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If I recall it can be hard to verify a diabetic died from low blood glucose because once dead the body does not preserve the glucose level (?) Something like that. Like, you could put two and two together if the diabetic dies in their sleep in bed, but it does not come up in an autopsy. Cause of death would be heart attack/cardiac arrest caused by a low blood sugar. And the “low blood sugar” part would be an assumption made by the coroner. Source: im diabetic t1. Not an expert tho and could be mistaken on some parts.


I did a quick google search, and this looks correct -- I found several peer reviewed papers discussing how hard it is to check postmortem glucose levels -- and how the levels when tested are often interpreted differently than glucose from a living person. For example: https://webapps.cap.org/apps/docs/newspath/0812/vitreous\_postmortem\_chemical\_analysis.pdf


Thanks for confirming!


It isn't just diabetics - this can happen to anyone who is dehydrated and not used to the physical exertion, and didn't eat enough at the wrong time.


An interesting theory but you'd have to check to see if they were diagnosed with diabetes. Most diabetics I know keep emergency lollies/candy on them for when their blood sugars drop. They also don't tend to get very far when they're blood sugars start to drop and they have no way of treating it.


I'm not diabetic, but have severe reactive hypoglycemia. My blood sugar can go from a normal range to the 20s or 30s very quickly. When I'm under about 27, I forget how to do basic things like open doors, eat food, open juice etc. This is plausible, but I've been aware of it for awhile and had pretty debilitating symptoms. During hikes I always bring a monitor and have to check where I'm at consistently as exercise can intensify my lows. If someone was exhausted enough, reactive hypoglycemia could account for some percentage, but from what I understand it's not the most common thing. I will say I've had my most severe drops when I've been physically overexerted.


We don’t know. We don’t ever get access to the autopsy report.


Just to notice, counted symptoms are perfect if someone or something wants you missing in the wilderness.


You obviously haven’t read the books


The books don't rule this possibility out in all cases -- and keep in mind that the books have been shown to not be completely accurate, anyway, so even if they explicitly ruled out blood sugar issues, well, it would still be reasonable to ask about additional information from outside the books...


Naw, not everyone is diabetic.


Not everyone would have to be diabetic for this to be at play. It's pretty obvious that there is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution for why people went missing in these cases.