If they ban the first one Microsoft itself will be banned from Minecraft






An ingame example: minecoin


I wouldn't call that ingame "items" as the meme references but maybe that's just me.


It’s not a direct path to ingame items but it still is one


I didn't mean it like that, it's just that resource packs, worlds, skins and similar that it allows you to buy and so on I don't consider it items. For me when they say "ingame items" are like the in world items, so any item you can use, blocks you can place, etc so just that. That said... resource packs nowadays technically they can add new items with all the the datapacks stuff... so I guess that would fit. Anyway basically what I was thinking about is stuff like some servers at the beginning tried to sell diamonds or similar ingame items for real money/donations.


I totally forgot about those and was thinking about characters and clothing, i didn’t have bedrock before


I’m writing a letter to Microsoft about this not joking


Yes in 2b2t people actually sell op items for irl money


The thing with 2b2t is that it is technically possible to obtain said OP items without paying money. Minecraft's rules on P2W are that nothing that gives a competitive edge over other players can be locked behind a paywall.


It’s also not run by the server owner. It’s run by players. It’s like using minecraft eBay




Hey you can’t speak in all caps! Banned!


/ban Idontspeakurlanguag


Looks like Minecraft is soon gonna fall and this time no youtuber can save this game


Only Mojang would be able to save it Minecraft is already on borrowed time for lasting this long


if that's the case then we lost all of us


My friend literally got banned for saying "I hate this damn game" in bw


Mojang be like: Ok then don't play this game


I guess the word ‘hate’ is blacklisted


yeah they wouldn't want us to use mean words


Wait is 1.19.1 already out??


Since there seems to be a lot of confusion, the way it works is: 1. Game now cryptographically sings messages you send, this means it can be proven you wrote a message yourself. 2. Report includes these signature, so Mojang can tell when they receive a report that it's absolutely written by you. 3. Client mod can disable signing, so you cannot be reported if you get such a mod. 4. Server can decide not to include signatures in chat even if you send them, so you cannot be reported if you play on such a server. 5. Servers can decide not to allow clients that do not sign messages to join, so they can mitigate 3 easily if they want to make sure reports work on their server. 6. This is for *all* Java servers, private ones included, although as stated above it can be disabled by server plugins easily. 7. Every time you connect to a server, you authenticate through Mojang, so it's trivial for them to ban people from all online play. 8. Since the reporting is implemented this way, Mojang has no access to other messages sent that are not included in the report, so this means it's impossible for them to judge the context of your messages. This is obviously problematic. I don't know how the banning part of the report system is implemented, but it's possible they will go for something more lenient (e.g. telling the server someone is banned but letting the server decide if they want to honour the ban) before it's fully released. Servers will also be able to let you play by disabling online-mode, but this brings a number of other issues so it's unlikely large public servers will do this. You can theoretically use this to still play on your own servers though.


This shouldn’t be implemented in first place, they added interaction screen that no one uses but allows to fucking mute someone. This was added for these 0.02% that needed it and now they want even more. Why Microsoft has to be such rētarded company and make mojang do these things


Yeah I agree it's dumb. But it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. You're not gonna be banned from single player worlds, the bans aren't forever, and Mojang only has access to the comments that are reported.


damn bro you going through the whole subreddit quoting every issue with the system and still playing devil's advocate lol


Cause I was annoyed with people overblowing this issue


Minecraft itself is all caps


Why is selling items for real money a problem if i may ask?


It's mentioned in mojang's EULA that making money out of in-game items or material is not allowed, only videos made by content creators are allowed


Well yes but most mmorpgs have it too and nobody gives a shit, its not like its making minecraft p2w, only a few servers. But if you wanna go that route then shouldn't hypixel be banned for having the whole rank system you have to pay for?


The way mojang makes the EULA work is kinda weird. Players from 2b2t are selling in-game items for a long time and mojang is aware about that, just like they are aware of tlauncher promoting cracked Minecraft and servers letting cracked players play. Hypixel ranks don't give players any "advantage" over other players and that's the main point But if a survival server started selling diamonds for real money and mojang gets to know about that then the server is banned (if it's being promoted by server admins, if a player makes a discord server for this them it's fine :/ and that's what happens in 2b2t)


I agree its fucked how unfair they are. But then again id have to disagree on the p2w, i really don't mind people having their own economy even if its real money. Like you dont have to spend that money and if you spend that money you get a head start and grind yourself to items you can sell. I used to earn some small bucks by playing an mmorpg where every good item i had and earned a few bucks.


Wait what's going on I'm so confused?


Mojang is banning accounts from playing multiplayer (relms, private servers, public servers) if our account gets reported for some new rule breaking. The rule includes not saying some world like "fu*k" and anything written in FULL CAPS because it's considered as a agressive speech


Oh ok. Yeah I play on single player worlds so I didn't know wtf was going on.


Now you can't even swear on single player 💀 chat is censored (saw a post about this on bedrock)


how to get banned Step 1: SAY THIS SENTENCE!


Is there an r/doublenegative sub on this site?


Wonder what they are going to do when we start drawing the word fuck in every server and start building progressively more detailed dicks.




What we need is Notch to come back to Mojang pls contact him and tell him that Minecraft needs him. Comment the same thing as me at any social media u have. Try to contact Notch!!


Ah yes, Notch will casually travel to his nearest mojang studios office and just start working on the game again, it’s not like he’s literally blacklisted for almost half a decade from showing up in any official minecraft media or anything