I like it for building, I just hate any other stone blocks in a regular survival game. Too many of them and it fills up my inventory


Wish they would do some more inventory related stuff in the next updates to MC


It kinda sucks that shulkers are end game and bundles are more hassle than they are worth. Plus would it really be that crazy to give us a chest/inventory sorting button in vanilla? Sometimes I feel like I spend more time managing my inventory than actually playing the game.


Like how terraria has it. There's a button in the inventory that sorts everything for you


Yeah, a few games got that, very handy, wish MC had that too, and maybe add you could lock a few items like your weap/pick, so it does not get autosorted


Or like in DQB2 where the tools and food are first when you sort.


Maybe they should add a auto sort that you make earlier. Like you can put all your stuff in one way and it auto sorts like that


Or there could be a thing like on fortnite where u can have preferred slots for each item so when u sort the items will go into those slots


The way most sorting mods do this that treats hot bar and inventory like separate inventories works well enough


Inventory tweaks exists, if you are willing to try forge. Its client side only as well so it works in vanilla multiplayer


And Terraria has appropriate inventory space for the amount of items, with 4 player chests (2 of them with easy access) and large stacks you only really run out of space after really long journey. Meanwhile Minecraft has been bloating amount of items to carry without adjusting inventory of stacks. Just had my friend drop 12 stacks of copper after ~10 minutes of mining


Copper is so annoyingly common for how useless it is, but I understand they did that to avoid changing it later.


And it is intended to be a building block. It would be more annoying if you wanted to build using copper and just couldn’t find any/enough


The best thing about terraria inventory management is that you have the autosort to nearby chests button. Honestly god teir feature


I never knew this and I’m so mad at myself. Is this PC only?


Satisfactory does that too


Minecraft REALLY could use Terraria's inventory management system. Sorting, favoriting/locking items in place, sending items to nearby chests, etc. Inventory management in vanilla MC is an awful chore.


Give me backpack for a chest slot


cargo shorts so we can still use elytra


I think a backpack would be a fair tradeoff for the elytra. They tried to nerf elytra speed to make other alternatives for transport better, but that was highly disliked and a bad idea in general. Let's say you could have backpacks of different sizes. (9-27 items, or maybe up to 54) It would act like a shulker box that's accessible from your inventory, and it would take your torso slot. People would definitely use wings less. It could be achieved with no elytra nerf and by solving a big problem that the game has. Furthermore, i think they should add a slot for the backpack/elytra, so that you could wear them together with a chestplate, but maybe that's bad design for pvp, I don't know. Now, I'll throw out some ideas. They probably already exist in some modpacks, but I wouldn't know. This is one way it could be implemented, that feels quite vanilla still: - Early on, we could have the ability to craft a backpack (from a chest, leather and string, maybe). Wearing it would give you a full 27 more inventory slots, but if you take it off, your items spill onto the ground. They cannot be transfered with the bag. - from an ender chest, you could craft an End backpack, which acts like an inventory-accessible ender chest. All the contents are safe in there, even when you die. - once you have reached the end, you could craft a shulker backpack, which is basically a shulker box that you can open by wearing it. It can also be placed and colored, like a normal shulker box, and you probably can't put shulker boxes inside it. (Or can you?) These three grades of backpack is the best I'm coming up with (It must be a simple concept to fit in vanilla), but here are some alternatives: - Maybe shulker packs are too good? Then have different grades of backpacks that just increase inventory (9-54) and work like the first one i mentioned. - Or maybe shulker packs are perfect? Then the early game backpacks could work the same way, but with a smaller inventory (say 9). This sounds a bit tedious, though. - Maybe the Ender inventory could be an upgrade to a backpack, so that you have 27 normal slots and 27 ender slots. This feels a bit too far from vanilla, though. EDIT: formatting


> They tried to nerf elytra speed to make other alternatives for transport better, I'm pretty sure that was because chunk loading is trash, because unless they make it slower than sprinting, it will still be the go-to that said, at this point, they seem afraid of backpacks (hell, even the quiver was never added and it's definitely more useful (at least on paper) than crying obsidian), or rather, don't want to expand the inventory but have different ways to store items in the already existing inventory, as seen first with the ender chest, then shulkers, and now bundles. Allergy of opening an inventory inside your inventory I guess? I still think they should have added an extra inventory row like 5 updates ago, and let us stack things that aren't a big deal if they are stackable (minecarts, boats) and stack to 64 those that are to 16 that also don't matter (like why signs only to 16? I can understand ender pearls, but signs? come on)


Yeah, maybe it was mainly about the chunk loading, but i remember people trying to get a positive view on it, saying it will make horses and infrastructure like railroads more viable (and ngl. Those things do add a lot of atmosphere to the game), but that is definitely the wrong way to do it. Don't downgrade the game to make people stop flying. Upgrade it so that the alternatives become better.


Once you get the hang of it, getting shulkers ain't that bad tbh, and End chest + shulkers sure gives a very great transportable storage, it's just not easily accessed for the casual player and that is the problem


It would be cool if bundles did the literal opposite of what they do now, basically infinite storage for 1 item, or not even infinite just like 500 items would be enough to make it worth it


Could be good, but then they should make a separate item also for bundle's current functionality, bc it could be really useful while exploring.


Yah it’s not that bad at all, especially if you use an end ship finder, but I don’t always want to be forced to rush to the end in every new world.


Idk, it's kind of gotten to be a habit for me. Get diamond armor, get ender pearls, get Blaze powder, kill dragon, get elytra and shulkers, and then I can start actually playing. It does sort of get old, though, I guess


See that's bizarre to me. Until recently I've never been interested in playing the rpg. I just go straight to building. Apparently the old fashioned way. Just last week built my first ender chest, I've been playing for 10 years lol.


I don't even do it for the story, it's just that building in Survival has become a chore to me without the elytra and shulker boxes. I guess I could just play in Creative but I feel I would be missing something without the little bit of danger, I guess.


That's honestly why I only play in creative. I do play survival, but creative allows me to actually have fun just building in my favorite sandbox game. I do love the fact the people that like to grind can enjoy that, but many, many people I know love to take the game chill and not being able to transfer items is a pain


i can get behind an inventory sorter but like, your inventory getting full isn't an issue in the game. Limited storage is a part of the challenge of the game. Yes, lots of storage is very useful, that's why it's an end game item. and "not available to casual players" my ass, it's not like it's impossible. Yes, it's more difficult than other things in the game, and that's the point. it's a good item, so it's more difficult to get.


The issue is the inventory size was balanced for when the game launched, but we have a lot more items now with the same inventory space.




As currently implemented, bundles have these problems as I see it: * The crafting recipe is difficult, as it uses rabbit hides. This specifically requires killing rabbits which are notoriously hard to kill without a bow. If the crafting recipe used leather instead, it would be easier because leather has multiple sources (cows, leathersmith villagers, fishing, piglins). This can be fixed in multiple ways, such as providing more sources for rabbit hides (fishing, leathersmith villagers, various loot chests) or allowing leathersmith villagers to sell the bundles directly. I would do both. * The UI needs work. Throwing all the items on the ground is bad design. It should be possible to use a bundle to open it, and then the UI would be similar to opening a double chest. To empty a bundle, provide an "Empty bundle" button in the UI that transfers all items to the player's inventory and drops any extra items on the ground. I suggested a "[pouch](https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/comments/9xroeq/pouch_holds_up_to_64_different_stackable_items/)" in November 2018 that has many similarities to the bundle. The description is fairly short: >The **Pouch** is an early-game item that takes one slot of inventory space. It holds up to 64 stackable items. Items in the pouch are not limited by number of stacks but by the capacity of the pouch. The pouch has a capacity of 64. Items that stack to 64 take one space per item, items that stack to 16 take four spaces. It doesn't increase inventory capacity but allows players to consolidate small numbers of items together. When a pouch is in a player's inventory, it has a durability bar showing how full it is. > >Pouches are crafted from one leather and one piece of string. Pouches are not stackable. They can be dyed. Change "pouch" to "bundle" and that first paragraph is a fairly accurate description of how bundles work. The differences are in the second paragraph (crafting recipe, can't be dyed). I made them dyeable because I imagined they would be like an early-game version of a shulker box (being an early-game item is also why I suggested that they only require one leather and one string to be crafted).


I haven't even seen a rabbit in my current world let alone killed one.


Bundles aren't even in the game. I love having rabbit farms and i play on a server so i was thrilled when I heard there will be bundles and promised to sell them in the shopping districts. Two updates ago. One year ago.


They are in the game, they just don't have a crafting recipe and cannot be obtained in other ways in survival mode.


Why are bundles too much hassle? Are they still going to release them in .19?


They fill up too fast and unpacking them is inconvenient. If I try to use multiple bundles while strip mining it makes everything super cluttered and I just end up spending even longer managing my inventory


they do basically nothing to help inventory problems


If anyone remembers the equivalent exchange mod (now called ProjectE I think), that had a magical extended inventory bag that could be crafted mid game. I couldn’t play without it because vanilla inventory storage is so limiting. I remember it just needed overworld materials.


There are plenty of great modded solutions out there.


Yeah, considering how big the minecraft modding community has become, and how almost all of the mods have greatly evolved the concept of storage, it's weird that none of those solutions have found their way into the vanilla game. Shulkers and ender chests are well designed, and maybe they originated in a mod. I don't know. But bundles? Come on. They have barely any use. Also, chest in bOat? While it feels vanilla (and i don't mind it in the game) , it doesn't solve anything, and it feels like mojang is avoiding the issue of late game inventory management. I hoped that the shadow item inventory linking in 1.17 would prompt mojang to invent a solution, but so far they just patched it and nothing seems to have come of it.


Yes I know I just listed one lol


Not to mention bundles are delayed indefinitely


This is why I can't play vanilla anymore. I have to have an inventory sorting mod and a mini-map display. I hate not knowing where I am and having to hit f3 constantly to check my coords, and the in-game map system sucks. I'll use a few other mods that just make life easier, but aren't really "cheating" like climbing ladders faster or faster leaf decay.


Is there not a way to permanently display coordinates on Java? On bedrock it's just a setting to display it permanently in the corner.


You can beat Minecraft easily in a half day


The crazy part is - I don't want to. I want to fool around and build things with my friends. I want to go explore caves. I don't want to rush beating the ender dragon so I can store the items I get from doing that.


They really need to. Unless you count the shield slot, the inventory is the same size it's been since the beginning. But there's so many more blocks and items now.


The could just add 27 more spaces and a vertical scroll bar


Maybe an auto trash slot for my diorite


i didn't really like diorite itself (although it's starting to grow on me) but I've always loved polished diorite. such an elegant vibe.


Yeah agreed, fits very well for a modern build imo


Polished diorite is great for a marble kinda block. You can even use it with calcite.


That’s not Diorite, that’s *Polished* Diorite which is nowhere near as chaotic.


#*✨ Polished Diorite ✨*


Nah. Everyone says it looks bad in general no matter what


I feel like it's one of those things where a youtuber said it looks like bird poop one time so everyone started parroting it. I've used diorite in builds before, and if you like it, you like it.


Tbf that whole thing started before it got a new texture in 1.14. Diorite used to be way more ugly before


Well it used to look terrible and could only be used in very, VERY, specific circumstances in order to look good. Now it looks bad in under polished form, but much less and is easier to use.


I'm pretty sure Iskall85 started it


I'm pretty sure my hate for diorite started two seconds after looking at it for the first time and not after watching a random YouTube video.


Bird poop, parroting it. I see what you did there


Hahaha “parroting”


"Pesky birds."


Sounds plausible, but wish people would stop mindlessly listening to stuff like that


once you see the bird poop you can't unsee it


Yep although polished diorite does look fine


You probably don't want to watch hermitcraft then. At least a few of the hermits don't like/act like they don't like diorite


i dont mind diorite but the community kind of made me prefer diorite less than granite and andesite, diorite is a great block but still the community kindo pushed an opinion into everyone, without that there would be so many more builds getting popular and getting recognised


Like you said, they don't used it correctly.


I used to hate it, but when I started watching BdoubleO I kinda understood better how it could be used and now I don’t mind it in the right situations. It also goes really well with calcite now


BdoubleO can make any block amazing with his skills tbh, he is a big inspiration


Yeah, his crescent moon base in season 8 was pretty impressive when you look at the block used for building it.


Probably because it is pretty hard to use it correctly or in combination with other blocks


In some cases yeah, but at least for modern builds I find it quite useful


If that fails it’s a good quartz alternative. Makes good flooring for any restaurants or banks etc , you can even use it for walls. Much more accesible then some blocks to find so it’s quite solid in my opinion , not the best choice but fairly good


Tbh I prefer what I did in the ss above, to mix it in, so the floor is one type and the walls a 2nd and maybe the roof a 3rd type of white block


Still looks great


Pretty sure it was just that Iskall hates regular Diorite with a passion, and his hatred for the block became a meme As a minecraft noob (had the game since Christmas), I thought it was a dumb block until I went into Creative and found out there was a Polished version. Played with it and found that it works super well in a Savanna-themed build (where I spawned in my first world) as an accent block. It kinda looks closer to real-world marble/granite countertops than Minecraft's granite block does, so it's now my go-to "white rocky textured" block. Normal Diorite still looks like actual bird poop tho 10/10 recommend making builds out of blocks and color schemes available nearby.


Use some lichen to break the diorite texture.


I love diorite. Hate granite.


I like both


I like trains


I like turtles


I like my big toe


I like chocolate






I must admit I don't use granite much either


Agreed, 100%.




I like Granite for some builds, but connected textures make them look ×10 better.


Fuck granite all my homies hate granite


I only like it once it’s smoothed like it is there, it gives it a nice marble look, but it’s that people think it looks like bird poop just because one YouTuber said it.


Polished diorite :) Diorite :(


I never understood the hate. I love using diorite whenever I can!


Polished diorite makes for a rather nice tile floor.


I hate normal diorite, it looks like bird poop to me, but polished looks a bit better so you might see me use it


Iskall85: “Bird poop”


I liked them when they were first added. There are people with different opinion.


Polished diorite is one of my favourite blocks! I was surprised to hear that so many people hate it.


Diorite good, andesite and granite bad


Idk I'd rank andesite above Diorite, but I despise Granite.


I love andesite, diorite isnt bad but granite is satan's shit




Because they don’t use it correctly


People probably hate it because they started getting diorite in their inventory that has no survival use like cobblestone does so it’s just an annoyance to those people


Calcite is just better


calcite’s pattern is too crumple-ly to me, diorite is a nice highlight block that looks more like tiles and fits better with quartz. Plus economy in survival, diorite is afk farmable


I don't think they're really comparable. One is of a different hue and they can be mixed together.


I have always thought the same thing 😅


I can never find it when I want it, and I always have too much of it when I don’t


I prefer Quartz myself


I like it. It can make some great builds


My friend said it resembled bird poop and ruined it for me.


I’m sorry did someone say DIRTY QUARTZ


He just made a little contrast, it looks good tho


I agree


actual I love diorite and don't know why people hate it. they should heat granite it's ugly. ugh!


People hate polished diorite? It’s my favorite block..


I think people hate it because you can find it wherever you mine, by the way, I think it’s a cool block as well


I like Granite more. I love building out of brick and polished granite + raw granite make the build have so much more texture


Diorite looks really good as walls in medieval builds


If you know how to use it it can look great. Me and 2 friends are playing on minecraft servers, our goal is usually to defeat the Dragon then we make a new server, but on the 2nd we had a Dome base, that went with the "Living Quarters" underground, and we used polished dorite for the floor of the "hallway" ,it looked cool. Moral of the story : You just need to give it a god damn chance.


is good for building but realy bad in surival


Diorite In default textures isn’t awful. I am more inclined to use the polished version as you did cause base is pretty ugly. However it’s leagues better than granite in it’s default texture where it just looks like fancy hard dirt imo. Andesite probably my favorite out of default texture stones. I make my own textures though so my diorite is a gorgeous slab marble and my granite is a fancy black galaxy granite


I don’t see any diorite That’s a horrible block, polished diorite on the other hand is pretty ok


Iskall propaganda


Carpets is the toilet 😋


I don't think I've heard bad things of diorite before, actually.


Diorite, not the best block, but has some great uses. Nickel back, not the best back, but has a few good songs. Diorite is nickel back. Nickel back is diorite. Also, great build.


Polished diorite*


You can use it only as a bathroom floor 🌚


Diorite is very hard to use in buildings, and there are stacks of them in my inventory after going mining, so yeah, they are just annoying


has a bird ever pooped on you or near you?


I like diorite! Just not for anything big like the main block for a wall. I like it for floors and accents. For something big I would use quartz or white concrete cause the black dots just don't work (I use the optional texture pack)


That’s polished diorite, but the worst diorite is from 1.12, after that it got updated


It is


\*coughs\* Granite is a better looking block. \*coughs\*


wow COVID is really messing with this person's brain, someone get them help XD


Cuz it looks like bird poop. Hmmmmmmm?


*angry iskall noises*


Because it's not used properly most of the time


I've only been playing for about 2 years and I love Dorite. It's by far the best block to use in the nether


Idk man


I agree 👍


Quartz- Lemme introduce myself


I don't think the reason people dislike blocks like doirite, granite, and andesite is because they think the blocks look bad. I think it's because you find them much more frequently than you think you should. When you're digging down to make a strip mine or something like that, you will likely encounter pockets of doirite, andesite, or granite at least 4-5 times before getting to the desired depth, and that was before 1.18. The other reason is that I don't think that a whole lot of people are super building oriented, so they just aren't blocks that people want to get a lot of the time. Which means they clog up inventories and chests and people have to either find a way to use them, put them in storage, or get rid of them, which takes away time from mining or doing something else. I don't think they are bad blocks either in texture or functionality, they're just not blocks people want to use and they don't offer any outlying use like a block that is super helpful for protection against mobs but can only be made with diorite type thing.


Because it's a ✨meme✨


I personally really like diorite and all my friends think I'm crazy for it


I dont like It beacuse i like darle blocks, have you ever seen a White villians Dungeon?


Unpolished diorite looks like bird poo. Polished is ok


I'm gonna say something very controversial: i hate granite more than diorite, i actually like diorite


as iskall put it, "bird poop" but as for me, depending on how you use it, I like/hate it. as a bathroom, i like it. as a bird poop prank, i like it. as a filler for quarts pillars, meh... as a build straight up made of the stuff, no.


People hate diorite? I use the block in virtually every single one of my builds.


Objection your honor that is NOT diorite, there fore guilty to treason


I’d much rather use quartz block 99% of the time


Because it's DIO


I hate diorite and granite because they clog up my inventory while mining


It's normal diorite (not polished) the one I don't really like. It's not really that bad, I just feel like the other stone types look much better


Granite or Diorite is just used when I’m building a Tesco.


Because all the cool kids hate diorite! Gotta keep up!


ya me too i mean it looks so modern and amazing !! yet people hated it


It’s too abundant when mining


It does look like shit(literally, not figuratively) but it's also the only white block that has stairs, slabs and walls so it's pretty nice


good point but why did you ruin that perfectly bathroom with that carpet?


Hating Diorite is a meme now; I'd bet most people that "hate" it can't even say why other than "everybody does"


According to Iskall85 (a MC YouTuber who's part of the Hermitcraft SMP) it's because it looks like bird poop


Lmao i use polished diorite in my underground base and they all say it looks ugly lol but I think it's cool asf


I like all of the secondary blocks you get. You can make some interesting builds. I love making polished granite slabs to make countertops. They are just a pain in the ass when mining


Ngl polished diorite can look amazing when used correctly but regular diorite is still terrible.


**See:** Normal/Unpolished Diorite


I love this block


They ruin the looks of every hill Why can't we just get biomes where there's only one of the 3 stones? would look much better and now we got cave biomes, it makes even more sense


Iskall peer pressured us


Diorite = bird poop


Because its found too commonly when mining


I actually like it.


bird poop


If diorite use in building, that would be great. But in survival mode, kinda useless tho :)


I found it pairs beautifully with the polished deep slate if you want a dark and light build without the look of concrete. Before 1.18 I couldn’t find something I liked to pair it with, same with the other two blocks it came out with


A: because they don't know how to use it B: because it's a meme, one that... C: Iskall's even admitted that when used right (ala what BDubs does with Diorite) even Diorite looks amazing.


I was actually thinking of using it as a floor on a quartz build.


its a stereotype that sucks so much I completely agree its really annoying how lots of people hate it ngl


The only thing I don't like about it is that dark border, it makes the surface look like a grid, which can also be useful sometimes, but usually it messes up the texture


Diorite and Andesite are my favorite building blocks :)


I think it’s a great decoration block that just takes up to much inventory space when strip mining. I mostly use it for building roads


You mean a certain Swedish member of Hermitcraft?


I can’t watch Iskall because he hates diorite, and I’ve always liked it. If it wasn’t for him and hermitcraft agreeing with him to not use it, I don’t think the hate would be so widespread. Bdubs is the exception, but I think he uses diorite just to troll Iskall.