Purpose of Sedgemoor Witch in Inverter sideboards

Purpose of Sedgemoor Witch in Inverter sideboards


Side in against aggro. It makes blockers and gains a bunch of life, while also being a wincon against strange things such as Gideon emblem and the like.


>strange wincon against Gideon Emblem Care to elaborate? I don’t see the play.


The deck otherwise has a hard time killing planeswalkers, and this is a creature to attack them through Menace or go wide enough to go around blockers. No Gideon means a useless emblem. Its a pretty niche bonus, but then again sometimes those things matter.


Makes sense, thanks.


I haven't tried Inverter but I would think you could successfully bring it in for a lot of match-ups. It's great in combo-control decks like these to board into a Plan B after board. I play control decks and I would normally be tempted to board out removal against Inverter, because it doesn't help that much against the combo. Bringing in witches after board makes that a much scarier proposition (and not everyone will know you have witches).


Tbf the Ad Naus Discord also didn't know what it was for immediately lol.


I'd also like the discord info if there is one. Never played pioneer but this deck is piquing my interest.


I made an Inverter sub r/InverterofTruth a discord would be good too though.


Probably the same role as Monastery Mentor in UW's sideboard. To side in once the opponent has sided out their removal.