Sunday Modern Challenge Results - Sep 5 2021

Sunday Modern Challenge Results - Sep 5 2021


Shoutout to Laplasjan for being the ultimate sportsman in the final match as well. Nassif had a lethal attack on the swingback and had 4 seconds left on his clock to attack for the win, putting him at risk of a timeout. Laplasjan conceded during their turn to ensure there wasn’t a timeout and Nassif got the victory. Classy gesture.


And classic Nassif


Seems like UR Murk just performs better on Sundays. Guess I need to ask my LGS to change the schedule around.


UR Murktide and Sunday Challenge. Name a more iconic duo.


for real tho lmao


My hypothesis (coming from someone who plays UR), is that UR is a pretty decision heavy deck and often has games take a while, and so fatigue becomes an issue over a longer event. Saturday events tend to be larger, usually enough to go one round longer, and so maybe that's just enough to make the difference in deck performance?


Jund Saga seems soft to Tron and combo decks


Jund has always been soft to tron. Like tissue paper soft


Against tron, maybe game one, but they've got serious tools in Alpine Moon and Void Mirror in the side board. Small disruption cards like those backed by real threats like DRC and Goyf can really swing the game in Jund's favor.


Maybe it's just what I've faced, but Tron decks seem to have infinite Relics post-board.


G-Tron usually runs 2 Relics mainboard, 1 SB and maybemaybe a Lantern nowadays.


Alpine moon and void mirror are garbage against tron. Whenever I see them I always think my opponent is time walking themselves. The best thing jund can be doing against tron is landing dauthi and thouthseizing a payoff. Preferably with ragavan turn 1 and dauthi and thoughtseize turn 2


I guess we just have different philosophies when it comes to this match up. A Dauthi strategy seems way more of a pipe dream than disruption backed by a clock.


Jund beating tron is a pipe dream. Been trying it for years and played both sides. Jund Darcy Saga is terrible against it too.


The MU is a lot better now than before. It's even winnable thanks to monkey and dauthi g1. To say it's a pipe dream now after mh2 is actually ridiculous. A lot of jund players have a lot of success g1 thanks to the powercreep from mh2.


How is a 1 mana enchantment time walking yourself? Are you high?


No threat or hand disruption and spending a turn to play something that dies to blast zone. Yup super great stuff there


>blast zone Tron playing blast zone is TiMe WaLkInG tHeMsElVeS.


Yes such a timewalk when you did not have to deal with a threat or hand disruption. the cards that actually matter


Right, because we all know the bylaws that state that playing alpine moon requires you to cut every other piece of interaction. Moon comes in over bolts and fatal pushes, not DRC and thoughtsieze.


break the ice is better but no space in the SB. I play BW decks and break the ice along vindicate really turn the matchup around.


So which card are we banning this week yall: Lurrus, Ragavan or DRC?


*affixes downvote umbrella* None


Go back a couple weeks and we’ll be banning Saga


That uw yorion list, a thing of beauty.


Looks like it's goal is to bore the opponent to death and go to time on game 2 as the two outcome options


Curryvore has been playing these kinds of U/W decks for years and is likely a master of timer management and rapid corner turning/closing the door, especially when you can do it in just two or three swings with two flyers, most of which have flash or are a manland. Going to time on game 2 with a 1-0 is still a winning strategy.


>going to time is a winning strategy MTGO works differently, you can 0-1 and still win on time. But also you need your opponent to be slow, not just play a slow deck.


W.e you say chief


I don't get this take at all. Even as a joke it's just not on target.


Nassif is the GOAT


He's been crushing it


5/8 top decks are lurrus. Very healthy mechanic companion is...


Lurrus being so dominant means there just aren’t good enough reasons to run 3+ mana permanents. In a format where Mindsculptor is just “okay”, the issue is more that high cmc spells just don’t matter. Either the format needs to be less efficient, or the drawback of Lurrus should actually matter.


We should unban oko and just shake up the ban talks again.


You could probably leave oko banned and legitimately bring Uro back. ​ With cards like Endurance, Dauthi, Sanctifier, Ragavan, Solitude, and prismatic ending AND unholy heat all seeing \*significant\* maindeck play AND field being banned, AND Sanctuary being banned, he's already probably fine in the new MH2 meta. MH2 brought so many anti-Uro tools.


Oh, how quick we are to forget. None of the mentioned cards trade profitably or even very effectively with Uro. Fair cards just cant keep up. Prismatic Ending? A 3 mana Sorcery that leaves you behind on cards. Dauthi is probably best of the mentioned cards. But man, Uro is just an ass-whooping value machine. Trading 1 for 1 with it via removal, even efficient removal a la Unholy Heat, unfortunately just isnt near good enough.


Value isn't everything. Current modern is based in tempo+value, not only the second. That's why lurrus makes no sense, it is a value machine for tempo effective decks. It just shouldn't exist. Uro is definitely safe in modern right now, if you spend your turn 3 playing it, you are in such a tempo disadvantage.


Lurrus actually generates the same card advantage (and actually better if it revives a bauble or dress down). Nothing trades evenly with Lurrus either. That’s why it’s seeing so much play. Taking your T3 off to have Uro sac itself, only to get hit by a Murktide or Ragavan, is such a feel bad it’s dumb. Then, if you somehow dodge endurance, Voidwalker or any of the other massive amounts of maindeck hate seeing play in 4-ofs AND revive it turn 4 through Counterspell, only to get unholy heated for R at instant speed, you just lose the game. You can’t even leave mana up for Counterspell like you can Murktide because Murktide costs 2 and Uro costs 4. MH2 really flipped the meta on it’s head. Grave hate is main deck, Path is nearly unplayable compared to our new removal, and Lurrus was pumped to the extreme.


Funny part is, Lurrus actually costs 6 mana. The effect isn't actually that strong for a 6 mana card. However, being able to pay that 6 mana over two turns? That's kind of strong.


Im not sure why Lurrus' value is being used as a counter point? I would agree that Lurrus is probably an overall net negative for the format as a whole, and wouldnt mind seeing it go. That doesnt change the fact that Uro is still too strong for Modern.


3 mana for a 2-for-1 is on rate for modern. Just not bring traded for equally doesn't make uro too strong, even if other parts of the card do.


I mean sure, if you want to oversimplify Uro to being a "3 mana 2 for 1" you can piece together a semblence of an argument. Uro is too strong for Modern, and thats why he has already been banned.


jajaja this is just such a bad argument that there is no god reason for +3 cmc mana spells. BRO, all those decks run 3 drops and 4 drops in many ways (kcommand, tourarch, kroxa).... its PERMANENTS WITH CMC+3 that are the ones that suck because of lurrus. Sure i imagine the stoneforge package its pretty bad, 3fery its also a pretty bad 3cmc+ spells. lol willingfully blind.


Legitimately curious which 3+ cmc permanent spells you think were amazing before that got crunched out with Lurrus? Maybe LOTV/BBE (and even they were nothing amazing)? Small tef, big tef, murktide, brazen borrower, elementals, blood moon, tron pieces all still see significant play in top tier modern decks.


you just mentioned some, ranger captain of eos sawplay on death shadow list, Gurgmang angler tassigur the same, Stoneforge package, seasoned pyromancer, Shardless, Tireless tracker, hell even lurrus as a maindeck option would be really awesome if the companion mechanic didnt exist of course. And even if lets suppose, there were no good cmc+3, then its actually good for the format that every deck gets a free card from the sideboard? and we see the same package of cards in at least 30% of the meta? and think about the future, then there will be no good +3cmc permanents for wizard to do because beating -3cmc + lurrus its just going to be imposible.


Respectfully most of those cards were not that playable in the first place or already have homes in current modern decks. Ranger captain is still in heliod, shardless is in a top tier modern deck, as well as stone forge. Gurmag, maybe Jace are some casualties (although even Jace is making a comeback). I'm not arguing if lurrus needs a ban or not, but I do contest the point that lurrus pushed out many 3+cmc permenants.


Careful now, this much logic might hurt them.


Even worse nearly all of the decks in the top 32 have fetch lands. What a healthy mechanic that is...


Tbf I'd love to see what modern looks like without fetches. Even WotC admitted they were a mistake.


they are happy little accidents.


Check historic in 1 year and it will be almost there


Probably much closer to pioneer honestly


such a bad comparison gets so many upvotes, wow.


Welcome to /r/ModernMagic, where people justified Faithless Looting for years by unironically comparing it to Lightning Bolt (and would get upvotes for it.) That being said, let's not pretend fetchlands aren't, like, *incredibly* degenerate.


such a bad take, you could make a really solid argument that actually fetchlands have a possitive effect on the amount of possible diversity in a format due to the wide mana fixing that they provide. Also, Fetchlands work like any other card in magic... you have to draw them... not tutor them from the sideboard, wtf.


one card vs a cycle of ten that fixes your mana hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


5 completely different decks though…


And 3 of those 8 decks run prismatic ending, plus one of them run it sideboard. Lurrus is just a card included in these decks just like prismatic ending, they're otherwise completely different decks. Lurrus ADDS diversity in the meta by making more decks playable. Can people seriously stop bitching about this...


>Lurrus is just a card included in these decks just like Prismatic Ending good thing to know Prismatic Ending fundamentally restricts what cards you can include in a deck this is an entirely fair comparison


If your point is that the restriction on lurrus is the problem, I think that's pretty self-defeating. A lot of cards have heavy deck building restrictions to play them. They just aren't stated on the card. You can't play much graveyard synergies if you want to run RIP. All your lands should tap for blue if you want to play archmage's charm. You must have at least some critical mass of creatures CMC 3 and under if you're playing CoCo. The restriction on lurrus isn't much different. In fact, most people feel it should be MORE restrictive since it's really not hard to splash for lurrus and the CMC restriction is almost too easy in modern. It's so easy to play lurrus to the point where it really is just like tweaking the mana or a few cards in a deck to run it, just like a ton of other cards. If it was really that restrictive, then you wouldn't see it so many meta decks that are so different. And since it is so easy, I think it's perfectly reasonable to think of it as just another card in decks because there is no definitive number of "Lurrus decks".


Restricting the cards you can play breeds more deck diversity. If you could play it with any CMC you’d see a 4C Goodstuff midrange deck be all these decks instead.


If you ban lurrus those 5 archetypes would be gone from comp. meta.


If the deck needs Lurrus to compete it doesn't deserve to stick around


Why? So we should make meta more homogenized because you hate the cat?




Yes. People always jump on the next boogeyman they blame for their deck not performing. Deck diversity is more important than card diversity, and having a few decks with Lurrus in the board isn't even that bad of card diversity. And deck diversity is throught the roof anyway.


People don't care about deck diversity they care about seeing the [Lurrus] tag lol Doesn't matter that she fits into 7/10 color pairs or is part of multiple distinct archetypes, they're just tired of seeing her. Not a reason for a ban imo but whatever lol


Well he asked you why and you didn't give him a different reason...


Well mill can go. And otherwise that's not true at all.


A domain without lurrus? Grixis thing without it? Heh wishful thinking


Most domain lists don’t even play Lurrus. They’re on scion of draco and such


But unlike those lists this one actually performed.


Congrats to OuGachi1 on their finish with Living End. It’s been a few events since we’ve seen a [[wind caller aven]] in a list but it’s nice to see it’s face return. I’m wondering why play it over a 3rd main board borrower or a 3rd walker of the waves. Either way congrats again and best of luck piloting the deck in the future?.


[wind caller aven](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/8/8/88d26568-be8f-4a04-82b6-4c37b55d4cfd.jpg?1562201552) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Windcaller%20Aven) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mh1/77/windcaller-aven?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/88d26568-be8f-4a04-82b6-4c37b55d4cfd?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Personally, I find 3+ wakers to be clunky and leads to more mulligans of land-light T1 cycler-light hands. Anecdotally, I won match to go 3-0-1 at my LGS two weeks ago by cycling Aven and giving a big dumb creature flying to fly above some tokens for exactsies. I'm seeing a lot of HUGE goyfs lately as well, so flying comes in handy.


That Domain list makes me sad -- yet another deck which becomes better by adding Ragavan.


It's not Ragavan's fault that most cards people would like to run in Domain suck. Decks get better by running better cards to match your gameplan, no duh. I agree it's a feels bad but these guys are playing to win, not to show off pet decks.


The problem in my opinion is that Ragavan is just too good. People are putting it into almost anything, from Eldrazi decks to Burn, which is indicative of the immense power of Ragavan compared to other modern-legal one drops.


Why do you think scion of draco sucks? Only bc you cant play lurrus with him in the main? Its a 2 mana 4/4 with flying and buffs your other creatures. Am i missing something?