You are preaching to the choir my friend. Most people here love Steris :)


Noice! I imagined it to be an unpopular opinion, but glad it isn’t


It might have been after book 1 but after each following book where she got more screen time and more amazing I think more people fell in love with her!


There was a Cosmere popularity tournament recently, with 96 Cosmere characters completing against each other for votes across multiple rounds. Steris finished in the top 12 out of 96.


Can I get a link to the results?


[Here you go](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cosmere/comments/mdivwt/proposed_tournament_for_favourite_character/)


Nah it's only briefly unpopular. Most people either dislike her or are indifferent after reading Alloy of Law, but start liking her across the next two. Mileage varies as to the pace, but by the end of BoM absolutely adoring Steris is the majority opinion.


That's because you haven't read BoM.


Would have been after book one, but you grow to like her more every book.


After Bands you will see why :P


You're in for a treat, both storywise and Steriswise. BoM is where Steris shines imo


I hope the increase of Steris from BoM to tLM is the same (or more) than from SoS to BoM. NEED MORE STERIS!!


Oh yeah! Bring it on


Steris is wonderful. I relate to her like no other in the Cosmere. I remember first meeting her in AoL and telling my husband, who read them all before me, "wow, what's up with this chick?" And then halfway through SoS I put the book down during one of her planning explanations, looked at my husband and saying "Omg, I'm Steris." And was met with his knowing look of "yeah." I have high anxiety, I over plan and make tons of lists and I can be super standoffish when first meeting me. It was really interesting to see that in a character. I even thanked Brandon for writing her and other mentally troubled characters when met him a few years back at a signing. (And then walked away and cried for ten minutes with all my pent up anxiety XD )


See I've been there, so I relate to that! (Not with Steris, being a single, 27 year old bloke...but you get the idea). I'm happy to hear you related, and best wishes with you anxiety troubles :) (damn it's tough to be supportive on the internet without sounding hugely patronising!). Also the funniest thing with that is that 'a knowing look and saying "yeah" ' is probably exactly how Wax would respond!


Thanks for your kind words! People on the Sanderson subreddits are always super awesome! Enjoy BoM!


You are most welcome. I've been pleasantly surprised at how great this fandom is! Glad to be a part of the Seventeenth Shard (or whatever we call ourselves, I'm not 100% sure)


Yeah, we're not sure either. No name has stuck yet.


Hello fellow anxiety-haver who overplans everything and cried at Sanderson after thanking him for doing such a good job on writing characters with mental issues! It’s honestly so nice to see a character like her be so loved by the fandom, isn’t it? Steris is the best.


Seriously yes! I've never felt so represented by an author!


I love her! All my friends that have read either don't like her or didn't at the beginning. I thought she was great even then, she realized she was probably not going to have a happy life or marriage but decided to help out her house and those who worked for them by entering a loveless marriage. Everyone praises Wax for doing that and ge had already had a happy marriage. She didn't even have a happy beginning. She only gets better from there! That scene at the end of BoM though 😭😭😭


I liked Steris with reservations in Alloy of Law and early Shadows of Self, because I had heard the spoiler that [SoS Spoiler] >!Wax’s wife is a kandra!< and misassociated it. I *loved* Steris after that.


Ahh yeah, I get what you mean! I'd have definitely felt the same way. I toyed with the idea that >!Steris was Bleeder, but began to suspect Innate after the assualt on his manor, where the bodyguard was shot!<


I mean really she is the best. Her comforting Wax by just sitting silently next to him is the DREAM of every sad man. Seriously that scene is I believe the only time that my entire opinion of a character and the attitude I have toward them changed in a second. And boy o boy does Bands of Mourning deliver more of our awesome Steris


I found her quietly amusing in the first half of the book. Being a Brit, she's the stereotype of what we are all like, and despite the occasional moment (such as when Wax shoots up the side of the building while she is exhilarated) she generally fits that stereotype. But when she just sat there quietly until he was ready to let it all out...it was beautiful and I loved her for it. Moreso because of how rare that is in the real world


Oh man hoping for a Steris like that in my life is something that will never happen.


Unfortunately my good chap, the fictional ones are always the best! But still sadly fictional


Steris is my favorite character in the entire Cosmere.


Wayne took my heart and left an empty bottle of whiskey in it's place, but Steris is probably top 3 or 4. The rest are all Mistborn Era 2 characters as well.


That’s a bold call! Even more than Saze??


Saze, Wayne, Steris, Dalinar and Kaladin. Couldn't choose between them.


I have no idea who the last two are, but I agree with the first two (and suspect Steris will be added to the list)


Oh man. Oh boy. Haven't you heard of STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE?


I only heard about it after picking up Mistborn! I picked up TFE on a whim, I didn't even know the Cosmere existed! Stormlight is next on my list!


Man, Mistborn is great and amazing. But Stormlight is on another level.


Ooh, then I have a lot to look forward to!


Most cosmere fans recommend reading Warbreaker first though, as a few bits of that book cross over with Stormlight


IMO Mistborn is better than SA in almost every way.


Gonna have to hard disagree with you on that phrasing but it definitely is better in several ways


I don't know if you can say one is better than another, it's all a part of the Cosmere.


I can practically hear the excitement!


Oh she is the star of BoM, she is the best Era 2 character imo


Steris is my favorite fictional character, don't feel bad for having great taste.


Clearly my taste is better than I realised!


They're my favorite couple in all of the Cosmere. I live steris with my whole being. I made a post about her awhile back that got Brandon to lend some insight, and yeah steris is bae.


Wow that's awesome!


It was super cool! I was pretty new to the Cosmere and had only read Mistborn era 1&2. And brand new to the mistborn sub. I had no idea that was even Brandon until someone pointed it out. He commented about Steris' and Wayne's relationship and his hostility towards her. Basically wayne is just Uber protective and can't read Steris well so he thinks she's untrustworthy.


In this house, we stan for Steris.


If you like her now already. You gonna love her more in bands of mourning. So far the best character development


I'm glad to hear that. I always disliked how she was generally cast aside in favour of Marasi (who I also like, don't get me wrong). I felt like she had such potential, and I'm glad to hear that potential will be realised


How Wax and Steris’ relationship develops is one of my favorite things in all of the cosmere books


Not at all an unpopular opinion my friend. I'm pretty sure BoM single-handedly launched Steris up to top 10 best characters in the Cosmere for most readers


Brandon really started writing this and said I'm gonna take the stereotypical annoying partner the MC starts out with and make everyone love her. Like damn. I was so ready to be ragging on her and now, I can't get enough of her.


I have a feeling "like" is about to evolve into "love" before you finish BoM.


I have a similar feeling!


Steris <3 Honestly I didn't care for her at first in Alloy of Law. Not that I didn't like her, but it was more of a "background" secondary character that I didn't pay much attention to, thinking "ok, this girl is just in for the marrying contract, and probably a good way of introducing Marasi". And then she starts getting more and more appearances and dialogue, and oh boy. Of course Wayne is Wayne, probably most people's favorite, but Steris is a very close second for me. I wish there was a novella or more than a few chapters written entirely from Steris perspective.


On AoL, I definitely agree. She was basically a background character, and I assumed her and her father were just a bit of intro for Marasi. But then she starts to come into her own in SoS. She opens up and starts to become something to Wax and to the story. Oddly, I found a distinct dislike for Wayne during SoS. A large part of that was because of the way he treated Steris (particularly the bit after the Governor's party, where Wayne started a fight, then sat with the fighters instead of her...especially because the chapter was her POV). It wasn't even because I liked Steris so much, but because Wax had shown affinity for her, and Wayne was too blockheaded to notice...and I had developed an affinity for her along with Wax


Steris is the best fantasy genre waifu honestly, hands down. Especially after bands of mourning, you're in for a treat there my friend


I appreciated having an surprisingly well written autistic character in a series. Even better thatbhe is not the only one, I like having character to relate to.


As an autistic person...I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I didn't realise she was autistic until now...


I didn't either until someone else pointed it out. I think it's a good thing that while it is m integral part of her chartacter, she isn't just just the token autistic character. Her and Renarin are written as rounded people, autistic for sure, but that isn't their whole character and I appreciate that. Much better than the likes of Big Bang Theory, Music, etc.


I have no idea who Renarin is, but I see your point and agree. That's my problem with modern media, most characters are based around a single point, where it's autism/sexuality/gender/race etc. and they become two dimensional. Which is great for ratings and diverisity points, but bad for literature/art/cinema etc. I properly love that her brain patterns isn't an explicit part of her...but it's just part of who she is


He's a character in Stormlight Archive, another one with good development. I like that autism is a defining part of them, but it's not the sole defining part. Edit: deleted a spoiler that wasn't relevant


That moment is in BoM, which op said they haven’t read, so you might wanna spoiler tag that


Ah didn't realise that, I just removed it as it's not really relevant to my reply.


To be fair I didn't really care about her at first, but Bands of Mourning made her one of my favorite Mistborn characters. She's an absolute treasure!


Yess. She is just a sweetheart, I love her so much. You will love the next book she has more time on screen :)


When I first met Steris I was very unsure. Seemed annoying, bothersome or ok at best. But that was because I hadn’t got to know her yet or understand what she’s all about. Finally having it click, and getting to know her in BoM, she is now one of my most favourite and most sympathetic characters of Brandon’s. Same story goes for Vivenna and Shallan. Bother or annoyed to read -> every single one of their chapters being page turners and my favourite to read.


Bands of Mourning is her book.


Same! Enjoy the 3rd book!


Oh, you’re gonna love her stuff in Bands of Mourning! I agree, she’s a top tier Sanderson character for me; it’s refreshing to see someone on the spectrum depicted realistically and downright endearingly by the latest book. She’s probably my favorite from Era 2 by a slim margin.


Steris...what a woman! The planner is key to any crew lol.


Favorite character in this arch.


I like steris the character. I like how she exists in the story. I like the things that she makes me thing and feel. I would not like her as a person. Kind of how my favourite star wars character is Darth Maul. Its not that I like him as a person, it is that I like his impact on the story.


Steris is my favorite character in the entirety of the Cosmere.


I think you are going to like Bands of Mourning! Please come back after you read it!


You’re in for a treat my friend.


Shes in my top 5 favourite mistborn characters at the very least. Probably top 5 in the cosmere as a whole