Modern Showcase Challenge #1 Results - Sep 25 2021

Modern Showcase Challenge #1 Results - Sep 25 2021


5C Humans devolves to 5C Primates.


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monkeys are people too


Hey All! I'm the pilot of the 5C Monkee Humans deck in 32nd. Monkee is just a great mana dork and threat! Also can be tutor'd with Recruiter to attack with haste in the late game as you can't tutor for Mantis Rider. One thing to note is the reason I decided to play Humans is that the efficient removal in the format has consolidated to just a few spells, so Meddling Mage is at a great spot. The deck felt great with my only losses to Rhinos, Mardu Lurrus and Yawgmoth (god damn Protection from Humans...) I still need to shore up the sideboard and may cut a Phantasmal Image for a Thalia or Fun-Of Human depending on the metagame.


> Monkee is just a great mana dork ew


I have serious doubts about Ragavan in humans.


sadly it's the the card that has pushed them into the 5-0s and now top 32 of a a showcase.


Why? Outside of not being a bit rougher on the mana, its a better aggressive manadork than hierarch.


the real problem is that in humans you have no way to kill a potential blocker really, outside of something like reflector mage- which this list only runs as a three of. you need a pile of removal to make ragavan effective a lot of the time. on top of that the mana for ragavan is just abysmal- youve only got the mana for it on t1 around 50% of the time unless you wanna name pirate off of your cavern


> the real problem is that in humans you have no way to kill a potential blocker really, This sounds like a good argument to sideboard out the monkey against decks that clog that battlefield. Is it a good argument not to play the monkey?


A one drop that you can cast 50% of the time, that's dead in any matchup where your opponent has cheap creatures, that doesn't synergize with the rest of your deck doesn't really sound like a good card in the deck


Humans generally has good game against decks that play a bunch of dudes. Humans struggles vs decks that play a pile of kill spells and planeswalkers.


Seems like you'd want more disruptive elements vs those deck rather than another 1 drop they're gonna kill


What if llanowar did 2 damage and ramped you?


you just like... ignored all of what I said lmao


I dont think they meant to reply to you, rather the person you replied to


I'm not a purrest about decks or anything, but seeing monkey in that list feels very very wrong.


Can Infect just top 8 with mainboard Ragavaan already? It's one of the few things that makes Wizards take notice.


Can someone explain how sideboarding for thoughtseize works in hammer? What matchups you bring them in, and what you generally take out for them?


As someone who’s never touched the deck, I imagine they go in vs the super interactive matchups, take the early answers and hope to kill them before they can get to the more expensive ones


Any deck with removal/interaction so you can play around what they have and not get blown out going all in. Nabbing saga killers is usually game too


That seems like a cool iteration on yawgmoth, we've talked about amgus of the moon in the discord for a while, it's cool to see someone making a showing with it.


>amgus Sus 😳


Sorry, angus of the moon obviously.




Anus of the moon?


.... Future "Secret Lair" project?


The innkeeper is the imposter. He killed my essence warden.


Good! I am happy to replace Essence Warden.


I saw amgus in medical earlier.


--- bamzing's Tournament Report === --- - I woke up in time for that one, pog - Tweet: **https://twitter.com/bamzing_mtg/status/1441899802724233216** --- Deck === --- 4c Elementals [Kaheera] --- Matchups === --- Match 1: 2-1 adebevoise on Jund Darcy Saga [Lurrus] Match 2: 2-0 bubbsei on Jeskai Stoneblade Match 3: 2-1 Oscar_Franco on Living End Match 4: 2-1 D00mwake on Temur Footfalls Match 5: 2-1 LucasG1ggs on Temur Footfalls Match 6: 0-2 OddlyUneven on RW Burn Match 7: 2-1 lilianaofthevess on UR Murktide Match 8: 1-2 Mateusf34 on Eldrazi Tron Match 9: 2-0 Jokersrwild on Jund Goblins --- Result === --- 7-2 (14th) --- Deck Choice === --- - I have been playing 4c Elementals since mid-MH2 Modern, **around when [kanister](https://twitter.com/kanister_mtg) was working on the idea**. A bunch of us have been trying to make the deck work for quite some time, and we're mostly happy with where we're at. - The archetype attacks the decks we all see all the time: The Trifecta of Saga VS Darcy vs Cascade. **I really want to beat The Trifecta, and 4c Elementals does that pretty well** (however, they aren't byes; you will have to fight). - There are other decks I own and play well (like UR Murktide), but **4c Elementals is the one I enjoy playing the most**. - Basically deck good deck fun **deck super** --- Card Choices === --- - I play **3 Lightning Bolt and 3 Prismatic Ending**, which is a higher removal count than the usual configuration of 4c Elementals because I have noticed one thing with the deck: the games you lose in the top tier tend to look like *"they had an unchecked T1 Ragavan"*, and I thought **enough was enough**. - My list has **2 Flamekin Harbinger** because I like having the option to fix a blind keep in unknown matchups in g1. Some matchups really require Risen Reef, while others really require Solitude. I like Flamekin Harbinger a lot, even if it sucks against Ragavan (you REALLY need to kill it T1, otherwise they will remove the Flamekin with one of their 8+ removal spells and pilfer the card you just vampiric-tutored). - This is still in discussion with kanister, but I have been happy with **2 Mulldrifters**. He is really high on that card and plays 3-4 total, and in the right matchups it really shines. - **Sideboard Rest in Peace** because it really hurts UR Murktide and Jund Darcy Saga. Endurance is cool but Rest in Peace really hurts them bad. - **Force of Negation** is really unfair. - **Teferi Time Raveler** is also pretty fricking dumb, being the glue for a lot of matchups. Makes Ephemerate particularly absurd since it's guaranteed blowout if they try to remove one of your creatures. **I'd play 4 mainboard but I needed space for my 6 removals**. --- Closing Thoughts === --- - **I think 4c Elementals is a really good deck**, my only issue with it is: since the average CMC is so high, you are much likelier to hit the deck's "fail rate" compared to the all-1-cmc decks of the top tier like UR Murktide. Sometimes you just don't play Magic fast enough. - I somehow **dodged UWx Chalice Control** which was a matchup I barely practiced against and prepared for, so that was fortunate. - I also only **played against 1 Companion deck**. That was a breath of fresh air. Overall very lucky pairings quality-wise. - I will likely play 4c Elementals again, but now **I feel like experimenting with BG Yawgmoth for a bit** as that deck looks super underexplored. Grist is pretty nuts, no kidding - All in all this was a pretty cool day, might play against next month. We'll see! - **[@bamzing_mtg](https://twitter.com/bamzing_mtg)**


>I also only played against 1 Companion deck. That was a breath of fresh air. Overall very lucky pairings quality-wise. Boss... YOU were the companion deck to beat XD.


Hey congrats! I'm with you, I think Elementals is pretty strong. There's an Elementals player at my shop and we tend to meet in the finals/semi-finals fairly often. Don't think I've ever seen him do worse than 3-1. I like the change to more removal. The games I win vs Elementals are usually ones where something of mine (like Ragavan) goes unchecked.


Do you mind sharing more details on the burn matchup? I think burn players normally see elementals as one of the harder matchups. Just wondering how your opponent pulled out a 2-0.


Sure. - I actually find the Burn matchup a lot closer as Elementals, since our clock is extremely slow (which is a big part as to why Tron is a bad matchup, right). - We REALLY need to find Omnath, since we need to pull ahead via constant lifegain. If they kill/path Omnath, they are usually still at 20 life and will eventually outdraw us (since we have trouble stopping their earlygame already, we usually are casting Omnath at around 10 life or lower). - The mana situation is also pretty difficult, and thus you will likely need to play out the early turns slowly, fetching tapped shocks. - If they have lifegain hate, we are pretty much dead. - This is a matchup where Elemental's keep range is absurdly low since it *needs* Omnath (no ifs, no buts), while Burn just executes its thing very consistently. And what happened: - In g1, I managed to cast Omnath while holding a shockland in hand while I was pretty low on life already. They responded with Skullcrack (correct timing). The way for me to get out of this is to draw a fetchland off Omnath, so I can at least crack it in their turn to try to gain life. I drew another shockland. - In g2, I mulliganed to a risky 6 that featured Omnath, they cast T2 Roiling Vortex and I stumbled for too long there. I have a mediocre winrate against Burn with this deck, and I think I play the matchup mostly tight. If Burn were to increase in usage, I would consider having dedicated hate for it. Hope this helps


Having hands with fury and ending while OP dashes monkey feels so bad..


I am still really high on Ragavan in elementals. The card is just stupid strong and it is worth it to give up the companion.


Been out of the loop, is Amulet Titan not any good these days?


I think unholy heat killing titan for R has put a damper on the deck.


Amulet needs to start experimenting with cards like Savage Summoning. That additional +1/+1 counter could make a difference between getting Titan killed by Unholy Heat or not.


Its in a rough spot. Amulet doesn't have a great answer to ragavan, gets rekt by solitude and doesn't have a good plan A vs Omnath.


I see, thanks. Sad that MH2 seems to have soft rotated my deck.


First time?


I've definitely been on the receiving end of more than a few bans. It's crazy to me how much seems to have changed from what it was before the pandemic though, with the vast majority of top decks using at least a playset of new cards from MH2. It's really killed all my interest in getting back into the format now that in-person events are back on in my city.


It's definitely unfavoured. Red removal is stronk right now


Thanks for the write-up! Just wanna say that I don't play the format (or MTG at all currently), but I still check out these weekend results pretty often, because Modern has a very entertaining metagame to watch evolve.


It's cool to see Burn doing so well. I wonder if it's because Burn has a lot of ways to kill Ragavan, DRC, Puresteel, and the pitch elementals so they just don't get punked out by an unchecked threat.


I imagine [[Searing Blaze]] has to be an all star. 2 in 1 removal + bolt seems like incredible value.


Can confirm, I've had monkey blazed a few times and it hurts lol


[Searing Blaze](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/f/6/f659d464-13dd-49e2-a842-098dcba49659.jpg?1581708594) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Searing%20Blaze) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ddi/67/searing-blaze?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/f659d464-13dd-49e2-a842-098dcba49659?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


yup lots of dealing with those creatures and being able to play d palm for the hammer match is just icing on the cake


What does 4x Mull drifter do in esper reanimator? Just a reanimator target?


It just gives you something to do that's low commitment to get ahead on cards in the early game. So damn good against control and Delver on an empty board when they're holding up countermagic. The problem with earlier versions of the deck was that it's feast or famine -- you either get your archon out or you lose. Mulldrifter gives you outs to play a different game plan. Often times I was able to just play like a control deck (no surprise, since the list is from Mr. Wafo-Tapa).


It super cycles too


Format is so healthy


What in the world is murky saga?!?


You know, you can just click on it and find out?


I meant that as in wtf was that guy thinking and how did it work


Good cards are good probably, also adds another threat, since murktide decks often are threat light.


Its pretty similar to the legacy deck.


I guess its time to rename 5c humans to 5c primates, right?


Congrats to Rvng on their top finish with Living End. I really like the sb [[Dead//Gone]] this week. It’s great for dealing with monkey, drc (pre delirium), hammer time’s creatures, all of the taxing humans in humans (and for some reason monkey again), and it can bounce the annoying big creatures from reanimator, tron, and creativity. This seems like a great card that has been absent from a lot of the past Living End lists. Again congrats to Rvng and best of luck in the future piloting the deck.


Monkey in Humans…Foolishly, I kept looking at new Humans to add to the deck, guess I should have been looking pre-homosapian.


It looks really hard to cast monkey in humans. It is hilarious though...


It also just looks like, not good


Normally I would say this player is probably smarter than us, but this time I'm not sure. Looks like a fluke result...


I mean, if you get lucky you could really get away with a 3 of of almost any creature in humans and just not see it all that much


[Dead//Gone](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Handlers/Image.ashx?name=Dead%20%2F%2F%20Gone&type=card&options=rotate90&.jpg) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Dead%20//%20Gone) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tsr/161/dead-gone?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/45b090c7-f1ba-4656-8b51-915fc1876922?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Why so much burn?


Monkey, DRC, and Hammertime creatures hate getting bolted/blazed/skewered is my guess


I imagine also just how chalice is so good in the format right now, eidolon is also amazing at the moment in a meta full of 0-2 drops


Oh yay more lurrus


there it is


Well Lurrus wasnt so hot last weekend, so they have to be vocal about it now.


Jund is playing Urza's Saga now? Hm...


Zoomer jund my dude.




Why? Modern has been pretty healthy the last few months. While mh2 upped the power level of the format, it kinda boosted a ton of decks evenly.


Modern has been a heal-hahahahaha