Faeries still needs another good faerie. Faerie Assassin UB Creature - Faerie Rogue Flash, flying When ~ ETB, destroy target creature an opponent controls with mana value equal to or less than the number of faeries you control. 2/1 Based on literally everything we have seen in MH2, this would be acceptable.


Better land destruction spells. WotC are cowards for only making Ghost Quarter effects. Give us straight up Wasteland at 2 cmc (RR or RG is fine). Or an LD spell that gets discounted per land type. Or something akin to Price of Progress.


W&6 is legal in Modern. No thanks.


I think you misread. > Better land destruction ***spells*** W6 is irrelevant. I'm talking about [[Sinkhole]] but in Red/Gruul.


As someone that rebuilt my "Izzet Grixis?" [pile](https://www.moxfield.com/decks/7RPXxmSQp0urvT3GE85K9g) from a decade ago, MH2 actually made my deck relevant again with a Counterspell reprint. So I... won out I guess? Still don't see the Ragavan hype, though needing to play bolt seems like an odd necessity.


Ragavan puts you in the driver's seat. It's like the people who would play a turn two snapcaster to start the beat down. Except it's turn one and generates card advantage and mana.


1. UR Delver (Definitely not the antiquated-primate one) 2. Treasure Cruise, but maybe only draw 2, and can only exiles instant or sorcery. I mean, affinity got thought monitor and thoughtcast...


Honestly I'd be okay with a [[dark depths]] and a [[preordain]] unban.


I think marit lage is too oppressive without wasteland in the format


Looking to trade Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod for Teferi, Time Raveler on the banlist.. Two cards that made amazingly fun and historic modern decks against the must play card that stifles all interaction..


Twin wouldn't even be Jeskai. Aspiringspike already did a whole stream testing Twin. Turns out you can just play a control/tempo Murktide shel and simply throw Twin in there and it's too strong. He did the same for Pod and it severely underperformed to the point that it's probably more than fine to unban.


Yes please


[[Armageddon]] or [[Ravages of War]] in Boros Land Destruction


[Armageddon](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/7/7/77f1f6ac-983f-4f3e-8906-47f774e8367b.jpg?1582021719) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Armageddon) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/a25/5/armageddon?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/77f1f6ac-983f-4f3e-8906-47f774e8367b?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Works In theory not in practice. Imagine your opponent sticking any planes walker or even a creature on a open board then Armageddoning


Imagine you dropping [[Chandra, torch of defiance]] and then Armageddon after having [[boom]] on turn 2 and [[pillage]] on turn 3


Oh I'm imagining it... it's beautiful.


[Wirewood Symbiote](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/8/5/854f1d22-1416-4012-979c-35152ff520bd.jpg?1580014975) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Wirewood%20Symbiote) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ema/192/wirewood-symbiote?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/854f1d22-1416-4012-979c-35152ff520bd?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Karakus and Hymn please!


Ad Nauseam. Made obsolete not so much by MH2 as by the "proactive" banning of SSG. Would need that unbanned to get back to its former viability. But it won't happen because Wizards hates Combo players.


Yeah Ad Nauseam's problem is it needs fast mana but it isn't the most explosive fast mana deck.


Here are some results for you, if you want extra you can check out mtgtop8: [https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/ad-nauseam#paper](https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/ad-nauseam#paper) The deck is likely in a better spot than it was pre-MH2 rather than obsolete.


I‘m missing the classic unban DRS comment here so…. Unban DRS for my Boomer Jund deck and LotV t2 plays


Storm needs... a lot. Titan on the other hand is ok. If Hammertime ate a ban on Sigarda’s aid or something to slow them down, and we got like GSZ unbanned, that’d be big. Of course I could just go crazy and say unban Summer’s Bloom but let’s be realistic.


Why do you want a boost for a deck that is already relevant? Titan needs nothing at all.


Ban Ragavan and boomer Jund has a place to go back to.


Yes, because Boomer Jund's bane of existence is Ragavan and totally not any of the Evoke Elementals, Prismatic Ending nor Unholy heat.


\[\[Portent\]\] Lite , eg: essentially a slow-trip of that powerlevel, minus the frankly disgusting Fateseal ability, or some form of weaker Brainstorm effect


I play goblins and what the deck need is a reprint of goblin lackey.


Tribal vamps would love love LOOOOOOVE Dark Ritual to come back It would give that deck the push it needs to get in there and hang


T1 Ritual -> Sorin -> Chancellor sounds pretty nuts.


Not even MH, just ban T3feri and I'll be happy.


Some kind of graveyard protection. “If a spell or ability an opponent controls would remove cards from your graveyard, you may remove those cards and search your library for up to that many cards minus one, and put those cards in your graveyard. Shuffle your library if you searched for cards.”