What is your favorite tier 2 deck?

What is your favorite tier 2 deck?


rakdos unearth skelemental. It might not be tier two but it’s my first deck I’ve built and the mh2 hit.


I also dig this deck. Did you add any MH2 additions?


Yea Drc, voidwalker, tourach, heat, and bone shards.


sounds sick, please share a list!


Is this deck still playable? I was really into it and fell in love after mh1, but the loss of looting felt like it killed the deck


I saw one in the 5-0 dump recently. I thought Bone Shards should make it playable? Does seem like it would miss Looting a lot for sure. Edit: here are two lists https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4261706#online https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4263861#online Seems like Cookbook, Bone Shards, Dragon's Rage Channeler, even a copy of Discerning Taste


This is just from my experience on mtgo leagues but i havent played vs any rakdos unearth since mh2 but i have played vs jund unearth skelemental twice. Both were really easy wins for me as UR murktide and they didnt feel super strong as long as i held up interaction


I mean playing the best deck in the metagame and claiming others are bad because you win is probably not the most reliable metric lol


I went 4-1 with it at my fnm without any mh2 cards


Ah, I see you are also a person of culture and taste!


Anything with [[soulherder]] and/or a lot of blinking.


[soulherder](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/5/0/50bc0f5b-7421-45b9-af85-86dd9821b7d8.jpg?1620530859) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=soulherder) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/khc/93/soulherder?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/50bc0f5b-7421-45b9-af85-86dd9821b7d8?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


THIS! Histoeic? Check Modern? Check Commander? Check


Goblins, it gets a few pieces here and there and one day just maybe we’ll be there. Was hoping for that lackey reprint to modern in MH2 lol. The deck does ok.


Lackey reprint would be awesome!


Just started playing Snoop Combo in paper, really enjoying the deck so far.


lately been running into people who have never seen the combo so getting some easy game one wins. Ignoble feels great too I’m running 4 and dropped all but one prospector. My big tip would be to most of the time don’t just try to combo, I often will grab ringleader more then combo pieces. if you can just get them lower on life then drop a sling gang you can just ping them for 9 or 10 for the win.


Nice. I went just straight BR, no ignoble. Thanks for the tip!


How does it feel in the current meta? I used to play the deck a bunch, but stopped because trying to remove prowess creatures with [[Munitions Expert]] when [[Lava Dart]] existed *sucked*. Now that Prowess isn't played as much, and the meta is really focused on 1 for 1 trades, I was thinking that Goblins might be in a much better place.


Unironically hoping for a Port reprint as well someday.


I hope so. It's one of my favorite tribes out there.


-spooky ghost noises, followed by a single tear rolling down the cheek-


Spirits will always be in my heart. Took it to my first GP, and I still play it regularly. <3


I recently picked up hardened scales since it got some mh2 additions, and wow is that deck as hard to play as people say it is. Very strong, but you definitely gotta work for it


Also started piloting it. It is probably the hardest deck I own.


You definitely have to enjoy doing maths on the run and a lot of mental gymnastics to make the most out of this deck.


Death and taxes no contest


I bought a monoW DnT list before Covid19, never got the chance to really play it. MonoW, stoneforge package, ghost quarter, field of ruins and cat Jesus. Really looking forward to play it one day and start learning it :)


The prices were so cheap at the start of the pandemic, I’m glad I bought everything then


I sold my vials because don't worry, I can just get the new GP Promos soon.... yeah.


Agree with this one


I miss T1 Vial T2 Thalia :(


Come and join the Humans gang.


I must agree as much I must precise 60 cards non-yorion


I play D&T as my maindeck. It's fully optimized to fit the meta at my LGS and I usually go top 3 every week. I love the deck although it might not do well in an open meta.


Same boat. Played a pretty stock 75 last week when I was traveling and went 4-0 in an unknown meta. Even if your list isn't perfectly tuned, Kaldra and skyclave are such a great beatstick and answer respectively that they really shore up any match up that we'd traditionally have trouble with.


I wanted to get back into modern and I was undecided between this (classic or yorion) or BW with grief/solitude/mystic, would you mind sharing any list to check?


It's a great deck, with so much variation and space to adapt to meta and preference. It's also got one of the most engaged and welcoming discords: https://discord.gg/Ac4cG7Q2 (Though admittedly people might confuse it for a Squadron Hawk discord at the moment)


Traditional Jund


I’m sorry you have the wrong thread. GOAT deck is another thread.


Even the GOAT eventually loses a step.


Yeah, someone will eventually play [[Fatespinner]] against Jund


I think its honestly in a good tier 1.5 spot right now.


Zoomer Jund might be. Perhaps even tier 1. I've been seeing Lurrus Jund 5-0 a lot and it makes sense, it's basically "best cards in the format" tribal. Boomer Jund is probably a little lower but it can still carry its weight around.


Jund is just fun, like it isn’t too powerful, but it’s able to hold its own.


If this was any other modern meta I’d say Living End, but for once I can’t. So I’m gonna answer 5c Niv. Deck is the closest thing you will ever catch me to playing a Jund style midrange deck. I love getting to draw a bunch of cards off of niv, I love having a ton of mana to just throw around with omnath, and it feels like every other card in the deck is a removal spell. It’s sometimes just fun to pay all my life to assemble a shoddy mana base to play a game on and then still end games with 20 life because of so much incidental life gain. I really like the deck does a bit of everything.


Living end is so good right now! It is nice to see tier 2 or 3 decks come up to the top. Shows that all you need is one or two cards to come out.


First world problems. Can't name your own deck cause it's too good now haha.


Please note: People's opinion on what is a tier 2 deck or not is 100% subjective. Don't argue over whether or not the deck is tier 1.


I don't know if this deck would be considered a tier deck, but I've never had as much fun playing a deck as I have playing this one. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4186044#paper


Mono green twin is hilarious, I've been meaning to test it. I saw a Heliod list jam soul warden/scurry oak into the deck and it seemed worth exploring, even if it's not ultimately good in the deck


I've been messing around with lists solely focused on the combo and so far this is the best playing version I could come up with. The only thing I'm still on the fence with it at this point is whether I should run [[Summoner's Pact]] instead of [[Eldritch Evolution]] I just wish I had more people to play with to test it out. The deck is pretty affordable on MTGO, but can be buggy with the loop. You could even swap out [[Endurance]] for another copy of [[Eternal Witness]] or a [[Courser of Kruphix]].


You could try untap.in. It's a browser based tabletop emulator


What am I looking at


Combo. Scurry Oak + Ivy Lane Denizen. Have Oak in play. Cast Ivy. When Ivy enters the battlefield, Oak evolves. That puts a +1/+1 counter on it and makes a squirrel. When the squirrel comes into play, it triggers Ivy targeting Oak. +1/+1 counter makes a squirrel. That triggers Ivy again. Repeat until you cover the world in squirrels. When you're done making squirrels, just put the counter on Ivy or one of the squirrels to stop the loop.


>When you're done making squirrels Bold of you to assume I'd stop


Fastest possible win con: Starting hand - Land, Land, Utopia Sprawl or Arbor Elf, Scurry Oak, Ivy Lane Denizen, whatever else (You only need 6 to hit the turn 3 nut draw, pun intended). Turn 1 - Land, mana dork Turn 2 - Land, Scurry Oak Turn 3 - Ivy Lane Denizen tirggering evolve on Scurry Oak creating a squirrel token triggering Ivy Lane Denizen, put the counter on Scurry Oak creating a squirrel token triggering Ivy Lane Denizen. Repeat as many times as you want. You're required to declare a number in competitive play, so I just say 80, because it's the largest dice number I have, and end up swinging with an 81/82 Scurry Oak, with 80 1/1 squirrels and a 3/4 Ivy Lane ready to swing on 4. With this particular list, I hit the combo on Turn 4 more than 70% of the time if Im receiving minimal interaction from an opponent. I pulled the walls from the budget list and focused soley on using creatures I can attack and block with, in order to have a creature beatdown alternate strategy. Outside of that, you need some sort of sac outlet like [[Goblin Bombardment]] an etb damager like [[Impact Tremors]] or a wide haste enabler like [[First Day of Class]] to make the combo fire the turn it comes down. The only way to do it on mono green is with Chord of Calling or Summoner's Pact, but it fires one turn later and requires more pieces.


\[\[Samut, Tyrant Smasher\]\] would enable haste (slower since he's a 4 drop) but it let's you attack with all the squirrels the same turn. Splashing red for \[\[Emblem of Warmind\]\] might also work lol. ​ Cool strategy.


[Samut, Tyrant Smasher](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/e/0/e0457e3f-56c1-401b-8e08-f04b95c55e2d.jpg?1557577392) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Samut%2C%20Tyrant%20Smasher) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/war/235/samut-tyrant-smasher?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/e0457e3f-56c1-401b-8e08-f04b95c55e2d?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Emblem of Warmind](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/0/3/03ab2a41-315b-439c-b02c-f12335fc903a.jpg?1562895724) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Emblem%20of%20the%20Warmind) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/fut/112/emblem-of-the-warmind?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/03ab2a41-315b-439c-b02c-f12335fc903a?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Elves? Is t2 CoCo and 30+ damage on t3 enough to be tier 2?


> t2 CoCo you playing utopia sprawl?


T1 forest Llanowar elf T2 land, heritage Druid, quirion ranger End of turn used heritage to tap all 3, quirion ranger to untap the llanowar and tap it by itself for the 4th mana I legit had no idea this was possible but let my friend borrow the deck. I asked how the game went he told me t2 coco into archdruid and ezuri, swung for 36 on t3. I hugged him and told him I was so proud


> heritage druid, quirion ranger oh sweet! forgot they put ranger into modern!


I about creamed when I saw that. Sad cause I knew they wouldn't be giving us Priest (yet) but being able to pick up cheap/nonFNM foils excited me


It’s my favorite deck, been successful with it too, but too much bolt/unholy heat in the meta. Just gets shit on.


I want elves to find a way to be more resilient to bolt main board. It was one of the first decks I ever played in modern and it's just a lot of fun. But man getting hit with t1+t2 removal is rough.


Gotta bolt the bird, even if the bird doesn't fly. That's why I'm liking some of these newer creatures for the deck like Warmaster. I undervalued it too focused on it triggering only once per turn and 7 mana for +2 when ezuri does +3 for 5. Giving us good drops on t2 when we can't play archdruid cause they killed our t1 dork feels like the closest we'll get to more resilience. If it makes you feel better, my opponent the other day went t2 or 3 Fury, ephemerate and fucking nuked my entire board


I'm glad it's going in a good way, it's such a cool combo-aggro hybrid you don't see often


Right? I put the deck down for a while and was surprised when I saw they cut the clancallers but the speed it functions at now, I can see why. I doubt they would be crazy enough to print it in MH3 but Wirewood Symbiote could help dodge some removal which keeping up the combo-y bullshit


I got to fury down 3 elves last week, bolt is the least of their worries.


Can confirm. Lost about 5 or 6 elves to an ephemerate+fury


If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk


Is Dredge t2 right now? My pick would be Dredge along with Enchantress. Both my favourite decks in general.


I came to this thread looking to see if anyone else stilled played Dredge lol.


Dredge players lurking in the shadows waiting for the meta to ease up on the grave hate.


Dredge is my pet deck and it can still win small events. I am seeing people drifting away from Thrilling Discovery and into Burning Inquiry though. I'm not sure what the deck needs to be tier 1 again, but a Faithless Looting or Bridge unban would be a start! It's still a blast to play either way. You just have to hope to dodge infinite graveyard hate.


> Unban Faithless Looting DRC would break the format. Even more than it already has, I mean.


So maybe consider it trading places with looting. Unban one, ban the other.


Saheeli Combo. Wish it was good.


Put some siege rhino in the deck and at least it will be incredibly fun to blink/copy !


I guess Infect is T2 right now. I play a bunch of different decks in modern. If I think Infect is playable, I end up wishing that I played that at the end of an event regardless of how I did with the deck I was playing.


UB control a la Spike is a really fun one. [[Into the Story]] is a hell of a drug and titi+dress down is a lot of fun


titi dress down is SO fun.


UW Spirits!


[There are hundreds of us...](https://i.imgur.com/OScQZiN.jpg) Here's hoping we get ONE good card in Innistrad 3.


Fingers crossed for you! I don't even play spirits and would hate to see it get no love from either set. Such a fun deck.


I guess merfolks, it’s so interactive and decision dependent. But in the same time it’s not that annoying as most blue decks are for opponents. I think of it as a gentleman’s blue deck.


Hashtag forvertier2


Asmo reanimator by doomwake. You reanimate archon for value or you generate constructs with saga and cookbook.


My jeskai control list runs 4 monkeys and a through the breach wincon. Counter Monkey Breach? That's an off-meta deck, right?


Hell yeah, took Izzet Breach with 3 Murktide, 3 Emrakul and 4 Ragavans to Modern FNM. Fake Murktide feels like a legit deck, especially if you catch them off guard.


Reanimator still trying to crack the best brew code but every brew has been really fun.


BG Infect. Very close to running \[\[Endurance\]\] in my 60


Some day the correct 60 is going to come together and this deck is gonna go to the moon. Pro red and pro white in this meta is insane.


Fenruscloud's list is real close. Deck is awesome.


Link to list?


[Here you go!](https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/modern-challenge-2021-08-22?xd#fenruscloud_st_place)


4-0 with it at my last fnm it’s great fun and my favourite deck to play. Something so beautiful about a t2 first strike infect pro red pro white creature that can be pumped to oblivion on t3


Came here to say this. Built it and sleeved it up tonight just before rounds, went 4-0.


Mill. Played mono-U mill and went 2-1 today. It's fun and can be a bit of a challenge


Boomer Jund. I love you Bloodbraid Elf, Liliana, Raging Ravine!


Definitely Domain Zoo. Territorial Kavu dodges early bolts or unholy heat and can gain you card advantage or gy hate. Also nothing better than draining them for 5 with tribal flames.


Are you running the mana dorks or all in on the t2 kavu/draco? Or the version with Snapcaster and Expressive Iteration? So many different options with domain!


Probably closer to tier 3 these days, but I still play Neobrand!


How does neobrand win now without ssg?


[[Mox Amber]] for Black, filter one through [[Springleaf Drum]] for Blue to cast [[Lab Man]]. Alternatively you can use [[Fortifying Draught]] on Griselbrand, then sac him with [[Rite of Consumption]].


Oh wow that seems a lot more convoluted now, but I guess it doesn’t take up much more space in the deck so it’s probably cool. Seems neat, I like it.


Yeah, it’s nowhere near as clean as the old line, but it works well enough to keep the deck playable-ish. I’m not gonna 5-0 a league anytime soon, but I can comfortably go 3-1 at my LGS. [Here’s my current list for reference.](https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4266645)


I never get to play modern and I just now learned my simian spirit neform deck is no longer modern legal. Bummer. Although it did seem weird that it could win pretty cleanly super early.


My fully foiled Humans deck :)




Any iteration of tron depending on the meta for me. Also, username checks out.


Lantern. Although the amount of nonsense that happens with ragavan makes me wonder if it is even Tier 2


Lantern would be my pick too. It's great vs rhinos, I've felt even to slightly favored vs hammer, and vs rag decks it's a toss up. It can be harder but I'm also on 6 thoughtseize effects, 4 collective brutality, and 2 prismatic ending which helps that a lot. So if it goes unchecked its an issue, but answering it also isn't too hard most of the time. But even ignoring how good or bad the deck is it's just super fun to play and I always enjoy the games even when I'm losing.


Gutshot in the side?


It’s not a bad suggestion. I play 4x prismatic endings main though, and I’m not sure if I could afford the sideboard slots for a narrow card like gut shot. It’s obviously not unbeatable, but the amount of games they have gotten pithing needle, codex shredder, bell, or Pyxis just makes my life so much harder


Yeah I get you, I just play U Tron rn because I don't have much on mtgo but I think gutshot is really solid rn; a lot of U Tron players are moving towards izzet for that and fire//ice


Damn, I loved lantern back in the day, what does the list look like now, I would love to pick it up for some fun.


A lot of people are on GBw or straight GB lists. [https://scryfall.com/@LukeS062022/decks/763d2757-4b6d-4017-aace-6996f64fcdf9](https://scryfall.com/@LukeS062022/decks/763d2757-4b6d-4017-aace-6996f64fcdf9) Here’s my list, which has a few slightly odd choices that I’ve actually really been liking, such as the 4 brutalities, 2 infernal tutors, and so many tutor targets like spellbomb and stuff. You should definitely join the lantern discord, we’d love to have you. We have a decklist channel you can look through to see some more recent lists people have been trying and if you ask I’m sure people would love to post their decks. [https://discord.gg/2rejpgCu](https://discord.gg/2rejpgCu)


Hard to pick, really. There’s so many decks I’ve been playing since MH2 came out that have been a lot of fun. Ponza for starters. I like the Karn version and the addition of fury makes it a lot more powerful and able to tap out for a Walker while also dealing with the opponents board. It’s also a great win condition on its own swinging in for six a turn. Esper and Bant Stoneblade have been a ton of fun to go back to. Esper got sentinel which provides a great taxing effect on turn one to allow you to pull ahead where counters are useful instead of trying to play from behind. Bant got endurance which is a phenomenal hate piece while also being a great creature that plays with counterspells in its own right. Both versions of Stoneblade got counterspell which pumps up the viability of either deck substantially. New to MH2 entirely I’ve also been playing D00mwake’s Asmo reanimator deck which honestly feels powerful enough that I’d consider bringing it to a serious comp REL event depending on how much the meta is pushing people to play more gravehate than usual. You have a fairly powerful Urza’s saga and cookbook package which synergizes with wanting to get fatties in the yard and you can also search for ovalchase dragster to put it directly in the grave. I’ve had a few games that functionally ended on turn 2 with a reanimated archon but the deck can also play a more measured game with the food package and interaction like bone shards. Favourite recent interaction was my opponent playing sanctifier against me, unmarked graving for a sundering Titan and reanimating that on turn 3 while ignoring the sanctifier entirely. I think the deck definitely has some play to it and it’s probably my favourite of the tier 2 and below decks right this minute


I’ve been considering getting a Sundering Titan for my Asmo reanimator deck to swap for the feasting troll king I already have. You’ve convinced me.


Do you have a ponza decklist with Karn and fury?


This is pretty close to what I’m running; https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4185308#paper It’s worked out really well for me so far.


I really enjoy the Esper reanimator deck aspiringspike played for a bit! But honestly, archon of cruelty reanimator has been my favorite MH2 archetype in general


Nahiri [[Boom//Bust]]. Sometimes it's fun watching the other side raging for having their land destroyed. [[Armageddon]] in MH3 please Wizards.


I played against this recently and was shocked how much it could grind out. Games were an absolute slog!


It's probably not tier 2, but I have a super spicy bant evolve deck that I've been meaning to bring out of retirement.


I’m a huge fan of bw midrange decks. Top 8ed my only ptq attempt with a budgetish Jank wanna be jund deck and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Anyway, as of right now the bw reanimator/grief/stoneforge deck for sure has something to it but I just haven’t gotten around to testing it.


Just built BW grief blade and I can’t wait to test it this Friday


i miss pre-MH2 bw stoneblade, and still play it sometimes, even though it's a lot worse in the format now. the new cards are fun and strong, but they don't have the same kind of play style as the old liliana/bob/sculler/apparition/souls version of the deck that drew me to it in the first place.


Right now? Jund. Admittedly, it's been top tier in the past, but right now I don't think it makes the top 15. Still fun to play, though.


Definitely vial elementals. It's the little sister of the ephemerate elementals deck, which is now running fuckin ragavan... when you play with vial it actually feels like youre playing a tribal deck. the really awesome thing about the deck too is that if you untap with reef and roughly 6 mana theres a very high chance you just essentially win the game via card advantage. ive had games vs burn where i was 1 turn from dying, a bunch of mana- and a reef in hand and won from that spot. i just really love elementals and vial elementals is the most fun version to me


Loam Pox


If not then idk, death and taxes


Dress down shadow. So many weird interactions


Blue Moon forever!


BG rock.


Abzan midrange. The day I could no longer play lingering souls is the day I'll leave mtg behind. I know, I know, let me play a few more games...


More like tier 7, but Soulflayer has been absolute journey to try to and crack. I'm thinking of writing up a primer, but I think I've figured out a playable version for the first time since the looting ban. Been having a blast experimenting.


Tier 2 decks tend to be my jam. DnT is my favourite over the long haul, but at the moment I'm really enjoying Asmoreanimator: https://www.archidekt.com/decks/1619223#Asmo-reanimator And before that I was having great fun with Peppershot Prowess (Boros Prowess/Magecraft feat Grapeshot): https://www.archidekt.com/decks/1414051#Peppershot_Prowess


I like the look of your Asmoreanimator list. I think I'll sleeve it up based on your and other's in this thread suggestion. Quick question though, are the Damping Spheres in the side just for Tron or Storm, or are there other matchups that you bring those in against?


Lol you just reminded me that I needed to swap out Sphinx of the Steel Wind for Void Winnower, so I've just updated that. Thanks Damping Sphere is possibly one of those 'your mileage may vary' cards. My meta is very Amulet/Tron heavy so that's part of it, but in general what Sphere is good at is slowing the game down, while only helping Saga and saga tokens. It's decent against Cascade and Prowess as well. It's also something Prismatic Ending doesn't care about generally. At the end of the day if there's a sideboard card that fits your meta better though, go for it.


I'm in the process of sleeving up your asmoreanimator list, and looking at the mana, would a Blood Crypt be better than a Sacred Foundry for the red splash? It seems like black is the main color, so Crypt makes more sense to me.


8 rack! Watching the opponent try and grasp onto something as the floor falls out from underneath them is my pleasure. All The deck needs is a rack effect that can hit creatures or walkers and possibly divide the damage. I think it could be a real contender.


I lost to 8 rack with Urza's Saga, that was terrifying. Getting 2 tokens and fetching a Rack.




Faeries… always Faeries


I don't even think I would consider it tier 2, but Elves has been a pet deck of mine for years. Its never been "good" but its always fun. Its good enough to spike events from time to time, and I've won a large amount of FNMs with it, but its weak against a million things in the metagame.


Boomer jund. Unless people say its tier 1, then probably 8rack


I love dredge and play it a lot, but my favorite time to do so is when it's a tier 2 in the meta. Usually that means the tier 1 decks will be non-GY decks, focusing on each other, leaving they GY hate at home, giving Dredge (or any other fun graveyard deck) a great opportunity.


BG Yawg combo. Hoping Undying makes its return in Midnight Hunt, and I get new fun toys.


Didn't this recently win a weekend challenge?


It puts up results sometimes yeah. Might be 1.5 at best.


I'd say solid tier 2


Electro-balance is powerful, tends to show up in more 5-0s than not, and puts up challenge results now and then. It feels like it's always a close match, but somehow it also feels like there are so many ways to be disastrously ahead, like destroying all your opponents' permanents and cards in hand or just untaping turn 3 with a fuckin 8 power rhino duet. It runs a lot of interaction in spite of its comboish nature and has game versus a big variety of decks.


Enchantress and ponza




I love me a good u/w Stoneforge mystic list


Control :) it’ll always have my heart Edit specifically Esper


Gruul loam assault. It’s super fun, super grindy, and can come back from nearly anything.


Ponza will always be my deck, regardless of what tier it’s in. Slamming a Blood Moon on turn two literally never gets old.


Jeskai food


Incinerator burn is the best and most fun budget but good modern deck I've played


Goblins, hands down. I'm an aggro player at heart, and there's nothing more aggro than the little red bastards.


Lonis Kitchen


I find it really funny that 90% of the time on this sub anything outside of murktide, rhinos, Darcy, etc is not tier 1 but in this thread 90% of the tier 2 decks people are mentioning are fairly hot jank. That said, my favorite tier 2 deck Sorin Markov tribal.


Shit all my decks are non t1 lol. Currently really enjoying mud prison, likely will become my pet deck along with ub thopter tezzerator.


Definitely bw tokens, I’ve had that deck from the beginning in one form or another and I just took second at a pretty competitive fnm last week


My favorite has to be Abzan Stoneblade. Dunno if it's tier 2 or not, but it's probably one of the worse Stoneblade decks right now yet it's still my favorite to play since I love the stoneblade engine, and the fact that it plays a lot like Jund.


The rock! love playing it.


Martyr Proc. Now with Abiding Grace


RW boom/bust bc nahiri is awesome


All my decks lol, mostly goblins tho


Mill, I'm evil


I love playing Monowhite Knights. It doesn’t have many bad matchups, and I know how to pilot it better than pretty much any deck i own


U Tron


Titanshift! Played this deck for years and I still play it religiously.


Spirits and affinity


Martyr with abiding grace is gas


The Rock or Abzan for t2 and Aristocrats for t3 or below


UB Faeries. More like tier 3 these days.


I cant say no to elves


Humans. But I think that humans' power level is still tier, it's just not played in large quantities


Dinos for sure!


I've never seen this before! What's the strategy?


Affinity. It’s been my number one deck since like 2013 and it is able to win some matches right now so I have to play it.


I actually really enjoyed the vial goblins deck before snoop came along. No combos, just synergistic value and toolbox cards. Amazing.


Extremely hard to pick one so here's my list: ​ * Sultai Teachings Reclamation * Mono Green Devotion (Nyxwave) * UB Faeries * Dice Factory * Metalworks Combo * Abzan Reanimator * Taking Turns variants * Indomitable Creativity




Charbelcher, popping off is so fun although the combo can be fragile, slow due to taplands, and folds to chalice on 2 unless u have sbed in things


Electrodominance/living end. I've been playing and working on this list since [[Electrodominance]] was spoiled


Jund :(


Boomer Grixis Shadow. No Lurrus, no monke, but Street Wraiths, Anglers and Snappys. This deck means modern for me.


Blue tron


Finally, a man of culture.


We don't think of it as a tier 2 deck, do we?


Lotus breach! I'd say that's a solid tier two deck


Merfolk baby! I love beating the spikes playing the flavor of the month, specially when they start the game saying stuff like "Merfolk huh? Good luck with that", the amount of salt that ensues is just delicious.


Blue Scapeshift variants