Koshiro Tanaka, a Japanese office worker and Karate instructor who volunteered to fight together with the Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 80s. He wasn't a Muslim, and he certainly wasn't an Afghan. He just hated communism. [1800×687]

Koshiro Tanaka, a Japanese office worker and Karate instructor who volunteered to fight together with the Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 80s. He wasn't a Muslim, and he certainly wasn't an Afghan. He just hated communism. [1800×687]


There were a few Japanese who tried to do the same thing in Syria, and one of them (Haruna Yukawa) ended up [being captured and executed by IS](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/25/haruna-yukawa-execution-by-isis-confirmed).


The Japanese being unable to help their citizens led to a lot of protests to ~~expand the limitations~~ expand the capabilities of Japan to protect/defend itself after the restrictions imposed on them after WW2 https://youtu.be/AlJpb7wCr2U


Expand as in *limit even more*, or as in *push the limits*?


As in, give japan more freedom to protect/defend themselves. Not limit even more. Sry for wording


>The Japanese being unable to help their citizens led to a lot of protests to > >expand the limitations > > expand the capabilities of Japan to protect/defend itself after the restrictions imposed on them after WW2 Okay, what was JSDF supposed to do? Parachute in couple of comandos?


I wonder how much restricted airspace Japan has to deal with. I imagine for most Western NATO countries it's pretty routine to request a flight pattern over a neighboring ally. But I doubt Japan and China have such a cordial relationship. Any JSDF force projection to the middle east would probably have to swing way South before coming back up.


Even ignoring China, most of Asia doesn’t have a great view of Japanese militarism for obvious reasons.


Most of Tokyo is restricted US military airspace - a holdover of the US occupation of Japan. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/03/28/national/flights-routes-tokyo/ So Japan has all sorts of restricted airspace just at home to deal with, never mind it’s neighbors.


Fucking anti Adblock


I mean send in a special forces squad is what many powers would have done such as the US France or Britain.


Too risky for a pacifist country that wants to have more military power. If soldiers die and even worst, both the hostages and soldiers die japanese people would be completely against any change in military extent. They are in a situation where they have potential enemies, like China, North Korea and Russia, all those potential enemies are just that, potential, not actual enemies, so Japan government can promote their agenda of having more capabilities and budget without actual risk of losing soldiers.


If I’m an independent citizen choosing to go fight in a random civil war, with my own agenda, I’m not expecting any kind of help from my government.




It is a quote lacking a lot of context. There are right wing political parties in Japan who think the solution to Japans problems is a return to traditional family values, strong central gvmnt, strong army and greater military power The constitution of Japan prohibits jap army from taking action on foreign soil, only defence. Right wing elements want this changed. This incident was propagandised for the furthering of that aim.


I mean maybe calling a plane or smthn? Ik figuring out where it happened and managing to not hurt the civilians would be a massive stretch but having the legal ability to do so would be nice for them.




The US is doing just that for about three decades and in general it has been done since before World War I. With mixed success at best.


There were a ton of foreign fighters (and videos from them fighting) trying to ruin Daesh's day in Iraq and Syria because they couldnt stand what they stood for and what they were doing. Some were ex-military and some were just random people from countries all over the world just trying to kill those scumbags. Unfortunately some died but I think just like this guy they will all go down in history as doing what they believed was right for the world.


My personal favourite was the LA gangbangers fighting for their "homie", Assad.


Goto the journalist voluntarily let himself be captured so he may plead for his friends life, on top of being a wartime journalist. What a fucking badass


*That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Mujahideen* by KyoAni


*In another world with my IED and Bin Laden is my sister?: The Strongest Jihadi Harem*


*[Harem](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houri)* you say?


*TerrMachi - Is it wrong to pick up girls in a terrorist camp?*


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Love, Jihad & other Delusions


Full Metal Mujahideen! The Second Jihad


I shouldn't have laughed at this as hard as I did


Don’t worry you’re not alone


*No matter how I look at it, it's the Soviets' fault Afghanistan isn't democratic* by Silver Link


Lmaoo stopppp 🤣


If kyoani did it I would watch totally watch the shit out of that lol


**"Afghan Samurai" and "Japanese Mujahid" - Koshiro Tanaka** Tanaka trains Afghan Mujahideen karate in the mountains. https://i.imgur.com/vz0IWJg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BHSaUKN.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YzKIOGQ.jpg ------------------------------------------- Koshiro Tanaka carried an extra grenade on his belt when he fought Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan so he could blow himself up if the Soviets ever came close to capturing him. ------------------------------------------- Tanaka is a self-styled Japanese freedom fighter, perhaps the only Japanese who has taken up arms to fight communism in this decade. https://i.imgur.com/qtcAHAM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/64M4Sfv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/B0KmRPR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AJbACw8.jpg **VICE brief interview of Koshiro in 2015** https://youtu.be/AlJpb7wCr2U?t=437 Koshiro Tanaka was born in 1940 in Tagawa (Fukuoka Prefecture). He practiced karate since childhood, and then judo and kendo. Growing up, Tanaka became a businessman but gradually came to the idea that his life's work was all the same martial arts. Finally, the Japanese decided that the best "testing ground" for his spirit and body would be Afghanistan, torn apart by civil war. So in 1985, Koshiro Tanaka ended up in Afghanistan, where he began to teach the mujahideen hand-to-hand combat. There he converted to Islam and fought against the Soviet army. [On August 14, 1987, the American newspaper "The Christian Science Monitor" published an article by journalist Katie Gannon entitled: "A modern samurai uses a 'sword' in someone else's war."](https://www.csmonitor.com/1987/0814/omuj1.html) Gannon wrote that Tanaka "changed the uniform of a Japanese office worker for a harem-pajama suit worn by Afghans." According to the journalist, he had no practical combat experience when he joined the Afghan mujahideen. Nevertheless, the holder of the black belt in karate accepted the Afghan war "as his own ... and wants to fight the Soviets." The Japanese government disapproved of the activities of a citizen of their country in Afghanistan. The Japanese embassy in Islamabad has officially warned Tanaka about the inadmissibility of involvement in the Afghan conflict. Naturally, Tanaka ignored this warning - and began to train the dushmans of the second largest group, led by Burhanuddin Rabbani. Katie Gannon explained Tanaka's participation in instructing the mujahideen by the fact that in his homeland the "samurai" could not fully realize himself as a sensei in terms of teaching fighting skills in combat conditions. It was hampered by Japan's pacifist constitution, adopted after World War II - during which Japan supported the Third Reich. In a conversation with Gannon, Tanaka explained that he had converted to Islam, but did not follow its tenets. However, the "samurai" saw himself in the role of "a potential martyr for Japan" (the text of the article contains a lot of arguments about the aggressive policy of the USSR, about the seized Kuril Islands, etc.). According to Tanaka, from 1985 to 1987, he visited Afghanistan 6 times (and was going to go in the seventh). In 1987 his autobiography "Soviet soldiers in sight. My war in Afghanistan" was published (it is also known by other names, which changed during reprints). Tanaka made his way to Afghanistan through Peshawar and always brought money for the mujahideen, which he collected in Japan through a company specially created for this purpose. Most of the proceeds from the book also went to help the spooks. Takika, the wife of Koshiro Tanaka, did not share his "love" for the Afghan mujahideen. She repeatedly tried to persuade her husband to no longer travel to Afghanistan. Tanaka’s fight in Afghanistan ended with the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. He returned to karate and has taught in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Hawaii, and Germany. He remains an outspoken supporter of a democratic Afghanistan, often sporting a pin of the Japanese flag alongside the Afghan flag. The Japanese office worker who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1989/02/19/Japanese-freedom-fighter-Japan-turns-back-on-freedom-fighter/9189603867600/


That's the first time I've heard of our national dress being described as a "harem pajama suit"!


The 80s were a wild time.


The pants of traditional Afghan / Ukrainian Cossack / Ottoman-Turkish / Bosnian outfits are called harem pants, i don't know why


"Tanaka is a self-styled Japanese freedom fighter, perhaps the only Japanese who has taken up arms to fight communism in this decade." I always find these bold and sweeping statements kinda funny. To act like Japan isn't a key piece of US anti-Communism. especially Japan where the JRA are jetsetting around the world kidnapping and bombing people. Or the URA causing chaos in the mountains. Like I get they're trying to create a justification for his war tourism. I just can't help but find it funny since Japan was very much on the frontier communism.


Lauri Törni's soul went into this guy


Reminds me of the dude who was a navy seal, doctor, astronaut and something wlse


Jonny Kim. Only a SEAL, physician and astronaut though.


He was also a badass.


Did you mean Johnny Sins, he was also a plumber and mechanic


And a lawyer too


I bet this guy would be very disappointed at Afghanistan after the Communism fell and the Talibans took over


He was interviewed by Vice in 2015 and he's kind of famous in Japan. I'm sure the guy actually supports the Taliban.


President Reagan, I'm CIA


Absolutely beast


Afghanistan also has an East Asian looking ethnic group called Hazaras. He is almost indistinguishable from them so I wouldn't be surprised if people actually thought he was Afghan.


That was my first thought, that he looks hazara


"I don't care about the Afghans , I just wanna kill commies." Based office worker lol


Good summary of US foreign policy post WW2 and that mindset sure has worked out well for the world I mean just look at how Afghanistan turned out in the present day


The US tried to make Afghanistan the USSR's Vietnam, and while they did succeed, by funding Jihadist groups to fight against the USSR they also fucked it up because the same groups they funded then tried to take control over all of Afghanistan and look at how it turned out. Even then, Afghanistan has been doomed since it came to be, the country is so incredibly divided in different ethnicities, religious groups, cultures and languages that there is basically no sense of belonging to the nation from any of its citizens, they don't see themselves as Afghans, they just see themselves as whatever tribe or ethnicity they belong to. The Taliban seeks to decentralize whatever government there is and pretty much turn Afghanistan into a decentralized nation where each tribe rules itself.


afghanistan is also right next to iran, china and russia. its not a surprise we decided to set up military bases there.


Yeah that sums it up i also find it funny how he was an office worker who hated communism


Pity the soviet boys he helped kill weren't really into communism either.


Well, most office workers I knew in venezuela ended up picking trash from the street and considered a half rotten Mango a "Great Find" I suppose he knew his shit


Say what you will, but you can't argue with Haliburton's stock performance. That's success right there


Those towers were ugly anyways


A [cogent reminder](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/anti-soviet-warrior-puts-his-army-road-peace-saudi-businessman-who-recruited-mujahedin-now-uses-them-large-scale-building-projects-sudan-robert-fisk-met-him-almatig-1465715.html) of what was birthed by our ridiculous hate boner for the Soviets. Nothing to see here, just a brave anti-Soviet warrior. Be a shame if he turned against us, but he won't. Because he's a brave anti-Soviet warrior who hates commies 🤡


> A cogent reminder of what was birthed by our ridiculous hate boner for the Soviets. You seem to be implying that despite all we now know about the horrors of the Soviet Union that the world would have been better off if the US had not vehemently opposed them.


Nah I think he’s implying that sometimes the enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend


What are "the horrors of the Soviet Union" in the 70s-80s?


Would you rather have South Korea look like Vietnam?


"based" Nah. Mujahedeens are not based. They're like religious fanatics. Not very cool. Don't know why you guys would support such people. Seems a little bit wrong. But maybe morals are not considered "based" here.


Its not the Mujahedeens that I'm calling based , it's the Japanese guy that I'm calling based. Religious fanatics are the opposite of being based , they stick their nose into everything and care about everything what others think or say.


He literally fucking helped them. Where's your logic.


He helped them fight against the Soviets , it doesn't mean that he shared the same ideology , the guy wasn't even Muslim bruh.


Once again. Where's your fucking logic. He didn't believe in the same ideology, but he willingly helped them. It doesn't matter what he believed in, the action doesn't change, he still helped them. The consequences are the same. This is stupid.


This is moral relativism


The Soviets killed 1/5 Afghans. Fighting them in any way is based


It was a genocidal war that left many kids withput their fathers. And look who swooped in to use their sons, Pakistan. Those fatherless kids are now Talibans who have little connections to the Mujahedeen. The reason they are called talibans because they are literally a group of students.


Describing all of the Afghan Mujahedeen as religious fanatics show you don't know much about them.


>Military subreddit >morals are not considered "based" I think you may have cracked the code.


Based because they fought off a commie invasion


as we call him today "taliban terrorist".


Japanese version of Törni


I was thinking the same thing. The guy literally had such a hate-boner for the Soviet Union, that he joined 3 armies just to fuckbem' up. I respect the dedication, even if it is a bit unhinged


Well he lost his home city to them...


Ironically, he was being everything he swore to destroy when being in Vietnam.


Care to elaborate?


There was a documentary on one of these Japanese fighters. From Vice? I'm not sure if it's the same guy but he had a massive prayer bump forehead. You can see in the picture this guy has one too suggesting he's a convert.


I read somewhere he just went their because of the risks involved and the fact that he might die there is what was so attractive


Yeah the guy is actually a nutter


The guy claimed that he couldn't stand how Japanese society changed and how the honor code and stuff was so forgotten, and that the samurai this and that, and that he decided to go there so he could die in battle like the good ole' days.


Looking back on it we should have been helping the Soviets




Yea, I mean there’s a lot to disagree with the Russians on but if they’re fighting the same people just give them the money and let them blast away.


A Japanese Right-Winger? *GASP*


I don’t think hating communism makes you right wing.


The president of the Philippines is leftist and hates them commies.


The commie fears the samurai.


If you dont hate the soviets there is something wrong with you


Anyone who hates communism is tops in my book.


The Taliban also hate commies, but they aren't really cool. There are exceptions


In all honesty, the Taliban are quite shit but there's a lot of people who support the Taliban in Afghanistan, just because many oppose the government. Unlike ISIS or Al-Qaeda or other militant groups, the Taliban isn't as brutal or has any interest in invading any countries or anything, because they're a political faction, they want to decentralize the Afghan government and give the power to the tribes to control themselves, while making sure that Sharia Law is enforced and all. It's rather sad to say it, but at this point we should let them do whatever they want, enough lives have been wasted fighting the Taliban in vain.


Amen. Fuck any ideology rooted in authoritarianism. Communism works so well, a majority of the communities ruled by it ends up protesting communism's very existence; see [Cuba](https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/bryan-preston/2021/07/11/thousands-protest-for-freedom-in-communist-cuba-the-new-york-times-framing-would-please-stalin-n1460992)... but that's if the communists in charge let them live for daring to question their authoritarian overlords, see [China](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_Tiananmen_Square_protests) for example. Suck my fucks commies, your tears and rage soothe me. Your ideology is historically proven to not only obliterate the freedom and quality of life for any given nation (see Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia, etc.), but has led to the deaths of more than 100 million people worldwide. Wait, unless..... "mUh rEAl c0mMUniSM hASn't bEEn trIED"


This is exactly how we got Al Qaeda


Al Qaeda never dealt with CIA, at least according to both terrorists and the CIA. They were sponsored by Saudis. Though I guess the latter hate communism too?


Highly doubt the US took any pains to check where it's military aid to the Saudis or Pakistanis eventually went, even if they never dealt directly with the Taliban.


I mean there were CIA officers on the ground helping distribute that aid so I think they probably have some idea.


This is certainly a possibility. Then again, could be possible that no aid went to them. Bottom line, there is no proof of this, and both al-qaeda and CIA deny that they had these kinds of dealings. They could both be lying, of course, but then where do we get the truth?


Not sure why you are getting downvoted for correct info


You should join the CIA. They'll support literally anyone who opposes Communism, regardless of (or perhaps "thanks to"?) the atrocities they're willing to commit.


And the convenient part is you can just brand any group speaking out about the fucked up shit you’re doing as communists, then they’ll help you kill those people too.


Yup. The single biggest massacre in Korean history (and that's up against some competition) was the Bodo League Massacre. Look it up. Classic "anti-Communist" shit.


The problem is that historically, communists are more likely to get killed by communists than by anyone else. If you ask "who hates this sect of commies the most" the answer is usually communists from some slightly different sect.


I mean....communism killing communists is its only selling point to me.


Nazis hated communists, if you needed that one pointed out to you.


These guys he fought for, just to clarify, are Islamist militants who later formed the Taliban, and were supported and assisted personally by Osama Bin Laden.


...and before Omar became radicalized, the Taliban were just a bunch of Pashtun shopkeepers in Kandahar province who were trying to keep bandits from raping and murdering their neighbors.


So Bin Laden?


Fascists hate communism.


Also sane people hate communism


Hitler must on the very top of your book then


Id legit predator handshake you for this comment. Commies are up there with nazis as the worst fucktards to ever grace the earth.


*MickyGarmsir posted the unassuming comment, and, as if it were magic, the sound of Reddit lefties beginning to type away angrily on their keyboards soon followed.*


Lol you probably dont even know what the word means


“Communism” means “no food” hehe


I guess all those countries capitalist countries with famines must be communists in disguise


At least when there are famines in communist countries, no PEOPLE die. Just state property.


Strawmans are ugly


Seriously though, if communism were such a terrific system, then why does it ALWAYS need to be implemented with the threat if military force?


Unlike Capitalism, which only requires a thoroughgoing police state, amirite?


"Unlike capitalism..." Which doesn't force labor (you have every right to be homeless) incentivizes hard work, and is THE predominant and leading form of economy in the history of the world. Capitalism isn't responsible for the deaths of > 100,000,000 people in the 20th century alone. Want to see the stark differences between communism and capitalism? https://www.westernjournal.com/soviet-leader-grocery-store/ The AVERAGE AMERICAN ate better than the HEAD of the fucking USSR. Better dead than red.


you don't have to parrot all of these half-baked uncritical yay capitalism talking points to be comfortable saying that that living under a communist regime would be fucking horrible. one doesn't have to be good for the other to be bad. they can both be bad with one being worse. feudalism was the dominant and leading form of economy in Europe for a fair bit of time which equates to absolutely nothing positive about it.


>Capitalism isn't responsible for the deaths of > 100,000,000 people in the 20th century alone. Doubt


If you're going to spew bullshit, at least use a decent source. [How about, say, internal CIA reports?](https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/cia-rdp84b00274r000300150009-5)


Find an example where Communism wasn't actively opposed by global capitalist forces and maybe that would be a fair question.


Hmm...oppose the evil, anti-democracy multi-nation cancer that is the largest active threat to our continued existence.....or sit back and let their filth fester and spread? Gee...


...you actually think Communism is the largest threat to our continued existence? Well, since you clearly don't spend any amount of your time educating yourself on such matters I could try to help but I suspect I would be wasting my time. I sincerely mean this, but if you want a little reading material I can put together a few things for you. From what you've said I think it would immediately get labelled as commie trash so I really would be wasting my time. Edit: I could also provide sources on argumentive fallacies like you just engaged in, but I think I'd have similarly little success.


Communism has never existed on this planet so frankly you are arguing past yourself. This basic lack of understanding makes it hard to talk to you about this.


"iTs NoT rEaL cOmMuNiSm...."


That is not what im saying. There are 5 countries with a communist party in power and none of them claim to have a socialist or communist economy. China believes they will reach the lowest stages of socialism by 2049 for instance. They all recognize that they are in the earliest stages of transition to socialism at best. You are again arguing past me because you dont know what you are arguing about.


Real communism only exists in ant hills, termite mounds and fiction.


Awwww is that an argument or just a stale and repetitive prepared statement?


come on, you need a better argument than "well it doesn't count because they never achieved the workers' utopia that Marx envisioned". if a regime willingly describes itself as communist and then proceeds to commit human rights violations, I'm comfortable associating those horrible things with communism same as I would for capitalism.


That isnt my argument. That isnt the argument of any of the fove communist political parties that hold power at this time. They do not refer to their countries as communist because they dont think it is communism. You dont know what the word means or how these countries view the concepts so you just misattribute everything. Capitalism is killing millions every year so to argue in its favour is hypocritical if "human rights violations" are your benchmark.


"Communism is stuff I don't like. The more I don't like it, the more communister it is."


Thanks for being in this thread. There's a lot of fucking dipshits chiming in with a literally toddler-level understanding of anything that isn't American Capitalism. We might be outnumbered in threads like this, but you're certainly not alone. ✊


Socialism is alright, fuck communism.


You dont really know what those words mean, do you?


I think he does. Do you?


I think it's cool when the public owns **certain** business eg healthcare and internet, but I think the free market and private property are cool too you stupid tankie.


You have no idea what i think let alone what tankie even means.


Typo. You're still the trash of the political left.


Looking at whatever came after it would be better if Afghanistan is still Communist.


Most definitely. There are pictures of women in Afghanistan during the Communist regime wearing miniskirts and listening to records. Greatly preferable to what it will be like in 5 years =(


The communist regime only came into being in 1978 when the communists murdered president Daoud and his entire family. Most (if not all) of the photos of Afghan women in skirts and western hairdos are from before the communist era.


Is a miniskirt the mark of a good culture?


In the sense that women are allowed to express themselves freely, yes. Either way, it beats a burka!


And did you know it was the Soviets that first overthrew that government? Did a coup on the communist General Secretary Haffizulah Amin, stormed his palace, and killed him? The rise of mujaheedin didn't happen until the Afghan Foreign minister asked pakistan and US aid to get rid of the Soviets.


Not quite, there was already a coup going on when the Soviets invaded. I'm not saying they were justified at all, but it isn't as if they overthrew the exact same government that was ruling before.


The rebelion mainly stems from the Afghan people's dislike of Communist rule, the Taraki and Amin government was absolutely ruthless in killing political opponents in 1978 they massacred over 20,000 people in Charkhi Prison and they started rounding up people from the Partham Democratic party to be excecuted. The goverenment was the same in the effective sense, it was just Amin have Pres Mohammad Taraki killed with a pillow.


this commie revisionism has got to stop. What you are describing was the progressive era under Daoud, which was promptly ended in 1978 when the soviets killed him, his family, and installed their own regime. Again, what you are describing was not the way of life under Soviet rule. That's a misconception. I mean you are basically advocating for communist/soviet imperialism right now. I don't see how that's any more preferable. In not a fan of Muslim theology and Sharia law, but atleast they are masters of their own fate rather than Soviet puppets.


Try 5 months


Death is a preferable alternative to c*mmunism.


Whoa, careful on the edge kid, have you actually lived in a Communist state?


It's a Fallout 3 quote.


>have you actually lived in a Communist state? Being Czech... he is right. They will stab you in the back and tell you it was to protect you. Former regime partakers should have hanged.


Being Vietnamese, I'll take Communist state over islamic theocracy or fake democracy like South Vietnam, thanks :)


Invaded by one? Yes.


Why is that? They would still be fighting a civil war. If you think communism is a catch all for all the worlds problems, you are seriously misled.


If the Communists had remained in charge and received international aid, the misery of Taliban rule (both past and future) might have been avoided entirely. Communism isn't fun, but it's better than Islamic fundamentalism and tribal chaos, and we all know by now that Afghanistan is not and may never be ready for actual democracy.


If they aren't ready for a democracy, how can they have a communist government? By its very nature that demands democracy.


In theory, you're right. In practice, most so-called "Communist" governments have had a very top-down approach to governance, which is a polite way of saying they haven't been very democratic. Still, an undemocratic and militaristic government can be advantageous when dealing with terrorists and rebels...


I agree. The reduction of religion in a communist state could certainly help a country like Afghanistan.


Except it wasn’t actually fundamentalist at all prior to the Soviet invasion. If people left well enough alone…


Hey at the very least, women wouldn't be considered practically slaves.


Yup if they treated their women better, they wouldn’t have to resort to raping kids.




Making Afghanistan safe for democra…the Taliban.


It's not like the Afghan people really care much about democracy. Else the Taliban wouldn't be on its way to control the whole country for a second time. If you watch some documentaries and info on it, many even support the Taliban, because of a total disconnection with the Afghan government.


Eternally based.


Strange that he lived so long and wasn't assassinated by russian secret services.


The sad thing about this is that the "commies" he was shooting were soviet conscripts who didnt even know why they were there. The people who deserved to be shot were the bloated fucks at the politburo who sent the soldiers there in the first place


based anti-communist




Goddamn son... I salute that mf.


as any good man does I hate communism as well.


What a bad mofo


On today’s episode of being an absolute badass




So he is a terrorist




Im getting downvoted for saying hes a terrorist lmao. The mujahadeen definitely werent terrorist, they were very friendly. Later they formed the Taliban, which was also very peaceful, and then they created a charity called the ISIS


You think the Afghan Mujahedeen, the Taliban, and ISIS are all the exact same organization just renamed? You should say something else that shows you don't know what you are talking about at all.


One of the charities that the US government aided the most!


Youre out of your element. The Muj did not become the Taliban. The Muj became the Northern Alliance after they got their asses kicked by the Taliban, thanks to their infighting almost immediately after the Russians got out of town


You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Do you know where bin Laden was born?


That's way, way too simplified. The Mujahideen didn't form the Taliban. A tiny splinter faction of one of the many groups of Mujahideen formed the Taliban. There were many ex Muj fighters who helped the US destroy the Taliban in the early years of the war in Afghanistan. Mujahideen does not equal Taliban




Cope commie


Huh, i'm just going to use this guy's name as long hand for based.




King shit


"be the change you wish to see in the world" Based anti-com action. **o7** I salute you sir