A big streamer disadvantage

A big streamer disadvantage


i noticed that smaller streamers' chat are actually beneficial at times. i was looking at pete's chat during BM and everyone was being very helpful in terms of blocks he needed, and giving him numbers of what he needed (i.e., with the big builds they'd calculate and then put the number in chat so he didn't have to count himself).... where bigger streamers just have chaotic chats that honestly don't always help


The Vault Hunters group always have the most useful chats during SOT and BM and people like Grian, Fruit etc have chatters prepared to write down blocks needed in BM and they can do that because their chat is smaller and less chaotic which is a blessing and a curse. I mean it's ironic that the one event Dream looks at and listens to chat is the one event that his chat isn't raided by spam bots. Like normally his chat is too chaotic for any advice and "you missed sand" to actually be seen but the one event he looks is the one event it's actually readable


lol yesterday on gumi's stream, i remember bbh talking about making it so trusted chatters (mods) take notes and help them, rather than them writing down blocks in mcc (which he's wanted to do for awhile)... that could help? although i can see ppl saying thats a little too sweaty. i do think having a good small chat is really beneficial! but yeah i think sot is one of the better events for dream/other big streamer's chat but..... they also tend to piggyback (one person says something and everyone repeats, even if they didnt see it themselves) which is :-/


Yeah the sheeps that see one comment saying one thing and immediately spam it are less than ideal and it's part of having a large chat. I know Dream asked his mods if chat was right or lying which could work but also I feel like the mods are too busy trying to keep chat in line without having to help the streamer as well. I feel like a good middle ground would be someone like Punz because his chat are useful when he's speedrunning and in general tend to be very helpful however Punz also gets too competitive and won't listen to his chat even if they're right so I feel like a small chat is the most beneficial for MCC and is an underrated advantage


yes, false always rely on her chat to remember blocks as well!


If you want a chill MCC chat, False’s chat is generally super chill. Save SG and Dodgebolt where there was mostly spam about false supremacy, it was really nice and the regulars in chat are genuinely trying to be helpful.


yeah i feel like smaller streamers chats are more helpful in games like this, as it’s less spammy and idk, they just seem to actually get it right more.


Yeah, GeminiTay's chat were really helpful in Sands of Time I believe. Tbh I didn't watch her stream but from what she was saying to her team-mates it seemed they were helpful


And then on the other hand you have Tubbos chat helping him do the word puzzle since he's dyslexic lol


I mean that puzzle is the only acceptable time to backseat game.


ant's full head turn to read chat during word puzzle was so funny (hbomb sot vod review best)


Chat is awful in general for information. It is hectic, many casual viewers don't know what they are saying and with big streamers it almost impossible to even read what chat is saying.


Exactly and there's so many people telling a streamer that they missed something and even when the streamer knows they didn't (case and point Dream this MCC) they'll still always go back and check and it's so frustrating to see people doubt themselves and listen to their incorrect chat and waste time in the process.


Dear Dream, ignore chat.


True, it’s a shame there’s nothing to do about it, I’d recommend big streamers to not look at chat anyways, cuz there are lots of trolls too


Exactly what H said in his review of George’s SoT.


chat is only good for remembering what blocks to get in bm and to not craft iron chestplates in sb


Until chat mixes up the shades of colours for the glass in BM which happens surprisingly often


Honestly at this point maybe they should make it a requirement to have chat turned off during SoT. Like, big streamers can’t just turn it off, everyone else will have advantage if they do. I feel like sometimes chat really helps, i’ve seen many times when a big streamer got a vault just because of chat (chat noticed a key or something like that) or the whole puzzle thing. I personally have nothing against it really, I wouldn’t say that’s cheating, though now there’s this. With each event chat having too much unintended control over the game happens more and more, so maybe a requirement of having chat turned off could work as a solution, or at least it would be interesting to see how would a streamer do without chat. Though I understand that with turning off chat may come some problems that streamers wouldn’t wanna have, so the idea is not perfect. Idk i’m not a streamer lmao.


Why they were listening to chat? What?


Because chat doesn’t have the stress or pressure of performing live in front of thousands of people trying to do well


The real question is why are they listening to chat with 200k viewers in the first place? Like what did they expect to happen?


I think that big chats in games like Build Mart and SoT are such chaos that isn't helpful and very distracting, BUT I have just watched Tommy's VOD and Tommy was actually just... wrong. First, he said his chat was telling him 'go back' to do the chain parkour to the golden vault key, but he won't because Dream said he shouldn't. But his chat was yelling 'go back' when he was AT the chains parkour so that he won't risk it, and because Karl needed sand, but he only saw the messages after he came back to the middle and assumed it was people were telling him to ignore Dream and do the parkour. Then at the lava parkour part, after he died, no one was confident in him saying he could get back his coins in lava, and most people were telling him to a. Get sand or b. Do the chains parkour since he had no coins or c. Go back. [Some screenshots](https://www.reddit.com/r/MinecraftChampionship/comments/prl2an/it_wasnt_tommys_chats_fault_we_have_a_blind_king/) And as someone who is a George enjoyer and watched his POV, I think that he should've ignored chat since he had almost no time, but isn't like its something new, every SoT there are people screaming about sand he forgot (chat also forgets that his colorblindness makes the sand blend in way more, and isn't productive sometimes). And he should've marked his path, he has gotten lost before in SoT, but Sapnap dying with a bunch of sand and then telling him to go the wrong way didn't help either lmao. So yeah, big chats (and small ones too sometimes) are usually overwhelming and don't help but streamers should learn when to listening to them or not


True. I was watching some of the bigger streamer and the amount of useless and wrong stuff chat give is astounding. The only things I can think off to combat this is maybe put the stream in Subs Only mode or Emote Only mode where only the mods and Vips can chat.


chat is really only good for hivemind things in big chats (like put on helmet - although they also don't know iron = gold for helmets) and repeating blocks told to them


I meant there might be one easy fix to this problem but I have no clue what it is


The only time they should look at chat is when there is a word puzzle, or when they genuinely ask a question about something. Most of the times the helpful one would chim in the conversation. The spams one is often the unhelpful one. I hope this topic will get their attention on the matter


And then you have Fruit’s chat who trying to make Hbomb mad when he reviewed Fruit’s SOT vod later (torches)