Swedish Major Eric Bonde smokes a cigarette after being ambushed and shot twice, Congo. January 15th, 1961 [2160×2700]

Swedish Major Eric Bonde smokes a cigarette after being ambushed and shot twice, Congo. January 15th, 1961 [2160×2700]


On the exhale of the cigarette he didnt even have to open his mouth it just leaked out his chest


Efficency increased by 5


Pain tolerance +20


Lol, but he wouldn't be upright if that had hit a lung.


I bet you’re really fun at parties…


They’re right. You have to have a Buddy stick their fingers in the entrance and exits to keep your lung from collapsing before they evacuate you to hospital. You can’t get up and go walking around. Source: Work with Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan vets.


Cut a patch of plastic wrap. Tape down 3 sides. On the inhale the plastic wrap plugs the hole, on the exhale any air in the chest cavity can be expelled.


This guy sucking chest wounds.


I imagine pretty much any chest wound sucks :)


Cut the plastic wrap a little big, seals better when they're moving


ID card, if I remember my SABC correctly. It's been probably a decade since I had a refresher on it (shockingly they don't make you stay current after you retire...) so I could be misremembering.


Ah, the macgyvered ashermann chest seal. This guy CMT's


I think he just meant how the original comment was a joke, compared to the serious response


Super fun. I drink all your alcohol and sit in the corner like a curmudgeon. Well fun for me at least!


Me too! I’ve been doing this since I was 19 or so. I actually looked like a 60-something worn out poet as an infant


A true dogface. Any room for another salty old motherfuker? We can glare at each other over a cold one and make fun of all these boots


This does rate as one of those thoroughly bad ass pictures. Thanks for the post.


You're welcome. And I tip my hat to the artist, the colorization is spot on. 👍


Yeah [@Julius.colorization](https://instagram.com/julius.colorization?utm_medium=copy_link) on Instagram. He’s really good


Reminds me of another badass who got India's highest military honor posthumously during his tour of the Congo ( the only recipient to have got it during an overseas tour). Major Gurbachan Singh Salaria of the Gurkhas.


Gurkhas in general are no joke! Such a professional and highly lethal group of Soldiers.


They are indeed, but although the aforementioned soldier was in 1 GR, he wasn't a Gorkha himself. He was Punjabi.


Its major Chad!


His name is Gurbachan Singh Salaria.


Thanks for the correction man, what a brainfart that was on my part.


No problem.


It is.


"Major, you've been shot!" "No I haven't." "You have two bullet holes in you!" "Just a flesh wound"


‘Tis nothing but a scratch.


Look, you stupid bastard; you’ve got no arms left!




I aint got time to bleed!


But you got time to duck


“Those are speed holes”


"I ain't got time to bleed"


Related movie: The Siege of Jadotville. Its on Netflix and quite good. The book is The Siege at Jadotville: The Irish Army's Forgotten Battle. Takes place in the Congo 61.


Featuring Swedish Airmen and talk about a relieving Swedish detachment pinned down


And features the killing of the first Secretary General of the UN Dag Hammarskjöld. All around great movie.


Does Tryggve Lie mean nothing to you?


IIRC in the movie, an F-4 Phantom shoots down Dag's plane. Although, as far as I can tell, there is no definitive proof that the US did it.


Wow. I honestly had no idea there was such a vast conspiracy surrounding the plane crash.


It was a Fouga CM.170 Magister https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fouga_CM.170_Magister


IIRC remains from an air-to-air missile was found in the debris field.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1961_Ndola_United_Nations_DC-6_crash I see no evidence of missiles in there, but plenty of talk about guns. Definitely some substantial evidence of dirty play driven by various mining corporations and greed though.


**[1961_Ndola_United_Nations_DC-6_crash](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1961_Ndola_United_Nations_DC-6_crash)** >The Ndola United Nations DC-6 crash occurred on 18 September 1961 in Northern Rhodesia. The crash resulted in the deaths of all people onboard including Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, and 15 others. Hammarskjöld had been en route to cease-fire negotiations with Moise Tshombe during the Congo Crisis. Three official inquiries failed to determine conclusively the cause of the crash, which set off a succession crisis at the United Nations. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


And ze french of course!


Well the French had to protect their interests so they sent in their own units to fight the UN forces


I believe in realty it was mostly Belgians as opposed to the French.


Unrelated but this song and accompanying video is always provides the haunting views of those days in africa. [The Guns for Hire - Mercenaries in the Congo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDGDw4GWcf4)


MajorSamm represents!


Yeah that dude has some great videos


*I once heard a man say that, in Africa, the sun is like a furnace that either melts you or forges you.*


Its something else. When I say "Africa hot" I now know what it really means. It wasn't all that bad though and most of the people I met were super nice.


My friends dad grew up in South Africa. He'll get into a car that's been parked in the August sun all day, take a deep breath, and proclaim thru the heated haze; "Ah this is nice, ja. This reminds me of Ah-frikka" While gripping a steering wheel that could fry an egg.


Kenya was just bullshittingly hot, holy fuck


The whole year round too. I got dark tanned the first week I was down that way and stayed as such for a while.


I got a decent burn having a shave lmao. Only took my top off for a few minutes. I didnt tan until about week 3. Then at week 5 monsoon season turned up and just confused us


I got stuck in a quarantine several times while over there. So for two weeks all we had to do was sit out and smoke and joke. My wife wonders how I'm able to tan so well and so quickly.


Aye, Ive just noticed your username, as someone else of Irish descent - *how!?*


Itll chap you more to know I'm also German. If family stories are to be believed some of my ancestors got frisky with the indigenous folks of North America. Ive got wonderfully olive skin, minor freckles, dark bushy hair that when it so chooses will come in literally every color naturally. I get beard hairs from black to white and every color in the middle including ginger. My wife is basically Northern European with the "I need spf80" skin and wonderful auburn hair. Any day outside and we have to baste this poor woman in sunscreen. Ill go out to the beach for hours and just get pink and tan a day later.


Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot


Recently rematches it with my dad he loved it as well


Great film


I put it off for a long time. Watched it on a deployment and rekindled my interest in African affairs. EDIT: and yeah its an amazing film I wish I had watched sooner.


Just gonna throw this out there not a military movie but Mountains of the moon about Burton and Speke trying to find the source of the river Nile is a great film set in Africa.


That sounds more my speed.


Thanks a lot


Great movie, not a lot know about it.


Lookout for a fucker named van Owen....


Especially if he's there through '66 and '7


And the best of all the Thompson gunners


be sure to keep your head


https://i.imgur.com/bNiQ8od.jpg Wounded in the ambush and after being given first aid he returned to the fight against the invisible enemy in the jungle bush. --------------------------------- Major Eric Bonde was part of the Swedish UN mission to Congo during the Congo Crisis. He was probably shot by Baluba warriors that time used a lot of old muzzle-loaded rifles/muskets. After being given first aid he returned to the fight against the invisible enemy in the jungle bush. During Congo Crisis, the Secretary-General to the UN was the Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld, who was very highly respected both in Sweden and in the international community (among others, JFK and Eisenhower often praised him). Thus Sweden took a particular interest in the conflict Hammarskjöld worked so tirelessly to end. From 1960 to 1964, the Swedish Army sent a total of nine battalions to Congo. In the initial stage of the crisis, when whites in the Congo became targets during the riots, Dag Hammarskjöld assessed that it was important that there were white UN troops in the country. He, therefore, requested that Sweden and Ireland would send a battalion each, with the ulterior motive that they would more easily win the confidence of the whites than soldiers from African states. The first Swedish battalion arrived in Congo directly from Gaza on 22 July 1960. The first days the Swedes were patrolling in Leopoldville and guarded Kinshasa Airport in the city. Swedes, like other UN troops, had difficulty knowing who really were friends and who were enemies, and the fighting they engaged in did not always have an apparent rational reason. In August, the Swedes moved to Elizabethville in Katanga, where they ended up in their first combat situation and suffered their first loss in connection with the escort of railroad transport. The trains, which were carrying Katangan Baluba prisoners, were attacked by Baluba, a nationalist group who supported the central government against the break out of the government. In practice, at that point, the Swedes fought on the same side as the Belgian-led Katangan gendarmerie, who would later become the UN’s worst enemy. Congo Crisis became by far the most serious international task the Swedish Armed Forces faced during the Cold War, and it was the first time in 140 years that Swedish forces were forced into battle. During the years in Congo, 40 Swedish soldiers were injured and 19 were killed. As late as 2004, it was alleged that the corpses of two killed Swedes were eaten by locals, purportedly because cannibalism was believed by Africans to be a way to assimilate the victim’s strength. The event was considered very sensitive to the UN and the Congolese government and the incident was covered up. A total of 6,334 Swedes served in the Congo during the years 1960-1964.


If you're ever in Ndola, Zambia, the Dag Hammarskjöld memorial where his plane crashed is really an interesting stop.


>As late as 2004, it was alleged that the corpses of two killed Swedes were eaten by locals, purportedly because cannibalism was believed by Africans to be a way to assimilate the victim’s strength That happened to Irish soldiers during the Niemba ambush as well.


Imagine getting shot by a musket in the 20th century


I think there's a few muzzle-loader deaths every year. Imagine being the guy who gets killed with some hear-yee hear-yee gun in 2021?


Maybe if you got rid of that hear-yee-yee ass gun you'd get some peacekeepers on ya dick.


Wonder how deadly a musket shot to the chest would be. Like what's the chance of survival compared to a modern bullet of similar caliber?


Well, considering that most muzzleloaders today are around 50 cal and are throwing either a sabot that weighs 275 grains or a lead ball that weighs 180 grains are delivering a boatload of energy on target, adding that you have a quarter sized hole in you and if it's lead it's going to have an exit wound about .75 of an inch wide since those lead balls blow out into disks when you hit something. So basically it's gonna suck




He said in today times so I went with the most common available front stuffer.


I have several muzzle loaders. They all shoot .50 cal projectiles. Old well rifled muzzle loaders would shoot just fine today, they were .50 cal as well maybe larger? A lot of people use them to hunt.


To add most elephant and other poaching weapons used in Africa today are homemade smooth bore muzzle loaders made with pipes and any kind of explosive powder they can find.


[Here's a cool video on that.](https://youtu.be/ZQG1bHugZRA)




Just as the founding fathers intended


Part of the Swedish air force, including a squadron of fighter jets, also were in Congo


Jupp, S29 (S as in spaning/Reconnaissance) and J29 (J as in jakt/Fighter) that conducted air strikes. It’s pretty funny that a bunch of Swedish jets were based with Iranian Saber fighters, the world was a different place before the Iranian revolution.


Tangentially related trivia: the [ASEA Rc class](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Railways_RC4?wprov=sfla1) is the most common electric locomotive in both countries


Wow, there really is a place called *Katanga.* TIL.


A muzzleloader would probably leave a very very large hole. Muzzleloaders usually are/were 58-caliber and 500 grains (45acp is commonly about 230-250) there are lots of records of them blowing limbs off entirely in the civil war. If someone loaded it wrong, or he were hit with a ricochet or shrapnel or bark from a tree it hit, sure. Unless there were much smaller caliber muzzleloaders in Congo, I doubt that's what hit him. Edit: Didn't take limbs off entirely, but smashed femurs and other large bones.


Could've also been a poorly sized ball or weak powder or even too much distance.


Ranks as one of the top pics of badassary


I was a nurse in the ER in Iraq, a soldier walked in the front door holding his shoulder. One of the other nurses asked him; "What's wrong with you?" He just walked up to the desk and said; "got shot." "You wanna come over and let us take a look?" "sure." "Great, come over and have a seat." "thanks."


Bonde… Eric Bonde


Fun fact regarding his last name: the Bonde family is a Swedish ur adel family, which means it's one of the oldest noble families in Sweden.


and also it means farmer... eric farmer


I mean sure.. Literally. But thoose are usually named "*****sson" as you most likely are well aware of


ok but this guy is the urbonde, father of all the bondesons


Couldn’t even get this guy a bandaid?


'Tis a scratch!


Back then Soldiers cauterized wounds with their MRE cigarettes stuffed on top of their giant standard issue balls


Definitely summed it up perfectly


And here I’m having an emotional crisis because a girl left me after using me to get over her ex. This genuinely made me feel a bit better about my situation.


To be fair, unlike this guy you actually took one in the heart.


Exactly zero fucks were given that day


How is he alive? That looks like a shot placed over the lung. So how is he not dead/dying?


Muzzleloaders were common, might've stopped at the rib


Damn. That’s nuts


No I think he said ribs ;-)


I laughed


So did me


I’ve been smited


It’s not a deep wound as it was a poorly made firearm I think, had very low power so didn’t penetrate deeply.


You can’t really tell from the angle whether the bullet went straight through through the chest or if it was a glancing shot


If it went straight through you can guarantee he wouldn't be able to smoke.


It's also possible the exit wound is behind his left arm.


Fucking legend


Ah yes, the 60's, when cigarettes were recuperative.


Meanwhile my weak ass pulls my back out putting on underwear and then I'm in bed for 2 days. What a legend.


What a chad


https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/swedish-major-eric-bonde-1961/ Apparently Swedish peacekeeper, and the people who were fighting were using some janky old muzzle loaders. There's a second pic in the article of him bandaged and back in action.


Just been shot/hit twice. "I guess I'll have a smoke and chill for a second" Bad Ass Level 105 out of 100.


I read this as he majored in Swedish and I was initially confused as to why he was so chill


Not a hair out of place.


People were so bad ass back then they didn’t need medical supplies.


This colorization is fucking excellent.


Bonde, Eric Bonde


"The name is Bonde. Eric Bonde."


Roland the headless thompson gunner?


Lad beyond chad


Must have been a low caliber


More likely the opposite: large caliber, slow-moving. They were transporting prisoners by train and got ambushed by the Baluba, who notably used muzzleloading rifles.


As an addendum for others: this would be a muzzle loader at the extreme end of it’s effective range. Muzzle loaders were beyond deadly at close range, their lead would expand to about the size of a silver dollar for a .5” caliber weapon and leave a hole bigger than a fist on exit if you were within 100 yards or so. So to be clear this isn’t a case of “muzzle loaders are all slow and not that deadly”, it’s a case of “the bullet had to travel so far from the gun that it has lost too much velocity and is unable to create an exit wound”.


Yes, that too. There's also a question of powder load and projectile shape, but it's all mostly speculation. I don't know how far the action took place in this ambush.


Now that I think about it, muzzle loader probably won't have the pin to go completely through the body.


Given that 'muzzle loader' applies to everything from a ladies pocket pistol to a warships cannon, it's impossible to make any assumptions. Besides, a typical musket (in this case a Brown Bess) was actually extremely powerful, with a muzzle energy of up to 4000 joules - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Bess This is comparable to 7.62 NATO! (Albeit in a slower but much heavier projectile). https://www.quora.com/How-deadly-are-18th-century-muskets-rifles-at-close-range Muskets were damn dangerous, I think that movies in particular have given them an underserved poor reputation. Edited to add source.


Wouldn't there be a large exit hole if It was a larger caliber? He seems fine holding his cigarette so must not be any bone damage.


Large caliber doesn't necessarily mean high-speed/power/penetration. There's also the variable of how much powder was used for the load and projectile shape. The holes definitely look on the larger size; I'd say about .50 or so. The bullets probably stopped at his rib and humerus. Modern small arms are exactly that - small. 5.56 is barely larger than a .22. Even more powerful rifles and light machine guns commonly use a .30-ish caliber round. Those will still go through a person and possibly the person standing behind them, too.


>and possibly the person standing behind them, too Including the people in between them.


I mean, it depends on a lot. Are there bones in the way? How many? Structures? Undergrowth? A small, light round is likely to veer off in a direction and tumble after that sort of resistance, if it's even still intact. I've seen them do some funky things that would make physicists AND surgeons shake their heads.


That’s what I was thinking. There’s no way he’d still stand after a shot there. That being said, even 5.56 can ricochet off of bone. Hard to say


i love those old school hamilton watches.




You may be cool, but..........


If you want to learn about another congo legend read Mike Hoare Congo Mercenary and Ivan Smith Mad Dog Killers. Mike Hoare even highjacked an airliner and only got 3 years(pilot had a choice to say no).


It's not like the movie's.


He's got a Swedish K if I'm not mistaken. Surprised he got shot all. Great pic


Is no one going to comment on those styling shades?


His hair isn't even ruffled!


Someone (possibly on here) once said that the reason he was so steady and not 100% dead was due to the fact that the weapons used by the other side was so outdated and the powder so old (becoming damp and dry constant) that the round that hit him weren’t enough to go much past his skin. Don’t know how true or not it is.


This just emanates Alpha Male energy


Very close to lung/heart, what a lucky guy


Agent 008, Bonde... Eric Bonde.


I highly doubt that chest wound is a gunshot. I mean, that’s a vital area lol I doubt he’d just be chillin.


They are gunshot wounds, but the Congolese he was fighting were is large part using poorly loaded muskets, thereby the shallow gunshot wound.


What were they fuckin paintball rounds? I’ve seen malfunctioning paintballs dig deeper.


Depends on the distance. A muzzleloader slug hitting you at 300 yards is a much different story than a muzzleloader at 30 yards.


300 yards is about the height of 1714.29 'Toy Cars Sian FKP3 Metal Model Car with Light and Sound Pull Back Toy Cars' lined up


300 yards is 274.32 meters


Good bot


thank you :)


No, you haven't.


I transported a guy from Iraq to Germany with a bullet lodged in his chest wall. He walked onto the plane and preferred to sit instead of lay on the litter. He turned down pain meds because it made him feel weird. Dude literally took ibuprofen for a bullet wound. Bullet wounds are weird like that.


Are you a flight Nurse/Medic/Corpsman?


I was a flight medic




It does raise a flag. Maybe it didn’t penetrate that deep? Hit a rib bone and was stopped by it or deflected? But I was thinking the same thing. Last thing I’d want is a cig after penetrating trauma to my lung.


Definitely possible, bullets do weird shit a lot of the time. It’s hard to say though.


Yeah looks like right into a lung, no?


that’s metal


“You might be cool, but you’re not casually smoking a cigarette after being shot in the chest twice cool.”


Wtf were the Swedes doing in the Congo?


They killed to earn their living, and to help out the Congolese


Look up the Congo Crisis.


Nothing like inhaling a bunch of smoke after having a bullet penetrate your lung. Must be pleasant.


Bad. Fucking. Ass.




He has a bullet hole in the chest, right were his heart should be... How he don't even cares about that?!


That's a little off from the heart, lung shot. The Balubas often used muzzleloaders, so it possibly struck rib without major organ damage.


did they prop his body up? he's straight up got a bullet wound over the heart lmao


That's not where the heart is. Lmao.


Well obviously, or he'd be dead


Why is a Swede fighting in Africa, against the Congolese? Simple answer, Europeans colonize Congo, Belgium takes formal ownership, exploit resources and people, Congolese petition for independence in 1960, independence granted, Congolese start accepting overtures from Communist Soviet Union, Europe against that, wage proxy war in Congo. >**Under Belgian colonialism, Congolese people remained repressed (unable to own land, vote, or travel freely), but the country’s government and infrastructure improved. In 1885 at the Conference of Berlin, King Leopold II of Belgium formally acquired rights to the Congo territory, 75 times the size of Belgium. King Leopold was the first European to exploit Congo's people and rich natural resources. Rubber and ivory quotas were imposed on every village and forced labor was universal. The decolonization of Sub-Saharan Africa from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s resulted in several proxy Cold War confrontations between the United States and the Soviet Union over the dozens of newly independent, non-aligned nations. The first such confrontation occurred in the former Belgian Congo, which gained its independence on June 30, 1960.**


UN SCR 143 authorised the deployment of a UN Force. Both the the United States and the Soviet Union voted for UN SCR 143. All communist nations then on the UN SC voted for UN involvement. SCR 143 *explicitly called for the Belgian forces to withdraw from the Congo.* No European troops were in the first deployment. Belgian mercenaries fought against UN peacekeepers. Peacekeepers on several occasions protected the 'communist' Lumumba. Combat in the Congo was generally led by Indian UN troops, a famously non aligned nation.


You need to make the text larger.


LOL at your comment being unpopular.


"Unlike China, at least we can criticize ourselves and hold our government accountable"


I am happy whenever we criticize ourselves. Unfortunately our governments get away with this shit all the time. They’re still meddling in Africa.


These guys definitely fought with Irish/British mercenary Mad Mick Hoare.


What were the Swedes doing in Congo?




Swedish UN contingent ~~or possibly mercenaries~~


This guy was definitely not a mercenary


That’s Owen Wilson you liar


this is a good historical photo illustrating combat wounds before assault rifles were in wide service. he was hit with a sub machine gun, if he was hit with a 5.56mm moving 3000 feet per second in the same areas he wouldn't be causally smoking a cigarette afterwards.


I wish I could be that calm :(