Modern PTQ Results - Oct 15 2021

Modern PTQ Results - Oct 15 2021


I am convinced that if this meta goes slower than 60mph it explodes.


Love it haha


Amulet back on the menu apparently ha. That Knight of Infamy in Hammertime side is spicyyyy \[though it doesn't work; you have to use Knight of Malice) Also this RW brought back list seems sweet, but is showdown of the skalds really the optimal pick?


card advantage+ its sick with esper sentinel and walking ballista


I reread the card like 5 times and I'm still confused. The best I can come up with is that it pitches to both elementals and chapter 2 is hot with double strike. Chapter 1 can feel great if you flip elementals since it sorta undoes the card disadvantage but... Yeah seems underwhelming on paper. We need the pilot's input asap.


You can brought it back after it sacrifices, right? Infinite value.


All of the above. Pitches to both Elementals and can be recurred with brought back while also being a four mana draw four that grows fury sentinel making their inherent abilities better ( if stars align) buffing monkey or captain is also fine


It’s a four mana draw four in RW that also puts counters on your creatures and can be [[brought back]]


The "draw 4" is the obvious use, yes. The interaction with Brought Back is also obvious. I'm just not sure that's the best thing to be doing.


Play with it, it plays very excellently with the evoke elementals. Drawing four makes up for having to exile early game and ensures you can hardcast them late.


[brought back](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/a/e/aecdc315-95e5-450c-bedc-998eea46cf8c.jpg?1592515984) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=brought%20back) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/m20/9/brought-back?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/aecdc315-95e5-450c-bedc-998eea46cf8c?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Showdown is nuts in the deck. You can play not just cast the cards revealed so that includes lands on chapter 1 and 2. It often times does read as just straight 4 mana draw 4 and Fury or Walking Ballista are all great places for counters on chapters 2 r 3


It is amazing to me to see absolutely zero blue DRC lists in top 16, I thought this was going to be the most represented deck in paper once they came back.


I was at a big modern event this weekend (256 player) with UR Murktide and I think that half of the field played a solitude/ending deck, either UW controll or Elementals (classic or yorion)...even got matched 4 times in a raw vs UW, stealing 2 game with the nut draws (always had fon/spellpierce for their key turn or flipped the hate card with ragavan) The deck is super soft to RiP and chalice, and while it has answers for both you end up loosing so much tempo looking for them (if you dont have it right away) that you ain't gonna win the game. 3feri also is backbracking and easly sets you 2 turns behind if it bounces a murktide. The decks can absolutely win riding an unanswered Ragavan, but let's face it...it almost never stay unanswered these days. The other MU are winnable, with maybe Living end being quite difficult to handle if you don't win the counterwar for their LE, but I find myself facing ending and solitude most of the time


Yeah, the UW deck was pretty much built to beat up on the cascade decks and Ragavan decks. A lot of the cards that are incidentally really good against those decks are also good against a lot of the decks that would incidentally beat up on UW. The deck feels really good right now.


I feel like the white splash is worth in order to gain % vs UW, but the cost of that is to almost auto concede vs elemental since I wouldn't have space for torpor orb and couldn't play blood moon in the side. I'm thinking about Sagavan as another option, does it play better into an UW meta in your opinion?


I think Sagavan is a really lean and mean. If you want to play a non-aggro lurrus deck it's the way to go. I played against it for the first time in paper yesterday and I've played against it a few times online. I think it would be much more popular if not for the cost both online (well above rental limit) and in paper (almost $2k). You're still really weak to chalice on one. You're weak to graveyard hate. You're adding sagas to your deck, which make you more vulnerable to the spreading seas. All that said, discard into multiple angles of attack can definitely overwhelm UW in a way that UR really can't so I do think jund>UR Murktide in the match up. Game 1, especially, I think is much better against UW. I would say if you own the deck already or have the ability to play it without spending a ton it's worth running a few leagues with it/trying it out. I smashed jund yesterday when I played against it, but I think the pilot was new and I kind of had the nut to take game 1 which is huge in the match up.


Hi, I wanna ask, how can someone 8-0 ended up not winning the tournament?


Swiss was 8 rounds, then it cuts to Top 8. The 8-0 player lost in quarterfinals


Man, that RW Brought Back list is all kinds of awesome! I’m curious as to why the deck doesn’t contain a singleton of Heliod though. Seems like a pretty free addition with the upside of grind, lifelink vs aggro, and an “I win” combo


probavly because it's not really a free addition since there's no way to consistently find it. It's not like jamming Kiki-Jiki and Felidar Guardian in an Imperial Recruiter deck


only 2 monke decks in the t16, interesting. i guess the meta has shifted enough to accomodate for it


[[Knight of malice]] seems like what you want instead of knight of infamy.


[Knight of malice](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/b/4/b45266f0-eb4f-4a06-bc64-8c2d774b4cc5.jpg?1562741546) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Knight%20of%20malice) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/dom/97/knight-of-malice?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/b45266f0-eb4f-4a06-bc64-8c2d774b4cc5?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


pro white


knight of malice has hexproof from white


Yeah but pro let's you block white creatures all night and push through them.


Yeah but pro white also means you can't target it with your own Sigarda's Aid.


It is the equipment targeting the creature in those circumstances, not Sigarda's Aid. The Enchantment merely permits the otherwise timing-restricted action.


Incorrect i'm afraid. This comes up every so often (with cards like Warstorm Surge) and can confuse even experienced players. The enchantment with the word 'target' actually does the targeting, even if it's another source doing the damage or equipping. Just keep an eye out for the word 'target' and you won't miss it next time, pun intended.


Judge at my last event ruled it differently, but I'm not doubting you may be actually correct.


Place 15 is a super cool list. It’s thopter sword but also an agro list


RW Brought Back for new Moondog Champion?


I’m so stoked the RW brought back is putting up results, I’ve been playing it in paper and think the deck is solid. Kind of disappointed that the newest iteration is just to add Ragavan but that’s modern 🤷‍♂️


10/16 Companions. I dont want to judge. I just want to share with you my observation as an independent neutral spectator, since it is definitely not like I HATE COMPANIONS.


feels like pre errrata levels.




That one guy on burn keeping it honest without lurrus.




Why [[Drannith Magistrate]] in Brought Back?


It prevents stuff like Cascade, Lurrus+Bauble, and the cast from exile portion of Expressive Iteration.


[Drannith Magistrate](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/9/8/98b0a4a8-9319-451b-9b79-b0bca7a41e91.jpg?1628801742) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Drannith%20Magistrate) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/iko/11/drannith-magistrate?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/98b0a4a8-9319-451b-9b79-b0bca7a41e91?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


can we say that there is 4 RW burn in the top16 and BAN Boros Charm already! Burn is wrapping the format!


If it wasn't for that trash monkey that brought back list would be SPICY


Only two decks with Ragavan in the top 16 and people still complain?


At this point I just assume if you're whining about ragavan it's because you want them but they're out if budget


While this is a petty complaint, it is entirely valid imo.


yeah fair, just a big difference between "this card is toxic cause it's expensive," and "BANZ TH EMONKEYE!"


Hard agree. I don't think anyone would be complaining about Ragavan if it was a rare.


Ragavan's price is fine. Modern is expensive. At least ferchlands aren't $80 anymore


Some people just don’t like playing with certain cards. I’m not a very vocal complainer, I just don’t like Ragavan because I don’t like the style of deck its existence encourages. I don’t want it banned either, but it’s okay for people to have play preferences different from yours.


Yes but I don't cry for bans when I don't like the play patterns


Welcome to r/modernmagic, where there's always something to complain about lol