Skred variations?

Skred variations?


Would second obosh red is the more sensible deck at the moment but I wouldn't do anything till mh2 releases.


Isn't EDH like... way more expensive than Modern? With 25 more cards and the Reserved List allowed?


It can be but it isn’t a variant where I’ve like spent like a ton on it, the decks I play are all pretty budget-friendly :)


Skred has its charm, but is not very good. Most of its power is cheesing games with relic or blood moon. I won a couple matches during WAR modern by main decking 4 Anger of the Gods. I finally desleeved my Skred pile and sleeves up Obosh Red.


Honestly if you want a skred deck I'd suggest a mono-red prison style of deck either with chalice or anger of the gods/sweltering suns just to make sure you'll survive. I'd lean towards the superfriends variant especially as Chandra acoylte of flame seems like it was made for the deck (and now looking at it sarkhan the masterless is pretty spicy in it too as a 1 or 2 of maybe). Without a deck list I'm not 100% sure what you mean by the dragon version, but I'm assuming you're talking about sarkhan fireblood from M19 who seems a little clunky. The two payoffs I'm assuming you'd be looking at are glorybringer and goldspan, but that means you'd have to be able to take both turns 3 and 4 off to play a 5 mana threat backed up by an underwhelming planeswalker. At that point you may as well play a utopia sprawl ramp deck and aim to have 5 mana by turn 3 to slam a dragon. If you're still wanting to go for a fun synergistic tribal theme I can suggest a goblin deck running 4 rabblemaster, 4 legion warboss, and maybe a krenko or seige gang as top end.


Thanks so much for this response I really appreciate it! Of those options I definitely think the one I’d lean towards is a superfriends/prison variant, not least cause it seems like something that could be done on like a relative budget before upgrading to having Ensnaring Bridge. My thinking for the prison variant is that it’s probably a blood moon deck that runs removal (sweltering suns and anger for wrath’s, Skred, bolt, and maybe Frost Bite for spot removal), and then planeswalkers for control/win-cons - some combination of Acolyte of Flame, Torch of Defiance, Koth, and Sarkhan (with Awakened Inferno in the Sb). This is sort of what I’m thinking: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/skred-idea-2 Not sure if it wants giant, or more prison-y/control tools like Magus of the Moon (or if giant is what comes out for Bridge down the line)