What happened in SG between Sapnap and Dream?

What happened in SG between Sapnap and Dream?


Sapnap /msg'd Dream to team, Dream ignored it and it could have been bait (idk I didn't watch Sapnaps pov) but later on when they were both in a bad position I think there was an unspoken agreement to just not kill each other and run away.


I was watching sap’s POV, I was shouting that was going to get them kicked. It was really stupid and he’ll probably get a quiet reprimand. It’s a good thing nothing came of it.


Is it actually against the rules? HBomb discussed it on stream with them and it didn't seem against the rules. I mean it's literally hunger games.


I guess I don’t know officially, but I feel like it would be? If they actually teamed and managed to win sg together, how would that be fair?


Well they weren’t directly teaming like giving each other loot but they just didn’t kill each other because of the situation where it would just guarantee death for them if they stopped to kill each other since there was a team right next to them, and there was a chance where the team would chase the other person and ignore the other


sapnap offered him to team with him and gogy but he never accepted. they just avoided each other coz their teams were dead and they just wanted to last a little longer


Sapnap messaged Dream to team which obviously Dream thought was a joke. He was running around scared that Sapnap would kill him whilst Sapnap was confident that Dream agreed. His team told him to kill Dream but he said that he had “honour”. It was also just a good strat because the other team ended up focused on Dream and not on red.


It was more of a truce than teaming, they just avoided eachother thats it


Sapnap messaged Dream to crossteam


But Dream didnt agree to it, when he came across Sapnap he just ignored him, and Sapnap did too, silent agreement


I kinda get that. As someone who has played 1.9 survival games a ton, truce happens a lot. Still, the fact that Sapnap messaged Dream... while I don't think he should be piled on like people did with Scott and Hbomb, I think a good hearty "just don't do this again" message needs to come across


Many people has done this before to their friends though? The last one i remember was Tommy messaging Tubbo in MCC15 SG


They just had a truce, they were avoiding killing each other because both their teams died but they didn't team up.


In the admin stream they said it was a smart strategy not to kill each other


They basically had a truce because they were both by themselves and orange was running towards them so it wasn’t worth fighting each other


Sapnap messaged Dream to cross team with him and George in a most likely joking manner (I’ll have to check his VOD out later to make sure). Dream saw this, and laughed it off with his team because he interpreted it as a joke. Dream then ran past Sapnap because he was the only one on his team left alive and didn’t want to die in a fight (I think also a team was coming up to clean Sapnaps team? But I’m not 100% sure on that, I’ll have to rewatch the VOD) I don’t think this was done maliciously, it looks sus but I don’t think that was Dream or Sapnaps intention. Dream was just trying to survive and potentially wait for a situation where he could get a sneaky third party kill.


Sapnap msg Dream to team so they kinda just unofficially teamed


Dream was just focusing on staying alive, so you could make the argument that Dream wasn't crossteaming, but Sapnap yeah therei s no excuse for that.


I kinda think Sapnap wanted to stay alive as well, just saying


Sapnap message Dream to team up because they were literally surrounded by like three teams.


Sapnap messaged Dream to team with him, once when George was alive and once when it was just the two of them. Dream both times thought it was a joke and was trying to avoid them. The second time, Sapnap thought Dream had agreed and so didn’t attack him. It wasn’t exactly teaming as both players didn’t agree.


Most in depth reply that i've seen so far so did Sapnap say it jokingly or seriously?


Seriously. They’re discussing it currently on HBomb’s stream (~5:24:00). Sapnap said he was genuinely down to team and fight all the other teams as a duo, and Dream said that if he had thought Sapnap was serious he would’ve taken him up on it.


I would say that there has to be consequences but there won't because they're so clouted lol.


In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any consequences if you team up with an opposing team in SG, regardless if the creator is “clouted” (seriously? that wasn’t the best comment). Sapnap, alone, wanted to increase his chances of survival by teaming up with Dream, who was also alone. People forget that the game is literally called SURVIVAL Games, not Get the Most Kills Games. If you find an opportunity that will prolong your survival, then I say go for it. After all, in the Hunger Games books/movies, what Survival Games is LITERALLY based off of, people of opposing districts also crossteamed. So it should be allowed, and I think the fact that it somewhat happened this MCC was very interesting.


I at first thought Sapnap was joking, then he turned out to be fully serious. Whilst Dream was running scared of Sapnap stuck between a rock and a hard place, Sapnap was thinking they were teaming and wasn’t hitting him. I think Sapnap knew it was over and was trying to just mess around in a way that ‘could’ work out.


Bruh, that's so fudged up. Sapnap straight up wanted to team? That shouldn't be allowed in my opinion.


Yeah, it probably is better not to happen and I think it may could be worth giving a reminder if Noxcrew don’t want it. I don’t think it had an impact nor is it ‘so fudged up’ (not that serious) enough to guarantee anything. It reminds me a lot of the Fundy situation last MCC: you can argue that he shouldn’t have done it but does it really matter? Just needs a quick dm that if it shouldn’t be done and that’s that.


By "so fudged up", I meant that the consequences couldve been horrible potentially, shouldve specified that. Sorry!


Then you have antfrost and hbomb where they fought to the death with hbomb living with only a half a heart


I was wondering the same thing watching SB’s POV, it was very suspicious


Why is it suspicious? Crossteaming isn’t against the rules. I thought it was cool.


I was watching sb and I was wondering the exact same thing