I was afraid upgrading to 225 width RE-71rs would impact my gas mileage. Guess not 🧙‍♀️


17in wheels?




ND mpg is insane. I test drove an ND2 and beat the living shit out of it for 20 minutes. Avg mpg for the trip was 33! Like some kind of magic. My NCs got 20-25 at best and I'm pretty sure my NA is like <20


Yeah, I did 3 20 minute HPDE sessions at Laguna Seca, drove home 1 hour and still had some gas in the tank. It’s straight witchcraft


My NA gets 26 city and 28 highway. It's not great but compared to most cars it's great.


My 2018 Focus ST's overall average is 24.5 mpg with mostly short city trip driving. So your NA getting 26 isn't half bad for a 25 year old car. Weight and power differences sure, but still not bad!


probably not driving hard. ND fuel economy is not that good, but yea its good, averaging 30mpg mixed city and highway daily


Tbh ND mpg is highly underrated even by what Mazda says the car will do, I can beat the shit out of my ND2 and still average anywhere from 35-40 combined mpg. These cars are in fact as crazy as everyone else here says.


Auto or manual? I can't push mine below 32 city without driving extremely aggressively, and without going 90+ highway... ('19 manual)


I drove my NB from Vegas to Temecula. It hasn't been too great on milage in the last couple years of ownership. I have put the injector cleaner into the last couple tanks of gas before the trip. It's about 260 miles one way. On the way back, I filled up in Vegas and made it home on a single tank. Filled up, only used 8.7 gallons. Best mileage I've ever gotten. That also included using the AC for the first couple hours. Then driving top down the rest. I'll also note this engine has over 255k miles on it. But since I've owned it, I've gotten as much as possible done to get it to run like new.


260 miles is the length of approximately 1830395.45 'Wooden Rice Paddle Versatile Serving Spoons' laid lengthwise.


i think the problem with the NB is the gas tank size. its doesn't hold a lot of fuel


My NA is 31-33 pretty much every fillup.


I have a ND so I know how insane it can be but I still haven’t done an old fashioned test. Part of me does not believe what the car is telling me lol.


I was about to comment "I read that as 40 Miatas per gallon lol"


How the heck. I am jealous. Teach me how to drive my Miata please, because 26.4 mpg is my current average, and that’s me driving a little less free spirited than normal. Do you shift to 5th when you’re in third like it suggests you to, or something? Honest question.


I have an ND2, drive 90% highway, but the rest is very spirited canyon flogging. 32.5 mpg over the last nearly 60k. Premium gas. Daily driving, shifting 1->2 at 4-5k rpm, the other gears usually around 4k and trending down with higher gears. Edit: I wholly ignore the suggested shift change screen.


Thank you! Highway makes perfect sense, and I appreciate the details. I drive mostly city with plenty of stop signs along the way, so maybe that’s why my average is nowhere near yours.


Mid 20s is about what I average on short city drives when the car doesn’t spend time at operating temperature, so your number sounds about right. I use premium gas as recommended by the OM but Ive heard premium improves MPG as well.


Cold starts murder the fuel economy on these...


I drive my ND2 \~80% around the city and average 31-32mpg, even with spirited (for me) driving. I tend to ring out the first few gears, then drop it into 4th/5th or even 6th when cruising at 35mph on neighborhood streets.


I’ll try that next time, thanks!!! Always thought it was strange when I’d be in 3rd gear at like 3k RPM and it suggests I go to 5th or something lol.


17km/L or 5.88 L/100km


This avg is from a 92 mile mostly freeway trip with some traffic. My lifetime mpg including 2 track days is 29mpg according to the trip B readout. I just posted this for the subs enjoyment. To all the people getting lower gas mileage and live their lives 1/4 mile at a time, you are all super cool!


Having driven a Raptor for the past 3 years, it's a welcome change from the 12.3 I average, ha. Fuel efficiency rocks!


OP driving like a granny


Exactly, I barely get 25-26 but I drive it like I stole it every day. 😬


I beat the piss out of mine (to the extent one can on public roads), cold starts every single day (kept in an unheated garage in Canada) and I've still average 6.7L/100km (35 MPG US) on the ND2. I fill it up with ethanol free 91 which probably helps a little bit.


Awww, man! I only get 33 mpg doing 70mph into a 20mph headwind on snow tires.


I got 33MPG average (50/50 city and highway) after the diffuser I get 33.8MPG. Splitter and drop I expect 35MPG.


Just get a Prius jeez. Why even have the car at that point?


Why would you not want a sports car with near-Prius fuel economy? Your comment confuses me as I see no negative connotations here.


You ain't driving it right