Sunday Modern Challenge Results - Sep 26 2021

Sunday Modern Challenge Results - Sep 26 2021


Judging from this weekend's results, Jund Saga has started playing some BG removal (decay, trophy) as a hedge against problematic permanents like RIP. Good to see it's still putting up results consistently.


The power of jund


I’ve tried the sagavan flavors and I personally thought they sucked but obviously something there 🤷🏻‍♂️


Woah, Domain Zoo in the top 8, what year is it? I love the list. Wild Nacatl rides again! Interesting to see no triomes in the list but it makes sense with the aggressive curve. I've been off Zoo for a while but I won't lie, this is tempting.


As someone else already said, this list has been around for a few weeks. I like the recent addition of Seal of Fire (previous lists played two Helixes, which then made the two-mana slot too cramped) and I also like the to copies of Rancor that were played about a week or two ago. Adds Delirium for DRC and Goyf, helps push through chump blockers, and makes Nacatl and DRC into 5-power creatures. If you can, give the list a try. It's a really fun deck to pilot and should do well in any aggro and midrange meta


This list has been floating around for a few weeks now and has hit the top 8 at least twice in those few weeks. I have been on the deck since the beginning of the month and it has felt incredibly strong.


Can someone explain why there’s so much burn?


It's cheap, has a good tron match-up, and is pretty good against the lurrus midrange decks.


Yep. Monkey good. Searing Blaze better. ^🔥^🐒^☠️


[Insert Simian Spirit Guide's flavor text]


I'd ask which one, but really they both work well here.


Eidolon of the Great Revel is good in a format where most spells have a 0-3 mana value.


No footfalls at all? :\[


3feri sends his regards


Maybe i judged you too swiftly.


Assloads of chalice control going around specifically because rhinos has been stable at one of the best decks for a little while. Also helps protect planeswalkers against unholy heat and is generally good against the Lurrus decks.


Odd to me that Living End is able to sneak through to the top 8, when in my experience it has a harder time dealing with/ ignoring chalice


Living End also only needs to resolve once to win (game 1 anyway) meanwhile 2x 4/4 can’t always go the distance. The ability to dig for answers is also pretty huge


Also living end plays foundation breaker


Wouldn't it have an easier time with 4 Grief 4 Fon 2-4 Borrower 2-4 Foundation Breaker?


Outside of Grief, Rhinos has more total answers on average, between 4 Borrower, 4 Force of Negation and 3 Prismari Command game 1, and an additional 4 Force of Vigor in the board. Grief can't hit the top of their deck, so if they just draw a chalice after you attack the hand you're out of luck a lot of the time, especially game 1


> Outside of Grief, Rhinos has more total answers on average Living end is playing 20ish cycling cards, they’ll get a lot more looks at finding answers to chalice than a rhinos deck will


That's totally fair, and my thinking is probably results oriented, but that hasn't been my experience piloting both decks. Keeping Grief in your deck against a control deck that wants to play a longer game post board, being low on resources and ripping one off the top with no black card in your hand to even cast it stinks


Living end also has force of vigor in the board. You shouldn't discount grief, hand attack is viable especially in a deck like Living end that abuses grief etbs as much as possible on the opponent's draw step.


Right, I'm just saying in a raw numbers game, Rhinos has, typically, one fewer card to deal with chalice, and more ways to deal with one that resolves Average LE list: 2 Borrower + 4 Grief + 4 Breaker/ Chewer + 2 FoV + 4 FoN = 16 Average Rhinos list: 4 FoN + 4 Borrower + 3 PCommand + 4 FoV = 15 I'm not discounting attacking the hand, I'm just saying there are going to be games where you Grief a Chalice and they draw another one


The living end list that top 8'd is on 18 anti Chalice pieces.


I'm still counting 16? 2 Borrower + 4 FoN + 4 Grief +2 FoV + 1 Chewie + 2 Breaker +1 PCommand My point here is that if "UW Has chalice" is the reasoning we're going with for Rhinos being gatekept from a top finish in this tournament, the same logic, by and large, applies to LE, but it still did well. So, either this LE player dodged the mu (which is totally possible), or something else is going on. Maybe it's as simple as only a few people played Footfalls and they all got mana screwed, who knows


Oh I was counting 4 Borrower, I'm blind.


Main deck fon and borrower plus just casting your dudes is strong. Plus living end is more obnoxious for unprepared decks because their threats aren’t answered by prismatic ending or tarmogoyf


Hard disagree with casting Curator of Mysteries being strong in modern, but to each their own


I remember reading a living end player talking about it. I have no idea if this is true. The thought is that the cards aren't good to cast in general, but they are good enough in the matchups where you need to cast them.


It’s a lot stronger than suspending rhinos against chalice, lol


I mean, they can hard cast the adventure creatures still, but yeah, not great.


That winning list is spicy, it looks like they just cut the elemental synergies from the Elementals deck and just stuck with playing all the most powerful cards from that shell. Now it's gonna be a guessing game around whether I need to save removal for Risen Reef in game one if I see a turn one Sprawl, but that keeps the format interesting


Very excited to see my personal brew winning the challenge, congrats to them! Deck is very good in the current meta.


First place list is really cool. I am wondering if the mana base is too stretched though. Counterspell, coatl, and omnath all in the same deck is asking a lot.


Looks stretched just playing 27 lands in a Yorion deck to start. O_o


The results continue to be super varied and healthy, 22 different archtypes and no multiples in the top 8. Lurrus is there quite a bit but its across so many different decks.


To me every meta where BG Yawg can stably put one or more lists into the top 32 is a fine meta (also in the last 2 challenges were in top 32 with Golgari, Jund and Abzan flavors).


Dropping Young Wolf T1 when your opponent has played a Ragavan is next level unreal.


Yeah I'm pretty happy with Modern rn. Meta looks good and nothing is broken even after the new standard set. ^but ^on ^a ^personal ^note, ^fuck ^hammer ^time ^😤


Hammer time is a great best deck to have since even the spikiest of spikes anywhere I play (and I play with a lot spikes) cannot get themselves to play such a boring deck regardless of how good it is.


Compared to when Heliod Company ruled, having Hammertime as the best deck feels like a blessing 🙏🏻


I know chalice controls been rising up super fast and has a good matchup vs footfalls (hence it missing from the list). And chalice is obviously good vs hammertime and murktide, but is control favored in these matchups? Just curious because it seems people arent worried about bringing those decks despite the rise in control.


Hammer can just be too fast on the play for the UWx decks. Especially if you keep a mopey hand without a prismatic. Saga grind also will put them ahead on resources typically. On the flip side they are very limited mana wise so its hard for them to double meaningful spells in a turn most games once you stabilize. I think the murktide openings that arent multiple DRC favor the UWx player but chalice openings especially on the play can be very hard for the deck to overcome. overall i think the matchup favor the murktide player postboard especially if they are running the flusterstorm/force package.


I literally just built it this weekend so I hope it's not too bad a match up! Lol


Congrats to keeline and bellfy on their top finishes with Living End this week. Bellfy is back with a totally different and off the wall Living End list. This is the kind of innovation Living End needs to have to stay relevant in the format for long periods of time. Again congrats to both players and best of luck in the future.


All the salty rhinos players down voting you, have an upvote.


Anybody know why the 6th place mill deck would run a copy of Into the Story without running a full set of Visions of Beyond?


Couple of reasons according to the blog. Gets around Chalice on 1, and is better against shuffle effects like Endurance.


I forgot to check, thanks


Nice to see a u/r murktide list splashing white. I have been trying it out and playing 2 prismatic ending main and 1 side for graveyard hate


wow! hammer time deck in top 8!


Ok I made a joke about this last week, but *five* copies of UR Murk with a 2nd place finish (and a Spivey jeskai variant to boot), vs like 28th on Saturday with only one list in the top 32? Is there a Sunday blessing for Murktide? A saturday curse? That’s like 3 weeks in a row there’s been a massive discrepancy in the deck’s performance between the days. I guess the simplest answer is that the Sunday players happen to like UR more, but I prefer my voodoo explanation.