Really want a ship simulator reboot ngl, best thing we can get is ship sim extremes but it isn't good enough for today's standards


Vstep is actually planning a new ship simulator called [NAUTIS Home](https://www.vstepsimulation.com/nautis-simulator/nautis-home/). The pandemic has messed up its time line, but I've been eagerly awaiting more news about it. Edit: Just saw today that a September update was posted, which is the first since July 2020 >After a challenging 1.5 years, we are back on track with the development on NAUTIS Home. The development roadmap is almost finalized and the team is ready to start the work. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter as more information and sneak peaks will be shared in the coming months!


Wow thanks for the info, its been a long time since I've heard vstep but I'm very happy that they're still working on ship simming


After SSE they stooped making consumer products and expanded their commercial products. So they have been continually making ship simulators the entire time. NAUTIS Home is just going to be a consumer version of their commercial simulator, which should mean that its going to be great! Even after all these years SSE is still the best ship sim, so I am excited.


As long as the water and wake animations look good and the way different ships handle is accurate, I can't wait. :D




I agree, +1 to a ship sim


Ports of call 👍


Still missing the Microsoft Train simulator tbh.


Someday we’ll have a uni-sim that combines truck, train, ships, planes, and probably space rockets into one game. I mean look at how well modeled the earth is in MFS 2020, another decade or so and the whole earth can be modeled procedurally well enough to drive surface vehicles around on it.


Why stop there? Add subways, buses, Ubers... Even personal vehicles


Heck let's also make a human simulator aswell


Yeah and to make it completely realistic, let's let it play out in real time only. Heck, let's make it VR


And at this point we can call it "the matrix".


And let’s add The Sims type of a structure but make it so you have to actually go to school and work in it instead of your character going


normal life, but with extra steps xD


Hey but there are those "free" Train Sim World games on Game Pass that are so incredible... LOL.


There’s an almost perfect representation of the German train system in a sim game called „zusi 3“ also available on steam. It’s more a tech sim than something eyesoothing but if you wanna drive a train with realistic physics and schedules it is worth a look


If you haven’t heard about it, I’d suggest checking out [Derail Valley](https://store.steampowered.com/app/588030/Derail_Valley/). It’s become one of my favourite train sims/games.


I can confirm, already have it, the immersion is amazing!


Really want this. With free roam of the deck/bridge.


Ship-Sim, Train-Sim, and I’m over here waiting for a reboot of Space-Sim.


As great as it is seeing the arrival of Virtual Sailor NG and the prospect of what THG may be like when it's released, this is something I've wanted for a long time. Some guy actually posted a video about this 2 days ago which I loved: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_yc1znM9Q0Q](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yc1znM9Q0Q) However, I'd want the graphics and animations to look about as good as this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIGbUZO9hu8&t=200s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIGbUZO9hu8&t=200s) :D


This is the Santa Cruz and La Laguna mod from Flightsim.to right? How did you get it installed? I downloaded the files and put them in the community folder but nothing happened


Wish they expanded flight simulator to be more of a platform that supports ship and train simulator as well as anything else… forza racing.. Truck simulator… Seems like the life has been drained out of asobo though…


That would be cool to have a MS Transportation Simulator. I just can't imagine it ever happening, considering how terrible the ground-level stuff can look at times in flight sim. Having to bolster that to the same fidelity as the flying portion would probably make the sim impossible to run on any hardware, not to mention the insane effort required to build it all.


In an alternate universe where the ice melted before global warming...


Hmmm. Missed April Fools Joke opportunity right there.


Man the scenery would be so easy for this.


Where on earth can I find this ship? I think it's causing my sim to crash.


Figure out a merge into msfs...and I'll buy...


I remember playing MS Space simulator. Long before a Kerbal was a thing.


That Titanic looking make me want Titanic simulator




id love to have A ship simulator game that never ends I have flight simulator 2002 and it has A open world with no boundries and i would love to do the same with A ship simulator i could sail the seas over A course of days and just look at it and relax